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Juniper berry tea | Making Juniper berry tea for urinary problems.🍓

Juniper berry tea | Making Juniper berry tea for urinary problems.🍓

this is a juniper tree this tree is a
volunteer I didn’t plant it it just came up on its own when I was weed eating out
here one day I noticed that it was growing here so I decided to leave it
let it grow that was years ago and now it has grown into a large tree you can
see the berries these are Jennifer berries and juniper berries are an
excellent herbal medicine it is a urinary tract disinfectant it is it the
diuretic increases urine flow and it also helps kill the harmful bacteria in
intestinal tract and juniper berries is an ingredient in a lot of herbal
formulas for urinary tract infections this is one tablespoon fresh juniper
berries here’s something that all herbal lists need it’s called a mortar and a
pestle one tablespoon is considered one dosage is enough to make one cup of
juniper berry tea you crush the berries then you put the berries add one cup of
boiling water to one tablespoon of crushed berries you love it steep for 20
minutes and if you’re using this to treat kidney problems you do this twice
a day juniper berries come from juniper tree which is a in the family of cypress
it’s up there also called Jen berries juniper berries are used to flavor gin
and juniper berries assists urine flow and help clean the kidneys bladder and
prostate of toxic waste while at the same time helping to fight off urinary
infections juniper berries are diuretic which means they stimulate the kidneys
and bladder to get rid of retained in excess water and juniper berries also
have an antiseptic effect which means they kill the harmful bacteria in the
kidneys and bladder juniper was also used as a survival food among Indians and it has also been used to stimulate
childbirth and and to stimulate administration so it isn’t recommended
for pregnant women because so they found out that the pregnant mice it actually
caused a miscarriage in pregnant mice so pregnant women should avoid juniper
berries so I’m going to add one cup of boiling water to 1 tablespoon of crushed
juniper berries and I’m going to cover this with a saucer and allow this to
steep for 20 minutes now these are fresh berries if I want to if you want to
store juniper berries to use later in the year what i would do is i would put
these in the sun and drive them out as best as I could and then when the
berries are not in season you can use the dried berries to make your tea now
the usual dosage is two cups of tea a day like this for urinary bladder
problems you’re near bladder infections I let that steep for 20 minutes and then
drink the juniper berry tea now i’m using the fresh berries so i used a
heaping tablespoon of berries if you use the dried berries the drug the berries
do shrivel up shrink some wind or dried so if you use the dried berries i would
just use say a level tablespoon of berries for a larger person you can use
slightly more for a smaller person you can use slightly less the dosage is
typically about 150 pound person if you weighed 300 pounds you might actually
double the dosage if you wait less than 150 pounds or if it’s a child you can
use less than the recommended dosage who’s juniper berry tea tastes a lot like a Christmas tree now
like many herbs juniper works better when it’s combined with other herbs that
have a synergistic effect synergism means that when you combine herbs that
have similar effects the combined effects is greater than the individual
effects added together there’s some synergism involved when with mixing
herbs and juniper is usually mixed with other herbs or one common herb that is
often mixed with is parsley and parsley is an herb that’s easy to come by so you
can use parsley when you make your jennifer tea it’s actually a very
pleasant tasting tea juniper berries diuretic promotes urine
flow and a septic it helps kill the harmful bacteria in the urinary tract
that may be causing kidney or bladder infections is also a digestive aid it’s
a survival food good for prostate problems you

8 thoughts on “Juniper berry tea | Making Juniper berry tea for urinary problems.🍓”

  1. Can you have this tea every day or you can only have them for like 2 weeks does it takeout the swelling in( that's swollen prostate for those who don't know) BPH? where does it grow in the USA? please reply back it's important.

  2. Very beautiful tree! Thank you for teaching us how to make this wonderful tea. Just found your channel and now supporting. Inviting you to discover our channel too friend x)

  3. You can eat them like a pill and it is effective also I like to bake them in salt or coffee grounds until lightly browned makes them powerful.  You can also put them in a baby child's colon if they are colicky and moody use a good lubricant like Vaseline or Preparation H works like a charm to stop the crying fits.

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