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Is There Intelligent Life On Other Planets?

Is There Intelligent Life On Other Planets?

Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter
“L”. [music playing] Astronomers reckon there might be tens of
billions of planets out there that are at least a little bit like this one, but we’ve
only found life on one of them. Here on Earth, life popped up pretty much as soon as it could.
Around three and a half billion years ago, after comets had bombarded Earth with water,
and volcanoes had belched out an atmosphere, it was POOF, life! Maybe, out there in the universe, wherever
the ingredients for life are right, it might just happen. Eventually, and I’m fast forwarding
through just a little bit of Earth’s history here, some of that life became intelligent.
As intelligent species go, humans are the only ones capable of having an existential
crisis. We just very badly don’t want to be alone in the universe. Now we’re looking for other intelligent life
out there. But what exactly are we looking for? What would intelligent life look like?
Well, no. Yeah, but no. Let’s pretend we launch a spacecraft to fly by a rocky planet that
sits int eh habitable zone of its star. The first thing we’d see is that it’s covered
in water, on the surface and in the air. And there’s way too much oxygen and methane in
the atmosphere. It gets weirder. There’s something covering the land that’s absorbing a ton of
red light. And this planet is screaming with radio signals. We’ve discovered a planet with
life! This space mission actually happened. Back
in 1990, when the Galileo spacecraft flew by Earth on its way to Jupiter, Carl Sagan
had an idea. To give us an idea of what we’d see if we found a planet that holds life,
we should start by looking at our own. But life out there might not look like life on
Earth. Assuming that everything out there is just like us, would be like an alien landing
on Earth and finding a platypus, and deciding that everything down here looked like the
result of a beaver’s late-night encounter with a duck. The nearest Earth-like planet might be twelve
light years away, that’s a 200,000 year one-way trip for a spacecraft like Voyager. The key
to finding life on other planets, might be zipping through the air all around you. Now,
civilization could probably live happily ever after without radio. It worked for the Aztecs.
But no matter intelligent a life form is, without radio signals they might as well be
invisible to the galaxy. Luckily, we are not invisible. We’ve been
beaming out signals to the universe for over a century. Now, it hasn’t all been good [voice
clips] Luckily, some humans have been trying hard
to make a better first impression on the universe. In 1974, Frank Drake shot an electronic greeting
card toward the M13 star cluster using the 300 meter Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico.
To say it was powerful would be an understatement. If you had eyes that could see radio waves,
for a brief instant, it would have been brighter than the sun. That coded message is currently
230 trillion miles from Earth. In it, it lists the elements that make up life here, a DNA
helix, a picture of a man, and the radio dish that sent the signal. Anything that receives and decodes that message
would also know that they weren’t alone. If there’s other intelligent life out there,
hopefully they’d also be curious to know that there are worlds beyond theirs, and they’d
be looking and listening for us. So . . . hi, I guess! I come in peace. Listening and looking are literally mankind’s
only hope for the future. Maybe not tomorrow, but we’re running out of time. I don’t want
to be a downer here, but life on Earth has an expiration date. You might already know
this, but one day, billions and billions of years in the future, our sun will swell up
into a red giant, engulfing Earth in BURNINATION! That is going to be a very bad day. But it
won’t matter, because life down here on Earth will be gone long before that. As our sun gets older, it’s getting hotter.
So in 500 million to maybe a billion years, our oceans will have boiled away, along with
our atmosphere, and anything that hasn’t evolved back into bacteria by that time, well, sayonara.
Life on Earth is already in old age. Maybe. If you’ve seen my Sagan-tastic Valentine’s
Day episode, you know that Frank Drake is also famous for the equation that he came
up with to estimate how much intelligent life is out there in the universe. The most important
variable in that equation is the last one, big L. L tells us how long a civilization
lasts.How long it is that we could be found, and we don’t know what our L is. It might be very small, maybe we’re doomed
to go extinct, or maybe after thousands of years of trying, we’ll finally destroy ourselves.
But L could also be very big ,maybe we’ll figure out warp drive, or Mars colonies, or
world peace! The thing is L is not fixed, it’s up to us. First, that will mean surviving on Earth,
but eventually it will mean surviving out there, or all we’ll leave are dead satellites
that speak of a world that doesn’t exist or TV reruns beaming through the universe like
electric fossils of an extinct species from a black and white land. We have to do more
than just look, we have to keep listening, and we aren’t willing to do that here, then
how can we expect anyone else out there to do the same. Here’s where I could try to inspire you with
beautiful words to give you goosebumps and all those feelings, but I’ll never do better
than this. Stay curious. The fence we walked between the years
Did balance us serene; It was a place half in the sky where
In the green of leaf and promising of peach We’d reach our hands to touch and almost touch
the sky, If we could reach and touch, we said,
‘Twould teach us, not to, never to be dead. We ached, and almost touched that stuff;
Our reach was never quite enough. If only we had taller been,
And touched God’s cuff, His hem, We would not have to go with them
Who’ve gone before, Who, short as we, stood tall as they could
stand And hoped by stretching tall to keep their
land, Their home, their hearth, their flesh and
soul. But they, like us, were standing in a hole. O, Thomas, will a Race one day stand really
tall Across the Void, across the Universe and all?
And, measured out with rocket fire, At last put Adam’s finger forth
As on the Sistine Ceiling, And God’s hand come down the other way
To measure Man and find him Good, And Gift him with Forever’s Day?
I work for that. Short man, Large dream. I send my rockets
forth between my ears, Hoping an inch of Good is worth a pound of
years. Aching to hear a voice cry back along the
universal Mall: We’ve reached Alpha Centauri!
We’re tall, O God, we’re tall!

