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iliz sharer in the box fort that was awesome we spent the hole night in there We made it through a whole night in the box fort SUB TOPERFECT penguin productions and JOIN THE Pen GANG BOIZ!!!! and there was a storm SUB TOPERFECT penguin productions and JOIN THE Pen GANG BOIZ!!!! ya sharers the storm got crazy look at all the stuff that washed up on shore So many coconuts and the river that was totally clear is now brown and muddy SUB TOPERFECT penguin productions and JOIN THE Pen GANG BOIZ!!!! Coconut oh that one looked fresh oh no Carter that one look. There’s another one this one looks good We need food So many, let’s see we can get some hall that was fresh. Oh my gosh this one looks so good We gotta crack this thing open, let’s crack it open shares We might not need to go fishing after all they made this coconut will have stuff in it, but crack this thing open. Oh Cordy you gotta go harder than that watch this cherish the crack coconut open you got to give it full force oh That didn’t work. Oh Okay, we need something stronger try the log ready yeah I need coconut juice. No. Let me try cracking this Hit it hard hit it hard come on. Let’s got it. I’m gonna hit it stand clear. Ha Ha, Oh coconuts are so hard to open ah yes Steve. I don’t think getting these coconuts open is gonna. Be too easy I think we’re ready to set sail out on the water over there and go fishing for some food. I love fishing We’re gonna fish around. Let’s figure out how do we can waterproof the box? We’re let’s take out on the river We got to get some food to make this boxer float We’re gonna need to do two things we need to make it waterproof, and we need to make it float check this out Carter Oh, what do you got in there check out what we brought oh, is that a float? It’s a Bigfoot oh You got one too the question is that will we be able to blow this up because we have no pumps so we got to Do it all with our mouth oh? This is so hard. I’m gonna use the wind to blow this up ready yeah this out in three Two one go whoa there. We go. Okay? Whoo one. Fi’ty down Let’s do this so step two is we have to waterproof this box for it. Let’s see what we have inside Oh, yeah, let’s see what we got some more supplies in there. What do you find? Yeah? I found it well lastic tarp. It will keep it completely waterproof. Oh, sweet. Let’s wrap Whoa? Okay, no idea. That’s worse, but uh let’s figure it out. Okay. Let’s open this thing up I think we’re good. I think we’re good. We gotta wrap the box for this big quick It looks like there’s a storm. No not another storm hurry Carter hurry. I’m late on top and start wrapping this thing off So Sherry’s in order the waterproof this. We’ve got to cut off the roof here. We go. Let’s cut the roof off Okay, there’s one piece. Let’s cut the rest Whoo roof is off time to waterproof. Let’s get the tarp. Let’s start wrapping okay, and fold it in hold it Oh look at that there. We go. You got to just tuck it in now that was easy Yeah, this is gonna work, so well one side done now We just got to pull the other side in I think this is gonna work. I think this is gonna be waterproof Let’s turn this in place by taping it together. Oh Last piece there we go all taped up now. We’ve got to put the floaties on and put it in the water Oh, it sure is check this out an abandoned rope Oh Also washed up in the storm. Oh yeah, this has got a bunch of storm stuff on it We can tie to the box where Kate starts pulling away too much floaties one coming up we’ll put it right underneath the box for it like this and Well, then we’ll tape it on it Cause you think this is gonna work a common hashtag box or anything. This is actually gonna work, and it’s gonna float on water Let’s get taping Tape all right, so how we gotta like put all the way around piece of tape here and let’s wrap this thing around and lift And come on Liz you got this oh, yeah, it upside down Yeah This is gonna be so epic It’s gonna work look come on Cher’s come right now It’ll work. This is gonna work. Okay, Paul. Hold it down. Don’t let the wind blow it We’re getting so close sure as this box right is about to float on the water Oh yeah, Cher’s, I think this is gonna work We’re gonna be able to go out on the water and catch some fish with this flip this over I think we’re ready to go. Oh, yeah, let’s put this box port on the water quitter you ready. Oh, yeah Okay, let’s go try to go in this is gonna float all of us all right ready Okay here we go yeah, let’s get in The only one left that hop in first was in the deeper water, I don’t know this support my weight Rows are already sinking too much, so I don’t think I’m gonna fit, but yes go catch the fish I’ll wait behind, okay. I jumped up. I’m a little too heavy Liz. I want to set you seal down the river I Need a snack I’m so hungry not to listen get us some food I’ll give her a push She’s floating in the box bored eggless Shares them in the box right now by myself that one this lagoon so it’s up to me to catch some fish I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it, but I do have my fishing rod, and I have some bait on here So I guess let’s get fishing Legs you’re floating too far away come back Well sure that’s too deep I can’t go any further let’s come on My fishing rod Steve quick back The card is to structure. That’s so deep right here. I can barely cross. This is crazy. Where’s come on Liz you’re floating too fast I can’t get you shares. I can’t get her. She’s too far Go quarter go yes sheriff smash like button for Carter disable is Raynaud’s is crazy come on Please you’re fighting so far wait. Where are you going chairs? I was going all the way upstream all the way up the lagoon. I don’t even know where it goes That was so close you’re just falling away baby Charge this current is so strong. It’s hard to swim it we’re still so far away from shore Liz Carla come on Come on you can make come on oh Come on. Come on come on keep going. It’s still so deep So deep I can’t touch right here. It’s od1 and super deep come on Yes yours we can’t go back in this water because there’s a really strong current because of the winds look at that storm coming Sure is the river current is way too strong Carter. I think we have to go out on the ocean What yeah? I think that’s the only way I know there’s a lot of fish that live in the ocean we got to go out and see If we can catch some of those fish Lizzie you up for the challenge yeah Oh, yeah, grab the box for let’s go to the ocean Let’s test it with the coconut ready. This is the called the coconut test let’s see if it floats into the Boat into the ocean let’s do that okay, all right good luck out there Oh My god that was crazy, Oh such a huge way, but those ways are way too crazy, and oh my god They’re okay. This is it. I’m going in We go come on let’s go let’s do this There she goes Wow forget that last come on Absolutely Let’s go Carter I’m so sorry I couldn’t find any food for you guys Yeah, and the box was broken oh, no it’s okay. Shares will be making box for Samara. Chad’s house Oh, yeah Oh by the way if you made it this far in the vlog don’t forget to comment hashtag Stranded for a chance to win a swag. Oh yes stranded on a desert island 3 p.m.. Eastern Standard Time until then you know what to do Oh

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  1. Steven I don't know if this is you but I'm your biggest fan and I love you and I love Lily to love you guys and heart ❀️

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