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My goodness look at that. Toe fidget spinning [shutout] hey guys it fgteev chase and fgteev duddy back to another video We are checking out some Roblox fidgets spinner games today. Well, we’re just going to see what’s available to play so first up We are going to ride a roller coaster Through a fidget spinner come on chase hop into the train ughh How do we go? Oh there’s a robot dude move robot dude you’re black get up. Oh Sorry alright. There. We go. So we’re just riding on a track broke the wheel to room mmM. It’s a very nice scenery We’re like up in the mountains, but look. Oh there it is. There’s a visit is this idgit Spin [it] So it’s not [that] we can really do in this one. We just have to sit in and wait. Oh Those were all fitted so far. This is kind of blah which we had like laser guns like it was like we can shoot targets That would be cool. This isn’t really like a two-player [game] It’s just me controlling the mouse, but look we’re about to go through the visit through the mouth of a [frigid] way It’s kind of cool and kind of bored. Oh, you look like a ton oh, hello. Oh, I’m in the tunnel It’s a cool echo So far. I’m not really feeling this game so much, whoa through the mouth of a fidget all right at the end yeah, we’re at the frigid end and mini Tunnel I got upside down okay, and Now and now what well we’re we’re sliding. We’re skidding. Where’s your plate? You can plain? I think I’m Gonna Hop out now. I have a room. So what should we do in here? Where you going chase chase or these things faces? We can like make a face yeah? Oh, that’s cool. Yeah Should we do it? I’m going to the dark side oh Look dear Aries. Don’t side a robot [so] [bad] your name should be Demon [mcNee] me. We’re done with this game. This is kind of blah Let’s see what other king the dreams We have I me know if you find a good video game, but let’s say I just typed in fidget Spin it and we have escaped finit Spirit Midget abuk boo. Sorry I’m not sure if [wanna] [do] another one right [there]. Yeah, there’s a lot of escape Bobby’s, but let’s see [two-player] fit. Oh Fidget Spinner Tycoon [alright] here we go What I do yeah, yeah, well begin working free right? I have to claim it claim it How are you? I like this music music Well, it’s probably copyrighted, so I’m [gonna] mute. It [outright] background So this is cool. Look at this. It’s like some giant Some Giants tickets spinners around here and over there. [oh] I see you look. We ran Yeah, yeah My shirt is different, woah Dude, I’m allergic to cat Thank you. I can’t. I’m stuck now starting to think this is like a fake steve. There’s no physics here ah So there’s no crickets here. The only [thing] rigid about this map is those giant pigeons? I’m out of here [I] leave game oh, did you to kill me fine? Give me kind sir. Thank you. I was trying to leave [alright], let’s try to find another [fidget] game [Rider] fidget spinners. – that sounds cool right a fidget spinner 1000 Plus [9] Thousand more few 8999 movie, [what’s] between an Invasion will take place. Oh Hello. Oh, I thought you cheese. Well. What is this place? Wow my goodness? What it’s good I’m frozen just great. It’s cold in here now. I think somebody messed it up all right Well, that’s definitely that was another scam Escape fidget spinner [avi], there’s just time let’s just click on it and see what that one’s like all right? All right, so uh I don’t even [wow] dude This is a trick like you get out very quick all right. Bye. You’re gonna finish the video by yourself [man], no video You gotta be spec effect. I wasn’t sure with your dick in a bit. Oh Something stuck on my handle for you. I’m like she’s mean again [try] [got] [anything] with those Stinking wires let’s try this [digit] spinner [oh] [be] who look at me. I’m [spinning]. Oh, I’m a fidget spinner whee Daddy fidget [what] what I can’t get out? What tell them any out dude? This is legit. This is [a] scam. I just oh there I go No, I’m stuck again. [we] got to find another one. How about fidget spinner ride a box down stuff. Oh Okay, this one’s not broken. Oh, I actually already have a fidget spinner. Oh, sweet. It doesn’t spin, so it’s just a fidget spawn a Minyan box, whoa Whoa, this is happy Spawn a Patrick box is this thing broken [to] [do] what is this thing? Oh man? [oh], hop in [all] [right] this box. Oh Wow, I just fit in this box, and then what whoa that’s fast. [no], [I] don’t wanna. Oh All just great. This is just great. Why are you both going to? Do just act me out of the world oh [Else] Brood oh Wait visit. I mean minion [ice] [and] I meant to say midget. Hey that guy is almost like my brother That’s our fan stumpy. He’s my friend on