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Is there anyone who you want to date with? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.07.23]

Is there anyone who you want to date with? [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.07.23]

Please put your suitcase in front of you. You’ve all put your items in the suitcase, right? You only get a match when you have the same items as them. No way. (How it’s done on Matching Survival 1 Plus 1) (What’s this?) (Cup noodles) (Beverage) (Side dishes) Looks and backgrounds are all disregarded. We match you up by your preferences. (All 3 items must match) (For you to become a couple) (If you want to find love, all 3 items must match) The first item is a cup noodle. If you have udon cup noodle, please take them out. It’s udon cup noodle. How many chose udon? (Me) Just because your cup noodle is a match… (I also have one) (Shin Jeonghyeon and Park Jieun both chose udon) – Is it just the 2 ladies? / – Just the 2 ladies? – There are 3 ladies! / – 3 ladies. (Lee Sumin also chose udon) (Min Chaehong and Kang Jaehyeon also chose udon) Just the cup noodles. Just 2 guys? 3 guys. 3 guys and 3 girls. (Kim Taehyeon also chose udon) – 4 men. / – 4 guys now. Why are you taking it out so late? – Are the ladies not your type? / – No, that’s not it. He’s just trying to get some attention. He knows he has good looks. He just wants to stand out. There are four guys and three girls who chose udon. (People who chose udon cup noodle) – Chaehong. / – Yes. Did the girl you’re interested in choose the same cup noodle as you? Yes. (He has someone in his mind) (No way) (All the contestants are shaken up by his honesty) (Park Jieun) (Shin Jeonghyeon) (Lee Sumin) (Who’s on Chaehong’s mind?) Now, let’s check what drink Chaehong chose. (What drink did Chaehong choose?) (Water) He chose water. Now, if you chose water… If that’s you, put the water bottle on top of your suitcase. In 3, 2… (Oh?) (Does she have water in her suitcase?) (Please) It must not be water. (She doesn’t have water) (Sorry, I don’t have water) (Disappointed) Does anyone have water? No. (Does anyone have water?) (It’s quite hot here) Does anyone have water? (Why did he have to have water?) Is Chaehong going to be a couple with Haeyul? (And here too) Water. (Three men) (I happen to have some water) We have water here. (Nice) It’s 1 against 4. Well, then. Among them, whoever chose the same side dish will be partnered. Let’s see what side dish Chaehong chose. It’s either kimchi or pickled radish. (Is it kimchi or pickled radish?) – Put it on your suitcase. / – It’s pickled radish. – It’s pickled radish. / – Pickled radish. He chose udon, water, and pickled radish. Let’s see who chose pickled radish. – Take them out. / – Please take them out. Pickled radish. (Wait) (It’s pickled radish) (It’s the first couple whose preferences match) This is awesome. (This is so fascinating) (So that’s how you become a couple) And we have another couple. Congratulations. It’s a male-male couple. The second couple. We got two couples at once. – Please sit at the back. / – Now. Please sit in the couples’ seat. Now, I’m at ease. – Shall we go for $5,000? / – Okay. You have a unique taste. – What? / – You have a unique taste. I picked like how I’d eat at an internet cafe. (Is this fate?)

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  1. I'm glad they matched up, I shipped them from the start from looks alone! Sumin is soo pretty, not plastic looking either!

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