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HYDRA BUZZARD | Review |EDC tactical bushcraft survival multitool knife|Messer neckknife

HYDRA BUZZARD | Review |EDC tactical bushcraft survival multitool knife|Messer neckknife

yes hello people I’m the Ingo from the channel
überleber beautiful that you are back with outside today after a long time
Again, I have a review our rubric reviews a bit
neglected I have now So I looked at the last review
has been over a year ago still pretty much at the beginning of ours
channel, too, are always piling up the news and ask for
equipment is there so today again a video in the
rubric review. It’s about a little one fine knife that I already over
have two months in use and of the I am very excited from the first
day to date this is really great and I also wanted that in the video
process right away I know namely not exactly as I do that
to declare video here usually it is like that
if I review something or I test with this
also buy equipment yourself I actually have the most
to be sent * German word for free * therefore knows I do not really care about that now
normal review is or product Placement yes there are some
Yeah, yeah, well done if that’s what I do that’s why I say it
I prefer right here in place and yes I have a product and there of course
I did not pay for that myself I can not get any money but now
I would not synonymous video over and I do not really do that object
would find it good yes it is nonsense So and here it is
Good piece as you can see I have it already on my EDC pack
It goes by the name buzzard and comes from the company hydra Hydra is a brand new Spanish
knives company have now in february this first model on the market
brought – I have already said that get a little earlier before two
months and could test it extensively and you see, it’s my turn
they did everything right, yes at the same time nice greetings
Jorge from Albaceta from Hydra Knives with whom I have a very nice contact
who had sent me that too who has always asked for criticism
what do not you like, ingo what could to do better
I have not found anyone yet I really hope that I like the whole
Spanish stuff right here pronounce Albacete, Jorge would have the
be Spanish version of Georg Yes, my spanish is such a rudimentary one
Gebrabbel So I am glad
if I do not say “Buenos Aires” to say goodbye So enough talk now
Now let’s get to that knife and the facts first the knife
the disc and then the accessories this is what the whole thing looks like here
measured we have a total length of 17
centimeters a blade length of eight and a half centimeters the length of the handle also from
eight and a half centimeters by that it is naturally well balanced
material thickness are neat 5 mm so despite the small size that is
here is a real crusher the cutting edge is also here again
is nicely discontinued overall seven and a half centimeters long so
Generally no problem in Germany with paragraph 42a we have here back
as well as a recording depending on how one you want to hold it
Here you can also find such a ring great to take something to somehow
mince and of course in terms of safety also a nice thing
it’s hard to get ahead over the blade slip of the size
I can say I have glove size M I’m really here with four no problem who fingers bigger
has hands that takes about three finger no problem then we have
here a thumb pad here a thumb pad so you can
then depending on how you work I want to be able to exert good pressure
develop very good control here makes it to the top
Absolutely great is also one again little bit of security that you can not do here
somehow slide off or so close to the Blade shape I am not so now
sure the tip is yes to the pulled down cutting edge
I would say this is a Wharncliff sound so somehow in tanto it is
yes now not on now all cases very nice that the top
here in front to the cutting edge pulled down I think that’s really great
from the design you can really go here then so if you drill so small times
want to do or something out wants to fumble or just yourself
wants to get a splitter out you have a lot of control and you can
here really fine work up the the cutting edge is completely straight
Of course, that makes it a lot easier to sharpen I am indeed a human being
like knife sharpens regrinds but Of course, sometimes it really is not
so easy when you form a complex so bowie or so bent
Of course they do not sound that way re-sharpen as easy as here
just knew as I said I would say so Wharncliff’s blade still hits it
most likely reminds me a bit to Germanic or Old-Anglo-Saxon
sax knife or viking sax knife they have those downstairs too
Incidentally, I knew myself here myself built material thickness five millimeters
So there you have a lot wrong If you have such a knife here
wants to break is knife back here a bit flattened and
here quite interesting on the front the back of the knife we ​​have here one
trough and that is just from firsteel thought there you can really nice
Controls that everything is so here sure i am beautiful of the blade here
away and can really warm here Fine thing is the index finger recording
I also think it’s going to be so easy hand goes here so there you come too
not fast forward over the blade additionally here also the ring can
not much really happen sure, here we have a recording for
I find that very interesting me a bit multi tool
functions here we still have his hexagon
Recording there you can then just easy Insert bits and screw them next to them
