King in the Wilderness Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Coming Soon

Take three. Civil rights, King, roll 20, sound 36. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a human being. And he was imperfect. He was conflicted. But his love… Was unchallengeable. We have an opportunity to inject morality in the veins of our civilization. We were trying to redeem the soul of America. From racism… …war… …and poverty. We’re dealing with issues that will call for the restructuring of American society. The most difficult time of his life… Was the eighteen months before his assassination. I will continue to preach non-violence. I do not know that everything that Martin said or did, he was quite prepared for. The middle of all that was the rising of the Vietnam War. Dr. King made the decision that he had to be against the war. These people are damning me when I say you ought to be non-violent to all the little brown children in Vietnam! Stick with civil rights! He said, “My friends are turning on me.” He was devastated. Do you fear for your life? It isn’t so important how long you live. The important thing is how well you live. The attacks and the criticisms on him were getting more and more vicious. The FBI was constantly investigating King. We will not tolerate lawlessness. Dr. King looked me straight in the eye and said, “If we can’t drive, we run… …you can’t run, you walk… …can’t walk, you crawl… …but keep moving forward.”

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