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Into the Mines | We’re Alive: Frontier | Season 1 Episode 6

Into the Mines | We’re Alive: Frontier | Season 1 Episode 6

(ominous music) – It took 10 years to
push them back but we did. What was once a prosperous
river trade, the Mississippi, is now the frontline. The eastern states supply the river states and what’s left of the UA live out their meager days self policing. What is the west hiding? Nobody really knows for
sure, but we’re alive, and this is the new frontier. – Hello everyone and welcome
back to we’re alive, frontier. We are back on track, so to
speak, except you’re not really. You’re coming off of the rail
line in order to go venture into a salt mine with a
bunch of new Havenites in the hopes that you might
find something in order to deal with the dam, so to speak. Well, yeah, am I missing anything there? – A quick question with that then, does this count as like a side mission so we don’t get competency points? – Yes, you’re off mission officially. So you won’t get any
bonus competency points. – No bonus, but I think we’ll get our two. – You’ll still get your standard two and did anyone have any
left over from the– – I had two left over. – You had two left over. – I had one left over. – Then I’ll give you three
survival points extra. – I always use up all four
you guys, what am I gonna do? – You keep burning them when you need them because you’re so competent.
– I obviously need them. – Yeah. But I’ll happily give you your 115 now. – We were at 112, you gave us three. – Math is great. – Fundamental. – I learned math from my toddler. So 115 is what your global
pool is at the moment. You also have 137 left in the rail driver. When we last left our
troop, they were venturing into New Haven, establishing
good relationships with the locals, although
some are a little wary about having the UA come into their perfect little New Haven. And yeah, but they’re
willing to strike a deal if you could work out a favor for them which involves an incident
that they’re dealing with as far as some creatures. Marianne had agreed, in order
to bring a couple of her men, in order to travel with
you up to some salt mines that are across the river into
the mountains in the north. Which is, to be fair, a good 10 mile hike. It’s not right across the river. – Before we walk in, before
we head out I should say, I wanna go check on Sarah,
just real quick, before we go. Because we’re probably gonna
take off early in the morning and I don’t think we’re gonna have time. – I suggest we try and
get a few medical supplies while we’re here also. We have some cigarettes and
other stuff we can trade, if there’s anything else
anyone doesn’t need. – Yeah, if you guys wanna go
and head to the doctor’s office and see if you can get anything, I’m gonna head over to the fisherman to see if I can barter for some dinner. – Ray and Kent, you head
into the doctor’s office which is actually still one
of the wings of the community center in this old kind
of pre-outbreak scenario. It’s been one of the few parts
that have done extremely well in trying to refurbish it and keep it up so while it’s not as
clean as you would imagine a hospital before the
outbreak had occurred, they’ve done a relatively great job, it doesn’t have dirt floors,
it has worn but clean walls and you can see that
a lot of the orderlies that are keeping track of it,
there’s not many, one or two, but you find Sarah in one
of the small patient rooms and she’s hooked up to an
IV and you can actually hear the beep of a monitor that’s keeping track of her pulse and her vitals. (somber music) It’s kind of impressive. – That they have this outfit. – That they have this kind of stuff. And you meet the tall, kind of burly man who looks like he hasn’t had
much sleep but at this point he’s just talking to one of the nurses. You seem to be back, not father. – Yeah, not father and not
mother are here to check on our not daughter. – Right, not father, not daughter. Well, we’ve got her
fluid, she’s hydrated up and at this point I
feel like she’s probably going to make a fine recovery. It was mostly just malnutrition
and the dehydration we were worried about but
despite the fact that she smells like she’s been living in
a pile of trash for weeks, she doesn’t have any disease
and she doesn’t seem to be carrying any infection with her. – Is she awake? – No, she’s been sleeping
literally for the last 12 hours. – Thanks for looking after her. – Hey, it’s what I do. It’s a tough job but it’s a tough world and I have to say saving
the little ones’ lives feel that much better than
some of these other assholes that are sitting around the community so I’ll look after her, okay? – Thanks, let’s head
back to the rail driver. – Yeah, so Bandaid. – Yeah. – You’re gonna go over
to some of the fishermen. – Yep. – Yeah, so you see a couple
of them just scaling it and god, it’s just like
a whizz how quick he is with that skinning knife, it’s just like he does it everyday. As he’s just whittling away the scales, peeling the bones out
and kind of getting them ready for filets, just to make it so that most of the people who
are doing the home care can actually just cook
it pretty easily, so. – Hey, that’s pretty amazing. Any way that we could maybe
barter for some of that? I know that we’re not part
of the community per say but we’re just as hungry
as everybody else. – Hold on a sec. Hey, Jimmy. He watches like a tall,
bald man with a wife beater and just fish all over the front of him kind of like comes up
to the front and goes yeah, what’s up, Johnson? Hey, Jimmy, you caught
one of those big catfish out today, didn’t you? Like one of those big noodling, did you get some of
that done last weekend? Oh yeah, I caught me a big noodle. What you looking for? You want a piece? You want to dice for it? No, no, no, no, no, but this UA folk here, he’s looking for some fresh fish tonight so you wanna trade some of that out? You want me to feed an
Easter knight with my catfish on my big old (mumbles). What you got big guy? – I heard mention of dice,
are you a gambling man? – Yeah, you into Liar’s Dice? – Yep. – Let’s pop out some dice. You watch as he like, it’s
almost like it just appeared out of nowhere as he just
pulls so there’s a folding card table and slaps it
down, kind of like wipes some of the fish grime
off it as he pulls out like a leather cup that
he starts shaking it as you can hear the sound
of dice inside of it as he helps it down in front of you. – Lucky Jenny wanders. – Just the sound of dice, she’s like. – Yes, I can smell it. Yeah, Lucky Jenny wanders
over and immediately she is into this. – Oh, this is my crack
engineer from Stern Industries, yeah, how are you doing Lucky Jenny? – Great, you mind if I
step in, it’s been a while. – It’s kind of an agreement
but if that’s okay with you. – Is she playing for you? – Yeah. – You scared? – She’s already starting with
the talk, alright, girly girl. You got your own dice? – Sure do. – Hey, why don’t we make
this more interesting? – Oh, I like interesting. – We see your noodle
and we’re gonna add in a ration slip as well. – Ration slip? My ration slip? You want fish and you want my
dinner, what are you offering? – We’ll I’ve got scavenge cards. – So you basically pull
out a bunch of scavenge that you found during the
day and he kind of looks at some of it and is like oh, looks like a lot of plastic junk. – And what about those cigarettes? – That, that I will definitely keep. Dinner for a pack, let’s do this. Alright. Four fives. Oh, I can see that brain working in there. What do you think? – Liar. – One. – Three fives. – Oh, three fives? Oh shit, you got one five. – I take away a dice. Five twos. – Liar. – We have three twos. – And I have one, so five twos, I lose. Close. Oh wait, five twos, you
call me a liar, yes. So wait, I did that wrong, yes. – I think you just
weren’t paying attention. – Oh god, alright. – Dice have been rolled already. – Dice have been rolled. – No backsies. – Two fours. Three fours. – Three fours, huh? You think there’s three fours in here? Yeah, there’s definitely