but later and here in the back again
hexagonal shots for unscrewed heads from m6 to m3
Generally there is a processing nothing to complain about here
you see all the edges are really clean broken so here is nothing
sharp-edged what not sharp-edged should
I thought that was really nice even so dull has a bit like that
brush optics so you still here I find the traces of the sanding body
very nice sound mirror yes would have to is a hollow cut but as I said
At 5 mm, this is still a decent Kaventsmann Cutting edge is a flat and
really hot one side completely blank the other side is level
provided with the logos So here’s hydra for hydraknives buzzard
for the model here for the sechskant cryo then stands for the
cryogenic steel treatment so the heat treatment of the steel here
next year for the screwed heads and then finally find the steel
I am very nice to have a side with you have the logos and the other side
is completely blank so is also a nice eye-catcher looks somehow too
a bit yes, I do not know I think tactically aggressive
somehow the cool optics have the yes steel: 1.4116
european standard that’s a good reason solid steel of many
German knife company is used So many solinger sound are too
made in the steel whether in the now outdoor area or in the kitchen area
it just is not prone to corrosion is a good compromise between
sharpness and also the keeping of the sharpness rockwell hardness is indicated
at 58 So a small sharp stable
multifunctional chic crusher let’s get to the sheath i
think that’s really great too a kydex sheath also very nice
made here so structured one texture on it with the hydra logos what
right away everything is strikingly flat knife itself has no handle scales
or so is of course, too on the handle nice flat and the knife sheath also
So that’s just a bit thicker than the actual knife and
Of course that’s a fine thing too Can you really have a look
Carry bag or on the belt and that then just does not bother you if you
somehow I think I am just always important that you like that
can transport things easily then we see on the scabbard here
solve everywhere are there then supplied screws with washer
So write and everything there you can do different things a tac clip
For example, you can still mount on here of course everywhere paracord
to take it around as neckknife to assemble to the belt to molle
all systems etc. etc. whatever they think they are cool
also from kydex even with it just made here is a bitholder
because then you can just always the same you want to use with yourself
lead the bag at my idea I always like that in such a way
roll lasche here that is not around rattles so I have it now
actually always there, too a nice flat stable
cutting knife is really tight inside So there is nothing that was now
the bitholder there is no clattering nothing wobbles because you have to be right
watch that you funnel out and the knife sheath has just about it
In addition, the function as a multi tool we have just here as said this
recordings for different bits and brewing heads and here we have one
hole where we just then the bit because you have to
He can work safely now not here if I take that out do that now so yes I would
me yes here somehow hurt that makes no sense so the knife sheath
serves as a kind of protection as a handle if I insert the bit here I can here
great work or here the others make holes for the screws
with this are more diverse mounting rails screws and spacer the
then you just very easy and flexible can mount to the vagina so zb and then the rails are me
have fun here now for fun Both sides could be so against it
you can see that knife around or like that So around the belt or backpack or
I’ll do it anywhere else something different yes and there you can just great
Perform belt or mounted by the registration system ran I have it
example on my luggage so turn just great or you take
just the included paracord are even two meters here if
the knife is coming and there you can just hold the knife sheath with paracord
Mount where and how you want it there you are completely flexible
whether that is hanging over your neck now head or something around or a backpack
belt to molle systems so there is Everything imaginable, we are more than
solve enough there just around here to be able to carry flexibly what also
absolute hammer is in the whole package is synonymous still a day clip here
I really great that’s just a stop system that could not be more flexible soon
So there can be more here adjust everything on straps width
on belt width no problem and then it will be with the
included screws here the knife mounted on it is firmly on it and you
can the clip just open and that it is all over again
Of course, then not even that belt for example open or yes am
backpack well you want that too sometimes I find one
Super thing that something here right there is and as I said you can over here
These mounting rails also slide on the straps strong, so to speak, directly adapt
really fat material snaps here and here you solve it because if you
wants to open it again so now everything to the theory now where
Of course you always have to test this practically that means sharp handling multitool
functions how does it all work I’ve prepared something
screw in a stick what’s called that one vise bit from the bitholder and then we’re going in here Now the big screw is natural
in the way yes I do not have the vise well thought out but you see here comes
