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How to Survive the Jungle – EPIC HOW TO

How to Survive the Jungle – EPIC HOW TO

The jungle is one of the most dangerous places known to Man. From deadly beasts to harsh weather conditions, few can hack it out in the wild. Are you up for the challenge? THIS IS EPIC HOW TO! Surviving the Jungle. If you are even going to have the chance of surviving the jungle, you need to know the lay of the land. The jungle has extremely high temperatures At low altitudes, expect temperatures of around 95 degrees Fahrenheit with nearly 100% humidity! Expect sudden heavy rainfall in the jungle with lots of thunder and lightning Jungle storms can be quick and violent, especially in the summer months. During the dry season from around June through August, it will rain about once per day. In Monsoon season, from around December to May, It will rain constantly. There is also an incredible amount of diversity of plants and animals. While jungles only account for 2% of the earth’s surface, they have 50% of the world’s plants and animals. The Amazon Basin for example Has over 1,800 different species and animals. That’s a lot of animals. If you can, you’ll wanna make sure you have the proper tools with you before you try to survive in the jungle. Supplies like a pocket knife, water purification tablets, insect repellant, a machete, Water proof clothes, a poncho, rubber boots, Sunscreen, a canteen, a flashlight, blankets and a first aid kit, are essential to surviving in the jungle. Now, you’re not gonna last very long in the jungle if you don’t know how to make a shelter. When looking for a place to build your shelter, find somewhere on a hill or otherwise elevated terrain. The soil will be drier and you’ll be less likely to be bitten by mosquitoes and insects. You’ll wanna create a lean-to Find one long sturdy branch and lean it up against the tree so it makes an A-shape. Then, rest smaller branches at 45 degree angles along the length of the main branch. Then, cover the structure with a thick layer of palm leaves or pieces of bark. Next, you’re gonna need to be able to find food and water. According to Ed Safford The Only man who successfully walked the entire length of the Amazon “You can collect water in several ways.” First! There’s rain water A 10-minute downfall can net you for up to 30 liters of drinkable water. Rivers and streams are an obvious but great source of water. Just make sure you boil it and add purification tablets before drinking. Check for water vines. Thick vines that grow on trees capable of storing water. The thicker the vine, the more water inside. Check to make sure there’s no sap on it first then cut of the higher end of the vine, followed by the lower end. This allows you to drink the maximum amount of water from the vine If you’re in a pinch… Dig a hole in some mud, after it’s full of muddy water. Give it 20 minutes for the mud to settle. Then SCOOP out the water and purify it. Now, when it comes to food, don’t bother hunting animals. Not only does that take too long, but you’re only gonna provoke creatures that are much bigger and scarier than you. Instead, try fishing. Its a great source of protein and unlike the bigger mammals in the jungle, they won’t fight back. To fish, you’ll need to make a fishing spear. You can craft a simple spear by sharpening a piece of bamboo. When you’re near a river or stream you just wait for a fish to come within range then… Jab and stab! Hello fillet-o-fish. If you’re tired of fish, you can also try trapping animals. Dig a large hole in the ground and cover it with leaves and other debris. Then, place a piece of food on top. When an animal comes by, it will will go for the food and fall right into the hole. Injuring it enough that you can finish it off easily. Careful, you might catch a human! You could still eat it if you wanted to. We won’t tell! You could also look for fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Coconuts, squash, cucumber, cashews, and peanuts are all found in the jungle. You’re gonna need lots of carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up. Look for “palm hearts”, a vegetable that grows in the inner core of some palm trees. Though you’ll have to cut down an entire palm to get one, They’re packed full of carbs and can be the difference between life and death. Remember, if you don’t recognize something, don’t put it in your mouth Moving on! While surviving in the jungle, you need to keep a constant eye out for threats. Animals like wild boars, jaguars, and cougars can kill you in seconds. Your best bet when encountering these dangerous animals is to blend into the environment So they don’t see you in the first place. Making loud noises or trying to scare the animals off could only provoke an attack If you’re spotted, back away slowly and quietly away from the animal so that you don’t look like a threat. If an animals does attack you’re gonna need a weapon to defend yourself. Your spear, machete, or even a large rock would do the trick. There are smaller threats too. Little nightmares like scorpions and brown spiders can both poison you, as can coral snakes, pit vipers, cobras, and anacondas. Even innocent looking adorable frogs carry deadly venom. The golden poison dart tree frog has enough poison inside of it to kill 20 humans. Screw that guy! If you’re bitten or stung, you might think your best bet is to suck out the poison, right? Wrong! Trying to suck out the poison actually makes a bite worse, as it introduces germs from your mouth to the infected area. Instead, raise the infected area above the heart. Which uses gravity to help prevent the flow of poison to your heart spot. Then, clean the wound with soap and water and apply a bandage. But the most dangerous creature in the jungle might just be the –yeah, that’s right– the mosquito. If bitten by a mosquito, they could infect you with Malaria, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, or Yellow Fever. If you contract any one of these diseases without access to modern medicine, you’re a goner. Malaria alone kills approximately 1 million people a year. Since you can’t really treat any off these diseases on your own, you need to avoid being bitten by a mosquito in the first place. Make sure you’re always wearing long sleeved loose fitting clothing. When you sleep, sleep under a mosquito net soaked in insecticide. And finally, line that mosquito net with spare clothing entirely around the perimeter of your campsite. Cause you don’t want to give the mosquitos any opening. Defeat them, and you’re gravy! *Vocal Music and Drums play* Congratulations!!! You’ve survived the deadly and unforgiving jungle. At this right, you might never even have to come back to society! If you don’t, I’m gonna handle your Facebook for ya. All you gots to do is put your password in the comments down below. Thus increasing the volume of the comments down below, thus increasing the view count because you wanna come back and see what people said to you in the comments… and it gonna be great! Full circle! Circle of life! Lion King! Disney! This has been “Epic How To.” Let us know what topic you think we should break down next in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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  1. If you are an adult male you can take on a puma and beat it, possibly even kill it without weapons, but if you get too injured you could still die from blood loss or infection.
    You can survive a wild pig by climbing a tree or evading him and grabbing him from behind by the ears. After you got him you can do whatever you want to it.
    A Jaguar could be a problem if unarmed, but they usually shy away from humans, like most predators do, but if you are near a river you should watch out for alligators or even caimans, they can be very territorial.
    That said those animals wouldn't cause much trouble if you don't annoy them, the real danger comes from insects and snakes

