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Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge : Epic Challenge Part 1

Kidsource Easy Skyblock Challenge : Epic Challenge Part 1

hey everybody old dad back with kidsource hey do you recognize this map it’s the kidsource easy Skyblock challenge map and i know now i need to be committed hey everybody its old dad back with kidsource we’re on the kidsource easy skyblock challenge map today and the reason is we’re going to do the epic challenge you know I’ve seen this map all over YouTube a lot of people are using it in their videos and we think that is great but nobody wants to commit to doing the epic challenge so I figured hey I built the map I’m the one that needs to be committed I’m going to commit so we’re doing the epic challenge here on the kidsource easy Skyblock challenge map that is really a mouthful so we’re just going to call it the epic challenge from here on out I’m going to start out by harvesting some wood because obviously I’m going to need some tools we’re going to go in here we’re going to build some tools then we’re going to go around and start harvesting all of the resources we can find and kind of take inventory of what we’ve got to work with all right we’ve made some tools up already chop this tree down so maybe we should go ahead and replant some saplings and get those growing so we’ll have the wood when we need it and of course we’ll get back to the old cobblestone generator over there that’s one of your best resources on this map is the cobblestone generator and while it is extremely boring to just stand there minute after minute after minute which will probably turn into hour after hour after hour on this epic challenge grind in a way chipping away mine in a way breaking those cobble stone blocks collecting them up one by one by one so before we get to all that I’m going to plant a few trees so that would can be growing for harvest later on I’m sweating down alright I’m going to go ahead and I got all the trees planted I’m going to come over here and harvest all the vegetables that I can from the crops that are already growing here and go ahead and replant those that way those can be replenished while i’m working on everything else plus I’ll have some tasty carrots and potatoes and my satchel you know if I get over here on one of the other areas get really hungry my tummy starts rumbling I need something to eat I don’t want have to come back over here I want to have it on the inventory on my person you know so we’re doing this we’re going to get to some cool stuff all right this is not really cool stuff but we’re only going to spend a minute on this obviously you got to harvest some cobblestone to get anywhere on this map so I harvested a bunch of cobblestone I cut all that out i edited all that out because I know you guys don’t want to see that boring mundane chip chipping away on the cobblestone but let me tell you something I realized while I was chipping away at cobblestone it got dark on me when we did the easy challenge on this map along with a lot of other people we never saw any mobs spawn but I promise you mobs will spawn when you put down enough blocks or something we were I was building away on this connecting these two islands and all of a sudden it got dark and mobs spawned everywhere so I finally made it over to the second island here which is the iron ore island collected a little bit of hiring or the bridge is looking great going back to the other Island to the home island so we’re going to get some of the sand and make our way home alright so we’ve got a good start on the epic challenge I have harvested over 500 blocks of cobblestone yeah I counted them well i quit at 500 but we’re well over 500 blocks now as you can see I’ve started adding to the home island here I put some edges and cobblestone around it so I don’t stumble off when I’m trying to collect stuff I’ve also started making the bridge that we have going across here pretty wide and this is really basically just going to turn into a big mass of cobblestone block that went then we can start building our city on top of you know any good building including the city any good epic challenge it’s got to start with a good foundation and that’s what we’ve laid down today in this week’s video is the foundation as you can see over there is the gold island we’re going to work our way towards that and ultimately get all the way to the fourth island but in doing that we’re going to also be completing the epic challenge which as we all know is to build a city a Skyblock city in survival using or starting with the kidsource easy Skyblock challenge map there is a link in the description where you can download our kidsource easy Skyblock challenge map hey you can also follow us on twitter and facebook there’s links to those things in the description as well and be sure and subscribe to kidsource and become part of the kidsource force here on youtube if you like the video please smash that like button and thanks for watching our kidsource easy Skyblock challenge to do epic challenge see you next time

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  1. Wow I just noticed that you have more subs than me but I think we all know why that is XD have you seen my latest vid it explains everything… anyways cool vid

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