now the screw on the other side out should not be a problem yes and the bitholder can of course
for other bits use yes, that works without problems zack zack if now big in the way
then you can not continue work properly
but they can now be next pre-button here M6 yes, now it’s a bit about the
sharp about the handling how can I get here I will exercise good pressure now
Just a little bit that is here spruce well I have a branch here I in it
just have a bit of a turn around maybe make a few small and big feathersticks or something Let’s have a look So whether bigger stories now or
very little fine bellies here let’s work slowly
fine work here so very fine delete You can not make a problem I have a really good one here
Control here can thumb in addition to gaining no problem yes it may not be that
task of a neckknife but you can add a bit of batoning
such a material strength, of course, too do no problem or if you have something
small caps or something I mean so small is that now but because sometimes
You really only have such a small one but still wants somewhere
you have a clean edge so that’s right scaffolding leather three now
up to four millimeters thick which I think is really good
This pulled down tip you can really next to that, really
still working after proper celebrations do
You can really do that at times Did you have a planer or something
or if you really need it here something like leather or mushroom leather or
so take a look at that there you can really good holes make that too
really here and also the Edge is broken I think it’s great
you can do that just as well in the wood just right a hole out
Scraping or if you just got holes like here you can just here the edge
beautiful straighten So that really is really good
on the design that you have one here right nice tip you have too
really great pressure can exert For example, tinplate because you tinker
Yes, sometimes something out there No problem getting a little hobo
or wood gasifier wants to build That’s where this lace comes from
This is really crazy So I have no problem at all
already done a few times so that does not do anything to the knife here if you like this or something
wants to build from tinplate or cans if you want to filter resin here or something for example no problem
here again the ring again when I do that now somehow want to bulge completely
sure without me anything here I can do that and then I can
what do I know how such a small one bowl or as I said if I like that
need a filter construction or something I just hit something
no problem here with the small one companion topic for editing here
yes, a really nice piece of light kienspan just no problem
here something fine on to fibers can here very great exercise the pressure and
you already have perfect initial tinder here that must be fine too
that’s nice the spark for example spread over and you only fire now
steel or something has it look at you that time. And that’s just right hard kienspan does not synonymous every knife but this works just as well with the
I can tell you this is great and I have these little ones here
fibers that I really need then if I want to start it before
so sweet fire Let’s take a look at her like that
that works with the fire starter We still have the kienspan, I lie down
We’ll do it again soon a few finer you see forever like
fine how thin i use this materials peel off yes look at how
because that’s what it is too the score here that works great
no matter if you are the guy who says I hold the firsteel and pull that
knife away or pull the firsteel away from the knife or you are so
Cockroach man here you have to just everyone have a look yourself because everyone has so his own
technology so
knotless you can throw nice sparks so there are also at the end
I hope the reviews were helpful you liked
I think that’s really a commendable knife that’s really
really great I have it now 2 months in use
There’s nothing to complain about Muck the function is good handling
It is really nice flat you can really nice here
disappear somewhere in the bag to let
quickly grabbed it is Corrosion resistant can get wet the
knife scabbard can be wet, all no problem there is nothing really bums a super
so thing for a brand new Knife maker like Hydra first
model I can only say top – so
Keep doing that I am there curious what else is coming there
By the way, there is also that version in the black version so this then
coated so black I lay down In any case, so I only buy
In any case, I want it all I have cases in my collection because of him
I’m really excited about the thing So here from me as I said clear
recommendation there is really there everything works there is not bad
that’s just right good knife all the links concerned
I’ll write the below in the video description purely there I could
look at everything yes comes on the homepage about if that somehow too
I can still lay down for the price Do not say anything because we’re saying now
in the middle of february are the february 16 I just think about the start
gone with the knife is up to now I do not write anything out yet
in the video description so far I am there Something knows well, well, I do
Now here a bit in the camp I hope the review to the
you liked the knife when you were there have any questions about the knife
or to any specifications then write below in the comments
then I’ll look at it answered you gladly
Otherwise, I say thank you right away for looking and until the next
episode of überleber bye bye

