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I Got 10 New Turtles & Tortoises! “Turtle Sanctuary” Tour

I Got 10 New Turtles & Tortoises! “Turtle Sanctuary” Tour

– Don’t get your hopes
up, I’m not going herping. If you didn’t know, I
recently moved to a new home, which has a lot more space. It’s going from a couple bedrooms to a full two-story townhouse. So, there’s some extra rooms
and I thought it would mean that we would fill up
less quickly with animals, ’cause if you didn’t
know, we take in re-homes, and some rescues, some that need rehab, others that are perfectly
healthy but just need new homes, and then we might breed at some point, but I’m more interested in
the re-homing side of things. But there are a lot that
need homes, as I’ve learned. In fact, in the (laughs) house total, there are about 75 animals. Now, it’s not just me, I have
a lot of help with everything. So, although it was overwhelming
setting everything up and moving it all, now
that it’s getting settled, it’s not as bad and I
wanna show you everything once it’s all set up
as I’d like to show it, ’cause there are some enclosures that aren’t what I would wanna show off, ’cause they’re kinda bland and boring. So, I’m getting more supplies
and more decor and stuff to fill them up, which
I’ll show you shortly. But what I do wanna show you today, is basically the little
mini turtle sanctuary that I kind ended up with by accident. There are currently 10
new turtles that I got just in the past couple weeks. So, I have three personal
turtles; a red-eared slider, an eastern box turtle, and
a common snapping turtle. I wanted to go over the ones that came in. They’re two Sulcata tortoises, technically not turtles, whatever; a box turtle; a Mississippi map turtle; a red-eared slider; and the
rest are yellow belly sliders. I lost count of how many there are. Originally, I was gonna
get some big metal tubs, but those are a bit expensive, and kinda get the same
job done as plastic ones. So, I would say it doesn’t look too bad, it looks a little bit thrown together. And the enclosures are pretty empty. I might end up cutting some lids so about half the tub can be
covered if it gets too hot, but it’s a great temperature
right now for the turtles, where the water is cool
but it’s warm outside. I’m on a porch under our trees, so during parts of the day, a
lot of sun rays and sun beams are hitting the tubs nicely,
but it’s not overheating, and it’s still summer, so I’m pretty sure all these animals will be
gone before it’s winter. (dog barks) I could roommate them over the winter, which is basically reptile hibernation, but I would rather not
and just re-home ’em. But I think it should be good by then. So, let’s go over them. I’m not used to having this many turtles. I used to say I would never keep a turtle, and now there’s 13 of ’em in total. Ten probably non-permanent ones. So, these are definitely
pretty minimalist set ups. And by that I mean that’s my excuse for not having much
stuff in ’em right now, ’cause they kinda just came quickly. An example is these two Sulcata tortoises. They’re all each in their own tubs. Although these could be housed together I like to keep them separate
to kinda monitor them. So for example, if you go to the enclosure and there’s some weird
looking poop or there’s blood in the enclosure or
some sort of regurgitation, it’s gonna be harder to tell
which tortoise it came from and there could be something contagious. So until I’m kind of certain, although I am handling these together because these have been here for a couple weeks already and doing well, and they were indoors, but I brought them out to enjoy the sun. These two were given to me
by I think just like a viewer or someone that found Emerald Scales. We re-home most species at So believe it or not we do have more space because I have more people
that can take animals, not just at my house. So if you do need to re-home
something, let us know. But these Sulcata tortoises
are looking better than the average that we get. Actually we’ve only
gotten one other Sulcata, and it had some pyramiding
kind of building up. Which is basically where
each of the little scutes grow into a pyramid. This seems to be a pretty
common issue with Sulcatas. It’s kind of getting a balance of the right lighting and diet and everything. I’m guessing I’ll no longer have them by the time they’ve grown a ton. Thankfully these are
already over four inches, meaning that I can like legally sell them. Because there are some
different random laws, like the red-eared slider
which I’ll show you cannot be sold here. So these two Sulcatas
so far are doing well. They have adorable faces. I really like their little
just pitch-black eyes that kinda just stare at you. They’re pretty personable, but honestly, they don’t appeal to me. And these are a species that get massive. Like, really big. And I don’t have space for that nor am I really interested in that
at the time, or ever. Maybe some day. But they’re just in
30-gallon tubs right now, which are very small so I’ll probably try and get them some bigger tubs, but until then they’ll chill in there. It’s so bright. How do people film
outside, I don’t like it. This is one of the newest
turtles that have only been here, I think it came in yesterday. This is a Mississippi map turtle. It’s so noisy out here. His shell’s in pretty
interesting condition. It’s not awful, but there are a lot of scrapes and scratches
and kinda gashes in it. Nothing that’s down to his
actual muscle or anything. It’s just on the surface. He’s very not happy with me handling him. And although he’s, doesn’t like me, I think he’s the least nervous, ’cause he’s the only one that basks on their spots when I’m out here. I had to go to Pet Smart and buy a, like, I literally bought their entire stock of basking spots. Usually I avoid buying from
there and I’ll order online, ’cause so that I don’t
spend money at Pet Smart, but I needed them in a hurry so I went and bought all of them. Don’t forget to price match if
you have to go to Pet Smart. I saved about 80 bucks,
which was about 40%, just by price matching with Chewy because Pet Smart owns Chewy. So, yeah, they just try to take more money because usually people don’t notice. But, if you end up shopping
there you can do that. I’m not sponsored. I don’t like Pet Smart or Chewy. Anyway, I don’t know
what to say about him. He’s a turtle and he’s here. Oh yeah. Next up I thought I’d show
you two of the same species that are in very different conditions. This is a nice little, or
nice big yellow belly slider. I don’t know if he’s peeing
or just dripping water. Maybe both. So this is what a really
good slider looks like. I’m happy with how this looks. Although not perfect, the