three fours in here. – That’s an interesting thing to say. – Hey, what’s your name? – It’s Jimmy. – You got anything to drink? Why don’t you pour us something? – Oh yeah, now we’re
drinking and gambling. – Yes, we are drinking and gambling – He pulls out a like
comically sized viking flask that looks into it that actually
has like a weird looking deer head on it that’s
been like brushed into it as he pulls it out and
claps it down on the table. Swig goes to the next dice loser. Alright, liar. – One four. – Two fours. – Three fours, we win. – Take a swig. – Better rule, I already had
half of this thing today. – I couldn’t tell. – Hey, you know what? It helps drown out the smell of the fish. Alright. Two twos. – Two twos? Three twos. – Four twos. – Liar. – Shit! – Take another drink, Jimmy. – This game is fun, I’m not even there. – Okay, let’s do this. – Three threes. – Three sixes. – Liar. – Got you, Jenny. – There’s only two sixes. – Shit! – Jimmy, you had me there for a second. You had me. – Alright, alright, alright,
alright, alright, alright. – He’s gonna pass out
before the game’s over. – Nope, nope, I’ve got,
let me just finish it. You watch it like it’s just going. It’s just going, it’s just
going, it’s just going, it’s just going. – No, Jimmy, Jimmy. – Yeah? – Three twos. – What? – Three twos. Do you think I’m a liar? – Yeah, I think you’re a liar. – Well, I do. – What, no way, well you got
a lot of dice, so it’s just… – While one, two, three. – Fuck, alright, come here sissy. Then he goes and grabs the fish. Kind of like slaps it down. You know what? I haven’t had anyone new
to play Liar’s Dice with in like five or six months. So here. And you watch as he sloppily
just starts skinning it, just butchering this thing,
he’s not doing a good job, because he’s so drunk, so. – Be careful with the knife. – He’s just kind of (mumbles)
around and just it’s a, oh, yeah, I should
probably put the glove on. And you watch as he puts
the chain mail glove on a little bit as he starts
hacking at the fish. And now that he’s got it on,
you watch as it like clangs against his hands many times. – Oh my god. – Before he gets it together. – Cigarette ash. – Oh, no, he didn’t get the cigarettes. – Well, you know what? – Yeah. – I take one cigarette out. – That’s a good sport. – And I pass it to Jimmy. – That’s a good sport. – I believe we’re looking for
a little slip of paper too. – And you watch as he just
throws a giant filet down on there and then puts the ration ticket right on top of the fish, so. – I’m gonna take the
ticket and give it back to the other guy. – Alright, well, and you watch as like, as the fishmonger kind of like
looks at Jimmy and he’s like that wasn’t fair, Jimmy
sucks at Liar’s Dice. – It was his call. – I get it, Jimmy, you’re a fucking dick. I can’t believe you keep playing after, he’s like what, it’s fun. What else are we supposed
to do around here besides drink and fuck? – I like Jimmy, Jimmy’s fun. – And you watch as he just
like, he’s like alright, well, here, and he cuts up
another portion and is like here’s Jimmy’s portion
and he kind of throws down another filet for you of some
trout or other river fish and you guys walk away with
two giant filets for tonight. – It’s been a pleasure. – If you want to polish this
off tonight, I’m right there. – Good to know.
– Yeah. – Was that to either, or just, just Jenny? – Either. But yeah. – I’m gonna get going. – Good fish. You guys all meet back up. Wraith, have you wanted
to wander around at all in this place? – Well actually Wraith has been at the rail driver this time. – Tapping his foot. – Well actually a little
weirder than that, they’ve all been gone for
a while and they’re all coming back to the rail driver now, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – And you approach the rail
driver and you can see that there are a few like
sort of safety candles like arranged in like a
row, like a path is marked. (ominous music) And then there’s like a
camping stove that’s lit, that’s on a few like
crates like stacked up and then Wraith is standing
behind those crates with what looks like a carved
like wooden bowl in his hands and he’s just sort of like
chanting and sort of gurgling and then there’s an arch
made of like bracken like sort of sticks and
other things like that that have been like lashed
together with perichord. He’s made this sort of like
arch that goes like over him as at the head of this path,
and he’s just standing there like chanting and his face is
like illuminated from below and it’s like his hood is up
and he’s just sort of chanting and he’s got this sort
of weird bowl of stuff. – The door like slams open
and the light pours through and just into his makeshift ritual space. – Oh, Jesus. – I want to whisper to
Stingray, what the fuck? – What’s up, dude? – You have returned. – Did we disturb you or? – No, your coming was prophesied. – What’s in the bowl? – It’s blood. – Whose? – Animals. – Oh. – To bless us on our journey tomorrow. – I appreciate that. – I brought fish. – Come, we must share our stories. – Okay, whatever works you guys, I don’t care if we have
to swing a dead chicken over our head and throw
a pumpkin in the river, if it works, it works, let’s do it. – Don’t give him ideas. – Alright, so people just
sort of line up or whatever. – What do I do with the fish? Can I put it on the camping stove? – Let’s start cooking this.
– Yeah. – You can put it wherever you need too. – Or will that disturb the ritual? – No, in fact, you should
give some as an offering to the Gods. – Okay. – Do they want us to cook it first? – They will accept it in
whatever way you present it as long as it is with a kind spirit. – Kent’s gonna walk over and
just kind of touch the railing. – You see it’s got like
little animal bones and stuff tied to it and then there’s also like, looks like a plastic like
model plane, you know? Of like a 747 or something like that is like hanging from it. – Let’s just remember never
to leave him alone again. – There’s also there’s a
symbol worked into the head of the arch made out of twigs,
which is the sort of symbol that you’ve seen painted on
walls and stuff like that. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – You’ve see it painted like,
it seems like a graffiti that you’ve seen before,
especially in like urban areas. – Like a protective symbol. – Yeah, cool. – Or on tattoos. – Yep. So you all sit down to kind
of like ritualistically cook this fish and enjoy it together. – And I very comfortably
sit closer, closest to you. – Okay. So yeah, he does some chanting and stuff and then towards like
the end of the ritual there’s a sort of
pregnant pause and he says now we must share our tales,
we must trade something, a secret we’ve never told
anyone from our pasts. – This is like a game of truth or dare. – I’m gonna take a bite of catfish. – I thought you didn’t like catfish. – I don’t, but I’m hungry. He got trout too, didn’t he? – Yeah. – If we eat this shit first,
the trout tastes better. – Do not violate this space,
Ray must share her story. – I wasn’t always a sharpshooter. It’s something I learned along the way. Survival skill, you could call it. Career path change. Made a lot more sense
than what I used to do. – And what was that? – Something I discovered
I wasn’t as good at. But I discovered it in the wrong way. – The Gods are honored by your sacrifice. – You know I haven’t been
with you folks for very long but from what I’ve seen,
you people are ready to die in a good way, and I’m
ready to die with you. We’re here together, so
we’ll eat this meal together and when we collect water,
we’ll drink it together, and when we walk, we’ll walk together. – Yes, we will. Jenny? – I’m deaf in my left ear. That’s it, I don’t want to get into that. – I’m gonna share something with you guys that I haven’t told anybody else out here. I used to be very, very
good at video games and I miss it a lot. – I’m gonna punch you. – I’m telling the truth, very,
very good at video games. – We all tell you very
