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If You Are Kidnapped, Do This To Survive! Advice From Experts!

If You Are Kidnapped, Do This To Survive! Advice From Experts!

One moment you’re sitting down having a
cup of coffee in a quiet café. The next moment, you’re being bundled into
a car, blindfolded, and driven to a secret location. You try to figure out what’s happening as
your captors make frantic telephone calls. Should you try to make a run for it, or should
you wait to see how the situation evolves? Nowadays, hostage incidents are commonplace
across the world. Each and every day, people are taken hostage
and demands are made. Normally the motives are financial, but you
might be the victim of a political or personal vendetta. How should you react under these terrifying
circumstances? What steps should you take to make sure your
kidnapping is as smooth as humanly possible? That’s what we’ll find out, in this episode
of The Infographics Show– What should you do if you are kidnapped? Around the world, kidnappings are undertaken
for a few key reasons. In Mexico and South America, many international
businesses purchase kidnap and ransom insurance policies for executives and their families. Kidnappers are aware of these policies and
the financial limits that the policies hold. The kidnappers will negotiate with the representatives
of insurance underwriters to settle on the best price for the release of their hostage. The victim is usually released safely. Offshore kidnappers are also aware of the
insurance policies held by shipping companies, and will take maritime workers hostage in
exchange for cash. These modern day pirates operate in countries
such as Somalia, where piracy and kidnapping has become an industry in its own right. Initially, the Somali pirates retaliated against
foreign ships invading their fishing grounds and dumping illegal waste in their waters. The Somali pirates hijacked commercial vessels
and soon discovered that holding maritime workers hostage and negotiating a release
fee was far more profitable than fishing. Another type of kidnapping has been coined
Tiger Kidnapping. The victim is forced to commit a crime of
some sort, usually a theft. Other types of kidnapping include political
kidnapping, Bride kidnapping, and carjacking. In South Africa alone, there were 16,000 cases
of carjacking, and bride-kidnapping (or marriage by abduction) is relatively common in central
Asia. But what should you do if you find yourself
kidnapped? The first few minutes of an abduction attempt
are crucial, and usually the most dangerous period of the whole event. If you resist the situation, the abductors
may become dangerous, however, if you are in a public place, this may be your only chance
to escape during this entire ordeal. Drawing attention to yourself and the assailants
may bring others to your assistance. After that initial snatch, you will probably
find yourself in a car or closed building – somewhere there will no longer be anyone
to assist you in your plight. The police recommend that you do as little
as possible to endanger yourself or others, but a decision in this initial stage of the
abduction could be crucial. As impossible as it may seem with a pounding
heart, and adrenaline flowing through your veins, try to remain calm, and focus on what
is happening around you. The more composure you have, the easier the
ordeal will be for your abductors, and ultimately for you, too. Keep your eyes open and watch what is happening. Make mental notes. How many captors are there? What do they look like? What do you consider their nationality and/or
race to be? What accent do they have, which brand of cigarette
do they smoke, and what kind of everyday profession would you imagine them performing? How old are they? Do they seem well prepared and professional,
or do they seem like opportunists? Are we dealing with career criminals? Examine your surroundings. Where are you being held? Is it an office, a warehouse? What kind of business is usually conducted
here? Are there any company logos, motives, stationary,
or any objects that could assist the authorities in tracking down the location? Observe the surroundings. Would you be able to describe the room, the
car, or the location of your temporary hosts? If in transit, you should count turns and
measure distance by counting as you travel 1234 left 123 right, and so on. Try to work out why you have been abducted. There are various motivations, from basic
financial kidnap and ransom, to political leverage, or sexual abuse. Once you establish what your role is in the
abductors plan, you are in a better position to negotiate your way out of it. You will almost always be worth more alive
than dead, unless you sense that you are going to be made an example of. Try to objectively ascertain what your role
is and what is expected of you. Play to your captor’s better nature. Try to put your captor at ease by remaining
calm and cooperating. It is never wise to make threats or become
violent, no matter how impossible the situation may appear to have become. Don’t beg or plead, remain calm, strong,
and keep your dignity. Speak when spoken to, and if possible, build
up a relationship with your captors without coming across as trying to manipulate them. Be their friend. Remember, they are more than likely under
as much stress as you. They have been driven to this situation by
mental illness, political persecution, or financial desperation. At no time tell them that their cause is delusional
– humor them. Attempt to make their cause your cause. Have them think you are a valuable cog in
their intricate plan, rather than a wrench. Escape or not to escape? Well that’s a personal decision influenced
by the circumstances of your situation. Most authorities and experts insist that you
should never attempt to escape, claiming that you are statistically more likely to end up
dead if you decide to make a run for it. But if you are being held by people who clearly
intend to kill you, then there isn’t much to lose and it may make perfect sense for
you to try and bolt. Use the steps mentioned above to gauge the
situation and understand what your kidnapper’s real intentions are. If and when a rescue attempt is made, make
sure you are in a safe place and do not draw attention to yourself – this is the most
dangerous point of the whole process. The first few minutes during a rescue attempt
is when kidnappers might decide to kill their captives. Hide from your captors, try to get behind
an object large and thick enough to provide a barrier against any stray bullets, and wait
it out. You are no longer your captor’s friend;
you are their hostage and you need to stay calm and wait for the cavalry to find you. With a bit of luck, the ordeal will soon be
over. So, how would you handle things if you were
ever kidnapped? Would you take the advice we just offered,
or would you have an entirely different strategy? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called What do we know about area 51! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

