How to Thrive in the Wilderness | Katherine Ruonala on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Is there a supernatural
dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. Is it possible that every
problem you’re going through, every trauma could actually be
pathways into the supernatural? Is it possible with some of the
things that you’re going through that it is going to result in
you walking in miracles? Is it possible that while you’re
going through you can have joy and peace? My guest says yes and she has
the miracles to prove it. Katherine is from Australia and
one of the things that I love about her ministry is almost
every time she starts speaking, God has a sign. Someone that is deaf has their
ear open. Tell me about one, Katherine. Katherine: Just recently I was
in Korea and we saw four deaf ears open. One of those ladies had no
eardrum. One of the ladies said she had
been completely deaf since she was six. She had a terrible infection and
it had never been treated, and as a result her eardrum was
severely damaged. Well in the meeting, the Holy
Spirit just popped open her ear. She could hear perfectly. And when she went back to her
doctor to exam her, he said, “You have a perfectly formed
eardrum.” She was a famous artist and she bought me a
beautiful painting that she had done to remember what the Holy
Spirit had done. Sid: You say when people are
going through traumas or it’s called a wilderness experience,
it’s really a journey into the supernatural. What do you mean by that? Katherine: You know, I really
believe that we inherent the promises through faith and
patience. Often, the time between promise
and fulfillment people don’t know what’s going on. Did I miss God? What’s happening? Am I doing something wrong? But you know, scripturally you
can read through the Bible and see many examples of how God
uses those times to really allow us to grow to the place where we
can stand in the places of influence that he wants us to
stand in. He gives us hinds feet to stand
in high places. I know there’s times when we
feel like what’s going on, I see no fruit on the vine. What’s going on, Lord? He really is preparing our
character and giving us an opportunity to find him, to know
him intimately because you have to know him to be able to trust
him. Sid: Well you know what I said
last night, I hadn’t thought about it, but it was so obvious
to me. Because of some of the trials
and wilderness experiences you had, you developed, God didn’t
do them, but God so used it. You developed your intimacy with
God. In fact, when you were 23, you
had quite an encounter with God. Tell me about it. Katherine: At 23, the Lord began
to call me into ministry, which was a shock to me. I thought I’d be a housewife for
all my life, and I was happy with that. But the Lord just began to give
me visions. I’d find myself on the floor
having visions of people falling off the edge of a cliff and I’d
see the face of Jesus and the sadness in his face. And I saw myself calling out to
people, and I knew he was calling me to preach the Gospel
and to heal the sick. I had visions of Bibles going
out to the crowds. But I thought I really need
someone to pull me out of a crowd and prophesy this because
it seemed too outrageous in my thinking. “I’m a woman, God.” I said. I used every excuse. “You need to do this for me.”
Every time a prophet would come to town, I’d say, “Okay, God,
this is your chance. Come on. Give me the Word. I’m waiting for it. You’ve got to confirm it. I’m an imaginative person. If you don’t confirm it I might
just put it all down to my imagination.” And the prophet
said come, and they’d pick this one and they’d that one, and
they don’t pick me. And one night I just got so
distressed. I went home. I was so upset. I said, “Lord, why didn’t you
call me out? How is the pastor going to know? How is it all going to happen?”
And I had a plan. I thought if they prophesied
that would be awesome and then I could help God. But I opened the Bible and I
read this story of Simeon and says there in the Book of Luke
that the Holy Spirit had revealed to Simeon’s heart that
he would see the Messiah before he died. And suddenly I realized the Holy
Spirit has revealed this to my heart and I’ve said it’s not
enough. I have to have a prophet. And I love prophecies. Sid: [unintelligible] Katherine:
But I got down on my bedside and I repented, and I said, “Lord,
I’m so sorry. If no one ever prophesizes,” and
I was embarrassed to say it alone in my room, but out loud I
said, “I choose to reveal what you are revealing to my heart
that you’ve called me to preach the Gospel to heal the sick.”