Roblox. [oh] yeah. Yeah, dude. I seriously think I gotta get ryder hang out I got better screen one of these days. I’m going to make a new skin so that when people see it. They’re like over Definitely after you don’t you because this one they know that but it’s just so She’s so blah dude. This is like a yeah. This is a really bad game It looks like the bear from snow fight [die] [oh], I can’t put my arms down They’re stuck oh pretty, yes, guy You’ll never take my minion from me or maybe you will oh block the path that is so messed up, no oh My minion my mini is now going by many onions Well the bat game. How about this one boys VS. Girls fidget spinners all right, so I get a blue spinner to start with sweet. Oh, it actually worked check it out Yeah now hey, I like to Spin it. I know bro. I’m stuck tall Pink spinner yeah, what? Dude, I’m stuck what kind of Shenanigans is this [well-well] whoa, whoa, whoa? What’s going back? I’m hating [tape] [oh] Thank you. We can I walk now Chase you fixed me This is the only last like two seconds cuz chase got slimed stuck in it. I’m going to the boys team [I’ll] see you later. Yeah Oh, you can’t either This game’s glitchy – Army boy Murph what commercial what summer while I want to be an Army Boy Murph [I]? Have a sword [oh], no, what’s happening? No? Oh? Wow, oh check out my fishing. There’s my wedding [ah] Advanced weaponry look I’m stuck again. [oh] my goodness another bad game How about this one physic hang out frigid police want to come hang out at my fidgets place? No, why I’ll just hang up on myself at my own fidgets place. [what’s] this dude? There’s a lot of figures here, so the deficit the beverage [intersected] [-] [intercepted] [it] holy samosas like [acidic]. Oh Dads are beautiful faking. Oh look at it fidget. Look at it. Go look at that, baby What wonder wonder would [aah] – oh look oh if I click it goes faster? Come here with me. Let’s have a battle [alright]. Come next to me in Spin a fidget with me ow. Whoa what killer fidget? We’re not trying to [Bobby] [skiba] bar right now, bro. What is up with these crazy killers [fidget]? Oh, I like this one so [I] [can] [just] [sing] it. [I] can just collect all of them. Oh whoa look at that one I’m kicking it with my feet dude. I can do a fidget on my toe when can I see your toe right quick and ready wait Wait, keep it. Oh my goodness. Look at that. Toph it. Just fit him nice Dude, that’s what I just did in Roblox. [oh], I think your fans are following you whoa, [whoa]? There’s so many fans will do I got a fidget on a surfboard wait. Why’s my I have a boomerang dude look at me I’m so boss. I’m a surfing fidget man. Oh look I can control my board, but I can’t control my own skill This is so strange. I don’t like how fidgets work. You’re hoverboarding that was so 2016 Chase it’s all about the fidget [alright] So this is kind of cool If you just want to come around with your hang out with your friends and stay stuck in the state look I just press the fidget and I got stuck and I’m walking to know it boomerang Don’t see my grandma’s out for [grandmas] [outside] right [now]. I’m stuck with [my] [sit] down, baby We’re not leaving oh, I’m out of this world that was Kind of bad. No, I liked it. You did yeah, let’s hide this one fidget spinners chicken nugget land [oh], can you spin a chicken nugget visit that slime stuff talking about some weird? I’m Gonna make a chicken nut whoa This is seriously a land of all Teleport – chicken nugget Dance Teleport – Potatoland teleport, I’m joining what I just [wanna] go back first oh sweet What if I don’t want to teleport to anywhere? Maybe I guess I have to what’s over here. Hey. I am your leader. What’s this thing? Whoa I get turned into a chicken nugget man They’re so cool teleport [-] chicken nugget land – Grand opening. Let’s go. What’s better than pigeons Chicken no look at that look at that fidget one uh check out our video We’re gonna chicken nuggets sweet though. I lost [money]. No not cool. [I] don’t want to be here [no] I’m not trying to game with the chicken nugget controller, okay come oh, I [what] how do I do that, okay never mind Let’s just reset. I lost my fidget. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, oh yeah, [oh] sorry try to reach one Okay, [I] place it dancing. Oh sure everybody’s dancing in there [I] Hocked a look that’s it, [sweetie] Basically [DVDs] already created and made me kind of feel the rule of [quincy] in it rolling Do it I can jump like a boss tonight is just like a [sliders] this morning There’s so many fingers up on here the screen. It’s kind of driving me nuts. Old whoa whoa whoa that was fun? I just became a chicken nugget roll I’m coming to changes dance party where’s [ya] oh there is oh you want to see my dance skills, bro oh Oh that guy just said yeah as soon [as] I said I see you watching my dance Kelsey. Yeah Check it out check it out. