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JWorld Ep11: Epic Mooshroom Island Transformation!

JWorld Ep11: Epic Mooshroom Island Transformation!

hello everyone I’m AnimusJ and today
on J world we are gonna turn this into this alright guys we’ve got all our
stuff we’ve got a bed we’ve got shulker boxes got plenty of snacks we got enough
fireworks for the trip let’s head off and we’re gonna find a well we’re gonna
find some grass we need lots and lots and lots of grass so we’re just gonna
head straight north wait am i going north I think I’m going north yes we’re
going north we should run into a swamp like area I do believe yes here it is
and then there is a Plains just beyond this and we’re gonna land really quick
drop down our bed sleep in it before we get ambushed well I heard a slime
where’s the plains at? oh boy
I’ve lost the plains they over here?
eighteen Rockets… we’re okay we’re gonna be Oh a haha
here’s the planes okay… bed! go! ready? sleep! we win okay now oh no no no no let’s
leave that there alrighty so one two three four and five
you… okay we’re gonna get lots and lots of grass and apparently we’re gonna have
to kill some mobs too! great we got, holy crap what is this a freaking skeleton
party jeez okay we got a book shoot I don’t have
any arrows I have that under uh I’ve arrows in my under chest but we don’t
have time for that we got a go full full combat mode right now
um hello could you did you die oh can you shoot the creeper for me shoot him
do it do it Doug freaking creeper! oh one more time one more
time hey come on come on come on come on come on come on oh no there’s 2 creepers!
oh they’re creepin on me! okay there’s one and we’re just gonna have to kill this guy cuz
skeletons not cooperating okay we did it okay now the skeletons see you yeah yeah
that’s right you guys are just chilling down here having a little frickin
Jacuzzi party huh yeah you die die okay okay as I was saying don’t my gosh
crap! Who the crap put a freaking ravine here this is not going well 14 fireworks left oh is that a savanna
it is we can get some acacia tree while we’re here okay guys so as I was saying
just get some rest and it is the next morning for me that
was a ton of dirt collection let’s see I did afk fish overnight
see if we got anything great yeah whoo Mending aqua affinity Depth Strider… name tags I haven’t ooh I have an idea I
have an idea Wow okay okay we got pretty full that’s pretty good for an
all-nighter about eight hours packed with saddles geez
I have an idea for what to do with all the name tags and something to do with
the saddles too I will go through the rest of that
laters but for now let’s go Oh oops so ramen noodles is out of town and he
said he was still going to be on however it’s now been like what day did he…
hold on a second my son is whispering to me and he thinks that you can’t hear him
but I’m pretty sure it’s showing up on the microphone just a second and crisis averted he needed me to
button his pants sorry guys dad duties – got a got a button the pants
got to do the things what was I talking about ramen noodles he’s out of town and
I think it’s time we play a little bit of a prank on him um I think Oh
oh yes yes yes yes I know exactly what I want to do I know what I want to do okay
I’m gonna gather up some stuff real fast oh let me show you first before I do the
gathering of the things I want to show you how much dirt I got how much grass I
got look at that boom two three four five and a partial… we’re missing a little bit in that one just pretend you didn’t see
that anywho I’m gonna gather some things alright here we have our oh boy oh boy
missed you died oh yeah that’s right you die! you fall in the lava and you stay
there okay here we have the portal I built it in the open rather than up way
at the top where nether hub has been this way plenty of Pigman should be in
range to come to me okay let’s make sure that it connects up to the bottom as
it’s pretty much right on top of the portal that’s at the top of his place so
let’s make sure it connects right hahaha oh yeah we’re looking good okay so the
trick is gonna be name tagging these guys oh shoot I need an anvil I got to
put the names on there and *pink* okay and then let’s see, what is it dinner bone right dinner bone and that should that should
do it oh you know what we could do okay here’s
what we’re gonna do we’re gonna name tag them first I only did 12 by the way I
was gonna do a whole bunch but I just I decided to only do 12 because it’s gonna
be pretty funny it’s gonna be pretty hard for him to clear these out and I’m
gonna try really this is so awesome I’m gonna try really hard to get him on
discord the next time that he logs in okay here’s some guys over here oh we
gotta hit that guy way up there oh this is so freakin awesome
so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna slap one of these guys and then I’m going to
ender pearl over there and block my way up so that they can’t kill me yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s the plan what could possibly go wrong okay are we
ready are we ready okay okay okay okay okay okay
oh no no no things are going wrong okay okay is it working
they’re coming they’re coming they’re coming okay it doesn’t matter if once
that aren’t upside down come because they’ll just despawn yep come on all you
upside-down guys yeah let’s go let’s go hey you over there okay can you guys go
in stop being so laggy crap you two get in there didn’t get in get in get in
good good good good good good okay I need to get those upside down guys
there’s three of them over there okay can I hear okay they see me they see me okay ender
