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How to trap wild boar, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 49

How to trap wild boar, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 49

There are many new traces here They moved in herds, eating earthworms, tubes or fallen fruits The local wild pigs This pig must be big, about 150 pounds This is exactly their way If unlucky, they would be trapped A small ancient trap with size 4x2x5 feet Spikes was set on the bottom in order to hurt the prey The above was covered by small bamboo sticks then camouflaged by leaves The success rate of this trap is very low because wild pigs are very intelligent They are especially sensitive to other species’ smell One piece of old bamboo root Luckily, there are many types of eatable seeds which were fallen a lot beside the stream A few days later To increase the efficiency One trap may not be enough This place also has many traces of them This trap is impossible to be deeper because there are big rocks in the soil There were digging marks here Trap No. 2 Trap No. 1 They moved this way and moved to the stream below Trap No. 3 A small pig was trapped yesterday night It died of losing too much blood A quite deep wound at chest And another at tummy Grilled pig’s heart and liver Really delicious! Maybe I will try to make a big trap

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  1. In the next episode, wild boar will be preserved by the original method without the need for a refrigerator or any kind of chemical. Thanks for following and supporting. Don't forget to press "like" and "subscrible" to support us. Have fun watching !!!

  2. This one is fake, ive been following your videos but this one fake, if that pig was trapped last night or lets say 4 hrs ago it would be stiff, the way you pulled that pig out on that trap? Bud! It looks very fresh. . The blood was not dry or atleast some of the blood was dry. .. And the pike you put on that trap it wont that damage to that pig. . Its shallow and it wont go that deep to that pig. .. Anyways the video is still good. ..

  3. Hey bro, please cook that boar in Bamboo with banana flower. Will love it. And upload at the earliest. Can't wait. So excited.

  4. หมูป่าจมูกมันดีแค่นี้ไม่ได้แดกมันดอกไอ้หำ

  5. Hello, congratulations for all the videos.
    Could you do some videos on the various fire ignition techniques?
    Thank you.👍👏

  6. hello my brother, I hope your having a nice day, ive enjoyed watching you doing great things,please be careful always.

  7. I bring u a salt to taste nice video
    I love watching ur video and im waiting again for the next episode how do u preserved the meat?love from pilipinas

  8. This guy upload never disappoints me👍 btw wild boar meat is like a diamond for we north-eastern Indians..🤣

  9. I think this guy serve in military commandos force that why he knows how to survive in the critical condition….but im curious which part of asia that you from brother? 😅😝

  10. you are really superman bro, you are the nature, you are the jungle, why tarzan next episode not using you to be their main artist haha, it must be you. greetings from indonesia. nice to see your each video

  11. I love your hard work but in this episode you are just trying to fool us. TELL US FRANKLY HOW MUCH YOU PAY FOR THIS PIG???

  12. At night any Paranormal activity happening this way?🤔
    I do appreciate🥰🥰 if you could upload your amazing videos up to 8/9 hours longer,
    But then the hard work 😔
    Between nothing natural than the sounds of nature🥰🥰
    Much love💚💚

  13. Pls continue this video to next episode. want to know how he preserve wild pig.
    Pls add some natural ingredients like chili,curry leaf's while eating.

  14. I live in North Texas near Dallas. All of Texas has a large problem with wild hogs. Here a herd of them is called a sounder. I do not know why. LOL

  15. Hahahahahahahahaha i thought you'd only want the liver and the heart hahaha okay waiting for the next video 🙂

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