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HURRICANE KIT: How to prepare for hurricane season | 10News WTSP

HURRICANE KIT: How to prepare for hurricane season | 10News WTSP

So, we’ve told you all about having cash on
hand, batteries, flashlights, water, non-perishable foods. Don’t forget baby wipes. These are a really good thing to have to keep
your family fresh during the event. You can clean up a lot with them as well,
too. In fact, speaking of cleaning up, Clorox wipes
are a great thing to have to help disinfect things. You want to keep your family healthy before,
during and, of course, after the storm. Now, paper towels. You can use these for all different kinds
of things to help clean up during the storm. Imagine having a house full of kids during
the storm, but then if you have anything else afterward you may need those. Now, it’s really important to have closed-toed
shoes, maybe boots like these. These aren’t mine, but these are nice boots. Lots of critters come out afterward. There’ll be lots of trees down. There could be some boards as well, too. So, you’ll want a good sole on the bottom,
in case you step on a nail or anything like that popping up. Definitely have closed-toed shoes, lots of
gloves, and I recommend getting a couple pairs of these in case you have somebody help you. Now, do you have any other ideas — any non-traditional
items that would be great for a hurricane list? We’d love to hear about it. Comment below.

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