vulnerable things and– – That was vulnerable. – Hey, I got a question. – Video games can be very important, I enjoyed them too before the fall. – Can we ask something? – Yes. – You know, I know a lot of traditions. A lot of traditions
from all over the world. This one is an amalgam
I’ve never seen before. Is this, is this of your own creation? – In a way, but don’t all
traditions start that way. – Yeah, they do, they absolutely
do, that’s why I’m asking. – I’ve not done this before. I’ve thought of it but
this is the first time. – So thanks for honoring us with that. – Wraith, what about you? – What’s your secret? – I let my brother die. I could have helped him
and when our plane crashed, I could have done more
to help him and I didn’t and now I must carry his
name as well as my own. – How about you have
some of this fish with us since we’ve all got
something to mourn right now? – Yes. – It is an excellent dinner of fish. In fact, it kind of
pales in the comparison to what Bandaid and Ray brought out. – Well, I put the love
into it, this is just. – And I overcooked it, I
was dealing with Sarah. – But this is fine, in fact, if anything with a lot of the rations,
some of the extra spices and elements that come with
Jimmy’s part of his dinner, it’s kind of almost like
a home cooked dinner, which is nice in your
little sleeper quarter that is this part of the rail driver and it has a homey feeling to it. Your pleasant night leads
into a beautiful dawn as the beginning of the new day occurs which I believe at this point
is day five of the journey, I think that sounds about accurate. – And just so that we’re aware, we’ve made some really good
time, like opposing the schedule that was supposed to happen, right? – Yeah, I mean, if you
had ran this thing hard, pretty much with no stops,
you would essentially have, you could have made it
in four and a half days. – So we’re just like
a half day above that. – Yeah, and at this point and
with as much as you’ve been dealing with, I think it’s fair. You’ve also originally
before the raiders got to it, you originally requisitioned
at least two weeks worth of food. And you’ve made some of your own meals, in the meantime, so, yeah, not bad. But we’re on the morning of day five of the Missouri river runner route. And you come out in order to see Marianne and her two guard or her two militia, who one seems to be a
spry man with bright eyes, cut, short hair, and a little
bit of a sleeveless tank top that he’s wearing lose
over a pair of jeans that seem to have like high,
knee high kind of boots, so, you could tell he’s used
to do the warm weather, the warm, humid weather. The other one seems to
be a little more built as far as climbing a mountain goes. He’s got a rugged jacket,
as well as an over shirt and he’s carrying a hunting
rifle as well as a backpack with most of their climbing gear. And they seem to be with Marianne
who also has her backpack. You can see she’s carrying
a shotgun as well as a large combat knife on the side and
she’s got boots and straps for days, everything’s
completely affixed on her in such a way that it just
cuts a striking figure as she stands there tall and lean against the wooden post of New Haven. – I think we are going to take this moment to kind of kit up as well. – Yeah. – Disclose what we’re gonna grab. I’m gonna be searching the
rail driver for a pickax to take down into the mine. – Alright, you can
absolutely purchase that, that will be 15. – Okay. – Can I search for another combat knife? Is there another combat
knife on the rail driver? – There is absolutely more knives. You can get that for short,
piercing and slashing one, that’s another 15,
that’ll take you to 108. – And I’d like just an
empty pack for, you know. – A backpack? – Any dynamite we find, I just stuff it. – (mumbles) looking out. – Do you have a pickax card? – I do, yes, would you also just load up because we got to get this thing moving. Marianne’s looking very
anxious to get on the road. – Okay, thank you. – You’re welcome. – And then just to clarify
I’m bringing my times one medical kit and leaving the times two. – Your simple survival kit,
your simple first aid, great. – And this is the sat
phone or the ham radio? – I have the sat phone, that’s
the radio in the rail driver. – So which one is the one that we. – We’re not bringing either. – Okay. – I’m leaving the binoculars. – I got mine. – I also have mine. – I’m leaving my bow, one
of my medium survival kits, the ax that we got and
a small bug out kit. I’m still bringing my pistol
and my knife and sword. – Great. – And I’m bringing the AK47, my machete and then the mostly empty backpack. – Got it, great. – She’s flying. – Right, yeah, you’re light. – Do you want to take some shit for me? – So as Marianne, Philmore and
Johnson, who she introduces, this is Philmore, this is Johnson. – Which one is which? – Philmore is tank top,
Johnson is the more well decorated gentleman. Yes, lumberjack. They’re all surprisingly clean though as far as like frontier goes. They’re not rocking any grizzly
beards and a lot of their hair is actually trimmed back pretty well. They actually favor a lot of
them, especially the guys, favor like really tight
kind of military style cuts, almost buzz cuts a little bit. – Probably practical. – Very practical, yes. So two practical looking gentlemen. Alright, so, first thing
we have to determine is getting over the water. There is a bridge about a couple miles up that we sometimes use to go
over from where Gasconade is. Or we can take one of our
boats across the river. But there’s always a
chance that we could have a couple of these river
runners around and it’s, we usually don’t like
doing it unless we have to but if time is of the essence,
I’m totally willing to try. – Listen, my team is in a
bit of unfamiliar territory out here and we’re counting on you to bring us safely over there. – Well I’m in the mood
to get in and get out so at this point I say
we take one of the rafts. – Okay. – Alright, so you guys
walk around the large part of New Haven so that you’re
on the outer part of the walls and near kind of where the rising bank is you can see that there is a
couple of Tom Sawyer style rafts left together, just you know,
hitched logs that have been put in with some kind of steering pole, that kind of take them down. – Are they large enough
to fit eight of us? – You can take two of them
to fit all eight of you. But yeah, that’s gonna require two. And you guys walk about
half a mile upstream so that you can ride it down enough to be able to make it over, so. Let’s all load up. – Johnson, why don’t you take
three and I’ll take three? – Who’s on which raft? – On the one raft with
Johnson is gonna be Ray and Wraith and I, I think. – With Johnson, and so
Jenny, Kent and Marianne are with Philmore. – And I am definitely sitting down. Last time we were on a raft
together didn’t go so well. – Very much in the center of the raft. – Although I still brought
the same perichord. – Oh, good. – Now as Johnson basically
pushes out Wraith, Bandaid and Ray out into it,
he does it but his kind of cups into a spin a little bit
because he’s not as practiced into this as you guys are holding down, but it stops pretty quickly
and as you can see Johnson kind of pulling out, he
actually turns to you, Bandaid, and goes, so Asher, what’s it like over in the eastern states? Any word from like Saint Louis or Chicago? – Well, it’s a thriving
community and we’re so happy to be able to bring much
needed supplies out here to the frontier. – I have a sister in Chicago
so is everything alright over there like no
infected, is it really true that the whole place is infected free? – Well it’s what we’re here to find out. We want to connect to the
Livingstone community. – Well no, no, no, I mean
Chicago on the eastern side of the river, like is there
no infected over there at all? – We’ll have to see, I’m
here to see for myself. – That’s weird I thought Chicago was on the eastern side of the river. – Oh, that Chicago. – Yes, is there another
Chicago I should be aware of? – Oh, just a small hamlet
out there near Kansas City. – New Chicago.
