Hurricane Safety Tips- Prepping for Stormy Weather

hurricane most needed emergency supplies hurricane survival tips hurricane survival kit hurricane disaster emergency survival list Hi, it’s AlaskaGranny I wanted to share some
information with you today about hurricane safety tips hurricane preparedness if you live
anywhere near any coastline in the United States you need to be prepared
for the possibility of hurricane hurricane safety tips did you realize that hurricane season runs from
May until November is a lot of months that you could be at risk and not be
prepared for hurricanes so the first thing you should do to prepare for hurricanes is gather information and figure out
what are the risks where you live hurricane safety tips threats from hurricanes could be from flooding could it be from
high winds or storm surges you don’t have to live right at the beach for these
to be an issue hurricane safety tips tremendous amounts of rain and heavy
winds can go for thousands of miles hurricane preparedness checklist after a hurricane hits land the next thing
you should gather supplies hurricane safety tips preparedness checklist make sure you have fresh drinking water on hand strategy for safe drinking water the recommendation to stockpile of water is one gallon per
person per day for a minimum of three days 55 gallon water barrels would be enough and you should also have food for
several days hurricane safety tips hurricane preparedness checklist I don’t know about you but I have seen on the news with hurricanes
happened after the fact it was a long time for some people before any help
arrived store water for emergencies have a strategy for safe drinking water hurricane safety tip hurricane preparedness checklist I think I would want more days of drinking water stored for emergencies than 3 days of water for emergencies that I wouldn’t have to be going
out into the streets trying to buy water strategies for fresh drinking water hurricane safety tips things when there’s been a terrible
storm then make sure you have things like communication do you have a windup battery radio and some way to refresh
the batteries hurricane preparedness checklist hurricane safety tips also make sure you have flashlights you need to have first aid
supplies and if you need any prescription medication make sure you
have extras of that how to prepare for emergency medical needs a good thing to have during an emergency is a whistle so that
if you are trapped or lost or something you have something to blow and so that’s
something you should have and what if your home was damaged hurricane safety tips hurricane preparedness checklist do you have supplies to shelter in place plastic, tape
things like that to repair any wind damage rain leakage think about sanitation
supplies and toiletries how to shelter in place know how to turn off utilities and have the
tools they need to do that hurricane safety tips make sure you have supplies for your pet some cash on
hand and current maps in case you need to evacuate have a folder of all your
important documents hurricane preparedness checklist including your identification bank accounts insurance
all of those important things what documents do I need in an emergency make sure you have sleeping bags and change of
clothes don’t forget paper plates and a manual can opener next you need together
a plan you need to decide when would I evacuate, where would I go, how would I
get there, hurricane safety tips hurricane preparedness checklist what will l do once I arrive and when
is the right time to leave Don’t be the last one out of your area if an evacuation order has
been made, you don’t want to be stuck in a line of traffic behind people who run
out of gas or caught in a storm that arrived to soon make sure you have a
plan and then be prudent about your safety and evacuate when it’s
necessary avoid flooded roads and never walk through
moving water. If you do have pets please make certain your pet has identification
on them so that if they should become lost or separated their chances of them
getting reunited with you are much greater take the time to make an
emergency kit and prepare for hurricane preparedness checklist hurricane safety tips and if you plan on traveling pay attention
to which areas are at risk for hurricanes I’ve travel places and I never even
thought about it all of a sudden I was in the tail end of hurricane with
terrible winds and six and eight inches of rain overnight was something I was
completely unprepared for and had never experienced before strategies for safe drinking water so keep aware of what’s going on
wherever you are and any place that you might be traveling hurricane safety tips Please subscribe Alaska Granny channel

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