It’s BIG…it’s BLUE…it’s NEW!

– We are at sea and today
is actually a really big day because our wildlife
biologist, Mario Aldecoa, is right below the
surface at this moment getting his final
dive certification. (tribal music) (birds chirping) (bright music) Throughout our adventures,
we have explored many of the planet’s most
incredible environments and witnessed some of its
most bizarre creatures. But the one environment that has largely eluded us is the ocean. In fact, as you may
already know, the ocean is the most vast and unexplored
ecosystem on earth. It is full of mysteries,
beauty and danger. But more than anything else,
it presents the opportunity for almost an endless
supply of new exploration, which is exactly
what I love about it. Last year, Coyote and I
finally got dive-certified and we actually had a lot
of fun in the process. Remember that giant
hotdog loving catfish? That was totally unexpected. But there was someone very
important missing, Mario! How could we possibly
leave our best friend and team member behind on shore? So now after only a few
dive videos, here we were. Mario was finally getting
ready to become dive-certified so he can join us. (splashes) (lively music) – [Man] Alright,
Mark, it appears that we are back out at sea. – We are at sea and we’re
about to go scuba diving again and today is actually
a really big day because our wildlife
biologist, Mario Aldecoa, is right below the
surface at this moment getting his final
dive certification. And the reason
this is big news is because this is the
final piece that we need to launch our brand new series which we will announce
at the end of this video, but before we do, let’s
go below the surface, check in on Mario
and see if there’s any cool creatures swimming
around, how’s that sound? – [Man] Sounds
like a plan to me. – Alright, dude, let’s do this. It goes without saying that
becoming dive-certified is the most important
step any diver takes on their aquatic journey. Not only does it
teach you how to use your equipment correctly,
but you also learn how to problem solve when
things go wrong on a dive and ultimately, yes,
things will go wrong. But for a diver, panic
is never an option. You are trained to
always remain calm and no matter what,
just keep breathing. Speaking of staying collected, as it turns out, diving
might not be for everyone. – If you guys wonder why I
don’t actually host the show it’s certainly ’cause I’m
not real good on the water. Old Coyote’s a little
seasick right now, but, fortunately actually
getting in the water is gonna make it better. I puke on almost every boat and I am really close
right now, guys. So, I’m gonna go ahead
and get in the water and hopefully that will
balance out my equilibrium. (splashes) – [Mark] With Mario now fully
engaged with the task at hand, Coyote and I observed
a few of the maneuvers and then decided to go
explore around the reef. It’s hard enough to go
through these challenges without an audience, so we
left Mario to concentrate. The Florida Keys are one of
our favorite places to dive. Not only are the waters
warm and full of sea life, but the conditions
are generally suitable and easy for new divers. (bubbling) During our tour of the reef, known to locals as the Aquarium, Coyote and I saw
a porcupine fish which is a puffer
covered in spines. A curious eel hidden in the
coral, look at those teeth! A spiny lobster, a
feisty, spiny lobster. And we even saw our
very first shark! It was a nurse shark,
which are rather docile and nearly harmless, but
hey, it was still a shark and seeing any shark is
pretty cool if you ask me. After our shark encounter,
we headed back over to check on Mario, our tanks
were getting low on air and pretty soon we would need
to head back to the surface. Once we found him, I recognized the final maneuvers
he was performing. And just like that,
Mario had done it, he had officially become
a member of the dive crew. Mario, whew, how ya doing, bud? – Alright, successful first dive for me out in the open water. – [Mark] You see any cool stuff? – Yeah, we saw an eel. – [Mark] You saw an eel? – Yep. – [Mark] Coyote
and I saw a shark. – Nice! Alright dude, let’s
get back in the boat. – [Mark] Let’s do it. Keep in mind, I was
certified in a pond in Ohio. Mario took on the open
ocean and prevailed. Whew, we did it, yeah!
– Alright! – Certified! After a quick
celebration on the deck we stowed the gear and
headed back to shore. All of us had a sense
of accomplishment on this adventure, even Coyote. Well? – Well, we made it back. – [Mark] And, how’d you do? So, so. – [Mark] So, so,
what’s that mean? – I didn’t throw up,
I always get seasick– – [Mark] Bro, you didn’t
throw up, alright! – Not throwing up.
– [Mark] Top man! – [Mario] We’re
not quite back yet, but at least the
boat has slowed down, I think I’m gonna make it. – Alright, well that caps
off another amazing dive down here in the Florida Keys. We saw all kinds of
cool stuff today. We saw a puffer fish,
a spiny lobster, we saw an eel and we even
saw our very first shark. But, I do have to say the
best part about today’s dive is that Mario officially
became dive-certified! – [Both] Whew! – Dude, you did it,
how do you feel? – Finally, and now we
can officially announce– – Our brand new series! Guys, we have a new show
called Blue Wilderness, it’s coming out soon. Mario and I, and sometimes
Coyote, are gonna take you guys below the
ocean’s surface to investigate all
kinds of cool creatures and amazing shipwrecks,
so stay tuned guys. That show is coming up soon. I’m Mark Vins. – I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave. – Stay wild. – We’ll see you
on the next dive. For Mario and I, the
journey ahead will include some of the most exciting
and adventurous expeditions we have ever embarked upon. And I am thrilled to be
leading Blue Wilderness with Mario taking the
reins as the director. Together, we invite
you to join us as we navigate the open ocean
for encounters of all kinds. There will be sharks,
dolphins, frog fish, and yes, bigger sharks. Get ready, everyone. A new adventure
series has been born. (energetic music) If you enjoyed watching
this adventure, make sure to go back
and see the time that I snorkeled
in Iceland in some of the clearest
water on the planet. And don’t forget to subscribe
so you can join Mario and I as we explore beneath
the ocean’s surface in our brand new series. Oh, with every shark
dive comes the moment where you actually have to
dive in with the sharks, that moment is
right now, oh boy! (coyote howl)

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