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good morning and welcome back to robust
town this is the town where my beautiful friends live and I live over here in
this beautiful house of course oh boy a few things have changed since their last
video first of all we needed a hundred thousand likes and second of all there’s
a wishing well I’m pretty sure this is a wishing well I was looking in here and
I’m like oh boy there’s some water anything I’m pretty sure this is a
wishing well I’m gonna create a sign and call this the Wishing Well now what we
can do this is so cool we can like go up here and be like I’d
like to sacrifice one iron ingot I had a mailbox I would have assumed like
Jillian Slocum and would have given me something but there’s absolutely nothing
over here in the mailbox I don’t think anybody gave us anything anyways I’m
gonna be nice and I’m gonna give Josh and iron ingot because you know maybe
maybe a piece of bread too and I’m gonna be nice and give Jilly and iron ingot
and a piece of bread too just like that oh isn’t that beautiful I also know that
somebody removed my chair how could you have done that oh no oh no nice try slow
go but the chicken is mine I think Josh straight ceiling jellies chicken that’s
not really a good thing and there’s also a bridge over here not the nicest bridge
but hey it definitely works for now it looks fine I guess so there is something
I’ve wanted to do for a while I kind of want to prank jelly or Josh so here’s my
plan this is jellies house it’s right next to
the mine I want to dig underneath Jilly’s house lead a few mobs there so
that the one time he decides to I don’t know work on a basement wait he has a
basement already maybe this is perfect let’s check it out he had no idea that
basement Oh jellies valuables do not open if you’re not jelly okay I’m not
gonna open it my actual valve is just wait no I did not trust this so here’s
the plan right below this I want to build a trap the counter jelly strap so
first things first I want to have to disable this one
without Jay knowing this is the level we want to be
if we go any higher than this Chili’s gonna find out now we’ve kind of got to
figure out where Jilly’s house is so we’re almost there okay if we dig around
a little bit we need to find this teen tea without jelly knowing cuz he’s a
hundred percent put TNT over there I can guarantee you that he did that I mean
yes we live in this village together but I know I know for a fact that we don’t
trust each other at all oh are you joking wait what what is this
what is this what wait there it is I told you I was gonna be Tia ding I knew
it I knew they’d do it we need to break the TMT
yes okay we got it and now one block above us here I’ll put two torches down
that’s where the chest is right above us is Julie’s base if we break anything
over here Julie’s gonna know he’s gonna know that
we that we’ve been here that we have tempered with his goods
you know that we have messed around with his secret chest very secret Julie
you’re a genius and he’ll have no idea that we went down here and broken like
he doesn’t know so what I want to do is I want to break one block maybe yeah I
want to break one block and put an iron block down Julie’s gonna be like oh hey
look it’s an iron block and then he’s gonna break it and underneath here I
want to have mom’s I want to have as many mobs as we can fit into this room
so when jelly breaks it he’s gonna fall down into this room with mobs so first
things first we need to make this room as big as possible the bigger it is the
more mobs that can fit in here and nothing too far in in different
directions because that’s also gonna be bad like I don’t want anybody to notice
that there are creepers in here that there’s gonna be some bees in here that
there’s gonna be skeletons in here if this is a big dark room mobs are just
gonna get here by themselves you know we don’t
and have to lure any mobs in here but I kind of do want to lure a few mobs in
here just so we know that they’re gonna be mobs
we also oh you ought to do it’s closed off the entrance that’s gonna be
hilarious he’s gonna fall down and then this is gonna be closed up his only way
out is to dig back up for now we can put some torches that for now it’s fine
because we’re still here we don’t really want any mobs to spot a wall are down
here that would be so bad also don’t know why I’m doing this to jelly and not
to Josh I kind of don’t really know if we had some slimy pistons I could have
made this so much more advanced but we simply don’t have that yet I also just
noticed this is where one of the chests was this is where the other one was I
don’t think that one is actually trapped this is starting to look beautiful i I
think mobs should be able to spawn in here I need to get some more iron let’s
get some more iron real quick all right this is the advanced cave system we
found I believe in the previous episode there’s still so much more to explore
over here I bet there’s gonna be diamonds somewhere I also don’t think
Jilly and Josh have found this is cave system which is beautiful because that
means that we can get all the diamonds that make a golden block to who redstone
yes okay we need redstone we need redstone we need redstone right now red
sounds gonna be used because redstone we can use for so many cool things there’s
a lot of redstone over here guys look at all this redstone oh yes I was thinking
we use the gold to create a golden block and then we could use a golden block to
trick Jilly into thinking like a I should mind that let’s grab that and
let’s explore a little bit more this way I saw some gold over here some some iron
– wait why don’t we do that why don’t we put down a lot of gold in Jilly’s
basement like this then Jilly it’s gonna be like oh wait there’s some gold over
