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ICE FALL-THROUGH: Extreme Survival without Dry Clothes

ICE FALL-THROUGH: Extreme Survival without Dry Clothes

In this survival scenario: Deep into backcountry… Freezing temperatures At least 20 kilometers away from civilization with just a few hours of daylight left. Two day hikers cross a beaver dam when disaster strikes… Submerged into freezing cold water your phone and electronics will die Threatened by hypothermia You better have the basic skills and minimal equipment to make it out yourself… Alive! Got a shovel, got some snow Smooth gefixt ouwe! Take care about nature;) Then the day finally came The winning giveaway challenge We have been looking forward to it, yes… No, it’s nice… Turned out to be a perfect day for it It’s a beautiful day for it It was cold tough: minus 15 last night and it’s about -5, -3, something like that at the moment Tonight it’s gonna be minus 10 celcius So… hikers crossing beaver Dam: things go bad… you only have two items each. What are your two items? Yeah, which are the items: First of all, Emergency space blanket. It’s durable one, like a tarp. You can use it like a tarp has to reflect inside. Right And a firesteel Right, very good. My two items are a kukri So that’s a large cutting tool which is nice. And the other one is in my pocket. I have a piece of fatwood and I simulate you know… having gathered that along the trail, somewhere earlier on the day It’s very wise for outdoors-men to bring a little with them Especially when you don’t know where you are Okay, and we have packs Yes, if you see us with packs: its camera gear and we have some emergency pack, with dry clothes Which shouldn’t be used Only when things get bad, because this is quite serious stuff… Yes, I think we’re ready! Whoo! The injuries man… Ahh, we have injuries. Oh… the worst part… To make things even worse the simulation is: you fall in, you get injured So there is four different types of injuries I have them here: four of them And we both gonna pick… The legs and the arms, left to right okay Is that your ritual? We’ll find out… I’m grabbing one… And then you put it back and I pick again Left arm that is lucky man you are right-handed. He is a lucky guy Okay Hope I’m lucky too Left arm. So that one is out Right leg!! Oooh noo… I can’t walk My right leg… Did we tell that actually… Tomorrow we have to walk back to civilization Yes with this injury yes, that’s going to be a fun walk and it’s a couple hours Yeah, about 4 hours Yeah So, nice one dude, haha Okay, let’s go… Let’s go into the ice Okay, come on the ice, come on the ice Haha I thought I go through immediately Dude, I’m sorry that I’m laughing What the **** man This is stupid… You can stand on it This is sick! Okay, we’re gonna jump, yeah? yeah! We will go any second now… Man oh man oh man Okay ready? Three, two one… Hahahaha…!! Okay again… It’s not fun, it’s not fun. Haha Whaaaaaaaa…! I want to go out dude We will be fine I’m cold man, it’s gonna get colder… I’m chill man Let’s go Yeah? I tried doing the I self rescue technique here Flipper with the legs… where you flipper up your legs first breaking the ice behind you until your body is horizontal to then gently slide forward onto the ice distributing your weigt However the ice was thick enough here so this technique was not really possible
and necessary in these circumstances Ah, snap… whooooooo….! I bring this oh my arm… ****, I can’t use my arm and the leg… We’re here… other side of the thing fallen tree shelter Okay let’s stay here You see any resources? A lot of birches yeah birchbark Okay, give me the fatwood You have only one arm and the kukri Okay take off my boots You have the fatwood? Are we okay here? for a basic shelter Yes You have the fatwood? here… Put the clothes off… I have only one hand man Ah, that’s is one way to clean your boots… You’re going completely out? It”s soaken man It takes too much time man putting all this clothes off. I have one hand now. What do you want me to do? You have only one leg… you’re running around Yeah, I have to go to the camera I don’t understand this trousers man… Dude! pull om my jacket please mind my arm Oh, sorry… haha. Ah… Okay Making a fire base here Jackpot Birch twigs Where we making the fire? here? Yeah, there where I opened the ground When you fingers are numb these small tasks.. extremely difficult I’m losing the fatwood man… Where? Near my pack, I seen it Near your pack?… Dude, your leg man… It’s not going well man. I’m doing nothing. And the kukri? where’s the kukri? Dude, I gave your **** Ah, I put it up here… **** Ah, my fingers… Okay Be quick now This freakinn sheath man what? ooh, that one… Okay, I making a fire base more birch Okay, I’m gonna split it you know water doesn’t soak into the fatwood because it has so much resin I need a little baton… here little twigs more Okay dude… How are you getting on? You’re doing well? Mmmh… Where’s the firesteel? The firesteel is in my pocket of my jacket I need a better base to work on It’s not there man… In the top pocket top pocket here, dude… Put this safe somewhere in your hat or something Yeah, … In my hat, in my hat… yes Okay, I go for more **** … Cool the birch bark is great Okay, I think we’re good man. We are good, but have we got bigger twigs yeah here… okay bigger twigs Okay, base… I take the birch bark nice and fine put my hand gloves out, because they are wet Dude You need to start scraping You go on this side Are we ready? Yeah, ya okay gentle, gentle, gentle… Yes Nice! Oh, I love that smell that fatwood smell We could have done without the Fatwood, I think… Yeah What about this? Throw it all on there All on there save the fatwood It’s really the fatwood burning now but you see… the other twigs are very wet so would have been very hard without the fatwood And making feathersticks would have taken too much time, here… Look at that… We got it, man. We got it! Black smoke Your leg heh… Yes! yes, I shouldn’t stay on it Okay more firewood man. Big, big guys what about this? you brought this? Yeah Cool Dude It’s okay? Yeah Okay, can I take the kukri with me? Yeah maybe you should wring out some clothes. Yeah, I should… This fire is going This is a nice drying rack This is pretty dry already man Don’t burn your stuff… maybe wait for the fire to get bigger first yeah and … can you make a point on