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah Dancing with my vision. I’m shutting [GK1] suddenly How did someone make me say that whoa wait? How did someone do that? Maybe she a private message? That’s really cool They deserve to [do] third hi back to oh [Sammy], you’re making my screen all silly Chicken nuggets dance oh they’ll give me outdoor my spinner check out my spinner right there. Yeah, I’m spinning. I’m spinning I got killded and spinner all right well I kind of had enough of this dance [part], I’m [outta] here What did you think what that world it wasn’t that great right? Yeah, [it] just had like one 150 physics spinner Escape [offi] I’m waiting to find cool fidget stuff. Oh, no. Oh wait. What what no? Oreo There’s a fidget oreo. Oh, I just stuff my [whole] nose. Okay jewel all right This is trying to talk with an oreo in your mouth challenge. Okay. I really like [Bruisers] Rulers, but I own true little boots Not really being truthful [rude]. It’s a bunch of [bull] [manure] Oh anybody thinking to cover you [all] right get out of this world and I find a real fidget spinner tycoon Don’t lie to me. Oh I found a real fidget spinner tycoon. I want to claim one. Where’s the wonder this hello? Hello, look I’m so tied down the map right here. Hello anyone new oh, there’s a frigate Oh, that’s my back one come in come in the world You don’t have to come in the world [after] that sightings just a typhoon with the [bustle] tiny little fidgets I’m going to claim this [oh] [I] claims it cast [a] collection begin working are so let’s see what this is about press it there [whittle] figis Oh my goodness [their] widowed veggies, okay the way up [veggie] [man]. Don’t kill [oh] [that’s] disgusting [we] don’t talk about peepee on this channel Are you a Youtuber ah no like someone’s sandwich no way? I think I am [on] [an] exposed end, so fidgets Let’s go see how much money that’s giving me eighty eighty eighty seven wool one doll [hair] wait and three doll hairs Oh, that’s not enough. I can try to try to try to credit education [all] right. Let’s see. [where’s] my money Boom how much money I have a hundred forty I’m gon kick that [big] [spinner] dropper to this one jobs nice nice neat fidgets I’m old [mickey] with it. Look at look at my I have vertical digits and those are horizontal digits [alright] So you know what I’m not going to sit here and play this right now because I think this is too similar some of the other tycoon games let’s check out anyone else that has a huge tycoon built up ok I’m going out it’s Still boring so boring right? I’m just gonna check this guy. I think [I’m] probably gonna get out – I head out stuff I’m just here from [the] local fidget Detection services just here to check on to make sure all these [digits] are being treated equally and Fairly and they are not being treated poorly so they have some money in their wallet and let’s see you got [$400] and this does look pretty boring [are] we’re out [of] this one is this a good one You got to look look at [look] at the thumbs up. I don’t want to do [anymore]. Yeah, right you’re done. Yeah Yeah, I will just thanks for thanks for playing a little bit man. I’m just gonna See here. What’s what’s going on here? Hey guys now. It’s just going to be me you know I really wanted to come back in here and try this one boom. I’m in a minion. Oh Whoa, whoa, whoa I? Mean a minion box this has nothing to do with fidget these people tricked me. I’m so mad I don’t can’t see anything. I’m on my head now. I’m laying down like I’m on a bed This is a waterfall. It’s we were not [red] when I go to my next Roblox game I will probably Be stalling because I’m trying to find something that rhymes with red and also makes sense based on the visuals that you guys are currently Seeing at this current moment Hopefully I die. So that way I can spell [dat] out loud and actually say enough spell it okay. It’s coming soon hopefully and I’m gonna jump off [of] the side of the place, so I’ll be dead [so] I could also hold on with this while now that camera manning should just stay this close. I can hey guys I’m getting a neck crick I’m just going to try to find a couple more to have good ratings and then go give [up] fidget spinner death You stabbed a fitted spinner survived John doe I took John’s tell when I bought visit with it. Hey So where’s John doe at John Doe [gosh]? I got shut out stoppage on Tobacco struck out I’m Gonna poke [you] with my [if] you [poke] you with us Yeah For real no [canadian] my sword what can I hit him with a 