You know, after that I just became a prophesy magnet. People pulled me out all the
time. But I’m so glad God didn’t do
what I demanded because if he did every time I was led to do
something I would have put my ability to move with him into
the hands of other people’s obedience. Sid: Now one of the things I
like is you teach about dreaming big. Katherine: You know, God gives
us an imagination. It’s not evil. It’s just a screen, a whiteboard
that God can write on or we can write on, or the enemy can write
on. But as you present it to God,
let him use our sanctified imagination to see the things
that he’s promised. You know, as we see and say it,
we’ll see it fulfilled. Sid: Let’s have a practical
example. Your fingers, they were getting
bad. Explain. Katherine: Yes. Well I woke up one morning and
my fingers were all stiff and my mother had had terrible
arthritis. And so my immediate thought was,
oh no, I’m going to get arthritis like my mom with the
big knuckles. I won’t be able wear my rings. And as soon as I found myself
thinking that, I went, no, like the Bible says, to “take captive
every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God”. So I grabbed that thought and I
immediately replaced it with a Divine imagination. I imagined myself as a 90-year
old woman with supple fingers wearing my rings and playing the
piano. And the next morning, I woke up
again, stiff fingers. So immediately I saw myself as a
90-year old woman, playing the piano, getting my nails done,
wearing my rings, and, you know, I did that for five days, and
that was probably 15 years ago now. I’ve never had a trace of
arthritis or pain ever since. Sid: You know, a lot of people
in this area, it’s like the new age, use the imagination and
imaging and things like that. Where do you think they got it? They have the counterfeit. We have got the authentic. God gave us an imagination to be
used for him with our renewed mind. When we come back, and not many
people are willing to talk about this, but Katherine went through
a seven-year battle in the wilderness. I believe it’s going to help
many of you. Be right back. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: So Katherine, most people
think those that are on television, those that are on
front line ministry, they don’t have problems. It’s just me that has the
problem. What happened for seven years to
you? Katherine: Well you know, after
this encounter when I was 23, it was seven years before I ever
preached my first sermon in a church. And during that time, God was
doing a work in me, but it was like when God was doing these
things, he was developing my character and allowing me to
realize that there is a lot of things that I needed to learn. And I think primarily I needed
to learn how much I needed him. But I went through a season
where I was misunderstood and falsely accused, and overlooked. But you know, I found him. I found him as the one that
supplied my needs and it was such a delight. Sid: You talk about warring for
the promises God has on your life to the written word,
through the prophetic word. Give us one key. Katherine: God had spoken to me
when I was 23 that in my 30th year he was going to open the
doors to ministry. But my 30th year was about the
worst year of my life. And nine days before I turned
31, I just started to say, “God, you said.” I got up one day and
I’m like, that’s it, it’s nine days to go. You said. And I think he loves it when we
start to take him at his word and say, “You said”. And you know, it was that day
that God introduced me to somebody that just opened the
doors for me and brought the breakthrough. So I believe we need to make
declarations. Timothy talks about it in the
Bible. “Wage warfare, my son Timothy,”
with the prophetic words spoken over you. We can’t be passive with it. We need to actively declare it,
speak it out, “God, you said” and call those things being out
as though they are now. Sid: You know, I’m reminded
there was a time you were speaking at a conference and all
sorts of miracles broke out, and you thought, oh God, they’re
going to expect this again. I just don’t know. Tell me about that. Katherine: You know, I was
intimidated by what God did. We had the most remarkable
meeting. Actually, it was in Augusta,
Georgia and a lady with a completely, she had her eardrum
cut out, had her eardrum restored. She was hearing, which was
amazing. Cataracts were disappearing. Miracles were popping
everywhere. And as I was going up the stairs
to my bedroom that night, staying with a friend, I was
thinking, oh Lord, we’ve got another meeting tomorrow night,
and I felt like he really raised the bar. I thought, oh God, they’re going
to bring all their sick friends. Please Jesus, you’re going to do
it again? And I left my computer playing
on shuffle, and it happened to be that as I was walking up the
stairs I could hear one of Kathrine Kuhlman’s little Heart
to Heart radio talks, and she was saying, “Every time I walk
out on the platform, I die a thousand deaths knowing that
there are people in the congregation that for them this
is their last hope.” And I thought, I know what you’re
talking about. I hear you. But as I kept walking into my
room she began to say, “But I encourage myself with the truth
that everything Jesus did on the earth he did as a man utterly
dependent on the Holy Spirit.” Then she said, “And the Holy
Spirit will never let you down.” And then I heard him say, “And
the Holy Spirit will never let you down.” And you know, after
that it seemed like everywhere I went God would open a deaf ear
as the first one almost to make a point to me, I think, that
hey, you rely on me and I’ll never let you down. Sid: But you know, you would
think, I’ll take myself for example. I do lectures on the
supernatural all over the world and I have large numbers of
unsaved people coming to this expecting miracles not even
knowing I’m going to talk about Jesus. And talk about every time I get
up I do not take God for granted because here’s the truth. If he doesn’t show up I can’t do
anything. And it’s not a fake thing. I know this. I absolutely know it and I don’t
understand why you don’t know it. There’s nothing good going on in
your life that God is responsible for, that you need
God. I mean, I think we’re living in
such a generation right now where people think well it’s
half me and half God. I can tell you it’s zero me and
all God. Katherine: Oh yes. Oh yes. I believe it too, ultimately
dependent on the Holy Spirit. Sid: And you know what? When we come back, what happens
if your daughter, your son leaves, the leaves the Lord,
