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I’m disappointed in you [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, CHN, IND / 2019.12.29]

I’m disappointed in you [Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life /ENG, CHN, IND / 2019.12.29]

Why are you so late? What brought you here without notice? I called you countless times. You’re the one who didn’t answer. Oh, my phone. “Oh, my phone”? Do you forget everything else when you meet someone? Do you not think of anything? Do you even bother? Are you sulking? What? You’re sulking. You’re sulking, right? Did you think of me that much? Did you feel bothered? Me? No. I meant, your family. You were bitten by a dog. No wonder they’re worried about you. Some people even die of it. You shouldn’t go around as soon as you got bitten. Don’t you know how scary rabies is? I got an injection. Where did it bite you? And how bad is it? Let me see. What? It bit my buttocks. Well, do you want to see? Let’s talk for ten minutes before you go in. Okay. Something I want to do with you? There are so many. First off, it’s going to snow soon, so I want to walk around in the snow with you. I want to walk with you under one umbrella on a rainy day. Take a train with you in spring and a ship with you in summer. See cherry blossoms and autumn leaves with you. What else? Oh, right. Watch plays and musicals. Go to an amusement park and on a trip! Tell me just one thing you want to do the most with me. Something you want to do at Christmas. At Christmas? I want to go see the winter sea. I’ve climbed a mountain a few times, but I’ve never gotten to go to a sea in winter. You know, I failed the civil exam 14 times. The winter sea? Yes, let’s make it a quick trip. We can enjoy the sunrise and sunset there. It might be so nice without many people. I think I’d be happy even if we just stare at the sea without doing anything else. Don’t you agree? All right, let’s not go. It’s not that I want to go to the Mediterranean or Jeju Island. You don’t have to show that you hate the idea. Fine. Let’s just eat, drink tea, watch whatever movie there is, and part ways, saying “Merry Christmas.” I’ll go. Ms. Kim. Here. This is my gift to you. It’s a watch. Really? I’m so excited. Ta-da! You’re the best. You’re hurting me. Let go of my wrist. Why would you wear this thoughtlessly? Take it off. Why are you getting worked up? It was a gift. So why did you take it? Couldn’t you say no? And did you have to wear it? Why would you be glad to wear it? What do you know? You don’t know what it means to me. I took it because I wanted to. It’s precious to me. Why do you tell me what to do with it when I like it? I hate it, so take it off. No. Take it off. I don’t want to. Then I’ll take it off you. What? I’ll do it. I’ll do it myself, so tell me why you’re doing this. Why do you hate it that much? Why? It’s a men’s watch. I didn’t know you were this narrow-minded and selfish. Are you doing this because of that petty reason without even asking me anything? I’m disappointed in you. I didn’t know you were like this. If that’s the reason, I can’t take this off. Bye. Don’t call me.

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