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I liked you ever since I saw you [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.09.03]

I liked you ever since I saw you [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.09.03]

Now, there’s only the final decision left. – Let’s start right away. / – Okay. Women’s College Rose Pasta may come out first. – I’m going first? / – Yes. Seriously? Yes, you can step up there. (Who will Women’s College Rose Pasta choose?) (Out of these 5 men) My final decision is Engineer Henry. (She was fond of him during Mart Date) Do you think he will also choose you? Yes, because we had a lot of fun when we were grocery shopping. So I think he’ll choose me. (The sound comes from Engineer Henry) It’s Engineer Henry. (He’s puzzled) Will you go to eat pasta with me? (Will you?) (Will Engineer Henry join her?) – I’m sorry. / – Oh, my. I got dumped! (I got dumped!) That’s a first reaction I’ve seen. What do I do? (He can’t look at her as he’s sorry) – I got dumped. / – You did. (She’s still shocked) (She’s confused) Her reaction is… That was so real. – Engineer Henry, please come out. / – Yes. You may dial the person on your mind. (The woman in his mind is?) Let’s see. Who is it? Let’s see. (The sound comes from Women’s College Hyeri) (I see) You can take the call. Will you find love with me? Sure. (Sure) (Good for them) (The first couple has been matched) Congratulations. (Congratulations on being a couple) Gang Dongwon, please come out and dial the number. (He looks at the person he’s calling right away) (Who is he looking at?) (During the first preference matching) I hope Women’s College Ballerina chooses this. She’s so bright, so I think she can fill up what I lack. It’s getting nervous. (He chooses Women’s College Ballerina) Hello? May I see you home today? (May I see you home today?) (They’re excited by his comment) – No way. / – He’s awesome. He’s very assertive. (An assertive confession by Gang Dongwon) (But her facial expression is riddling) (I’ll take you home) I’m sorry. – I’m sorry. / – She’s going home by herself! (He’s going home alone) She’s going home by herself. What’s this? (P.O doesn’t know what to do with the shame) You should have gone with the regular comment. (You should have gone with the regular comment) You got dumped! (Welcome, comrade) What’s going on here? Women’s College Ballerina, you may step out… – And dial the number. / – I can’t watch this. (She wanted to know…) (About Computer Engineer Virgin Ju Jihoon) I liked the energy he gives off, and he looked really cool when he played the guitar. (His phone starts ringing) Hello? Will you find love with me? (Who will be on his mind?) I want to have a conversation with Women’s College Ballerina. She’s cute, and I liked it when she did ballet. She was fine overall. (His heart was taken when she did ballet) I liked Women’s College Rose Pasta the most. She has the eyes that I like the most, she’s tall, and she seemed elegant. So I liked her at first. (And here’s the woman who confesses to him) (Which one will he choose?) (Will he be able to find his first girlfriend today?) (We’ll see) Sure. What? (The second couple has been matched) It was easy for me to talk to Women’s College Ballerina. When someone is difficult to talk to, I feel pressured and reluctant. But she replied well to me and high-fived me. She was being friendly. (Congratulations on being a couple) – Silly Monkey, please come out. / – Yes. Here she goes. (She liked the same person from the start) I liked Handsome Beggar in Engineering the most. When he was introducing himself at first, he didn’t get nervous. He worked hard to brighten the mood which I liked. I think he fits my ideal type. Who is it? (She chose Handsome Beggar in Engineering) – It’s the beggar! / – It’s the beggar! (It’s the handsome beggar!) What will his answer be? (What will his answer be?) – Hello? / – His face turned red. Will you accept my playful feet? Playful feet? Take my footwork! She kicked me before. She kicked me before. (So he did feel it) She kicked me before. (Good job) (How would he have taken her playful feet?) (You’re my perfect ideal type) (He’s blushing) Alright. (Wow) (The third couple has been matched) Silly Monkey had chubby cheeks and she’s cute. So she caught my eyes at first. And she kicked me, I felt like she was trying to express that she likes me. So I thought the woman I was fond of was expressing her mind, and it would turn out well. I’m so happy. (I’m so happy) We have three couples from last week and this week also. – Yes. Congratulations! / – Congratulations. We’ll be supporting the funds for you to go on dates. Take the luggage together… – And go on dates! / – Yes! Goodbye! Let’s go!

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