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kids begging for food in india mumbai (very emotional )

kids begging for food in india mumbai (very emotional )

Like this by begging do you get 200 rupees which day do you earn the most There is no one to support me on this. In my house I dont have lights and fan You dont have light and fan? You have a younger sister?. About your parents? I dont have mom and dad so, you don’t have mom and dad so just by begging everything is taken care of I take care of my sister as i don’t have anyone behind me to take care of How much do you get out of begging on streets 10..20 rupees how much is it that you have earned the most so far in a day I have earned 100 rupees.. you have earned 100 rupees!! Show me? Everyday are you able to earn this much When did you get this much? in the evening or in the morning? I have got this just now. This much in 1 or two hours ok I got it that you have earned 100 rupees. Keep it inside So, at 5 or 6pm you come here to beg and then goes home by 10pm, is it? I come at 4 pm. Ok so you come at 4pm and by 10 you are off home who are those who give you all this money? Who wants to give they give. You also know this is not a good habit to keep Do you have a mobile phone? What? I mean do you have a mobile phone? I done use phone I have a small I Pod…What? I phone! You have an I phone?! No not I phone I have an I pod Show me where is it? I dont know how to use a phone But do you know how to use an I pod?. Madam had bought it for me IPOD!? Small one. Madam had bought it for me Do you have it with you right now? One pair of clothes was bought for me by Madam One small I pod also she bought as she saw a shop in front of her Alright tomorrow i will get you some pair of my old clothes sharp at 8pm If you want my number take it? Do you need my number? Yes sir!. i don’t have your number? You also dont have a phone to note down my number Meet me tomorrow at 8pm. I also dont know how to use a phone Thats fine! Tomorrow I will meet you here at 8pm get you my old clothes You’ll wear it, wont you? its my good old clothes. They are all nice pairs. you will wear it? Please get it to me in a big bag You will have a big bag wont you sir? please get it!. My mom you know use to give me some powder mixed with milk You know bournvita sir? Bournvita!!. Yea yea bournvita My mom used to give but it did not help me with my health i was also at the hospital for my treatment for about 4-5 months but nothing helped With that also you did not gain weight or become fat But with Bournvita you dont gain weight or become fat. You have to eat proper food to gain weight or be healthy With eating proper food you become healthy and not by drinking bournvita Are you telling that aren’t you? FAT! or HUGE! You could not become because with bournvita you wont become fat you have to eat proper food to become healthy Did you eat your food like Rice and pulses I eat Rice and Pulses but I am unable to get the nutrients through my body Okay so you after eating rice and pulses you are still not able to put on weight How much do you eat? Do you eat very little I eat very little sir Eat a little more than you have now you are able to earn now more so try and eat good food I don’t have clothes and also for my younger sister I will give get clothes for you Sir I also pay my house rent. You also have a house rent?? How much is the rent? 1500 and water is 300 rupees And this work that you do.. begging which you get the money for does it complete your expense some times I earn 400- 500 rupeees You get 400- 500 rupees in a day !!! And the for the water I pay 300 and for my house expense i keep 200 from it So you do saving also? okay what will you do now My younger sister will cook food at home I dont do any other work I dont do drugs I have been thin like this since childhood Since when are you living here. I have seen you here couple of times My mother used to give me medicines to become healthy. I don’t eat food that is the reason why I am like this Do you study? Do you get time to study? 1 or 2 hours atleast I used to earlier go to a study somewhere far the slums that i used to live used to be big and now it is demolished So I have moved here nearby and live on rent I had been working for almost a month and a police man came and stopped me from working The police man came again and removed me from working because I am not allowed to work at this age I had worked there and got some amount of money 2000 rupees ..ahhh 2000 hmmm 2500 police took 500 rupees from me okay he started yelling at the stall owner as well as at me He started to hit me How old are you?. I mean how old are you I have just come here.. what is your age no I am saying what is your age? I don’t have brains sir no I’m saying how old 14-15 years. how old are you? I’m short in height. dont have brains. You are talking properly and you look you have brains I am the only only one to take care of my sister Okay. Just because no one is allowing you to work and after the police man incident. You have started begging I am not begging I am doing all this for my younger sister

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  1. गर्व होता है कि हमारे भारत देश ने चांद से लेकर समुंद्र की गहराई तक झंडे गाड़े है।
    लेकिन जब इस तरह किसी बच्चे को सड़क पर रोटी के लिए लड़ता देखते है तो मानो लगता है हम आज भी बहुत पीछे है।
    आज आपने मात्र एक बच्चे को दिखाया है लेकिन ना जाने ऐसे कितने बच्चे है जो रोज भूखा सोते हैं।
    अनुच्छेद 23 के विरुद्ध तो नही हूँ लेकिन कहना चाहूंगा कि पेट के लिए सब करना पड़ता है और बहुत से बच्चे आज अपनी शिक्षा छोड़के चाइल्ड लेबर जैसा काम करने को मजबूर है। जिन बच्चो को इस देश का भविष्य बोला जाता है वो आज अपनी रोटी के लिए दिन रात सड़क पर भीख मांगने को मजबूर है।
    लेकिन इन बच्चों की तरफ किसी का ध्यान नही जाता।
    उम्मीद है आपकी वीडियो लोगो तक सन्देश पहुचायेगी और आप इस माध्यम से एक बेहतर भारत बनाने में सहयोग करेंगे………..

  2. Nice work no doubt..
    Instead of money we can give them a weight machine..or smthing so that he can understand begging is not only one option or there are NGO'S also working who can help..india is changing and as u can see now beggers r decreasing bcoz we dont support money giving thing..and child labour is right but to survive he has to fight
    I would suggest never ever give money to child..never

  3. क्या यार भाई, आंसू आ गए… यही तो मेरा एकमात्र Target है, दिन रात मेहनत करके अमीर बनने में लगा हूं, ताकि हद से ज्यादा लोगों की मदद करू, प्यार बांटू, जितना हो सके उससे ज्यादा… ❤️

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