50 take this? I don’t know Scary that was rat scary. That was actually probably the best game I tried so [far] because it was like a jump scare I guess that’s why I has a pretty good rating but it legit had nothing to do with fidgets What’s this one fidget spinner official all right? So what is so official about this place? Hello ah your creepy guy? What is up here? What’s so cool about this? I’m just gonna call the makers of Roblox real quick [oh] wow, there’s songs on there. Oh there’s ft. TV. Nice. We [enjoyed] make the list alright fidget. Oh check this out Hey, dude. Oh, no. I’m stuck [again] ah This is not a fun [thing] to do guys. I’m really not [liking] [the] future yeah hello, so check out my visit wait I just pushed them Yeah, you don’t want none of it. I’m a boss fidget spinner [alright]. That wasn’t cool face it Whoa, it’s still going fast that is actually very very close to what a fidget spinner would look like get out of here chair You’re just like blocking my whole human stuff here. We go. Whoa Whoa [ah] I just left it there [oh] my arm. Oh my goodness. The arm is being chopped my legs are in slow motion wow How long this is crazy? [oh] my goodness [alright]? I think we’ve had enough for today day There’s not very many cool one get eaten by a physic. That sounds cool [alright] I’m ready to get Eaten by a pigeon there’s nothing there nothing to do about a frigidaire just [ab] I’ve got it like two cats [and] a pokemon on a bed and a Bus to the background talk about [down] [a] hair escape spinner fizzy this one has good ratings. Maybe this is actually a fijian escape. Hello Master Fijian Escape are you a mouthful fugitive scoop [alright]? This is very slow. Whoa, whoa [well]? It’s a good arrow slime sweet sweet. Oh having fun. Please be efficient at the end wait And there’s no [fidgeted] then finish the [ah] be for a serp first sir serp [rice] That’s a weird word. I think they spell wrong is this box o of these [robots] hello, Roebucks, whoa? Oh, I died I got in it’s a minion, and I don’t I don’t even think I see a single thinking oh What the threat there should be some level of integrity here, I think People from Roblox should be reviewing these games Slide down into [a] fitted spinner the reviews are so bad, but I just can’t help myself I just definitely want to like ah not [again] fine Let’s just try Patrick box, and I spawned it, and it didn’t spawn. Oh there it is there it is [oh], I thought it was Backpack. [ha] ha ha all [right]. [I’m] going I’m going I don’t want to play this [doh] Why everybody says liars and Roblox, [ooh]? Ooh this one looks cool is it’s a spinner toss fidget toss toss and fidgets or not tossing fidgets, whoa, whoa? What was that John don’t know I’m scared of those guys no guys let me out [of] here before you guys I just want to play video games. That’s it guys you guys object whites I’m gonna swipe all your guys you wish it you ready out here now. I just want to play some physics That’s it. You leave me no choice They’re very really no choice. What the gun just controls the light [alright] well I was trapped by John Doe in a game called Escape the fidgets alright. That’s cool Really think you should be called escape the John doe but whatever Host counting counting, what will be typing [CG] [Avi]? Alright here. We go escape fidget spinner Abhi’s. It’s a trick. It’s not a trick There’s an actual fidget. It is not a trick when I zoom out look like a midget That offensive I [sell] is one [thinking] to fidget One Midget To midget ok this is actually a wall this thing that looks like it goes on forever I’m just going to zoom out forever until I zoom out Forever [and] Yes, wow that looks like it would take me a good few years to beat this game. [oh], there’s three pigeons [ha] ha can you spot all three fidget [all] right cool well guys? I’m done I mean like I tried a bunch of 50 games uh My best one was like the John doe one had nothing to do with digits But um yeah if you want to see more of me playing video games on Roblox Too bad that were happening because there’s literally no 50 games to play in Roblox you want to trick her scammer people’s? But yeah, hopefully if one comes out, and it’s cool. Just like send me a million messages because if you send like [800,000] I won’t see it [alright]. That’s a promise. Thank you so much for watching thumbs up peace out subscribe [giver] We bop Del notification be [black] [me] There take you over [whole] cows just cuz are its bit. I guess you’re right You stay here I’m gonna. Go ask my boss that guy over there wants us to [stage] the whole town wow the decision has been made [fled] to town wait a minute wait a minute

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