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This is me. And these are my crewmates. Together we founded a crew on a pirate-themed Minecraft server and created the most fabulous world that has ever existed. Our goal on the server was to travel and explore,
but even pirates need a place to call home. And that home, was the Juice Sea. Piratecraft is a hostile world where players
can kill each other. Here you can create crews, build villages
and grow empires. There was a live map of the world But the thing I loved the most about Piratecraft
was the ability to build custom ships and move them! Piratecraft was the perfect server to start
an amazing adventure. This was our home. The adventure of the Juice pirates started
right here. My crewmates sailed from this island to found
new settlements along the coasts of our sea. We ended up having 9 towns. 8 of them controlled the canals that connected
the Juice Sea with the external oceans. The ninth in the middle was our
capital. Individual bases were forbidden, each member of our crew had to live together with his crewmates, because unlike other crews, we preferred
teamwork over individualism, because together we achieved results that would have been impossible
to achieve alone. But all this work had to be defended. In Piratecraft there is a feature called “claim”
that allows individual players to protect a piece of land. No one else can destroy blocks or open doors
within the claimed area unless such player has received permission from the owner or
has managed to kill him. These are the only breakable blocks in a claim
during an attack. We never used these unreliable materials
in our cities. For example, the grass at Marula Island was
replaced with green clay. Some of our cities had mighty walls. To prevent the attackers from building pillars
with dirt or cobblestone, we used to create a claim around the walls, so the only way
to get in was to fly using the elytra. But the thing I appreciated the most about our
cities was that they were very, very imaginative, each one of them had its own architectural
style: pirate style at Coconut Bay, Medieval at Marula island, Skyscrapers in Watermelon
Dock, cozy cottages at Pineapple Fiord, Steampunk at Kiwi Gulf, food and candy at Bastion Mango
and gardens at Port Banana. We also enjoyed taking lots of inspiration
from around the world. The plan for Apple Cove was to create a city built around a volcano wich hides a giant iron factory on the inside. Some cities have also developed their
own culture: the residents of Marula loved to produce alcohol, at Watermelon there were
great cooks; Banana was famous for its hospitality and Bastion Mango was known for its chaos
and weirdness. And each of these cities had also its own
wonder: the Coconut Palace, the Marulosseum, the Palazzonissimo, the Great Clock, the Giant
Dwarf, the Big Ol’ Gate. Pineapple Fiord had a special wonder because
it was a moving wonder: the Apple Galleon. The ship was built in its natural port and we used it to travel the world. The only Juice Town that we didn’t talk
about yet is a Pear Pier. This place was supposed to become a village
of tree houses but unfortunately it was abandoned by its inhabitants. Some say that this place is cursed and anyone who tries to build in this area disappears forever. And this is not our only ghost story. It is said that there was an undead dog at
Marula Island. No matter how many times the dog was killed,
it always came back. I too have been missing so many times that
I could be considered some sort of ghost. One thing that the Juice Pirates loved so
much were events. Any excuse was good to throw a party in a pub of Watermelon or even in the End dimension,
whether it was the victory of a war or the completion of a construction. We also loved to organize big events such
as the snowy Christmas at Bastion Mango or the ship battles in the water arena of Kiwi
Gulf. The Juice Pirates were truly hard workers. A very important goal in our crew was to ensure
a good life for all of our crewmates, so each city had to have the following facilities:
large houses, abundant food factories and all kinds of farms where we could get experience
with which we could upgrade our tools and armor. Each facility was completely free. By Minecraft standards, our crew is a lost
paradise. The largest work of engineering that we built
was the iron farm in the heart of Apple Cove, while the most complex one was the wood and
stone farm located inside the Redentor Hill in Marula Island. It was completely automatic because it used
three Wither Monsters to produce materials. Amazing work. But the most essential facilities were the
villager farms. Villagers are a mob that gives you enchanted
books in exchange for vegetables. And with enchanted books, you can upgrade
tools and armor quickly. The only Juice Tows that had a villager farm
were Marula and Watermelon. The one at Marula was the most efficient because
it had a much, much larger vegetable farm in a gigantic basement right under the Marulosseum,
and many vegetables meant lots of enchanted books. If a crew in Piratecraft has a villager farm,
it means that it is very rich. One of the secrets of success of our crew
was the use of a super fast transportation system: the Juice Pirates Subway. The subway was built in the hell dimension
of the Nether where each block traversed equals to 8 blocks traversed in the overworld dimension. Each city had a station with a portal that
leaded to the subway: once inside, you followed the directions to reach your destination. We used boats on an ice floor because this
is by far the fastest way to travel in Minecraft. The subway was also very useful to move animals
from place to place. An alternative way to travel through the Juice
Sea was the sea train linking Watermelon and Marula, our most populated cities. Much slower, but surely much more entertaining
and original. Everything in our sea was
very original. I loved the Juice Sea so much. Every single city deserves a detailed video
about its history and culture. Whenever I think about our home I am amazed
at the great solidarity that has produced all of this. We were full of dreams, like the Olympics
inside Bastion Mango, underwater trains, flying cities, journeys, adventures… But the crew is dead now. Or is it?

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