100 thoughts on “Is There Intelligent Life On Other Planets?”

  1. As I remember the last time we found intelligent life in the continent we started killing them! So better we don't find any on other planets!

  2. Yep asteroids filled with water that crashed into earth, and volcanoes that just happened to erupt created our earth's ecosystem and animals. God didn't have nothing to do with it or nothing….ok

  3. It would be virtually impossible for there to be other life,…a planet would need a perfect tilt,..seasons,..distance from its sun,,.oxygen and not nitrogen,..etc,'s not likely,,,

  4. Is there intelligent life on other planets? The answer is simply no. You can thank the Moon for this conclusion.

    Exoplanets are found via telescopic observation. The heliocentric model of the universe is theoretical at best, and littered in ad hoc.

    There are no known exoplanets with tidally locked moon(s) ranging anywhere in size to ours with respect to its exoplanet. This simple fact begs the rationale of such a conclusion.

    The real question is why excuse this basic understanding and pursue such meaningless rabbit holes?

  5. The truthful answer is … We don't know. No matter the vastness, or the theory, the only answer at this time is that we don't know.

  6. From 4:00 – 4:45 if what u said is correct then there have been living ppl like us on Mars cuz mars have an atmosphere and a tiny pit of water so in whatever time u said it takes for the sun to take the water away from us it will look like mars dry with no water att all som anything can’t live the living key is technically water and food but u can find food if there is water. I’m 14 btw and from Sweden so sorry for my bad English and explaining 😉

    I’m here from 2019 and the GLOBAL WARMING is a real bad thing here cuz everyone is just building factories and using allot of stuff that makes koldioxid and that destroys our atmosphere, ppl are saying that in 2050 most of the animals will disappear and in 2100 the earth will become in black and white with a tiny pit of greens for example trees and the c world will disappear so most of this generation won’t be alive but the next generation will have to care on this trubbel that ppl made in mabey 1980 or before and fucked up evrey thing.

  7. A planet must have liquid water before life can form. We have not found a planet with the required liquid water.

  8. we are already here in numbers… like if you are a zenzanian like me !!

    we are gonna take care of the world someday!

  9. We can spend $Gazillions many years, many lies and huge laps in science and technology to set up a research station to study the 'life' reputed to be there and then BOSH! Out steps the life say, in human form, not scary to look at and they show the scientists where to find fresh cool water, hunt meat and live the life of Riley. We would 'pay' for their kind hospitalities by killing them so as to make off with their worthless gold.
    All those in agreement say 'I'

  10. Why the heck are we alive in this giant universe? It doesn’t make any sense. Scientists need to study the spiritual dimensions of Christianity. What if scientists are searching for intelligent life in the wrong dimension.

  11. I think that theres 100% life somewhere around because where just a small peck theres more galaxys more planets and there has to be life

  12. Just think about, humans exploring the galaxy for other signs of Intelligent life and we find just that. What we encounter in a few years from now may be the start of an interstellar war. Aliens or whatever may be so advanced that we couldn’t possibly stand a chance, they may see us as a threat and probably destroy us.

    (I know this sound crazy, but it’s just a conspiracy theory)

  13. We don't know until we see them come. They maybe are living within an atmosphere that we people from earth can never survive there. So are they on our planet when they try to inhabit here.