11 thoughts on “HYDRA BUZZARD | Review |EDC tactical bushcraft survival multitool knife|Messer neckknife”

  1. Sehr geiles Messer. Bin gespannt, wie sich die neue Messer-Schmiede entwickelt. Werde das mal im Auge behalten. Danke für den Tip! Super Video! Grüße von Nico vom PH-Team!

  2. Selbst ich als Mädel finde das Messer echt stark. Ich könnte mir höchstens vorstellen, dass mir auf Dauer der dünne Griff zu sehr auf die Finger geht und die Hand verkrampft (ich hab da gern etwas mehr Material in der Hand). Ansonsten macht das Buzzard echt einen super Eindruck.

    Ach und wegen dem Markierungsgedöns: wenn du einfach rechts oben "Werbevideo" einblendest, dann solltest du auf der sicheren Seite sein. Es gibt ja auch Zuschauer, die springen im Video hin und her und bekommen dann nicht mit, dass du sagst dass du das Messer zugeschickt bekommen hast. Und die könnten sich ja dann drauf aufhängen, theoretisch.

    Ich freu mich schon auf euer nächstes Video ❤

  3. Hallo Ingo
    Ich weiß gar nicht was du hast du siehst so jung, sportlich und gesund aus wie immer 🙂 Haha
    Also das ist so mit einer der besten Reviews die ich kenne, Top!
    Hmm am Anfang fand ich das Messer sehr interessant aber bei genauerem Hinsehen bin doch eher auf traditionellere Messer aus.
    Das was du kurz vor die Linse gehalten hast, dein Augenbau ..zeig den mal das sieht super aus !
    Lieben Gruß Simon

  4. Super Tip👍 In schwarz ein Traum🤘 echt cooles Messerchen🤗👍
    Danke für die Vorstellung! Hab nen Auge drauf🙈!
    LG aus Thüringen 🤘

  5. Guten tag Ingo,

    This is Jorge from Hydra Knives ( I know you were worried about pronouncing my name alright, you did it 😀 as well as "buenos aires" hahaha)

    This is one of the most complete reviews we have seen about Buzzard, but this is not about the review itself, which is ubber great but the quality of the content: you got a piece of art here, we couldn't think about a most complete review of our knife, you did almost everything with it!

    Vielen Dank Ingo, hier hast du für immer einen freund (I hope I have said it correctly lol)


  6. Schönes Messer, für mich ein wenig zu Agrresives Design und die Homepage ist noch nicht oben, da muss man wohl noch auf einen Preis warten, aber dein SAx sah super aus, sowas in Männerform (länge) würd ich Dir glatt abkaufen 😉 Aber ich befürchte, da steht die Zeit und Liebe in keinerlei Relation zu einem Kaufpreis 😉

  7. Ich bin leider kein Fan von der Stahlsorte im Outdoorbereich, aber sonst ein sehr gut durchdachtes Messer und vor allen Dingen das Zubehör ist Wahnsinn! Sehr gutes Review! Gruss

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