6 thoughts on “How to Survive the Next Financial Crisis, With to CEO Ankur Jain | Op-Ed | NowThis”

  1. He literally contradicted himself in the first minute of the video. He admits that majority of people cant afford to save up $500 but yet he still wants the first thing for you to do is have an emergency fund. So just say your fuked and call it a day

  2. Stop all this dooms day prophecy… Allow this economy to keep steaming, These liberal media should stop all this fear mongering propaganda. America will prevail all storms. God bless the USA.

  3. You "CEO" will most likely be involved in this "crisis" to keep republicans out but we all know if a dem gets elected in 2020 and a crisis does happen they will instantly blame Trump

  4. I was all for this until he pulled out the alcohol and said drink it and everything would be ok. That is definitely not the way this should have ended.

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