  2. I know how to make a blanket in the jungle
    1. Get an animal
    2. Kill it
    3. cut its fur off
    4. Get all the fur and connect it together
    5. Get a fire and put it by the fire
    And ur done

  3. Dose he think that we have every thing when we are in danger oh I'm stuck in the desert let me grab my 20 letters of water

  4. epic how to just don't go to the jungle don't go to Florida go to California easy your done and just die in a plane crash

  5. >Says poison when talking about scorpions , spiders and snakes.
    >Says venom about frogs.
    >Says Lion King about jungle.

    smh my head

  6. Because the people who made this video did not correct their mistake beyond an annotation and a note in the description, I'll do it for them. DO NOT raise your leg ABOVE your heart, do it BELOW your heart. Find a steep surface or dig a hole to lay your leg in. Also move as little as possible to slow blood pressure. Essentially, do the opposite of what the video tells you.

  7. * You'll want to build an A-Frame Shelter or "Lean-To if You don't have a Hammock, DO NOT sleep on the jungle floor EVER, Build a sturdy raised bed or in a Hammock W Mosquito Net preferably, Tarp over Your bed or have adequate Waterproof Shelter!!!

  8. The low-quality idiotic animation and manner of presenting the points in this video makes it feel disrespectful towards this ecosystem and the survival in it. I expected way more from the channel that hosts Man At Arms…what a disappointment.

  9. Aren’t you supposed to keep stings and bites lower than your heart to use gravity to prevent the blood in your body from moving up as easily?

  10. Why didn't you cover what to do if you don't have all those tools? Isn't it more likely that one is gonna NOT have most of that shit if they're lost?

  11. If you're going to make a lean to, make a LIFTED lean to that sits above a hammock or improvised floor. NEVER sleep on the jungle floor. Lots of creepy crawlies, especially at night.

  12. Wait, brown recluse spiders live in KY too, are they an invasive species?
    Also wandering spiders can be aggressive, especially in Brazil, and are very dangerous and have potent venom

  13. Fish.. dont count on it, its very hard to find lakes or rivers in a jungle. Fruit is often very very high up in the trees and without proper knowledge you wont know which tree has some at what months of the year. Tip is to look on the ground for fruit that is still rotting or half chewed up ones and then look up.
    Hunting is out of question as you have to be very well trained to do so. Natives get trained as kids to be able to catch something and even they come home empty handed quite often.
    Laying traps is out of question as it takes a long time, unless you decide to stay at the same spot for days which will be your certain death unless you've got a constant smoking fire going and people are looking for you.
    Just to warn people it's not as easy at it's portrayed. Youre probably the only mammal around for maybe miles, so all insects are drawn to you and your sweat and these insect bites are painful and cause open wounds. With ny knowledge now I can say, just don't stray in the jungle by yourself or even with friends unless you want to experience real horror.

    I've been lost once although it was just for an hour or so, but panic sets in very quickly and water is the main issue as you sweat so much. Where I was lost I had entered an area with only bamboo, no food or water and at the dry season too. I eventually found my way back to create a reference point that I kept going back to and start looking around for the markings that I made on trees with my machete. So the markings that I made eventually ended up saving me.

  14. Thx day 69 food is low I used leaves to wipe my anal canal of the stench of human feces and i purified some salty river water to quench my thirst I never thought that I would make it the far in the jungle after the helicopter crash landed in the Amazon Rainforest I thought that I would be dead in the first couple days, thanks for telling my way around here I hope help is on the way, god bless you

  15. How to survive without an A/C in 35 degrees + because my mum said the electric bill will be too much. send help pls

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