  14. I know there’s life on other planets….but I wonder if they like to destroy themselves like we do here on earth.

  15. What if life was on mars and all the other planet that we know but the living beings destroyed them by contaminating and polluting

  16. Or what if we find other planets with life wouldn’t America and England want to colonize them and control them and start wars with them??

  17. I believe that there are other humans out there like us because there is no way that we are the only intelligent life forms in the universe

  18. There is only a selected group of individuals that fully know what’s out there in the universe. The majority of people will never get to experience what it’s like to be in space. We only rely on what we’re told, which could possibly be manipulation. Who knows, maybe there is life on other planets.

  19. Earth is the only planet that contains life. The moon does not contain life. I have been around for 28 years. I have never witnesssed a UFO encounter Aaron Rodgers.Aaron rodgers said he is a ufo believer. Aliens do not exist.n

  20. aliens started life on earth but niwhere else in iur galaxy so we would be isolated physically and psychologically like lizards on islands in order to study our evolution The aliens travelled here by decreasing the mass of their spacecraft so it would move faster using powerful superconducting magnets that pulse and confuse the higgs field which physicists say gives objects their mass.

  21. Why we human always thinking This is Life which we Are leading…..May be this should be Expired situation in another planet…..

  22. sure, if the universe is infinite then there are just as many portability that there is a planet capable of hosting life

  23. The Bible calls them demons and reprobate men. The four most popular origins of supposed aliens on earth are all star groups relatively close to our solar system. They are: Plieades, known as the 7 or 9 sisters, because there's 9 stars of which 7 are visible; Sirius, the dog constellation; the Orion; and the twin stars of Zeta Reticuli, which twin stars were amazingly charted by Chinese astrologers in 3,000 B.C.!

    Fritz Springmeier, the co-author of this book kept an open mind on the issue, could
    there be any benevolent aliens? Some abductees believed that their aliens were benevolent, but when they are debriefed they admit that mind-control and sexual molestation is carried out by the aliens. Fritz, has concluded with other investigators on this question, there are no benevolent aliens, in fact the only aliens that may be around are what have been known as demons. People who have participated in high level Illuminati ceremonies report the presence of creatures that look like the various aliens (This whole subject is dealt with in another book by Fritz Springmeier).

    Ref: The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind-Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

  24. why we think we are intelligent? what if being intelligent looks different? what if we are just some humans that believe something that do not make sense .We are unable to fly or swim like whales why we think this is the Intelligence.We are thinking that working and become rich (peace of papers) that is the success, but what if the animals just smiling on us and we are going completely wrong direction? humans are the only spaces that are most disconnected from the nature .

  25. 2019 and people still asking if there is an intelligent life out there in this unbelievable vast still expanding universe🤦‍♂️.. peace and love to all humanity 💚

  26. since kid, i always thinking that probably creatures out there is live in the totally different way from human. i mean, probably if we need oxygen to breathe and live, who knows that a kind of creatures out there live by breathe on nitrogen or other else (for example), because creature ussually have ability called "adaptation" to where it's live. And probably since we see everything through human knowledge, human perspective, live on earth, act like how it is on earth, discover everything ON EARTH and another human stuff, we being pegged on to way we live. Ofcourse, because we get used to live ON EARTH.

    it's always lead me to a question, " How we wanna know something that out of the earth but still see in the 'earth' way of life, while what we want to know or search is a different ecosystem from earth out there ? . i mean scientist is not wrong, by saying " if there's water, there would be a living things" but what i said is, we shouldnt close our eyes on another opportunity.

    We should widen our gaze, and set everything to the ignorance. " i'm a sundanese, one of hundreed tribe that live in Indonesia. The ancestor of my tribe always says, "in order to know everything, you must throw everything that you know and begin as someone that didnt know everything". That means if you want / search / learn / experience something new, you must be tottally throw everything because (in this case), what we learn or wanna know is total different from what we live here.

    who knows if out there, there's some kind of creature that live on lava ?

    who knows if out there, there's some kind of creature that live by breathing by sulfuric acid ?

    who knows if out there, there's a new substance that never discovered in here which sustain a kind of life rather than oxygen ?

    who knows ? because we never go there and observe.

    that's just my wild thought

  27. We’re fenced off, most likely. ‘Why can’t detect any alien species?’ — maybe they’re not keen on letting us know they’re out there.

