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Jaws Of Extinction – Exclusive gameplay footage (New Survival Game)

Jaws Of Extinction – Exclusive gameplay footage (New Survival Game)

hi guys welcome back know if you followed the channel for a while you know or jaws of extinction already it’s again I’ve featured I backed in Kickstarter and loved the game now I’ve noticed some exclusive footage of where the guys are with evenings are the actual main map and I was some seriously good updates to give you as well know the guys have been nice tough to give this to me let’s not been seen by anyone at all in the community but if you are content creator I will play this at the end again so you can download this chopper and get out there all that we ask as you mentioned eyes and the description so we can track exactly where it’s going and when it’s coming from so guys let’s jump into the updates and we’ll see this verge so guys moving on to the updates the guys have rebelled a lot the systems that said the supposed to tape which was accessible via Kickstarter literally scavenging character no interacts with all objects that can be picked up or opened looking Tina’s and soldier containers have a new system in place where you can manage items physically ie you can open in closed containers cross person and fob person are no native and work with all weapons and items there’s also a new firearm system and place there’s also a new AI version 2.0 built from the ground up which allows the following EA to fall off cliffs and to write door and get up yeah I can no hold up of many AI are in the area a I react to one another knowing friend from for human AI no use cover and tactics and fire face yeah I can o spawn in much larger quantities et plus ongoing walk through the alpha stages so again you can see the AI which was a lot glad shit the guys knew that looks to be more solid and more demanding there is also a new user interface version 6.0 new crafting system hasn’t actually shortened s video players can now ascend and descend ladders which is a great touch players can now swim and oceans unravels players no lose Emma tree on death and drops a sack a backpack of items the last 20 minutes before the D spawn enemies drop sacks and backpacks on deaf no confirmation on the despawn samples are not yet players can learn all items from containers by pressing e or press F to split by open spoiling all items on the floor there are no 16 variations of firearm in a game from rifles to pistols all buttons can be entered looted and defended a present you cannot claim a building but you can perceive them back in there and you’ll spawn yet after death the guys have also purchased a motion capture suite and system in order to replace all the player AI animations and the game over the course of the Alpha stages guys have also unless the female model who will be doing all the animations for Amy who you can see and the actual footage you know so guys I think you agree the guys have been working that ass off in the background since Kickstarter so much stuff is can enter the game since we first played the poor tape now I know for a fight these guys are up to LA hours in the morning because you can see them in DES court working out on the engine itself now they play all the footage without any text so you can see it again if you’re going to use this footage please make sure you let us know we’ve taken from IE this video so we can track where the sources are if you haven’t put this in your watch less than steam make sure you do it know all the links will be in the description below and I also put the desk code for jaws of extinction and there as well so guys Frank stopping by and I will see you in the next one you you

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