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How Would You Survive A Holiday Horror Movie? // Presented by Black Christmas

How Would You Survive A Holiday Horror Movie? // Presented by Black Christmas

(screams) – How was that? – That was pretty good. (swooshing)
(hinges squeaking) – Hey, everyone, I’m Devin. – And I’m Jen. And we’re really excited
about the new film, “Black Christmas” coming
out Friday, December 13th. – Excited but a little scared. (laughing)
But excited. (suspenseful music) (stammering) (screaming) – Horror movies, they
get my heart rate up. – Isn’t it fun to have your heart rate up? I’ve loved horror movies my whole life. I love seeing people kick ass. I love it when you’re
scared and you’re frightened but you know it’s fake and you’re safe in your house. – I like it when the horror movies’ over. – Biggest myth about the holiday season, we’re told as kids is like that like someone’s gonna
break into your house. – He knows when you’ve been naughty. – Yeah. – He knows when you’ve been nice. – I don’t like this.
– He has a giant bag. – I don’t like this at all. Which brings us to today, where we’re gonna answer questions about how we would survive a
holiday horror movie. (suspenseful music) – Your friend going missing at a party is a horror movie in itself. If you come together, you leave together. – We’re making a public announcement. Hello, everyone, Jen is gone. This is everyone’s problem now. People do this with lesser things, people do this with their cell phones or if they lose an earring. (suspenseful music) – You immediately get on
the phone with your mother, let her know where you
are and what you’re doing. You grab onto your keys.
– Oh yeah. – Immediate swipe. (suspenseful music)
(heavy breathing) – If I hear breathing on
the end of another line, that’s when I give them
a piece of my mind. Because then you’re wasting my time– – And your minutes.
– And my minutes. (suspenseful music) I would grab a weapon,
baseball bat, a knife. – I have a pocket knife one me right now. – So I’d stick close to Jen. – Yeah. (blade slicing) – If you go in the basement, people can’t hear you scream. If you go upstairs,
there’s windows, right. – Yeah, when you’re upstairs, you can push someone down
the stairs and hurt them. It’s really hard to push someone up the stairs and hurt them. (blade slicing)
(suspenseful music) I think you should stick together. – I feel like back-to-back too. If we go back-to-back,
– Yeah. – So I’m looking this way,
you’re looking that way. (blade slicing) I definitely think I’m going
for the string of lights. – I think I would take the icicle. And then once that melted, I would probably just grab the candy cane. – I can’t see how this would be a weapon. I mean, unless you suck
it down to a point. (blade slicing)
(suspenseful music) If you look away from the killer and you think that they’re
down, you’re toast. – Yeah.
– You’re Christmas toast! – Cops never arrive until
it’s like already over. – Yeah, you walk away
with that Mylar blanket. It’s wrapped around your shoulders, you’re talking to six cops, that’s when you walk away. (blade slicing) – ‘Tis the season to go to hell. – Time for your silent night. (laughing) – My take on this is that we wouldn’t just survive
in a horror movie, I think we’d kick ass. We’d absolutely thrive. – Friday, December 13th,
check out “Black Christmas”. (suspenseful music) – You messed with the wrong sisters. (swooshing)
(hinges squeaking)

16 thoughts on “How Would You Survive A Holiday Horror Movie? // Presented by Black Christmas”

  1. You think you killed them. Do you stay to make sure?

    Um no I stomp on their face a couple times and to make sure.

  2. My daughter said she would say “ This is why red is a holiday color because of blood. Happy holidays looks like everyone is going to have a silent night.”

  3. just a fun thought. yall should do a secret santa episode, but the gifts for each other have to be crocheted and handmade by yall

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