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Indie Game News Base BuildingCity Building and Survival News January 2018

Indie Game News Base BuildingCity Building and Survival News   January 2018

Hello Indie Game Lovers, Nerds and Nerdettes
my name is Feniks and this is the Indie Game News. Today we look at Base-Building and Survival
genre. Please take your time and stay focused for
next few minutes as always you can find all the relevant links in the video description. After 4 months of work Atomic Society version
0.0.8 has been released this version will feature 2 new maps: Valley and Summit, new
apartment tower building, new toleration solution. We will see new Scavenger focus feature, improvements
to building placement and many graphical improvements as well as dozens of bug fixes and optimizations. Atomic Society is a post-apocalyptic town
building game where you set all the laws and morals of society. Your job is to overcome the challenges of
creating a town that can sustain a growing population. You will have to maintain law and order in
the wasteland. You will face disease and starvation as well
as many social challenges. For now game is available only from developer
website. Astroneer have seen new research update. Developers at System Era have finally woke
up to the fact that game base will die without further updates and it’s time to show something
of value to keep users in. This update introduces complete overhaul of
research system. This change was necessary to allow developers
to add new items to the game on more consistent basis. New system introduces concept of Bytes. Players will have to research items at new
Research Chamber. Players will have to provide research chamber
with enough materials to generate bytes that can can be used to purchase new blueprints. From what I see in here it’s a system very
similar to subnautica solution of scanning environment and searching for wreckage, hopefully
it will balance grind and exploration well but only time will tell. Research chamber will require constant flow
of energy so ensuring your base is well equipped will be more essential than ever. In addition to research changes we will see
new resource colours to better reflect actual colour of resources in real world. We will see few UI tweaks and addition of
new in game tutorial to introduce new players to the game. Important change that may not make everyone
happy is automatic crash reporting game will automatically send crash reports when it crashes
due to the bug, most players will be fine with it but some of folks who particularly
value they privacy will probably be not impressed with such solution. Apart of that as always bug fixes and improvements. One of the best rated games in history of
steam Factorio released version 0.16 already complex base builder adds even more features. We will see addition of buffer chests, artillery
wagons as if factorio trains weren’t awesome enough already and finally cliffs impossible
land barriers that you will have to build your base around or use for better defences
from biters. Game will introduce beter train visualisation,
train schedules and wait conditions can now be rearranged by drag and drop, new mini tutorial,
ability to filter player inventory and new terrains and many many more minor features,
bug fixes and optimizations. Factorio is a 2nd best rated game on steam
ever, currently on 98% positive rating out nearly 25 000 reviews submitted , just couple
on steps behind Portal 2. StarMade entered verion 200.250 which is pre-build
of the game. After over 3 years of early access developers
believe that they have almost completed build of the game that needs just so final testing
and fine tuning. There is a lot of changes to the game so let’s
focus on the most important one in my opinion but I encourage you to check video description
for links to the website. We will see new options for HUD display allowing
you to get as much or as little information as you want, we will see new module use system
that is faster and more stable to what players had experience so far. Developers have added new power, effects and
chamber systems and fixed several memory leaks and virtual RAM problems. We are introduced to new shield system and
recon vs stealth system as well as reworked overheating conditions. Game is currently sat on 72% positive review
on steam and is on the fast tract to leave Early access very soon. Time for recent releases. Stationeers entered early access on 12th of
December last year. Stationeers puts you in control of the construction
and management of a space station either by yourself in single player, or online multiplayer
with your friends. Inspired by Space Station 13, complex atmospheric,
electrical, manufacturing, medical, agriculture, and gravitational systems require your thought
and management at all times. Stationeers is designed for hardcore players
who want a game that is systems oriented. Full utilization and optimization of these
complex systems will only come from great knowledge and practice. The game presents a variety of science-based
survival problems that you must address. Resource and time pressures will drive your
initial designs, but the demands of a thriving station will guide you later. Game offers:
Detailed construction system that rewards well-designed architectural, atmospheric,
and electrical plans. Those systems include temperature, pressure,
combustion, gas mixtures, water, and fire. Full physics on dynamic items in the world,
including atmospheric effects such as wall fatigue, and explosive decompression. Various dangerous environments to explore
and develop including exotic planets, and asteroid belts. Players will have ability to mine asteroids,
keep a life stock, construct complex factories using machines, conveyor belts and computers. Game is build with multithreading at its core
to support multiplayer and scalability. Stationeers is currently rated at 86% positive
review score out of over 500 reviews submitted. Time for announcements. Neolithic has been successfully funded on
kickstarter ensuring its future development. Neolithic: First City-States is a Deep Historical
Strategy Game heavily influenced by games such as Age of Empires I, Civilization & Caesar
III. The game includes aspects of city building,
military strategy and deep character development. The game is about making this micro and macro
scale gameplay meet in a meaningful way. Set in the Neolithic or Chalcolithic to Late
Bronze Age, the game features characters that have needs, gain skills, carry, equip and
craft items, build structures and each have unique strengths and weaknesses. Game promises to focus on character development
and making each citizen stand out, losing people on combat will have a real effect and
may take time to replenish and train again. Game is planned to release on steam in July
this year. Our final announcement comes from Foundation. Foundation is the Settlers inspired city builder. You are the Lord of the Village! Your job is to build your city, grow your
wealth and the economy, and lead your vassals while facing the challenges dealing with the
intrigue of the King and Court, the machinations of the Ecclesiastical Estate and the unpredictable
behaviors of the highwaymen. Few unique features of the game you may be
interested in: You have total freedom to build where you
want since buildings will adapt to the topography they are built on. You can freely build uphill, on top of a mountain,
on a cliff or at a waters edge. You will help to determine where roads are
traced from the walking trails of the villagers and carts. Roads will tend to weave around hills as they
go uphill. Observe as popular roads widen and become
major highways and unfrequented ones will disappears over time. You will be able to divide your land in shapes
you want by using the paint tool to create different types of zoning like agricultural,
residential, military, religious, commercial, and resources extraction such quarries, hunting
reserves, and lumber lots. At the moment no dates are yet available as
far as I am aware but I will keep a close eye on this title. Okay guys that is it in this month Indie Game
News. If you know of any other games that should
be featured in next month updates or you released a game yourself please contact me at [email protected]
or tweet @Feniks_Gaming. If you enjoyed this video please don’t forget
to subscribe for more. Nerds and Nerdettes my name Feniks and it
was pleasure to have you here.

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