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Imagine Heechul and Jungmo fighting for you [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.11.19]

Imagine Heechul and Jungmo fighting for you [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.11.19]

I know. I feel more at ease now that you’re here. We’re really close, you know. We’ve been friends for so long. We used to… No, I shouldn’t talk about the past. Sugeun told me not to. Soyou scolded me. Would you like to start? (Smiley Seo Hyebin starts) Okay. (Carefully) She’s bold. She’s taking out the one in the top. “What physical contact makes you nervous the most?” (Laughing) – Don’t spit. / – I’m sorry. I know we’re close, but this is out of line. I’m sorry. Will you answer first? Be honest. I know your answer. – I’ll be honest. / – Come on. What makes me the most nervous is… (I want to be cheeky) (Flinching) Kiss. (He can’t wait to say it) (Kiss) – Stop spitting. / – I’m sorry. – Mr. Kim Jungmo. / – I’m sorry. – It must be right. / – No. I mean, I do like to kiss, but… The physical contact that makes me nervous is the first time you hold hands and cross fingers. (The first time you hold hands with interlocking fingers) Doesn’t everything make you nervous at first? So every time you hold hands with a new lady, does that make you nervous? Do you hold hands for the first time and break up? (Heechul suddenly attacks) No, that’s not it. Not everyone makes me nervous. What matters more is who is with me right now. Holding hands with the person who is with me makes me nervous. (Proud) (That was a good dodge) Honestly… (Honestly, I…) (Staring) I can see his eyes shaking. I don’t know what to say. – Kiss? / – The physical contact… I like making physical contacts. So just… Just kissing? When would you just kiss? (The guys make her laugh with the word “kiss”) So… (He tries to hold back his laughter) I… I haven’t been on the streets with my girlfriend much, so crossing arms with my girlfriend on the street. (I see) I like hugs. – How? / – Give us more details. (They want to know the details) – Tightly. / – Suddenly? What if the tight hug breaks your bone? Sugeun told me not to say this stuff. He kept saying I shouldn’t say these things. It’s just that I’m so happy today. (Okay) (Heechul is happy on his Jenga Date) Really… Gosh, what is going on today? (Try again next time) (It’s my turn) Do I get to pull a stick? – Wait a moment. / – Why? Did you put it in my box? (He asks out of the blue) (What is he trying to do?) So she did. She’s not answering. Why did you put it in my box? I’m not making any comments. Did you give your hearts to me? Yes, I did. (You did too?) – You did? / – Yes. – Yes. / – Really? (I did too) – Why? / – Why did you choose her? – Let’s talk outside. / – Let’s go. Why did you choose her? On Earth or in love, there can’t be two suns. I’m under pressure now. I know he’s my friend, but this is about love. Let’s put this aside and arm-wrestle as men. (Stop pretending to be tough) – Give me a break. / – Goodness. Those old lads… Goodness. Oh, it turned off. Turn this back on please. (Help me) I see. How did she choose those who gave her hearts? Right? She made a good guess. (Hyebin is focused on taking out the Jenga stick) (But the guys are focused only on her) Can I speak casually to you? Sure. (Why would he speak casually to her now?) Can I too? Sure. Can I speak casually to you too? Sure. – Speak casually. / – I’ll get going then. I’ll go if you’ll be like this. (Don’t go) – Mine says nothing. / – It’s a dud? (Your Jenga’s a dud, our love is a dud) A dud. You’re not very lucky. (How about Jungmo’s?) – “Make eye contact for 10 seconds?” / – Yes. (Bingo) I saw number one. – Gosh, really? / – I saw one. “Make eye contact for 10 seconds.” You got the same one as me. You saw it when I did it. – I did. / – I’ll see how well you do it. Now. (During the previous Jenga Date, Hyebin…) 10, 9… (She gave up on making eye contact with Heechul) You two should face each other. And close your eyes. Let’s start now. (It starts now) (She gives up as soon as it starts) (She’s shy but she meets his eyes) (They stare into each other’s eyes) What? She’s doing it well this time. – Why aren’t you counting down? / – Why… It got me angry. (It’s making me angry) You should count. When she did it with me earlier, she burst out laughing and spat. I saw her give up earlier. She fanned herself. I know. She had to make eye contact with Jungmo for 