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Hunger Games – OP Hacker

Hunger Games – OP Hacker

Hey what is up guys, Zetsuke4 here. And today
I am playing Hunger Games! So basically in this game there is 12 different sectors. And
then each sector will activate and has its own effect. For example, a sector might activate
in sector seven and it might give me hunger. I might gain some hunger or lose some hunger.
Starting in 3… 2…. 1… Let’s go! Gotta get some things.. Yes! A wooden axe!
Wait what where did my wooden axe go? What…?? You guys saw I had a wooden axe… Okay..
I just got to run from this guy who stole my wooden axe. Come on… Still following
me! I am trying to lead him to the.. other people. So that they will
fight each other. Oh
no they got weapons.. So
many people. A chest! That’s good! That’s
good! There’s
no sword! Nooo! Come on.. All I need is
a sword and I’ll
be able to fight everyone else. Come on come
on, nooo! Oh no! Yes! Yes! Let’s FIGHT! Let’s fight let’s fight! Come on! Come on come on!
What he doesn’t have a sword.. **Zetsuke goes
on making epic fighting sounds** 😛 Yes! Good game!

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