– New Chicago. – Right, okay. – It’s just been on the map
and so we were going for it. – Okay, yeah, yeah. – But, you know what, I love this, I love that we’re communicating. We just want to keep an
eye on the river maybe. – Right, right. So at that point Ray and Wraith
make a spot listen check. – One degree of failure. – One degree of failure for me too. – At this point you two are
watching like nervously. – Not nervous, I’m just like
are you fucking kidding me? I’m holding back every, I’m
biting my tongue so hard it’s bleeding. – And as you guys kind of
continue to wane down the river you actually feel a bump against the raft and it lifts up just ever so slightly. As you hear Marianne go river runners! And you watch as she pulls out,
while holding onto the pole, you watch as she pulls out her shotgun which at this point you can
see is actually sawed off and she just pops a round
straight into the water and you watch as it just
splashes right next to you. Water cascades down on top
of you as she yells over Johnson, what the fuck are you doing? Pay attention! – Yeah, Johnson. – What, Marianne, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. He needs to try to push
with more vigor down along, it’s like I’m sorry,
it’s alright, it’s fine. Did you get it? Yeah, I fucking got it. Alright. Just get over across the side. And you watch as you basically
continue to push along and you make it across to
the other side of the river. This part of it’s pretty thin. It was only about 20 or 25 or so feet but it banks along the side of the, northern side of the
Missouri as you unload and you can see Johnson is
kind of like still shaking a little bit, mostly from
being yelled at by Marianne more than just having a river
runner bump against the raft. – Keep it together, we need you sharp. – Yeah, no, it’s alright,
I just, god fuck, I don’t know why I did that, I just started to get in
good with her, you know? It’s like every single time
I make something happen, and I feel like I’m on the
right track, I just fuck it up. I always fuck it up, man. – I know how you feel. – I’m just gonna turn to
this guy and stare at him. – Your life is more important
than your reputation. – Right, right, right, okay,
thanks creepy gray haired guy. Alright, let’s get this thing unloaded. And Marianne comes and just
like whaps him on the back of the head as she continues
to just kind of trek off just trailblazing this thing forward. Alright, well, alright
so here’s the thing. I haven’t been to these mines. We have some old maps
that show where they’re at and I’m guessing they’re
about 10 miles up north. Now we can cut through
some of the smaller towns and get cover as we go
from building to building but of course there could
always be infected there. Or we can just go and rough
it and just chop our way through all of the brush and the trees leading up into the mines. – We’ve experienced so far,
towns are generally a bad idea. – And you’re forest (mumbles), right? – Depends on what you’ve
been running into, they are hit and miss, but infected can be inside of the forest just
as easily as towns are. It’s just sometimes
they’re easier to spot. But we’ve got the day and
they don’t like usually coming out in the day so much,
so we’ve got hours to burn, I say we use them and make
as much trail as we can. – Agreed.
– Agreed. – Alright, great, cool, well keep up. – I’m gonna call for the falcon because we’re heading into the forest. – Oh yeah, we have a drone. – Comes down, usual I pull
my canvas over my head. I inspect its claws. – You watch as like Philmore just kind of almost jumps (mumbles), holy
shit, man, you’ve got a bird? – Yeah, it’s a falcon actually. – Yeah, falcon’s a bird. – Cool, huh? Name’s Max, he likes liver. – Hopefully not my liver. – I’m gonna throw Max off to make sure, because we’re in a forest
area, there’s trees, he’s gonna flutter up to
one of the taller ones and kind of disappear in
the brush but he’s there. – Okay, so, just for my
purposes of time versus distance covered, are you guys steady paced? Marianne’s going nearly double time. – We’ll just keep up with her. – Okay. So she’s setting the pace
at nearly double time giving you guys quite a bit of coverage. You walk for about three hours or so as you continue to just
brush through and here, the frontier’s pretty thick at this part. – She seems to know
what she’s doing, right? – She knows what she’s
doing, she’s pulled out on top of just her shotgun,
she just kind of pulls out a non-serrated machete, just kind of like a black tactical machete
and she’s just chipping, just cutting pieces out and
she’s only making enough room for her really, to make
like a single line, so she’s not doing any
extra work to make it easier for anyone to come through. She’s just slicing and dicing through. And you can tell as she’s
just cutting through she’s putting a lot of effort
and exertion into this. She’ll occasionally look
back towards where Asher is and you’ll see that as she
comes back she kind of like takes an extra heavy swing against items as she just continues to
just blaze through this, so. – She likes you. – I like me. – Like I said you make about
three hours of travel time covering about four miles
of the 10 mile journey at this point, so she kind of sits around, you can see that Johnson and
Philmore are starting to, like are starting to exert
on them a little bit, they’re getting very winded
and you see as Marianne kind of like turns around
and notices then goes okay, let’s take five. – Because Bandaid is too,
he’s not built for this. – You’re all getting a
little winded, in fact, after the five minute break
of kind of like water, and getting things back out. – I’m exhilarated. – Yeah, you’re fine. – I love this. – Right, which is why we’re
now gonna represent that. Everyone’s gonna make endurance checks to kind of see how you’re holding this. – Yeah. Well done. – Oh, yeah. – That’s not good. – No, that’s great. That’s a tens digit. – That’s a 10? – That’s a tens digit, so you’re an eight. – Oh I’m an eight, oh, okay, got it, okay. – I have two degrees of failure. – One failure. – Three degrees of failure. – Alright, anyone who has failures. – Four degrees of success. – Holy crap.
– Okay, great. – Can he buy some of our failure? – I have three degrees of success as well. – Excellent. You can keep pace with everyone
but this is all kind of your personal endurance,
so for everyone who got a degree of failure, in
your case with three, I’m gonna take a difficulty
dice for you two, because you’re getting
winded at this point, I’m gonna give two to
Bandaid because he is just, his chest is hurting. – He’s not an outdoor boy. – No. So keep it, it’s for all future checks until you guys basically
take a very long rest. – Okay. – Five minutes are up, let’s get moving. – I’m gonna go over to Wraith and say kind of almost confused
because I don’t know that your name is Bandaid,
to me you’re just Asher. I’ve never known that he is anything else. So I’m gonna say to him, be
like he’s kind of out of shape for like an officer, you know? – I’ve worked many missions
with him, he’s capable. – Not gonna be a big deal, I’m just gonna make a side little comment, like he’s out of shape. – Alright, I’m just tired. – And we’re both half person sized. – Yeah, half person. – Size, size. We’re twice the man but half the person. – But you guys continue to
trek, keeping up this rugged just grueling pace. So another three hours will
take you to close to noon at this point, maybe like 11,
11:30 or so, where’s that? There’s the time. And you guys will cover another
four miles at this point. But now you’re starting
to get to where you’re at the foothills of the
mountains, you can actually see as you’re clearing through,
the brush is not getting any thinner, like occasionally
you’ll get a break as you have to cross a road or something but as you go back into the underbrush it’s just ferns and grass
and either saplings of trees that you have to come through
as you’re winding around some of the bigger trunks of the wood that’s in just this
part of the Mississippi. – Hey, Ray, can you ask her
if we can stop for lunch? If I ask, she’s going to kill
me, but she seems to like you. – I have a better plan. How about you start being a
little bit less of an asshole so she actually listens to any of us? – I haven’t said anything this
whole time, I’m just tired. – Just stop talking in general. – Alright. – Alright, so she
continues to walk through and you basically may
cover this three hours before she starts looking
up at the sun at some point and goes alright, well,
you can kind of see she’s breathing a little
bit as she kind of looked towards the foothills, goes
well, looks like we made it to the foothills, it’s
gonna be climbing time now. So let’s just get some lunch, break out, and we’ll all get out climbing gear out because looks like we’ve
got a mountain to climb. So you break for food,
she portions out rations. You all kind of eat as
anyone who has climbing gear can start fixing it onto their legs. – Wraith has a lot of it already, just as kind of part of his costume. – Right. – So he just clicks a few
carabiners and it kind of like falls into climbing position. – Awesome. – I’m gonna put two,
put my shoes of spikes, like smaller spikes through
like icepick shoes almost that will dig into the
concrete a little bit. – Crampons. – Yeah, (mumbles) called? – Crampons.
