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IS EXETIOR THE MAIN ENEMY??? Sally.exe CN EOT Part 1 – Chaos Hunter’s secret – VOICE ACTING

IS EXETIOR THE MAIN ENEMY??? Sally.exe CN EOT Part 1 – Chaos Hunter’s secret – VOICE ACTING

Sonic, μη! Άλλη ψυχή.
Άλλη πέτρα (σμαράγδι).
Το χρειάζομαι. Δεν υπάρχει αρκετός χρόνος, δαίμονα. Μερικές δεκάδες διαστάσεις.
Μερικές δεκάδες ψυχές από Knuckles και θα ‘μαι έτοιμος. Και πιο ειρωνικά… Απλώς σαν κι εμένα, δεν θα καταλάβεις τι σε κατέστρεψε. Μα τι έχεις κάνει, Exetior;

93 thoughts on “IS EXETIOR THE MAIN ENEMY??? Sally.exe CN EOT Part 1 – Chaos Hunter’s secret – VOICE ACTING”

  1. If this video gets 1000 likes then I'II post and the last part of CN EOT Part 1 with voice acting as well! Good luck!

  2. This is getting interesting I love this and I also love his voice I don’t know how you do this but keep it up this is awesome!!!!!

  3. Hmmm…..This is a puzzle now,Guess we’ll find the truth in nightmare shorts or cover story

  4. When I saw this:
    Me: watches the video awesome! sees your 1000 likes comment, then likes the video all good now!

  5. I been thinking that he is just anti hero not main threat anymore theres chaos hunter and others lmao…

  6. Bruh I just lost in the entire stuff. I dont even know who is who, and what happened. If somebody could explain the stuff I would be really thankful

  7. Thing is, Exetior IS the enemy but he has a far greater enemy, the Highests. So basically we have to stop both Exetior AND the Highests which may end up having Exetior’s dimension erased in Cover Story’s ending as Jaiz said the end for Cover Story would sadly not be good.

  8. i wonder why he needs over 500 chaos emeralds and that many souls of knuckles particuarly. also,what was that with the characters switching? i am confused

  9. I am confused now. First i expected it was exetior, but seeing how he demonize the characters, i expected it is sark. But now there are some thing like this who i still don't understand yet.

    So who is the main villan? Exetior, sark, or chaos hunter?

    Oh. And we need more info abouth chaos hunter

  10. watched your channel from day one ❤️❤️❤️ still love it more and more, maybe you/me could vist each other to plan ideas?

  11. Yeah, I looked up the soundtrack for Sonic.exe SoH, turns out the boss for the best ending came from Sonic Advanced 3, also the music that is used with Fleetway Sonic Vs Exetior is the music for the real final boss for Sonic advanced 3

  12. There is a theory going around that I actually find plausible. If you remember those old “Exe Line” videos JaizKoys posted back in the day, the second one featured most of the endings to the original Nigtmare Beginning as differing timelines. However, an unseen ending was among them where it’s a cross between the “Best Ending” and the “Good Ending” where Sonic does escape the “Destroyed Mind,” but Exetior also escapes with him. As a result, an unnamed Sonic is born, as a mutated fusion between Sonic and Exetior. As a result, people theorized that Chaos Hunter, aka Junter, is that fusion between Exetior and Sonic. Don’t forget, Junter talks about how Exetior, “tried to get rid of him” like the past Exetior tried with Sonic via killing all his friends. There are also the notes he would leave Exetior for every girl he killed, blaming Exetior for their deaths and signing each letter as, “Note left BY Exetior,” as opposed to “Note left TO Exetior.” And of course, when the Easter Egg is about to end, we see two halves of Exetior and Sonic joined together like puzzle pieces. This is possibly Junter’s true form and the one he wields that we see in gameplay is likely a disguise so Sonic’s friends, such as Knuckles, don’t become suspicious. While I don’t think Exetior is the real enemy per say, I know some of the things he’s done to achieve a world that isn’t under constant erasure at the hands of the Highests are morally questionable at best.

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  14. If I make a sonic.exe game I'll make sure to use reversed earthbound music because that's what been used since the beggining even in the original crimson the bat sonic.exe game

  15. kostas question…. IS sonic.exe satanic related? And I love Chaos Hunter. I think Chaos Hunter should be called. Sonic.dll. Isn't it a good name?

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