100 thoughts on “If You Are Kidnapped, Do This To Survive! Advice From Experts!”

  1. It’s sad that we have to educate ourselves on things like this. The world is so freaking scary man it’s unbelievable.

  2. Captors see you analyzing their every feature, for future snitching.

    *Sends your head in a box to your grandmother

  3. I've heard a ton of times to never let them put you in the car. The moment you step in and go to the second location, your chances of survival drop big time. Even if they have a gun there's a chance they won't fire…and there's a chance they will miss or hit unimportant parts of your body. The advice might be regional though – getting kidnapped by some somalis in some poor country looking for ransom is very different than getting picked up in a van in NYC and taken to a serial killers house. Guess you will have to make a judgement call and do what you think is best.

  4. Someone has attempted to abduct me. They waited for me between my house and my neighbors house. They came out pointing a gun at me. He then took me to his car and got in first. I had pepper spray on me and used it through the open passenger side window and ran. He shot and missed and I made it home safe.

  5. Call him a nerd tell he has an emotional break down then you say sorry befriend him ask why then you kidnap him

  6. Kidnapper: give me all your money punk

    Me: yes because I have money look at me your ski mask if probably more than my shoes

    Kidnapper: ugh I give up I’m dropping you off and go getting the neighbors kid I hear he has a Nintendo switch

  7. I'd be dead. I'd laugh all the way to the hostager house, then laugh while in it. It would catch attention, and I'd be shot. If I were to beg them for anything, it would be no vaccines. I hate vaccines. And blood transfusions.

  8. So first i would have a talk with em than obviously i would tell them i am italian then we talk about maffia then i make pizza and pasta than i put some rat poison in their gelato if they are not nice and if they nice don't then i leave and make pizza for me

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    He sounds like a fat person talking with donuts in their mouth. He is so cringyyyy …——….

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  12. Tip: if you are kidnapped you wont be as "calm" professional better than FBI as this guy explaining what to do. Just focus on not to die and do what they want like normal humans

  13. I would tell my kidnappers that I have highly contagious AIDS and Tuberculosis, that I'm already gonna die at somepoint and don't care what happens to me.

  14. When I get kidnapped, those are always the first two things that come to mind: should I make a run for it or should i see how this plays out. I like the sound of that, I’ll see how this plays out. So I wait. And 9 times out of 10 samsonite they got the wrong twin again!

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