– Crampons. – Crampoff. – I’m gonna get my
crampon, crampoff, okay, and I’m going to call
for the falcon again. – God dammit, it’s cool
every single time he does it. – I know, right? – I’m gonna take the falcon by itself and kind of have a little
pep talk with it real quick, away from everyone, give it another piece of terrible gangrenous meat. – Rancid meat. – From my pocket which I’m
going to then empty out because I am out of falcon meat currently. We’ll have one last piece. – Philmore is kind of
looking a little anxious like carving off a piece
of his MRE and he’s like can I feed it? – Yeah. – He looks over and kind
of looks at Marianne who like looks and
doesn’t say no, basically, as she comes back over and he kind of like kind of takes an opportunity
to kind of like eat it. Man, I had a bird before all this. Man, thanks for that. – No problem, brother. – Oh, you got a pretty
fucking cool best friend, so. – Wraith stumbles in on it
right at the end of this and he goes again? I always miss it. – Wraith, listen, I thought we
were going into the mountain and not over it, do you have
any extra climbing supplies? – I have some I can share.
– Okay, cool. – But I mean, were gonna group
together and create a line which everyone will follow. We’ll help you clip in and clip out. – Thanks. – We need to get up this thing but we also need to get back down it. So we’re gonna do out best to walk along the path most traveled,
at least to get up here. Because they would take
trucks up and down here to get into the salt mines anyway. But we have to find the entrance
first and I have no idea where these things are at. So actually, Johnson,
Philmore, would you guys go and climb up some of these
trees and see if you can spot a cave entrance here or anywhere? Johnson’s like yeah, no, I’ve
got it, Marianne, I got this. You watch as he pulls his
belt on, he like flips kind of like a jean hoodie
that he has on there and kind of pulls it tight
as he gets like a pair of, he actually looks like,
it’s like a repurposed rebar that he holds onto it kind
of like a police baton. But it’s also got pieces of
metal that have been welded onto the top of it so that
he can just and then like use his core strength in
order to lift himself up with his crampons and
he just spider monkeys up one of the trees as he
just kind of clips up there. – That’s how you do it. – You need to get some of those. – Now Philmore is a lot,
lot slower about it. He’s like alright, fine,
as he puts his boot on and he walks another 500 or so feet into before he starts climbing
up and they’re gone, leaving you with just Marianne, who is sitting there kind
of making eye contact, giving you all a brief look, not giving you anything at this point. She’s just sitting there kind
of not making eye contact but keeping focused on around
her situational awareness as much as she can. – Marianne, have you been
running security out here for New Haven since
you guys been out here? – Conversation, is it? Okay. Yes, I’ve been keeping
New Haven safe ever since I was appointed it when my husband died. – Sorry. – Well, everyone’s got someone who’s dead. – Yeah, we do. – And hopefully we’ll have less today. Do you really think dynamite is something we’re gonna find up inside
of these salt mines? – Well, we’re hoping to find
dynamite and maybe something to make more explosives if we’re lucky. – Sulfur’s been known
to lurk in salt mines around these parts. If we can get a handful of
that, we’ve got an engineer who might be able to whip something up. – If it’s this difficult for us to get to, then it’s difficult for
anyone else to steal. – That’s a good point,
no, the farther areas tend to be less raided and no
one’s been out here for years. We’ve covered most of these
but we never even thought about the salt mines,
who’s going to, well, no, actually it’s a lie, we brought
down salt from parts of it but most of it’s just deposits. But we just use it to cure the meat, so, never really thought about
sulfur being in there. Isn’t that what part of gunpowder is? Alright, mental note. Did you find anything? You hear as Johnson is like
I think I see something, it’s a little overgrown but
it looks like it’s some kind of hole in the mountain,
there’s a road leading up to it. And it’s overgrown but it
looks like it was laid out at one point with a tractor. Alright come on down,
let’s go take a look at it. You watch as he just kind
of puts his climbing gear back into his rope and
then just takes around a well worn braid like a cable and then just kind of like
slides down as he just kind of cracks a couple of
branches but makes it down with relative ease. As by the time Philmore, he
looks like he was just about ready to climb a tree when he’s just like oh, good, okay, good, great, great, great. He like turns around and comes back meeting up with Marianne. Alright, where at Johnson? This way, here, let me take you up. And you begin to kind of cut
through and follow Johnson who is now taking point to this. – And where’s Marianne? – Marianne is taking up the rear. Basically walk along for another half hour or 45 minutes or so and you
find the trail that Johnson was describing as it
seems mostly to just be a little bit of grass that
has taken over because, it’s a good sign because
even after 15 years of this it seems to be relatively un-sprouted from and you can clearly see where
the dirt has been carved in order to make it part of
this like natural foundation. It still takes a while
to chug through it all but eventually you do see
what seems to be a fairly open plain of dirt that’s been
leveled that has a cut into the mountain and
you can see that it’s, it would look like what you
would expect like a bear cave to look like, but just much
bigger, like it’s a good 20 foot clearance up the top
and then maybe 30 feet wide as it just looks big enough
to drive very large trucks through if need be, so. – Promising.
– Yeah. – I got an idea. Why don’t we send the
falcon in for a little bit, see if there’s anything in
the first 20 feet of this spot that we can’t see? – Making Max a canary in a coalmine. – Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. – Not gonna say no. – I’m gonna take a piece of meat, I’m gonna throw the last piece I have, I’m gonna throw it into the cave. Falcon’s gonna come down
and as he’s swooping down I’m throwing it in the cave. I’m gonna watch him go in. – The falcon just kind of
swoops in and you hear a thud as it seems to have
slipped in for a moment and then you hear a small cry. – Shit. I’m gonna walk a little
bit closer to the cave and take it step by step and wait. And wait, I wanna roll a hold right here, can I roll a hold? – What would you like to hold for? – I’m gonna hold for to see
when I’m gonna get close to the entrance and if he’s gonna come out and I’ll see if I can hear. – You just wanna wait,
you just wanna hear it? – Yeah, I just wanna wait and hear it. – Make a composure check,
let’s just kind of see, because I would like to know
what you’re holding for, so. – 67. – 67, oh, it’s one degree of failure. – Okay, your desire. – I have 58 composure
so it’s right under it. – That’s fine. Your fighting a will battle
between wanting to check to see if your falcon’s okay
and the practical safety of rushing right into
something after hearing a sound like that and you’re
veering more on the like you want to go see what’s
wrong with the falcon right now ’cause it’s been a second or
two since you heard the thud and nothing’s happened. – I’m gonna whistle for it again. – Man, sucks. The falcon kind of like
starts kind of stumbling out as it’s coming out into
the light, and you can see it’s holding its wing and
like a very kind of pattern that’s just kind of like
it’s dragging it a little bit like it’s trying to hold
it but it is definitely walking back towards you
but it’s holding its wing in a really nasty way. – I’m gonna kneel down and look to see if it’s been scratched. – No, it looks like it hit something. – It hit something? – Yeah. – Well, you’re not flying
anymore, little buddy. I’m gonna shine my flashlight to see what I can see in the cave. – As you shine your
flashlight into the cave you can see about 10 or
15 feet into the cave, a large metal kind of gate
doorway that, you know, is supposed to just protect
the mine from animals and things getting inside of it. It seems to be like a locked
down entrance into the mine. – Well, it would have
helped to know that before we sent him in there. – Bandaid, I know you work on
people, do you work on birds? – I can take a look at him. – It’s got a broken wing, you can set it. Yeah, you can set it. – While he’s doing that,
Lucky Jenny walks in and takes a look at this lock. – Yeah, it’s a grate, like it
has probably a similar fence pattern that’s like this, so
it’s not like a steel door but you can see going into
it that it’s pretty open but this grate is just
kind of right there. It’s just a key lock,
you know, at this point, it doesn’t even look like it’s a padlock or anything like that,
it just looks like it has a pretty simple iron key
tumbler that’s inside of it that’s used to open it,
so, it’s a pretty old mine. You’ve got lock picking tools. You’re welcome to just
take some time with it. Now again this is a time thing. So you can roll against I
believe the check for that would be simply an advance skill. But you could use your tools
absolutely as a gear bonus but I would allow you to do
probably your engineering for this, construction
engineering, in order to make this. And you can use the tool bonus. – All of us or just her? – Just her.
