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I thought I showed my feelings… [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.11.19]

I thought I showed my feelings… [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.11.19]

(It’s time for the final decision) We shall begin. Beagle Choi Munseon will go first. – Am I calling first? / – Yes, you are. (They’re all nervous) She’s going first! – Alright. / – What do I do? This is… Why am I in this situation? What if I get rejected? You don’t have to be bothered by that. – Everyone does. / – I was rejected. Everyone does. – She also… / – She received zero calls. – She got zero calls. / – Don’t worry about it. She got zero calls. (What? Say that again) – This is… / – I apologize. – It’s fine. / – I could get zero calls. – I should be worried about myself. / – It’s alright. (I made a mistake) Here we go. She’s making her own background music. – I’m dialing now. / – Yes. (Who will she finally choose?) (She appealed to Heechul at first) (Taehun was close to her ideal type) (Who will she choose?) Who is it? (She chooses Taehun) It’s Taehun? – What? / – That’s surprising. It’s Taehun. (She’s excited) Hello? Hello. Will you find love with me? (I’m getting nervous) Will you find love with me? (What will his answer be?) – I’m sorry. / – Alright. I’m sorry. (She’s disappointed) Poor her. (Poor her) Goodbye. He did not accept… Her call. – You may now step forward. / – Wait a minute. Can I do the interview again? – No. / – Who do you have in mind? Red sun. Can I be interviewed again? No, you can’t. You may call the person… – On your mind. / – This is so difficult. This program must be crazy! – You… / – Go away. He said he’s sorry, and he’s calling right away. Do you want to see me be carried away? I said I wanted to focus on “Gag Concert.” Who will have stolen… – Taehun’s heart? / – I’m curious. (Who will he choose after rejecting Munseon?) Who is it? (It was her) (Who is it?) (He chooses Hanbok Queen An Seonmi) It’s… – Hanbok Queen An Seonmi. / – Yes. (Why did he choose her?) Every time she spoke, I could tell that she was a considerate person. She was so feminine. Hello? Are you An Seonmi? (He speaks strangely as he’s too nervous) Yes, I am. Will you find love with me? (Curious) (I can’t watch this) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. (Poor Taehun) I thought she was saying yes. I’m sorry. I thought she was saying yes. Can we go out together? – Can I do it again? / – Her ship has sailed. You looked so mean just now. “Can we go out together?” Right. That was wrong. Taehun. – It’s irrevocable. / – Then… It’s Seonmi’s turn. Seonmi will now come forward. Please step up there and dial the person. (She’s very nervous) (Who will she choose?) (She first chose Ddotty) (Heesun) (He likes it) (She appealed to him vaguely) (I gave you the badge) (She confessed honestly during the picnic) (Who will she choose?) (Are you serious?) (She finally chooses Ddotty) What? (This is awesome) What is going on? Is this for real? What do I do? Take the call. (Don’t be surprised. It’s happening for real) He’s crying. – He’s about to cry. / – I’m too flustered. – Wait a minute. / – Ddotty! What? – Hello? / – Yes. Hello. Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (Focused) Will you find love with me? (It’s hard to tell whether he’s crying or smiling) Are you going to say no? I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) (It’s chaos) – Ddotty! / – What is this? What’s happening? I’m sorry. (His answer turned the studio into chaos) What is this? Hey. – He’s crying. / – This is crazy. – He’s crying. / – No. (He’s half-conscious) I’m… What do I do? This is so strange. – He’s actually crying. / – Don’t cry. (He looks blank) It’s alright. This is all… What do I do? I feel so sorry. The elementary school students are all asleep. Why were you so surprised? I really didn’t see it coming. – I had no clue. / – Not one? I had no clue at all. (But I expressed my feelings) – You may now step forward. / – Do I step up there? This is so fun. – It’s fun, isn’t it? / – It is. I thought they’d be a couple. I don’t care if you don’t become couples. I got a wife. I envy you. You should participate too. (Don’t say that) It’s Ddotty’s turn. You may now dial. (Who will he choose?) It’s Honest Noh Jueun. What is this? – Will she accept? / – Hello? Hello? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (She appealed strongly to Heechul) (He expressed his feelings toward her) Will you find love with me? (They’re all very curious) (Show how competent small men are) (What will her answer be?) I’ll go straight. (It’s like they won the World Cup) I’ll go straight. (Is this for real?) This is for real. What’s with the music? Thank you so much. Is this for real? – Let’s make a heart. / – Yes. Hey. Thank you. This is… (Congratulations) Congratulations. – He did it. / – You may now step aside. Congratulations. (He celebrates for being a couple) – What do we do? / – You can stand next to us. – I’m startled. / – Ddotty! – I told you, didn’t I? / – Yes, you did. – Yes, you did. / – I told you so. Thank you. (We wish you two good luck)

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