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Introducing Dododex for Google Home – Ark: Survival Evolved Taming Calculator

Introducing Dododex for Google Home – Ark: Survival Evolved Taming Calculator

With Dododex, it’s easy to learn how to
tame any creature in Ark: Survival Evolved using your phone or computer. But what if all you needed was your voice? Introducing Dododex for Google Home. No apps or installation is needed. Using your Google Home, all you need to do
is say, “Okay Google, talk to Dododex.” Google Home: Hi there, survivor. Welcome to Dododex. What are you taming today? I’m taming a Raptor. Google Home: Very nice! What level? Level 30. Google Home: To tame a level 30 raptor, it’ll take five minutes with four parasaur kibble and you won’t need narcotics. Or, you can also use 10 raw prime meat— For an even quicker response, you can include everything in one sentence, [Triceratops roars] You can also use common names such as “snail” or “kangaroo.” Try it out! Just say “Okay Google, talk to Dododex” to begin. Google Home: What are you taming today? Level 20 pachyrhino. I’m taming a level 95 ankylo. How does one tame a level 150 dodo? Level 15 megalodon. Yeah, a level 150 direwolf, please. What do I need to tame a quetzal? It’s level 120. Level 70 argentavis! Now what do I need to tame it? Level 140 rex. What do I need, Dododex? [Dodo bird chirps]

36 thoughts on “Introducing Dododex for Google Home – Ark: Survival Evolved Taming Calculator”

  1. Would be cool, but also if this is for real it would be nice to have it work with plain old Google Assistant on the phone.

  2. I love your work bro! Keep up the good work! Now I just need to install this on every of my tribe members.. They keep asking what the different dinos need for taming… 😛

  3. I foresee many complications and frustrations in the future…AI are taking over, Prepare to be assimilated. 😐😞😂

  4. I use the app on my smart phone and have the rates adjusted to mirror my server, how would I do that with Google Home?

  5. i now know the weather forecast for manchester and it couldn't find anything about americana, how do you pronounce managarmr?

  6. Meh, I'll just do it the old fashion way. Having my ipad on next to my computer at all times so I can easily check the app.
    Don't have the money for a google home anyway

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