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Jacksepticeye Animated | Stranded Deep

Jacksepticeye Animated | Stranded Deep

Pilot? Are you feeling this turbulence? That shot of Jameson is not gonna save me (high five sound) Everything’s fine. This is perfectly normal! THIS IS NOT NORMAL MAYDAY! HELP! THIS MARTINI ISN’T HELPING! I’M NOT DRUNK YET! (high five sound) This is awesome! You know what this is like? This is literally like Castaway WILSON! WILSON I’M SORRY! (high five sound) You were swimming a little…. WHAT? WHAT? Did you see that? LAND SHARK! He just said, hey, fuck you science! Could you imagine if the game was bugged? And you were walking along and the shark just bit you from under the ground? It’s….. it’s scary enough that they’re in the water (high five sound) 🎶Stabbing, stabbing, stabbing a plant to death🎶 (high five sound) You’re still under me, I can hear you! See?? (high five sound) Ha! Silly crabs You’re never gonna get anywhere in life if you keep walking sideways You have to walk forward! Jesus. He heard me. (high five sound) Maybe I’m getting the island madness. Is this what the island madness is? Actually don’t know what it is. Probably is this. Where you go crazy. Start talking to yourself. (high five sound) WILSOOON WHERE ARE YOU?? SERIOUSLY! I need to find him! He must be around here somewhere. (high five sound) Pick up the rock, pretend that’s Wilson Oh look, guys, I found Wilson His new name is Rocky! (laughter) (high five sound) Here’s a crab Oh! (laughter) No way. No way. Did that- did that kill you? No, you’re still alive, you’re just not moving (laughter) I thought I killed him by dropping the rock on him Okay. (grunts) Everything’s fine Perfectly normal. THIS IS NOT NORMAL MAYDAY! HELP! This martini isn’t helping! I’m not drunk yet! I’m gonna need at least five more minutes before the alcohol kicks in And we died. End of game. WILSOOOON

100 thoughts on “Jacksepticeye Animated | Stranded Deep”

  1. Omg YAS thx for the animations I will see ur next animations Tomorow but 3 days I won't go to the comment sorry I'm gonna be sick

  2. No please jack don’t give the idea to a stupid director to make Sand Sharks no no noooooooooooo
    We must destro-
    Oh it already has a movie oh ok

  3. umm wow this is um kinda embarrassing that I said all that stuff in the beginning when the plane was going down on the beast at kings island

  4. This was my very first jackscepticeye video i watched and that was 3 years ago, thank you jack for opening an entire part of youtube i never knew about

  5. Ha! Silly crib! Your not gonna get anywhere in lofe of you keep walking sideways! You have to walk FOWARD! Jesus…he heard me.

  6. 0:46 stabbing stabbing stabbing a plant to death and when it dies I'll take all its leaves and use it for a bed that's the rest of the song For Your Right There

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