here he’s gonna mine the gold he’s gonna fall down into your zombie cave
oh yes oh yes I’ve kind of lost I have kind of lost
man oh yeah you can’t sold me if I just put torches down on the
side then I know that’s the way to go however I should have probably done that
when I went in here so you can always know which way to go
usually I’m not this bad you know what let’s just dig up and the surface is
right over here so now we know that that is a way interior cave system I wait I’m
all the way here on the other side of the bridge are you kidding me all right
it’s daytime the Sun is going down slowly so let’s prepare Jilly’s cave so
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna place these gold ores all over the place over
here and save like a jelly your fur completely forgot these golden ores like
this this is one of them we could even make a vein over here pour down like
that oh yes you might be like I’ll let me
mine this gggg and then he falls down yes let’s put a gold ore over here too
there you go maybe one in the front too it’s been even more down we have so much
more like this here you go so now we’ve put down a lot of it I just realized we
need to extend this even more this way I would have loved to use trip wire and
pistons to remove the ground from underneath him however that’s simply not
possible because hey look it’s gold yeah we don’t have the the Pistons and
whatnot yet to slime the slime blocks let’s just
do it the old-fashioned way if you dig down you’re gonna die are we too evil
maybe Josh the services this has gotta be amazing there it’s gotta be
unstoppable and now it’s time for us to remove the torches oh it’s a dark room
oh it’s a really dark room now we need to find a way to lure creatures into
here I’m thinking if we just open this up a little bit and we get some zombies
to follow us we get some creepers to follow us should be able to just walk
them in there they’ll fall down and then we just go to the next one you just put
some doors over here for now nothing too advanced eventually we’ll
block it up yes all right let’s see if we can learn some math some creatures in
there oh okay perfect creeper number one let’s go mr. creeper
come on oh there’s another one there Reaper no
no no don’t blow up yet are you kidding me creeper I don’t know how we’re gonna
get past this guide oh we kind of need to get an exit I don’t really have an
exit plan it might go horribly wrong who knows
yeah I just realized we need an exit plan this is our exit plan right there
okay creeper is here let’s go in here and let’s close this up creeper oh he’s
there he’s there this is beautiful this is working great we go here we close the
door boom there’s a creeper there we’ve kind of got a run opossum or at least
tried to run possum next time and then break that block okay let’s see what
else we can get I don’t know if you want to do zombies because zombies make a lot
of noise and Jilly’s gonna know something’s up then okay spiders are no
good don’t like spiders pretty is scared of spiders
also if jelly or Josh are trying to prank me you need to tell me in the
comments section okay I need to know let’s get another creeper I’m very
scared learning this creeper in because the other one is still there we pretty
much need to run positive without it really blowing up I mean it blowing up
it’s not the end of the world it just digs the deeper hole beautiful beautiful
beautiful all the way this way come here mr. creeper and run wait one of the
creepers Dee spunk this is bad you joking oh no oh no we got to block
it up okay well I was too stressed with one of these guys Dee spawning so how do
we prevent these guys from these spawning so as far as I know the pit
what wait what was he doing he was up there I was like this guy’s disappeared
so the best way of preventing mobs from Dee spawning is to give them a nametag
however I don’t have any nametags so I’m just gonna keep it with one creeper hope
that he stays here I’m gonna fill this all the way up I hope that it’s dark
enough for mobs to spawn and then Jilly to dig down there and die now what we
need to do is fill this hole back up because I don’t want anybody finding out
and I also need to fill that up I don’t anyone to find that out
oh my goodness almost didn’t close Chile’s doors he would have totally
known somebody went here and whatever you do do not tell Jilly we should
definitely get started on unlike a basement maybe over here oh that would
be nice you just built like a ladder down hall
okay I’m so excited for this so now we can like walk down here we can make
yourselves a beautiful basement I’m just gonna find to the hole is this gonna be
our ceiling there you go we have a beautiful ceiling already and this is
where I want to store all the goods it’s also handy to check to make sure nobody
built the secret base under my base you know it’s always handy to check for that
especially if you’re playing with these two guys I mean maybe we should keep
this for the next episode where we build a secret base underneath our secret base
I mean it’s not really a secret base yet maybe we could even make some sticky
pistons which would be us starting a whole new era of crazy things let’s
close this up for now make sure that nobody knows this is okay this is way
too obvious now nobody knows that there’s a base underneath our base I
don’t want you to tell anybody either we have enough slime to make about three
sticky pistons one two three I’m gonna keep that in a very secret location not
telling anyone we need a little bit more though if we want to make like an
advanced trap we need at least four but for now let’s finish up this beautiful
prank on jelly we can do all of that in the next episode of our beautiful
beautiful beautiful Minecraft video series the amazing video series of

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