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(suspenseful music) – Hi guys welcome back to… – [All] That YouTube Family! – And we are the adventurers. – Okay and today we are going to play Zombie Infection Survival,
so how this works is that one person is going
to be the master zombie who’s going to try to
tag all the other players and make them zombies. Now they have to walk and talk like a zombie, so that’s like (grunting) which means they go kinda
slower than a human being. Now, there’s also one master doctor. The doctor needs to heal
all those infected zombies. The doctor is trying to get
the master zombie, to cure him. Now, if the master zombie tags the doctor then the doctor becomes a
zombie which is not good ’cause then everybody could become zombies and then the zombies win. Once everybody is all cured,
or everybody is all zombies, then that’s who wins. So is it going to be humans or zombies? – Which one?
– Zombies! Because I’m going to be the Zombie. – Who wants to be our…
– Me! I’m Zombie! – Okay! Jake’s the zombie. – Jordan’s the doctor. – I’m the doctor?
– Yup – What?
– [Mom] You’re the Doctor! – I’m horrible at being the Doctor. Why nominate me, what? – [Mom] Guys, Jake’s the Zombie. Go!
– (scream) (suspenseful music) (grunting)
– Brains. – Oh sure, come after the smart one. (light screaming) (grunting) – Come get me, you getting all tangled up? (grunting) – [Ty] Run, run. Up here! He can’t get anyone up here,
he cannot tag anyone up here. Right here, he cannot get me from up here. – He’s coming! – [Girl] Ty, run, Ty run, hurry go! – This is so hard ’cause
I don’t want to fall. – Zombie! (screaming) Run! – Run Audrey, come on, come on! (grunting) – [Ty] Dude, run you guys. (laughing) He’s coming! – [Jordan] Fly away, fly
away, fly away, fly away. – Help, help, he’s got
me surrounded. (laughing) (groaning) – [Jordan] Oh no run away, dad’s a zombie? Got you, you’re not a zombie. – I’m all better now,
I feel so much better. (screaming) (groaning) – Wait I stepped out. – [Mom] Oh, well you lost then. – So I’m a zombie now ’cause
I accidentally stepped out. – [Mom] Uh oh, it’s Ty left and Audrey. Oh no it’s only Ty left. – And Audrey. – [Mom] No – Where is she? Oh she’s got attacked?
– [Mom] Ty everyone is zombies – I’m the only one? – [Girl] Run Ty! (groaning) – Doctor zombie on the loose. (music intensifies) – Turbo zombie, activate (yelling) – Run Ty. – Got him. (grunting) (eerie music) – Alrighty guys, round two,
since David was tagged first, he’s going to be the master zombie, and since Ty was tagged last,
he gets to be the doctor. Now this is going to be very hard because Ty can run really fast. (grunting) And zombies go slow, so we’re
going to set a five minute time limit that the humans need to survive without the
zombies all attacking. – Set a timer for five minutes. – [Mom] Are you humans ready?
– Ready? – [Mom] Ty is the head
doctor, dad is the zombie – Oh no. – Alright guys we gotta survive – Three – We need to protect the doctor. – Two – One (moaning) – [Ty] Run run run, hey run! Oh no… Heal. (yelling) – I’m a zombie now – Ty, no, Ty! (grunting)
(laughing) – Healed – Healed, whoa, let’s go Ty. We tagged Ty. – I’m trying to get up high Guys, ahh no I’m a zombie. – Trying to protect Ty
and be his body guard. – Got you. (mumbling) – Run, you gotta get up. (grunting) – Healed (moaning) – Healed (groaning) – [Mom] This is a showdown
of zombie versus doctor. (groaning) – No, no, no, no – I got you – I’m back to normal. – Help – [Ty] Told you he can climb. – I didn’t know zombies could climb. (groaning) – Now I’m a zombie. I’ve been infected. Ty, where are you? Run, he’s gone, I’m infected. – I am Ty’s official body guard,
you will not get the doctor No zombie, no! – [Audrey] Run Ty, run! (grunting) – No, no, I’m stuck in this thing. – Jordan come on. – Let’s go Ty. – [Jake] Somebody save me. – Oh no, oh no. Help. Help. (groaning) (panting) Help. Help. – [Ty] Audrey, jump. – I can’t. I’m not jumping you guys, no! (moaning) – Ty don’t get attacked, no Ty. – Got her. – Audrey’s healed, Audrey get down. – I can’t. – Hurry
– [Ty] Jordan! Run you guys, he’s coming! Is Audrey a Zombie? – [Jordan] No. – Oh no – [Ty] Run, get down from there and hide. – He can’t reach me You can’t reach your son. – Jake, (yelling) The zombie just got me. – Bodyguard – Jacob (grunting) I got you Jake. You are now a zombie with us. – [Jake] Hey don’t pull. – One last Audrey and then the doctor. (yelling) – Got you. – Ty saved me, I’m back to normal. – Got you. – Oh man. (laughing) (yelling) – Got you. Got you. – [Jordan] Well I guess
I’m a zombie still. – [Mom] That’s problem
with our faster doctor. (groaning) – Got you. – I’m healed. (moaning) (laughing) Why? Timer just went off, Ty won. – [Mom] Ty’s so fast. – Ty and Jake both won because they were the only humans left, everybody else lost. – What just happened? – I’ll tell you what
happened, I was a zombie for five minutes, that
was hard work, holy cow. – That’s it for today’s video,
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