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Kenshi – Wasteland Freaks #1 – Humble Beginnings

Kenshi – Wasteland Freaks #1 – Humble Beginnings

Robbaz here playing Kenshi. It’s a brutal open world survival game where I can live out my male fantasies Oh! Dude, we have slaves in this game, we need to make a slave camp and eat slaves that disobey me Who wants to be in the game? You boys and girls be my sidekicks posture (laughter) They call me the jackhammer Can I make my ass big and my upper body tiny? Hips… This is surprisingly detailed for being an indie game “Chat…get over here” He can fit a VHS tape in his mouth. Nose tilt? This is Dark Souls all over again “Bring me the slaves” “I’m hungry” So handsome? Yeah, this is amazing. I love this so much already Is there a ‘goolumb’ hairstyle? It’s Sonic That’s it. That’s the one I want. We’re gonna be a bootleg He can suck his own nose! “I am so cold and I’m so sad” Let’s make Airy Mario. We can make him look like Mario, let’s make a mustache first It’s Zlaten. Yeah, we just need a ponytail ”Diggity diggity” He needs to be short and fat as well. His nipples are falling off, look! Hahaha! Alright ‘Fenling’ woman. Can we have big tits on women? Oh! Titty sliders, are you kidding me? Anorexia and tits, no. Look at that, that’s the best. Broad, like a man “Looks like a starving African child?” No It doesn’t. Are you kidding me? Look at all the nutrients in these tits Titties smash, smash! Whoa! Titty height? Can we put her head in between her tits? Let’s make her head tiny so her tits look bigger Woah, really? You can switch that? (laughter) She’s a goldfish She’s a beautiful, strong, independent woman in a world full of filthy heterosexual males Look how big she is compared to Mario and me I’m a freak This is perfect The ride never ends. It can be an old man. It could be the wise man of the party Look at that He’s gonna be ‘Mr. Lawbreaker Sensei’ You know what we’re gonna do with him instead. He’s gonna be serious “I’m serious!” “You listen to me young boy, I know what you did” (grunting) “I will teach you the ins and outs of this wasteland” Hang on, I can have long, lanky legs.
Little little little legs! ‘Samuel Quiche’. Dude, I want to make a bald man as well. Just a bald, tall dude Yeah, a good posture. No fucking around He’s gonna be the fighter, the warrior He’s gonna have all the muscles in the important places; the ass and the arms He even holds his weapons with his asshole when he’s not using it He’s like…squeeze it between his butt cheeks and holding it that way Actually, big eyes. It’s gonna be like this, yeah. “Motherfucker, coming into my Goddamn town. Get the fuck out” Woah! Yeah, calm down, calm down. Where the fuck are we? Hang on, save Look at this Is this a starter zone, or is it random? Randomized starting zones? Dude, what the fuck? Why is everyone smelling their armpits? Come on, gang. We need money for property. We need to invest, alright? Look at Rubus’ little feets, oh my God! It’s like I’ve made an anime My own anime! Fenling is one hell of a woman, damn! I would tap that shit. I would die between her tits Rubus has to be the saddest character I ever made Oh no! He was cosplaying Sonic when the atomic bombs fell Let’s buy the property next to the bar so we don’t have to travel far when we are trading The dojo is in the work, yeah, exactly. Dude, the major dojo Look at it. It’s so much bigger than I thought it…oh wow, that sentence The major dojo So, can we train in here? How do we build? We can actually have the training on the roof Goats, they can’t defeat me. I’m a professional goat hunter. Come on, gang. Fight! Fuck. Retreat, retreat! They got the upper hand, there’s more of them! I got defeated by goats They’re taking the town It’s okay. It’s okay. I didn’t know this game was so brutal We need to actually properly train. If these training dummies will fight back, I will lose (laughter) Goats kicked our asses. That wouldn’t surprise me This is so cool. The working is working. We need to hire more workers I’m starting to learn the basics now. It’s like a Rim World Oh, shit, fuck. Goddamn bandits They’re hungry. They’re not gonna eat me at least They’re just passing through town, okay. Get the fuck out of here Those are some bombastic titties We’re gonna be trading, get stronger. I don’t really know what I’m doing to be honest but We will find a way Wait, we can hire her? Hey, woman, you wanna join me? Hey Whoa! Anyone want to be in the game? Fuck. Did I misspell your name? Should we make a normal person for once? Of course not. Waist, tiny She’s beautiful from the front, but a witch from the side. It looks more like a man than a woman We have made a ‘shwoman’; Man and woman in one. Look at that neck So we have storage for ore Rubus is researching We got some materials. I think we’re doing solid What the fuck are these things? Pack mules? Oh fuck, it’s a bandit Oh shit, he just died, did he? Look at that trail of blood. He’s been dragging himself and we just ignored him Rubus loves eating ass What, what are those?! Don’t, it’s my ass! Get in, get in! Don’t let them have it Go away Very well Like and favorite this shit. Become a samurai today Gonna try to get out of town next time establish our own little base

100 thoughts on “Kenshi – Wasteland Freaks #1 – Humble Beginnings”

  1. I remember doing the funny things eith character creation, usually posture and idle stance, but I switched it back to something normal so that I wouldn’t feel weird wearing cool armor

  2. You're the first big YouTuber to record yourself playing this potentially good game… I supported the devs since their first patches… And i still support them today. I really hope you enjoyed yourself playing this game cuz i really wanna see more vids from you abt this game.

  3. Robbaz have you ever thought of making a series of videos where you just used different games character creators to make your masterpieces? You already have made so many but it would be dope to see a series made out of it lol

  4. Start of character creation:
    Anyone want to be in the game?
    All: MEMEME!
    After character creation:
    Anyone want to be in the game?

  5. We need more of these Robbaz, you need to cut up your playthrough and put it up on here my man. Kenshi is a diamond.

  6. Goats are OP in this game. My squad can take bandits 3 times their number without a problem. But I had them face off against an equal number of goats, counting the babies as whole goats as well and now my entire squad except for 2 people are in a coma, one of them has two broken legs and the final one has a broken arm.

  7. You should go to Japan and pitch your own anime, the story of a ginger who gains the power to insalve people… But only cute girls and fat men, and you could call it. Robert X machena

  8. Robbaz, I’m going to keep watching this series in loop until you release more Kenshi videos 🙁 the others are great but Kenshi!

  9. join tamewater today!
    save me
    i have been trapped in peters basement for 3 weeks
    all he feeds me is his ginger hair

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