this? It’s warmer with this on man… Yeah, put it back on Shouldn’t have putted that out Nice man, nice! What can I do man? Yeah wring out clothes man… And don’t sit on the fire, cause I need to put more stuff on it. It’s okay like this I think it’s better to keep this on. It dries very quickly I’m starting to get pretty warm again I get more Dude… yeah Come on. Give that here I can do that… you should get more branches. I handle this one… here? No, i need it Pick up some warmth man That is nice Ooh, on top of your boots Can we try and… Oh, you have only one arm Dude, I’m just gonna mind myself for a minut. I haven’t sat by this fire yet. Yeah, you should come here We need something to not stay in the snow your tarp My tarp, yes Why are we not using our tarp? Put it a bit as a reflector from this side Dude, your buff is burning your buff This is why you need a big fire… to dry things not a small one Hang it up on that one It’s already freezing man You wanna stay here? for a little bit I’m going to We’re doing great Ah yeah Completely frozen … pants, haha That’s mad I think it dries quicker when you have it on Okay, let’s not waste time… We both sit by the fire, get comfy… it will go out… Ah, now you are in business Nice! Is there room for my pants to? Yes Only your things… It’s your pants… Well, not really in business, are we? Dude you’re burning them Can you put something for support there? You are on that side, so… It’s not cool man I asked you if you can put… Yeah of course I can, but sure I have other things to do like Completely frozen… it sure is cold… Ah, ****** it I think we found the better place Thicker logs… exactly what we need Ah, we are in business dude we are Okay, more firewood nice one I make it in smaller pieces There you go… for me? yeah why you throw it all the way there? otherwise it’s gonna mess up with my clothes Look after my self now for a minute Yeah, you should go here okay Where is your underpants? it’s hanging way to far off should be the closest There is no ***** room tough, is there? Yeah, but then room should be made, come on here… No man, cause you gonna ***** burn it, like… here… Come on man, easy No, I’m pissed off… for what? because I’m getting all the ***** wood and you have all your stuff nicely laid out and you’re chilling here and my **** is just left… you know what I mean? No It’s not cool, man I take care about your stuff as much as I do about mine I don’t feel it, but thanks anyway Can I put my pants there? yeah I think we should stay at this location man Uhm, well no, but like here, just in here… it’s really tightly packed with… conifer trees and that will really… you know where do you want to make a fire? Oh yeah, that’s true. Well then maybe we should stay here he? We should stay here and make the shelter right here Yeah, right under there Cool You did a great job with the firewood. Thank you, man! Yeah, no problem It was easy Well, it was just walking up and down haha The feed are the coldest man Yeah I’m gonna go and make a bench of some sort Might be out of battery… Lots of holes in it really? yeah use it as a blanket Whoo! Gonna open this up for our shelter under here… move the fire a little more in front later on Julius making the shelter Cutting branches and… getting things done This one should have been… Priority number one yes Alright little update… Yeah, I think we do pretty well, I’m starting to warm up, I’m completely stable at the moment And you too right? yeah, I’m getting chillier now because the sun is settling It’s getting colder… Yeah, so we really should make some haste now with putting the shelter up Making a shelter yeah Think we should first start with bedding and then put the tarp behind it, move the fire in front and a lot of firewood for the night yeah Yep Okay man, I’m ready to build! The beaver already done half the job Nice one Dry firewood and a lot of it awesome man, awesome! Well, we’re gonna need it Could night coming up… Meanwhile at the fireplace: things are still drying bed is being made Things are looking… better But my feed are cold! Yeah The steam coming off the stuff Oh dude… your hoodie, man You putting it way too close, dude… It wasn’t close now it’s too close when the fire is getting bigger Yeah, but it needs to be big man This is burned… socks are burned… this is all burned… Well, my pants are burnt too My hoodie man… That is ***** up… my hoodie Your pinewood, is it? yes Yeah be careful with the drying your clothes… That’s why a big fire dries things, a small fire burns things… when it’s a small fire you have to get things really close to it for it to dry when it’s really big it can be drying from a distance When your equipment and burns away… it breaks your heart. It’s dry atleast… Well yeah, but sure… Okay, more firewood Okay, some basic bedding floor raised a little bit of the ground, nothing fancy, but… should be effective to keep us from the cold ground Fill that up with some pine branches… This is the other side of the beaver pond … pretty cool! Our camp will just be behind those conifer trees More firewood over here … They chewed through that one that’s massive I only have one hand I can use… really… I say it’s nearly the most difficult so far of the challenge Would you not turn your clothes dude? Yeah nice, new burn holes…. How’s your shelter coming along? Well… The bedding is alright My feet are getting cold. it’s not nice… cold the whole time… already… Ah, this one hand business… ***** Little feet break… Well… it’s starting to get dark… Soon it gets dark and cold, man. Yes but what’s going on here? But we got a pile of firewood That is great, isn’t it? How are we doing, Julius? Hooo…! How are we doing…? Well… we are stable only the feet are… getting stressed out with the cold cause… the boots are still soaking wet of course It’s getting colder too, though. you know you feel that, don’t ya? yeah, yeah Maybe the hard part is still to come… I did say so now, yeah… Check out part 2 coming up next week: with a cold rough night and finding our way back to civilization Would be great to hear from you folks in the comments also check out the other videos of this winter trip with head-to-head bushcraft battles, making shelters and stuff, igloo building and a lot more bushcraft and survival fun Stay tuned, subscribe See you on the next one…!

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