Impractical Jokers – Survival Skills with Sal | truTV

Joe: All right, Sal.
You’re up, bud. Q: [ Laughs ] Murr: Sal, we decided
to give you one student only. Yes. We’re just
gonna do the one. Yeah. Uh, welcome, um, and, uh,
my name is Sal. I’m a little bit
of an expert on camping, survival 101
type things. Go behind the tent. There’s a chair back there
waiting for you. Let me just, uh —
chair, the chair. Q: Yeah, trust me. You’ll know it
when you see it, bud. [ Laughs ] Nice and easy. There you go. Joe: That’s your chair
there, pal. Look at the size of that. [ Laughs ] That’s insane. There’s your throne, pal.
Hop in. ♪♪ Okay.
[ Laughs ] Sal, start
swinging your legs. ♪♪ [ Laughs ] Oh, my God.
Look at him! The legs look like
they’re on somebody else’s body. You know, it looks like
a Halloween costume. When was the last time
you went camping? Murr: There you go.
In sync. Look at — It looks like
a pendulum. I do really feel right now
that this probably looks silly. Let me get
a different chair. Okay. No problem. We got one, right? We got a smaller chair
if you want one, bud. [ Laughs ] Look at the size difference
between the two. Joe: Let her know that she’s
got to protect her skin. Uh, let’s talk about
protection. Right. So, number one is bugs.
There’s billions of ’em. All right.
Calamine lotion on. Go. You know, of course —
We grew up with it, right? You got a mosquito bite,
mom puts it on. You can put
a little bit on. I mean, I want to see
a lot of lotion. You just work it in. [ Laughs ] “You ever see
the movie ‘White Chicks’?” [ Laughter ] You ever see that Wayans
brothers’ movie “White Chicks”? Uh-huh. Yeah. Me, too. Sal, apply it
to her face. This is 79¢.
No way. [ Laughter ] And that’s how you do it.

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