– Okay. – And then since we’re rolling can I roll with her for the first aid check? – You can do it simultaneously. While she’s doing that you
can do that, absolutely. Does anyone else wanna do anything while they’re working on stuff? – I’m gonna hold the bird in my arm then and back out of the tunnel, so I’m not in the entrance anymore. – Alright, so let’s do the
first aid check and then let’s do the construction
engineering check. – And I add the difficulty dice as well? – Yeah, you’re exhausted,
yeah, and you’re exhausted. – It’s gone five, six, 11, plus 54 is 65 so two degrees of success. – Two degrees of success, okay, great. You’re not gonna fix the broken wing, like as far as it still will be broken but you’ve set it, you’ve
splinted it, you’ve wrapped it and you’ve basically taken
it so that it’ll heal. – Also, this is kind of in my wheel house. – Yeah, this is your wheel house. – Thank you. – And you watch as like
Marianne kind of like looks at you and you can see she’s
watching you work on this bird. – As I’m making the motion
and making the splint. Ben, it’s way cooler than that. – But Asher isn’t, so that’s fine. – And so I take care of this, he might be better left outside. He’s not gonna be flying anytime soon. I had a pet bird too and it
just comes from handling it. – I’m gonna place him off
to the side of the tunnel momentarily and I’m gonna put
him in a small, a little area by a little gathering of
rocks and just lay him there and kind of move another
rock here and there. The falcon kind of like
realizes what’s happening and just kind of sits there. – It’s cushioned something
into a little nest. – Cushioned itself into a little nest. – Yeah, there you go. How’d you do? – Well, I would have done
well but I got an exploding. – And another exploding
so you’re up to 10. 15. – Wow. – 18. – Your heads a little
swimming from all the exertion from the 10 miles you’ve
walked this day so far and you’re actually feeling
a little light headed as you’re trying to do
this fine, dexterous work and it’s taking you a lot
longer than what you thought it was going to, so, by this point we’re well past one o’clock. – But it would’ve been
one degree of failure with all of that. – One degree of failure. So you jam it in there but you’re actually having a hard time trying
to find a purchase on it because it’s got a pretty flush piece. And you watch as like
Marianne just kind of like she’s just getting like why didn’t I bring fucking bolt cutters? That would have been useful. – And heavy. – I pull out my machete and I’m
going to take a whack at it. – Take a whack at it?
– Yep. – Alright, well you can
both go at it if you’d like. – I’m not gonna blunt
my sweet viking sword. – No, your crowbar, your crowbar. – Oh, again with the crowbar? – That seems dangerous, to have
her hack at it while he’s… – Well, they’re on different
parts, one can be doing the– – Well, I did it, I mean that’s. – I got much better too, yeah, I got if I’m adding bonus for the crowbar I think I get two successes. – Two successes, and how about you, Jenny? – I get four successes. – I’m holstering my
weapon as they do this. – Yeah, so it starts to make
clang, clang, clang, clang kind of sounds as you’re
slapping against it. Jenny, you basically cleared
enough of the chain link fence that’s kind of putting this all up in order for Wraith to
get the crowbar there that he can basically use
the crowbar to pry and pop and pull the rest of the chain link out. So after basically making enough of a cut you’re able to pull it enough that you can make a big enough hole for
both of you to crawl into it, basically going around the door. You know, going through the chain link. – After we’ve made all that
noise, can I do a spot listen to see if there’s any. – Silence, in fact, it echoed into the salt mine a little bit. – Any weird smells? – Yeah, there is a weird
smell, it smells like shit. – Okay. – It actually smells like human excrement. – Okay. – Guns out. – Guns out, is everyone
like guns and stuff out? – Actually, yes, but also
I’m gonna give you my pistol and then if you wanna have
the flashlight up too. – Okay, yeah, I’ll have the flashlight, the little beacon flashlight out. – Remember, you guys
don’t gotta go too far. All we need is sulfur and dynamite. A or B, whichever comes first. – The hard part is, if there’s
any dynamite that’s left it would be used by miners
at the end of tunnels to clear more. – That is correct. – Right, so, but. – Damn you and your logic. – This hole doesn’t seem to
have a lot of twists and turns into this, it seems to
actually be going straight into the mountain pretty clear. And you walk for quite a
while, like 15, 20 minutes as you go into the
mountain, it is pitch black. You can see a door that’s
to the side of you, like a standard steel door that has an electronic key card lock that is now dead and gone but at the same time you
can feel the humidity in the air just gone. You can start to feel
kind of your skin crackle a little bit as like your lips get dry and you walk deeper and
deeper into the mountain occasionally passing by these large doors. – Do you have scavenging? – Me?
– Yes, Bandaid, does he have scavenging? – In the forest, not
necessarily in the rocks. – We could take the
electronics of the keypad. – Is it normal to have
electronic doors in a salt mine? – Anyone wanna burn a gestalt dice to get some gestalt knowledge? – That makes sense. – I have no gestalt to burn. – I can, I can. – Alright, so Bandaid. – Is it one? – Asher, yeah just one. Asher, Bandaid, as
Marianne’s looking around she’s looking and she’s like
what in the hell is this? And you recall for a moment,
pre-war, you were young but you remember hearing
stories about how people before the war used to store
things that they didn’t want to get humid, didn’t wear away like paper or precious documents, like
things they wanted to dry out, they would just shove it
in a salt mine, you know, in order to make sure that
none of it, kept dry and safe and so like a lot of
magnetic tape, documents, not really so much
electronics but just things that they wanted to keep dry, they would just shove in the mountain. – I don’t know why this
didn’t occur to me before, but I think people kept
things in salt mines. – Really? Why would they do that? – Well, it’s naturally dehumidified. – Well, I get that, but
like what would want to keep dry besides food? – Well, records, civilization. – Wow. – Yeah. – And you watch as like, this is Philmore, and he’s like wow, holy,
you think there’s documents of like the old war that might
be sitting inside of here? – It could be. – Holy crap, he goes over to the door and just starts jiggling on the handles. Okay, okay, okay, sorry,
sorry, just got excited. – Now listen, this stuff
has probably been untouched but there’s nobody here and
it hasn’t been come back to for a reason. – Right, right, okay. – If you remember back,
the infected started from underground and we’re underground. – Oh, god, okay, you’re right. – Ground zero, brother. Close enough. – So as you kind of get into the mountain you begin to explore and
again it cuts through and you can see this is
very deliberately cut and you do see there is
definitely salt all around you and you can start to smell the sulfur but as you go through more and more doors you start to get to an area
where there isn’t anything anymore and you can
start to see the raw rock that’s kind of coming up
and your eyes have adjusted to the dark at this point a little bit. Plus the flashlight, so you’re
able to kind of see around. – Just real quick before
we go in, anyone who’s got a scarf or anything they
can wrap around their mouth, wrap it around, as you
breathe into the moisture it’s just like the cold. Any moisture you breathe
out you’ll be able to keep trapped in there, that might help you stay a little more hydrated in your breath and keep you from coughing. – And I’ve got my mask. – You’ve got your mask.
