If You Don’t Take Chances In Life You’ll Never Have The Life God Has For You

– I was 27 years old. October 8th, 1985, Hilarities Comedy Club. (audience applauds) Walked in the comedy club,
first time in my life, won amateur night, $50. Drove 40 minutes home,
cried all the way home. This girl I rolled with, she said, “Why you crying, it ain’t but $50”. I said, “You don’t even
understand, I’m born”. She said, “What you mean you born?” I said, “I know what I’ma
do the rest of my life”. She said, “You ain’t win but $50”. “No, I’ve been praying my
whole life, God, what is it? “My life gotta be more than this.” I won that comedy
competition, I went to work October 9th, the next
morning, and quit my job. (audience cheers) I’ma tell you something. That decision cost me everything I had. I lost everything. I lost my family. I lost friends. I lost everything. I became homeless, I lived
in a car for three years. But I just saw this, I saw
this, I saw this vision. I just pursued it, I said, wow, that’s it. You have to take chances in life. If you don’t take chances in life, you’ll never have the
life God has for you. Life is about risk. (audience applauds) If you play it safe in life, you ain’t gonna have much of a life. If you play it safe, you
won’t have much of a life. Life is risk. It take courage to pursue your dream. I just did it. It cost me everything, but eventually, God is very good when he sees
you take a leap of faith. He supplies you everything you need. Now it’s gon’ cost you something. Most people are not willing to pay what it costs to after your dream, ’cause you gon’ have to hurt a lil’ bit. And most people don’t
like being uncomfortable. If you don’t wanna be uncomfortable, please do not pursue success. Because success is a very
uncomfortable feeling. And I just learned to be
comfortable being uncomfortable. If you can get that in your head, this too shall pass. Every moment, everything
you’ve ever gone through, God got you through it. You didn’t even realize it,
He just got you through it. You can’t name one thing
He didn’t pull you through. Well, I lost my mother, I’m
still grieving over that. I lost my mama 21 years
ago, I still grieve over it. But I’m here. I got through it. You’re gon’ get through it. But you gotta take chances in life, man. Can’t play it safe, y’all. You gotta jump, you gotta go for it. (audience applauds) Let’s go! (audience cheers)
(audience drowns out speaker)

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