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Keys to Success | Drawing & Poetry

Keys to Success | Drawing & Poetry

the keys to unlock success lies within
hands reach close to the heart inside of a mind set free there you will find peace
purpose and belief to be anything something unique close your eyes and
open your mind your personality hidden within chained and shackled skin-deep
take that risk take that leap screaming under the surface be a leader not one of
the sheep with words winding around a heart with no beat like vines lined and
wound bound to lose sleep you found the sound of whispers in the silence
screaming in your sleep under such pressure unable to speak all locked up
inside deep down in the darkness as memories like dungeons abandoning all
hope you keep the walls of Castle crumble as a marvels of doubt begin to
creep perplexed by your reflection you neglect your perception unaccepted by
others you obsess over acceptance fear of failure
Dimming your luminescence if only there was a cure for your obsession with
acceptance surrounded by misery you cover your pain with a smile and
delivery and tears of restraint if only you had acceptance you’d have no
complaint wit life is a canvas I hand you this paint you see only darkness so
I’ll give you this flame I call it desire you called it a game in due time things
may change i hope to add color to your life a purpose without shame
let go of hatred let go of blame I was once just like you I felt the same
hurting heart healing tearing apart the feelings memories framed captured in a
moment and complete without a name hate as an ailment holding the regret within
both hands the memories unaccepted choosing the
path of hatred seeking acceptance this path and life you rejected judgmental
words of crushing confidence evidence of rejection lies within the cracks of a
mirror with fists clenched and anger you still seek acceptance unable to speak
judgement you fear flaws in your reflection you seek perfection silence
all doubt it’s not about being perfect it’s about being your best despite what others may say I think you’re impressive much better than arrest you’ve come this far
so don’t give up now although it may be hard and you’re feeling down they were
once just like you but they chose a path of hatred because jealousy replaced it
and now they see your success and they hate it just be yourself
they’ll just have to face it

1 thought on “Keys to Success | Drawing & Poetry”

  1. I know this is one of your older pieces, but as a professional artist – this resonates – as do most of, if not all of your videos. Your hard work is evident and inspiring, and it’s shocking to see you have as few subscribers as you do. Keep it up man.

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