– My medical mask. – Great, so you’ve all
got some respirators on at this point. As you’re shining the flashlight across you can start to see some of the raw rock and you can see kind of
a makeshift frame door. You know, like one of the
wooden ones, the temporary door to go into a new part of the mine, right? And you can see that area
seems to be relatively new as far as the space goes. Ray, you kind of peer
around and kind of see that there does seem to be some boxes but let’s see if you can
tell what’s on the box. Spot and listen. – One degree of success. – So one degree of success. So you can see a lot of
the boxes are not labeled. They’re broken, they
don’t have anything on it but you can see one of them does say danger, high explosives,
literally on the bottom of it and it’s discrete, it’s
sitting on top of a couple of other boxes. So would you like to check it out? – Yeah. – Okay. – Hey guys, I think we
just hit the jackpot, or at least a tiny little jackpot. – It’s a small box but dynamite’s not big. – It’s a good size, I
mean it’s a good sign. – I rush over and I gently
look at it just in case. – Just in case? – Yeah, just being cautious. – Alright, do you want to open it? – We got a winner. – Yes, I do want to open it. – Okay, so it’s in that
top box right there, go ahead and grab it. You hear the door break
open as you start to see arms just coming through on every side and you can start to hear the growls as you start to see infected
are banging on this door as loud as they possibly can
as they pull items through. I’m going to spend 15 risk right now. – Oh fuck me, he’s going to
spend all his risk points. – All my risk and you have come
across a hive at this stage. – Of course we have. – Inside of (mumbles). – Dude. – So you can see, that’s
twice for you Jenny. – Kent has shit his pants. – So mad at myself, I knew
that was coming, I knew it. – You can see the arms bursting
through and it’s starting, they’re just starting to peel it away as they’re watching as these
creatures are coming across. And you can see Marianne and
Johnson just start unloading their weapons into the door. – Likewise. – As much as they possibly can. – Can we speed roll, can
we do things, can we shoot? – Yes, it’s an encounter, let’s do this. It’s a small encounter but
we’re in this at the moment. – Alright, we need
speed, do we need speed? – Yes, intense. Wraith. – I need one because I’m a
marksman and sharpshooter. – Who screamed more like a
girl, you or me, I don’t know. – How much speed do I need? – Well, if you’re running, if you’re running back with the gear. – I want to throw, I mean,
but I also want to shoot, I want to do all the things. – Well you’ve got the
dynamite in your hand now. – I throw it in my backpack so quick. – Did we get it? – And with another hand grab
my AK, yeah it’s over there. – Three speed dice, putting it away, running and shooting the AK. Three speed dice plus you’re firing check. – Bandaid? – I don’t know. Okay, so I’m gonna back away from the door and scream like a girl and run backwards. That scared me. – One speed dice to cry. – To cry. – Ray. – Question I had, how
close are these guys? Like right next to us? – Well, right next to Jenny. That was about an accurate
distance at that point before she came away. But you’re about 10 feet back because you were shining your flashlight. – Awesome, because I have the
flashlight and the long gun is what I had. Alright, spin and shoot. – Spin and shoot, two speed dice. – I have marksman and sharpshooter. – So reduce it to one. – Thank you. – Can I do an adrenaline boost to get rid of one of the exhaustion dice? – Absolutely. – Both of them?
– Yes. – Cool, good. – Well done. – And then how about Kent? – I’m going to open fire also with the MP. – Just unloading into this door. – Unloading into the thing. – Alright, kids, let’s go. – Then you actually got to
roll that difficulty dice too. – That too. – Alright. – I’m pulling out my knife and my pistol and backing up and firing into the door. – Alright, two speed
dice for the pistol shot. – Someone pass me two, two speedies. – Oh, sorry, you didn’t roll that. – Alright, roll.
– Go team! You two right in here, roll, yeah. Fuck. – Oh but this is dope. – What were you doing Kent? I’m sorry you were backing. – I was just backing up, firing. – Okay, then you need two speed dice. – Okay, seven. – ‘Cause if you’re firing it’s
when you go in this order. – So remember that number. – Alright, so we can resolve
your speed dice first, Kent. – So you got a 43. – Against your MP5. – My MP5 is a long gun which
is neither failure nor success. – So one degree of
success, always a minimum as long as you got over it. So you would have for the
long gun, it’s two damage dice base, did you want to spend another one in order to get another damage? – Sure. – So roll three damage dice then. – And then what’s the depletion on that? – One. – This explodes. – Roll it. Great, roll again. 23. – Well done. – So you just unload into the doorway, you can hear screaming as
the infected is just kind of caught off guard. – Some of that is Bandaid. – Bandaid. You resolve your, you
resolve, you basically start backing out through as you’re
lining up with Marianne, Johnson and Philmore at the moment, so, and then Wraith is backing,
how is your pistol shot? – I have four degrees of failure. – Four degrees of failure, how would you like to
resolve your failures, sir? I have a suggestion that’s not too bad. – Okay. – For three, I can have your gun jam. – Yeah, I was gonna say
that’s probably one of them. So still one left, how about he doesn’t, I don’t have a ton of
experience with pistols so let me just say when the
gun jams, I don’t realize it. – Yeah, so you keep pulling the trigger. – So I keep pulling the
trigger and maybe I take an extra speed die next
round or something. – Extra speed dice next round is perfect. So yeah, gun’s jammed, you’re
basically gonna have to take a speed dice just to clear it. – To unjam it. – Yep.
– Yeah. Or maybe I can put it away
and do something else. – Put it away. – Pull the side down. – Ray. – I had five degrees of success. – Alright, roll it. – Gun ’em down. – How big is this opening at this point? So it’s like single file
essentially at this point, great. I’m gonna unload my rifle
directly into that hole with my sharpshooter and marksman ability. – Great. – Straight through one,
right into the one behind it. – Alright so put a heavy caliber bullet right through that door. You just wanna lay out all the damage? I’ll add a count for any
targets that are behind it. – So how many damage? – So that’s two to start with, if you’ve got four degrees of success. – I’ve got five degrees of success. – You can burn all of
them for eight if you want or do a, you can’t do a headshot, you can’t do a called headshot because you can’t see the
target, they’re behind cover. – Right, but I also can’t
do an additional action. – You could, yeah, if you
wanted to burn one of those out of intent in order to
move or do anything else, I would allow it, but
you’ve gotta decide quickly because they’re coming. – Let me just get them. – Alright, eight. – Two exploding, three, six, seven, nine, 14, 15, 25, 30. – Alright, so as you watch
as a bunch of more hands come out and you can see as
they pull their hands out you can see they actually
all have webbed fingers at this stage as they’re kind
of pulling, trying to pull pieces of the brick and the
boards out, you watch (mumbles) this bolt action 30 odd six just echoes, it’s just like a boom inside of this cave as the sound bounces
everywhere as you watch, it’s just as the bullet goes
through and it splinters some of the wood that’s along side of it as you see the bodies
just pushed back against the side of the wall, so, on
top of just the small arms fire that you were laying into on the MP5, you can see that the hole’s
pretty clear at this moment. Let’s go back down to Jenny. – Alright, so I had one degree of failure, I had two over, that’s still a failure. – Oh, no, two over, that’s
one, if it’s not 12 over, is it 12 over, 12? – No, it’s two. – Two, then it’s zero degrees of failure. – Okay. – Yeah, so you don’t have to resolve. – Okay.