leaves you? What do you do? That’s what happened to
Katherine because the way she handled it will give you some
insight. We’ll be right back. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: You know, it’s got to be so
hard when your daughter and your ministry turns her back on God. What effect did it have on you,
Katherine? Katherine: You know, it was not
supposed to happen. That’s not in the plan. Sid: Of course. Katherine: What do you expect? I think I cried probably every
day for the first year and every second day for the next year. I remember once being in her
bedroom and I had bought a new dinner and made the room up nice
and was praying, and believing in faith for him to come home,
come back to Christ. One day I was in there praying,
the Lord said to me, “You know, I’ve prepared a room for my
children, too.” And I know that he just walked me through that. But one night when I was
praying, a couple of years later, the most extraordinary
thing happened. A young couple from our church,
they didn’t know her, they were only new to the church, were on
a prayer drive. And it was about the time I was
praying, they were driving pass and they saw my daughter coming
out a restaurant and the felt the Holy Spirit say, “Go and
talk to that one.” Sid: Did they know that was your daughter? Katherine: Oh, they had no idea
who she was. But they thought, oh no, she’s a
young woman. We don’t want to scare her at
night time. So they kept driving, and the
Holy Spirit said, “No, go back.” So they turned the car around,
and this is all the time while I was at home praying. They turned the car around and
they went to find her, and she was gone. But she and a friend had taken
the car around the block just to put some makeup on. So they asked the Holy Spirit
for directions and sure enough, he took them to where they were. They got of the car and they
said, “Don’t freak out, we’re Christians. Can we just pray for you?” And
they began to prophesy over her and her friend, and just rang me
half an hour later to say, “Wow, guess what happened?” And she
said, “Where do you go to church?” And they said, “Glory
City Church”. And she said, “My mom is a
pastor there.” And you know, that was the beginning of the
Holy Spirit just drawing her back. And now we have the sweetest
relationship. She loves God, loves God. Sid: Do you want to see how
beautiful her daughter is. Jess, wave at us. You’re one proud mama. Katherine: I tell you what,
she’s amazing. Sid: But there are people
watching, their spouses left, left God them. Their children have left them. One time they knew God, but they
left. Would you pray for those people
right now. Katherine: Father, you know and
understand so well how they feel. Lord, I’m asking for special
grace, Lord, to see these loved ones as you see them for special
grace, Lord, to see them as you have intended them to be, Lord,
that you help them, not to judge them, but to love them. Supernaturally, shed your love
abroad in their hearts by the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, hover over those
ones. You who began a good work in
them, you will carry it through to completion. So Father, we say thank you in
Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. Sid: Tell me one key that will
help us in a wilderness experience. Katherine: Learn how to lean
into him and let him love you. You know, faith works by love. Sid: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you at
home and you in the studio audience, just as an act of your
faith, lean into him. Katherine: Yes. Sid: Just lean into him. Feels good. Katherine: Amen. Amen. You know, there would be days
that I would be walking around crying and the Lord would just
be there interpreting my tears. He just knows me so well. I’m complicated and he gets me,
and he became my best friend. And he longs for fellowship with
us more than we have ever understood. So I believe that the wilderness
time doesn’t have to be an unpleasant time. He wants it actually to be so
special, that place where you find him, where you find him as
the one who satisfies, where you find him as the source of your
joy. The fulfillment of your promise
is great, but he, he is the source of your joy and you can
have that right now whether you’ve seen the fulfillment or
not. And his love then will activate
hope and faith to be able to see and declare the things that he’s
promised and to see them come to pass. Sid: We have about a minute and
a half for miracles. I want you to pray for miracles. This woman moves in miracles. There is such a presence of the
Holy Spirit all around us right now. Please pray. Katherine: Father, I thank you. Just as you have done so many
times, I speak right now, there’s somebody here watching
that has cancer, and I see the Holy Spirit touching you,
someone with bowel cancer. And there’s a lady, also you’ve
been going through chemotherapy. Right now the Holy Spirit is
coming on you. I see him touching you,
something to do with the kidneys. I thank you for healing and
touching someone’s liver, too, right now. I thank you for healing. You know, the Lord has given us
testimonies of hepatitis C being healed. But I see somebody right now
with liver disease instantly now even as you reach out the Holy
Spirit is touching you and healing you. I see somebody else. You’ve been wanting to have your
deaf ear open. Now in Jesus’ name, I command
that ear to open. Hear in Jesus’ name. I thank you, Lord, for sight,
glorious, supernatural sight, Lord, for those that have been
struggling with cataracts. Now I speak to the cataracts,
dissolve in Jesus’ name. I speak healing. I speak healing to blood
conditions right now. Someone suffering with leukemia,
God is greater than leukemia. I speak the name of Jesus over
that disease and I say, you cannot stay, go in Jesus’ name. I release healing to people,
arthritis in people’s hand, just like I was feeling, I was
getting. You don’t have to have it. I speak healing in the mighty
name of Jesus. And also someone with a heart
condition, I speak wholeness to your heart, shalom, peace,
healing in Jesus’ name. Amen. Sid: I like that. Shalom and peace, healing in
Jesus’ name. Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural! My guest was a paramedic in an
ambulance and one day, God speaks to him and says, “I want
you to pray for the sick in the ambulance.” And he doesn’t even
believe in healing, but it’s God, so he starts praying. He gets something like 80
percent of the people healed now. Anyone interested in those
results? Your gifts to this
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