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I WON!!!!!!!!!!! – Survival Games

I WON!!!!!!!!!!! – Survival Games

Survival games, YEAH! Let’s do this! Survival
games, survival games, everybody loves survival let’s do this. Woo! *Punches I punched
him. Yes. I’ve already got an iron chest plate, and…
*long pause* …and chainmail leggings. Let’s do this! Cheese helmet, yes! And we’re already fully kitted! Amazing!! Already a weapon. Oh and we got mushroom stew. Man, it’s a lucky
day for me. I need this cheese in my hotbar. I LOVE IT! *slurp sounds Hold on, we can craft wheat, into slices of
bread. *accidentally eats mushroom stew OH NO! I
used it! D: Ah, I tried to use ground pound on him. *sings tomahawk chop or something Need to beat him. Wait where did he go? He’s right there! Come over here. OH, he’s not even hitting me!! *jinxed it Yea- IRON SWORD! Yeah iron sword I killed him! Yeah Let’s just run away. Chest. I need this cheese!! Oh we got a compass. Yes. Yes. He’s in distance. I know this will cost me hunger, but whatever. Oh there he is. Man, that was easy. Oh we got some seeds and more wheat. Maybe we can return to a nearby crafting bench. Let’s do this. *moany voice Oh we got an iron
helmet, yay. *gibberish Yeh. *back to normal voice Ooh, what’s over
there? Oh, it’s just another way in or out whatever. I don’t know where I’m going now. No, pie. Come with me pie. Pewdiepie-pie? Yeh, yeh, Felix. Yes. We have more wheat again. Let’s just, let’s just craft more of these. *mom interrupts: Wes chill out! Oh there’s more bread yay. *mom interrupt: CHILL OUT!>:( There’s more bread. *looks away from the facecam *turns back Oh, someone dropped loot here. Two iron swords! What’s up, BOYEE? I don’t think it will be useful at all bow,
anyways. Ooh, a chest… …that has been looted that is. Let’s do this. We can do this. I believe in
the heart of the cards, or whatever. Do I have any upgradeable shoes? I’ll go up
here. Someone was obviously here because the door
is open… Oh. Nailed it. There was stuff in there. NO! Don’t put that in there! What if someone catches it and they have an
advantage? *gasps What do you think about that guys? *sounds 😛 I’m not letting anyone get any of my iron
swords. Who’s opening the chest?! Is it that one bug where it’s closed when you right click it and it opens when you close
it? Oh oh oh oh. GROUND POUND!! Oh yeah. We got a gun now. Oh, gun is already
in my hotbar. Yeah. I got two compasses now. Amazing. Maybe I should keep that. Let’s type in the coordinates for the supply
drop. Let’s do this quickly, or I’ll die of stuff. *breathes I’ll put the coordinates on the screen for
you guys. *displays coordinates Alright, I put it there for you guys. “Saved screenshot as ???.png” Oh I accidentally hit F2, I meant to hit F3. Come on! I’m pressing it- there we go. It’s this way. -1762. Oh, I think I’m near it already. It’s probably down here. Take the stairs ’cause it’s much more safer, except that I took damage. Come on I need to get it. I don’t think we’ll make it. Or I could just take the coords of my XSplit. Come on, it’s near, it’s so close, it’s so
close. It seems like that’s spawn again. Is it here? I don’t know. I can’t find it. *deathmatch commences Eh, let’s do it. We need to eat quickly here. Come on. EAT! There we go. Oh oh oh oh. OH YEAH! What’s up? Oh he has diamond boots. GROUND POUND! I should turn off my coordinates. Oh oh oh, am I gonna win? Am I gonna win? Come on use Ground Pound, why didn’t it work? Probably because the stupid game was being
slow. He’s running away from me when he is [ALMOST]
fully kitted in Iron. Come on. *Michael Jackson *ground pound He only has a wooden sword? Oh! He’s only got a wooden sword with diamond
boots! *wins OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!! *excitement *MOM GET THE CAMERA Outro I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. hello wezinator yep thats right i know your steam name cuz im a friend of yourse XD lets just sey i mostly ask you to play portal2 coop yes im Evan/evans healing beam'

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