– Alright. So at this point you ran but
you ran back but I’m not saying you put in your shooting. – Right, exactly, yeah I’m just
trying to get out of there. – It’s cool, it’s cool. – Marianne just says run,
just go, just leave them as her, Johnson and Philmore
just start booking it, just turn tail and fly as
you can start to hear that more of the cries are
coming from down the hall as the door is at this point clear but you can hear more just echoing. As you just continue to
watch as the salt mine just makes it sound like it’s
all around you at one point and just the sound is coming
into your bones, it feels like. As you run all the way
through the salt mine. And you start to come
through endurance checks if you’re full boar going into this. Let’s get into it, damage, your
people who adrenaline boost, you’re fine for the
moment, anyone who didn’t, just keep your damage,
your difficulty die. – How do you use an adrenaline
boost, is that just something everybody has or only specific people? – I just was very scared. – There is a thing
called adrenaline boost. It will just mean that
after this time is done you’re going to take a
shit ton more speed dice. So you’re negating speed,
difficulty and speed now and trading it off for
having more of it later. – Yeah, I think I’ll do that. – You don’t have any difficulty
dice right now though. – No, oh, I don’t, oh,
I don’t need it then. – Yes. – Okay, gotcha. – And he’s going to suffer for it later but now endurance checks
because we need to kind of hoof this at this
point and you may get more at this stage. – Scared Bandaid’s a fast Bandaid. – So I have two degrees of success. – I have three degrees of failure. – I have one degree of failure. – Then one and two for
you, difficulty dice, so, basically all checks now require that. – So that adds into your percentage. – And then for the people who
had successes, you’re fine, and you had three so I will
100%, I don’t know if you want to take advantage of it
now, but I will tell you that one of the doors is cracked open for those degrees of success. – One of the doors going into the– – The archive rooms, yes. – You know what, I’m just
going to take a peek. – Okay.
– Do it. – As you run in and you run
through and you open the door real quick you can see
film reels everywhere, just like cans as you put
your flashlight around, you can see literally a film archive. – I’m gonna grab two,
the two closest things. – Okay, you’ve got some
valuable salvage, son. – Cool, cool, cool. – We’re gonna grab it, you’re
gonna just basically grab two, name two movies. – Oh, Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane. – Done, alright, so you
grab two of those film reels and you just are holding them
now as you’re just booking it. – But also I’m gonna set a lighter off and light the rest of it. – Holy dick nuts. Okay, sure, yeah, so
you’ve set a lighter in. – I have a Molotov if you want to wait, we can really blow it up. – The issue is is that it’s mostly cans but you’re just throwing,
it’s mostly just steel so it’s like, the whole. – It’s not open.
– It’s not gonna light up. – It’s probably not gonna catch anyway. – Well, nevermind. – I mean if there was just
a pile of film, sure, maybe. – Papers, I was picturing, like documents. – It’s all film cans.
– It’s all film cans, okay. – So you turn around and
you just keep running and as you keep going, but now Marianne, or actually Philmore as he’s
running with you is like what is that? – I don’t know. – Okay, alright. And as he’s looking at you, something, comes out from the side and
just tackles Philmore down. As he comes down and you watch
as the infected just tears his whole throat out. – Oh my god. – As he just falls down
onto the ground and you can hear him screaming as you
continue to run all the way down through into the salt mine. And you can see the small
halo of light continuing to get bigger and bigger
and bigger as Marianne, looking behind you, just
doesn’t even stop for a beat and just keeps moving as
everyone is just running and you can hear it, just
continuing to echo behind you as you come out into the open midday air. (exciting music) So Ray, looks like you have
some degrees of success to still resolve out of this,
how would you like to do so? – Yeah, as I was running
I was able to spin around and keep an eye on whether
they’re still in pursuit past the daylight area. – Right, okay, so as you turn
around to see if they’re still coming from the salt mine? – Yeah. – Alright, as you’re
basically moving around, checking your six to make sure
that there’s still nothing coming behind, you can still see the pale kind of translucent skin
of the river runners that seem to be behind you
and they do seem to be moving, not at a break neck speed
but they’re definitely moving forward in pursuit at this stage. – Gotcha, Jenny, get your gun ready. – I pull this out, pull out the AK47. – Alright, you pull out the AK47. And you guys get to the chain link grate that is essentially the
entrance into this salt mine as you can see the sun ahead of you, all five of you, six, seven
of you, yeah, crawl through the piece of the chain
link fence at this point. Marianne turns to someone and
goes can we button that up? Can we close that? – Yeah, I’m gonna use the pickax because it has a crowbar end
to try to bend it into place. – Okay. – Is there anything that
we can avalanche down with a shot? – Marianne looks around and goes no, fuck, no I don’t see
anything that overhangs. Are you sure that’s gonna hold? I mean we just bend that open. – Well, it depends on how strong they are. – I don’t know, I guess
we’re gonna find out. So shove that in there. Alright, let’s get down this mountain. – I’m gonna grab my falcon
the minute I run out sitting there, swoop him into my jacket. – Philmore, fuck, fuck, why does it always have to be someone? As she watches as she (mumbles)
basically comes around and she seems to be just
be walking a bit in circles as she’s waiting for you to
just kind of jam this thing in there and she just kind
of grabs Johnson and goes let’s just, let’s go Johnson. Alright, we’re taking off. And you start walking down the trail as you can kind of hear the infected. – Jenny and I will bring up the rear. – Yeah. – With our guns. – I’m gonna toss a
Molotov cocktail in there to slow them down. – Yeah, did you bring one with you? – I did. – Yeah, okay, great. So as you pull out a bottle. – Before you close it up. – Yeah, before you close it
up, you know what I’m saying? – Oh, you can go over the fence. – He’s gonna seal it up and then I’m gonna throw it over after. – Make the throw check. – Only you can prevent forest fires. – Don’t do forest fires,
this is a mine fire. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. In the pit please. – Well done. – 32 plus eight so you’re at 40. – 40 and my throw is at 53 so
that’s one degree of success. – Alright, tell me the story. – My hands are fiddling
because I only have one arm and I kind of hold the Molotov there and I light the top of it, I tuck Max in, I say you wanna see a fire? And I throw it, the bottle
hits the top of the fence and it bing, bing, bing,
bing, bing, it kinda, huge, big pile of flame, you hear the– – Yeah, actually watches
like the fire illuminates the river runners a second
and you watch as they kind of throw their arms up. And the smoke kind of
mushrooms up and then peels out through the top of the cave. – Okay, as that’s happening
I’m still at the gate and like that took me by surprise. I turn around and I grab him and I’m like cool people don’t look at
explosions and go, go, go. (exciting music)

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