shell just looks super nice. It’s smooth, it’s curved. He can fit his head in no
problem and it looks good. And meanwhile. There’s this. The same species. Maybe you can tell a difference. It’s lumpy, it’s kinda
creepy looking, honestly. Although he can thankfully move, it’s very curved up
weirdly around his legs. The shell kinda caves in near his head. It’s really uneven looking from the top. It’s not at all symmetrical. There’s these weird lines down the side. This is probably thanks to not having UVB or proper lighting or
heating or something. It could also be diet, but usually it’s because of the lights. It’s really weird just how different the condition is between these two. You get a really good idea
of how a slider should look and how a slider can look
if not cared for properly, but thankfully they’re both doing well and they are some happy boys. Here’s the red-eared slider right here. Mmmmm, boy. If he pokes his head out you’ll
be able to see his red ears. I have Franklin, my slider,
is also a red-eared. A lotta people don’t think he
is ’cause the ears are faded. But they do fade over time. And this one looks good as well. I think four of these turtles, maybe, no five of them,
are from the same person who is re-homing herself. But she unfortunately had to
kind of get out of doing it. On this one there are some stuck scutes. They might not be stuck, they
might come off on their own. But they’re coming off very easily, so I’m just kinda popping a couple off. There’s also some algae under there. It’s not shell rot or anything, but it can look better
when its scrubbed off. It’s kind of to preference for that. Something else about
these tubs that I set up, ’cause this is kind of an experiment, is there is no filter, filtration on ’em, ’cause one, I don’t have enough filters, and two, they are outside, so I’d have to cover the filters somehow since they have electricity
running through them and it rains kind of frequently. So I was basically gonna just
leave and see how it does. And the biggest issue is just their poop in there, obviously. There’s not too much falling. There are some leaves and some flowers. It looks kind of cute and
I’m not concerned about that. So if there is too much I
could put nets over them. And if I was concerned
about animals in the area, but I’m not worried about
anything snatching them up. So we should be good there. Worse case scenario, I will
just dump ’em out every few days and fill ’em back up with water. Or I could figure out some filtration. But you can see the map
turtles are the newest. So you can see that water’s fresh. And then the tubs next to
it are a couple days old. So it’s kinda the difference. And although they can live
in terrible water conditions, we shouldn’t do that, and I will keep them clean. So that’s kinda the little test. They last about three
days without being changed if there’s no filtration
in my experience with this. So, not great. Kind of annoying. That’s a lot of water to
waste if there’s no filter. So we’ll see what we do about that. So here are the two smallest turts. This one’s only a coupe
inches along with this one. Much tinier and adorable. They’re really healthy as well. They came with the red-eared slider, one of the big yellow belly sliders, and the box turtle that
I’ll show you in a minute. So, again, they were all
under really good care. It’s nice to see for a change. I haven’t seen many healthy
turtles in captivity. So that’s exciting. Either they’ll be here for a while until I wait for them
to grow to proper length or I could just re-home them at no fee because they are under four
inches and the laws are weird. They have some of the coolest eyes. So much yellow on ’em. And they’re just really cute. I just had to show them
off ’cause look at them. They’re tiny. They’re bite size. And finally I’ve got this young, I believe, female box turtle. It could be male. I think it’s female though. I have one box turtle and she’s the best. She’s one of my favorite animals. ‘Cause I do pick favorites, okay? And it’s really cool
seeing another box turtle. I’m really happy to have one here. Some box turtles are
native to the area here. So husbandry-wise, it’s
kind of right at home. I don’t know why I love
box turtles so much. They have a ton of personality. They’re really intelligent. They live over 100 years old. And their diets are really cool
’cause they can eat so much. Obviously you should balance their diet, but they can eat fruits
and vegetables and insects and pellets and different
types of proteins. They’ll just chow down on everything. So it’s fun to be able to try little different treats with them. So maybe I’ll have to do
like a turtle feeding video like I did the beardie feeding video. ‘Cause there’s plenty to try with them. So there we go. I wanted to give a
rundown of the 10 turtles that are outside right now on my porch. I think it looks pretty cool out here. I like it. It’s not overwhelming. It’s pretty easy to deal with, and I just realized I forgot one. Another slider in the tub over there. It’s a little hard to
keep up with, I’ll admit. You have to really check
through multiple times and make sure you didn’t skip any turtles, but we’re good ’cause
they’re all out here. And hopefully as they get comfortable they’ll continue to bask more and do their thing. So these’ll be up on There will be a lot– (light gentle music)

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  26. hey alex i live 3 hours north and we have eastern box turtles too! The way to tell them apart is eye color, shape of the top and bottom of their shell, and their tail length/where their cloaca is
    Red eyes
    On top more boxy shell near their butt, less sloped
    on bottom concave shell (for mounting purposes)
    longer tail/ cloaca is relatively farther down their tail
    Yellow/brown/purple eyes
    on top sloped shell (for mounting purposes)
    bottom flat shell
    shorter tail, cloaca relatively closer to the main body
    Hope this helps! i think the one in the video was a young male!

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  38. Hello, do you check the water temperature for the aquatic ones, regularly? Sliders and map turtles need water temperatures around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping them in tubs outside with natural shade should be fine, but make sure the water doesn’t get too cool because of it.

    Also, they are relatively easier to sex because males grow long claws on their front feet to use doing courtship, and females grow bigger than the males, in general, so I definitely beleive the bigger yellow-belly is female.

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