10 seconds. She did it well. When she did it with me, she laughed so much. Wait. I thought there might be a chance for me. When she did it with Heechul, she couldn’t do it from the start and gave up. But at least she tried it with me while she was being shy. So that made me think that I might have a higher chance. (It’s Heechul’s turn now) Why do I keep getting these things? “Wink at her?” Come on. I think you’ll do it well. He can’t. I’ll wink with one eye. This is so embarrassing. (Fatal) (Wink) (It just made everyone awkward) He sure is the biggest celebrity. Goodness. Which one should I go for now? (It’s Jungmo’s turn) It shook just now. (What’s vibrating?) Gosh, you’re rude. – Is it mine? / – Give it to me. Hello, Jungmo’s girlfriend. Please don’t call now. (He’s so cheeky) (If you do it, I’ll do it too) Yes, Heechul’s wife. I’ll send him home soon. Maybe I’ll get going. Goodness. (Please play the Jenga) My wife is playful. (What does Jungmo’s Jenga block say?) “What behavior turns you off?” This one’s important. It doesn’t happen when you’re in love. I know it can. No. What are you talking about? The girl you liked. Don’t talk about your wife. Do you want me to say her name? When you were 19. – Give me your ear. / – I didn’t meet anyone then. “Give me your ear.” – She… / – I’m curious. (Heechul whispers…) (And Jungmo reacts right away) Hey, you should stop lying. I’m not going to sit still. I’m going to say everything too. I won’t sit still. – I’ll say everything too. / – Like what? Gosh. Tell her about that. You told me how she disappointed you. You cried. You cried saying, “This is so hard to cope with.” “I’m going to go wild.” “Please take me to a club.” That’s what you said. Admit it. My gosh. I’m curious. Well, it’s all in the past. When I’m flirting or dating, I exchange texts from early in the morning till late at night. I exchange texts endlessly. If you’re doing that with someone, you shouldn’t be doing it with others. – That’s right. / – When I find out… That’s when I become a thug. – He cried a lot back then. / – I did. It’s all in the past. You must be really tender-hearted. – He was back then. / – I was. I mean, I get tender-hearted from time to time, He was innocent back then. He was… (Grunting) People who lie. – I see. / – Especially those obvious lies. Something like, “I’m going to bed early.” “I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.” After saying that, the man is out of reach, but later you find out that he went out to have fun. Like going to night clubs? Please stop going to clubs already. He doesn’t go there these days. That’s because there aren’t any night clubs anymore. – Those lies. / – How disappointing. Who’s next? This is fun. You want to bet our wrists for the next round? You must’ve watched the movie “Tazza.” (Hyebin carefully pulls out a block) Hey, this is perfect as the last question. “Is there an ideal type of yours at this table?” This is just… There’s only one woman here! This is too much. (I want to hear it) Why are we even watching this? I know, I want to watch something else. Goodness. (Why do we have to listen to this?) Oh, no. They’ve become pitiful. (My ideal type of woman is at this table) There is. We have to pile each block as we say the answer? It’s because I’m shy. My ideal type? There is. (Hyebin, it’s time for you to answer) He said there is. My ideal type? She might go, “There isn’t!” Right, she might say that. There is. (Then…) (One of them is her ideal type) (Curious) What are you doing tomorrow? (What are you doing tomorrow?) I have to study Chinese. – Chinese? / – She can study… The day after tomorrow. Let’s go grab a drink tomorrow. What are you talking about? (Heechul’s so embarrassing) Let’s go grab a drink. I’m so embarrassed. Yes, Heechul’s wife. Yes, yes. – Hey. / – I’ll send him home soon. – Hey. / – I’m so sorry. That’s your phone! Your wife called me instead because she was too upset. My goodness. (It’s Heechul’s turn now) I should’ve ended it already. Gosh, why did I hold out until now? – It might fall. / – I think this is the end. When I’m struggling like this… ♪ When you’re struggling, lean on me ♪ (Lean on us) (Part 2 will continue soon) (The end of Jenga Date)

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  1. can't help but feel whenever an artist come to this show..they just want to be expose to the public after being away for a long time..

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