pearl back and look we made it okay and panic mode I’m panicking okay okay okay
okay okay then you might have gone in okay let’s break this is that that
doesn’t work anymore you used to be able to break that I thought okay and then
I’m gonna go back to oh is he upset with me no he’s not upset with me okay I’m
gonna go back up to the top and I’m gonna look drop down into his base the
safe way and see how it went okay the pigmen have accepted me as one
of their own well we need to break this portal though so that they don’t go back
I wonder if any of them went back already hopefully not hopefully I don’t
think if they… cuz I broke it… well but then they would have just gone through
the other one where I came from I’m sure we’re fine I’m sure we’re fine so let’s
break this and we’ll block this up so that they can’t get up there
and then let’s see there’s nothing over there that’s all glass and then over
here let’s see this should be just there shouldn’t be any caves this way no
there’s not okay alright guys I will do my best to get a
hold of Ramaan Noodles and make sure that he’s in discord the next time that he does log
in so we can try to get his reaction so let’s head back to the island and let’s
get to planting our grass alright let’s do it all right so obviously we’ve turned on
the shaders and man does it look good I’m gonna I’m gonna give you guys a tour
at night cuz the lighting is just so look at that water oh let me show you
guys this, the boat… can we do it yeah okay we did it the boat look at the
reflection of the boat on the water let me slow down a little bit
look at that man it’s just amazing okay so let me perfect landing ten out of ten
okay let’s get down here alright so I added in a pathway in the common path
that I’ve been traveling the path I’ve been traveling the most with some
torches I figured torches are good for here because you know we’re pretty… oops
forgot some I forgot some all right let’s go and boop! right there cool okay
and the chickens don’t need it because they got their redstone lamp from right
there anyways continuing along our pathway we have the fisherman’s hut
which has torches as well and we’re gonna get rid of the beacons beacons
aren’t gonna stay there we got a couple places a couple bushes providing
lighting for us all right we got a broken up path along here we got some
dark spooky spots but it’s okay we have dynamic landing on look at this dark
light dark light dark light dark light dark light okay anyways moving or right
along oh and tell me I wasn’t right about these acacia trees tell me these
acacia trees don’t just look amazing especially in the ones that grew up like
like this one they get all this site maybe not that one as much like this one
it’s got like the side thing and then the top thing going on
just like our giant tree up there it looks just like it that’s why I wanted
to do it guys that’s what I wanted to do it that’s right you could pay me the 50
bucks that you bet me later anyhoo continuing on I think that we do need a
bush right in here so let’s put one let’s see
see how’d I get so dark okay uh yep and then Busherino – no yep right like so okay
yeah that’s good that’s good now we don’t need a flashlight to come up this
part and that is a bit annoying… we might we might move that it’s a
little bit annoying and then we’ve got a walkway coming right on up to the east
side no that’s not it we’re coming on up to our tree which just looks frickin
stellar it just looks absolutely amazing I love every aspect of it I did take all
the spider webs out except for that one Do I have an ender pearl on me? Of course I always have an ender pearl on me okay not
always but almost always okay and then let’s see I don’t like the way that the
the spider web the cobweb it glows look at that it just glows so much even has a
drop look at that it just glows so much I’m not sure why that is
anyhow I took all of those out cuz I didn’t like the way that they were
glowing and then I added a whole lot more torches inside the leaves in order
to help it to glow yeah to light up a bit so that’s it guys thank you so much as I switched to my
Rockets here thank you so much for joining me this episode yeah it was a
ton of work yeah it was a crap ton of work and we only did half the island so
like I said I’m gonna do the other half off-screen I don’t know when not anytime
soon but I will do it without you guys I
don’t want to bore you with another you know Island terraforming thing and
speaking of terraforming I hardly did any at all I left a majority of the
island the way that it was just it was shaped so well there’s just a couple of
spots like this we got to still do and then that back off is back back off back
off the back off is major major terraforming needs Oh oh yeah I went
around and I bone mealed all the grass so that we have well so that we have
grass and so that we have flowers and things so I gotta clear all this crap
out I gotta clear all those out all this stuff we gotta clean this area up still
some mushrooms to get rid of and what not I’m gonna do little sneak peek of what
we’re gonna do probably next episode is that the interior of this is gonna turn
into all storage so there’s gonna be just chests after chest after chest
after chest chest chest chest chest chest chest chest you get the idea lots
of chests okay and that’s that’s gonna be that’s gonna be not permanent storage
but it’s gonna be storage nonetheless so thank you ever so much for watching as
usual I’m the ghost I’m invisible I am invisible ghost AnimusJ and I will see
you next time later guys!

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