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JOKER – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

JOKER – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

♪♪♪ Ahh! [LAUGHING] Will you please stop
bothering my kid?Sorry.Arthur,I have some bad
news for you.
[LAUGHING] This is the last time
we’ll be meeting. You don’t listen do you?You just ask the same
questions every week.
How is your job?Are you having any
negative thoughts?
All I have, are
negative thoughts. [TV PLAYING]
-And finally…
in a world where everyone
thinks they can do my job,
check out this guy.When I was a little boyand told people I was
gonna be a comedian,
everyone laughed at me.Well no one’s laughing now. You can say that again, pal. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] ♪♪♪ It’s so awful isn’t it?For my whole life,I didn’t know if I
even really existed.
But I do.And people are
starting to notice.
Do you think this is funny?Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!-Is this a joke to you?
-Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Eh…Murry,
one small thing. -Yeah?
-When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker? ♪♪♪

100 thoughts on “JOKER – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters”

  1. Me: Joker is just ordinary film, why people got stressed after watch it
    Also me: first 15 seconds on trailer
    f#*k! f#*k! f#*k! f#*k dat feelings! ugh :')

  2. I'm sorry to say but Joaquins performance was better than Heath Ledger. He really brings out the darkness in the joker. But this is just my opinion and it does not make it true. It's not right or wrong. But I have always loved Joaquin.

  3. I think this movie should become compulsory education material, they should do exams on it where if you don't get 90% or above on that exam, you cannot enter any university.

  4. Everyone is getting triggerd about he’s laugh in the movie. I can just say… don’t fucking watch these types of movies then pussies!

  5. How to make a villain:

    Marvels:make a purple alien and give all 6 powerfull stones

    Dc:make a normal man and take everything from him

  6. Well if you are going to make a comeback, MAN IS THIS A COMEBACK! This movie makes you see realities in our very discounting society ,…, sad it took a cinematic soon to be ICONIC work to show us all. Can't help but feel that Phoenix's years in the shadows prepped him for this showcase of our lacking society, from just general racism, social injustices, to just being mean at the expense of others,.., a real laundry list of social ills all wrapped up in one guy, "no joke" of a movie. (best scene? when a social worker shrink's notice of their last meeting figured out in her head the system was broken and she was part of that system- the fear in her eyes was "memorable")

  7. never thought there's someone out there would eclipse the performance of Heath Ledger and then Joaquin Phoenix came..super wow!

  8. I watched only a trailer of this movie and I can't stop thinking about it, don't even imagine how i could experience it watching the whole

  9. Rip Heath, Good luck Joaquin
    You can see some of the shots even from the trailer wouldve been great with Heath. Like the no shirt arms out shot.. Picture Heath there instead, as with a few others.

  10. Watched the movie today. Fascinating story and screenplay by Todd Phillips. Stunning performance by Joaquin Phoenix. It's a one-man show my Joaquin carried the entire story single-handedly by him. I could feel Arthurs pain throughout the movie through Joaquin. Joaquin reminded me of Brandon Lee in the movie The Crow in a couple of scenes and shots. Love the movie.

  11. Wtf…. Joker movie is all about Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Life of Arthur Flek !!!

    Is it me or it's getting crazier out there !!!

  12. This is the FIRST movie I ever went to watch alone. Thats how much i wanted to see it and it was so worth it. I wanna watch it again an to pay more attention to details. Joaquin Phoenix is fuckin amazing

  13. I would very much like Hollywood to do a biopic on Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesperson and now convicted felon, roly-poly-boy-toy and daily punching bag for any number of his fellow inmates at the federal penitentiary in Englewood, Colorado.

    Perhaps it could be a musical. One of the numbers could be called "Smaller Pants," and two different versions could both open and close the production. In the beginning, Jared sings "I wanna get into smaller pants," in reference to his desire to lose weight by eating only veggie subs. At the end prior to his arrest, as he's flying around the country molesting children, he could sing the same line, but it would of course have a far more sinister meaning.

    Another number could involve a couple of parents going to the authorities to report that their pre-adolescent son has been victimized by Fogle. The song could be titled "He Went to Jared."

    You see, I'm a dead ringer for Fogle. We're talking "separated at birth" identical. Up until November, 2015 I had a fairly steady part time gig posing as him and entertaining at kids' birthday parties. For a reasonable fee, I'd provide the entertainment (balloon animals and showing the kids the former pants with a 48 inch waistline that "Jared" used to have to wear before he started eating Subway veggies subs everyday) and the food (a Subway platter). Needless to say, my tax returns for the past few years have shown a fairly significant reduction in income. My last gig was just after Thanksgiving in 2015. The people who had booked me had paid a deposit in advance, so they went ahead and had me come out with my balloons and five foot cold cut with six toppings on Italian herb bread. I ended up getting mauled by their German Shepherd who had been watching CNN a week or so earlier.

  14. Whoever said this movie would inspire incels is right……

    ….it’ll inspire incels that there is still hope for them in life, and that there is someone that still cares about them

  15. Total waste of space and time…the only good thing about this piece of shit would be if de niro would have died for real….

  16. Phoenix's Joker to Murray: I've got nothing left to lose. Nothing can hurt me anymore!!

    Ledger's Joker to Batman: You've nothing. Nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do with all your strength.

    The core of Joker remains intact.

  17. i watched this movie and it's so fucking good, i don't get why media who probably like 90% of people who talk about it in news and stuff didn't watched it, say that it's bad.

  18. This movie is VERY dark and depressing, but has exceptional good acting. The scene where the Joker dances as he walks down the stairs will be legendary. Phoenix is above excellent in the way he portrays Joker.

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  21. There is no point to download movies this days, its better to watch them online without any risk.
    If you want to watch this movie and many others new movies, you can find link to them in my profile. Enjoy watching 🙂

  22. Jack Nickelson: Comic version of the Joker 🤡
    Heath Ledger: Chaotic Joker🔥😈
    Jared Leto: The big fat joke. 🤮
    Joaquin Phoenix: The Realisti Joker 🃏

  23. The Joker is a clear interpretation of an ultimate devil that rose out from the evils of society. When the audience in the theatre I've been to laughed at the Gary's height depicts the quote perfectly: "the worst part about having a mental illness is that people expect you to behave as if you dont". In this case, Gary was mocked for being short, which is a physical condition instead of a mental one. Even in the theatres, you can already feel what society is like.

  24. UNBELIEVABLE !!! A real shock, both visual and mental !!!

    We are all clowns

    We are all jokers

    We are all crazy

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