  28. If we was an intelligent species we would be talking to them obviously they're the ones visiting us we're still children look at the planet look at the way we Act just like kids Never Grow Up

  29. Andromeda is our only hope…

    But we will never know
    Only future generations now when I say that I mean in 4.5 million years away… 🙁

  30. Just because all the element or ingredient or whatever it is that can create life can be found all over the universe ( cosmos ) dosen't establish the fact that life exist in other planet. ( high form of life )

    Humans already found billions perhaps trillions of planet

    How many planet have element needed to create life?

    Almost all ( if not all )

    How many planets have living creature? ( high form of life )

    None / Zero ( Facts! )

    Just because I have a piece of metal dosen't mean that I can create cars or planes or tanks etch. And even if I manage to get all the materials needed dosen't change anything because they are nothing but materials, I can go on but Im sure you get my point.

    Plants, animals, and humans didn't exist just because of the element. THE RIGHT MIXTURE of elements are also essential not just to create life but also to evolve.

  31. Knowing how large the Universe is….. It'd be a waste of space if there's no other life out there ain't it.

  32. There's alien life visiting Earth now but of course Academia can't study that fact, their required to play the head in the sand game which the U.S. Government dictates through ridicule, ridiculous explanations, threats and control of funding. Here is where you go to see just one small piece of the evidence for alien visitations: @t
    and here's where you go to learn all about the Government(s) cover-up: @UCnaIeNm-jSa1l8yHrn7PlQg

  33. We could have been planted here, the original organisms that eventually became us. If we were planted, those who did so, could have been watching the whole time and could still be watching. They may have no interest in us knowing about them or interacting (knowingly) with them. We don’t know and we may never know. We don’t know if we were ever supposed to. Then again, this hypothesis could be utter nonsense. The truth is we have no evidence of life off of earth, I hope one day we do. All that being said, there seems to be so many possibilities, statistically I would think there has to be something besides current earthlife out there.

  34. We have managed to kill off all intelligent life here on Earth, so maybe we need to seek and kill more intelligent life out there. Love these guys that obviously know nothing except the imagination of their mind, we have never been to another planet, never seen any life beyond the Earth and yet experts will say (they can't know) is there life, advanced life out there, I covered this on my FB site called Aliens and Weid Stuff ages ago, and more much more then this rubbish

  35. We might be in the exact position of distance and luminencence, that allows us to be the most evolved species allowed in our Solar System, or maybe in the whole galaxy, while beyond the cluster, the most evolved form of life permitted might be, let's say… a leopard by terrain interpretation, living by the natural course, with no awarness of existence itself. It's just an accident… let's be grateful for that.

  36. I think its kinda beautiful the thought of humans being extinct forever, yet our creations, signals, voyagers, will still be out there, like a photograph of what once was

  37. Well, I'd say like this: There's 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of Sun-like stars and red dwarf stars just within the Milky Way galaxy.
    I think the odds is kinda high that there's Intelligent life SOMEWHERE in the entire UNIVERSE…

  38. I was on the fence about subscribing til I heard the Ray Bradbury speech!!! I’m subscribed. 🚀 ♾🚀

  39. Short answer: We don't know because we're too lazy and more interested in investing money into military rather than into science.

  40. We seem to take it for granted that there are a lot of planets out there. And that is what makes me wonder. I can understand the sun. And once there are Planets it's logicall that some would have moons. But why are there any planets in the first place baffels me to no end.
    It seems to me that if our solar system is any example, that solar systems are very "artificial" sorts of things. The planets seem too small. Ask anyone to draw a picture of the Earth and the sun as they really are and nobody even comes close to getting the proportion ons even close to correct. And everyone gets it wrong in the same way.They draw them much too much close too the same size as each other. When in reality you can fit close to one million Earth's inside the sun.
    I'm just saying it seems a little bit messy and people and living things are messy. So the two things,life and mess are in a symbiotic relationship, where things are messy it is life that makes it that way.

  41. Of course there's life on other planets. Goku is real too! And saitama is real!!! And!!! My main man hulk is definitely real

  42. If there really is intelligentintelligent life that is older than mankind they've already figured out how to exist without having to carry around physical bodiesif you didn't have to carry a long two hundred pounds of a physical body you could easily travel speed of light and a hundred times faster than the speed of light because your mode of operation would be thought power

  43. I’m really thinking that is there actually life beside on earth and if there is I’m wondering if they are thinking the same for us

  44. Perhaps life on Mars left when the sun was to hot for them, and they didn’t know about us because we hadn’t evolved yet.

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