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Kit de supervivencia – Survival Kit – Kit de sobrevivência – Supervivencia y emergencias

Kit de supervivencia – Survival Kit – Kit de sobrevivência – Supervivencia y emergencias

This is an example of a survival kit of small dimensions. It includes several items that we shall describe now. The container is metallic and waterproof. It is also watertight thanks to the silicone band that it has on its lid. Here you have some treated (carbonised) cotton. It has been treated previously to make it burn better. This isfomes fomentarius; it will be useful as a fire starting material. Fungi like this one are excellent as combustible materials for fire starting. This comes from a bicycle tire. Has many uses. Like helping you to start a fire under difficult conditions. It might also be useful to build traps or weapons. Elastic bands have as many uses as you can conceive. A cheap lighter. Being transparent, you can see how much fuel it has left inside. And you can take more than one with you. In this case, since this is a personal kit, one is enough. This stone is just another item of the survival kit. It has ceramic on one side, and diamond particles in the other, to sharpen things. It is a sharpening stone. Wires to make traps and many other things. Wire is one of the most useful things. You can build or repair almost everything using wire. This is useful for producing spark sand igniting fires. This is useful to improvise a water bladder. Many of the remaining items are for fishing, we will deal with them shortly. This is an expediently-made knife. The metal has been sharpened on one of its sides. And can be very useful; it is actually useful to know how to make these as well. Use it whenever you suspect that you might damage your “real” knife. You can skin prey, cut bones, etc. Indeed, it is something very cheap and easy to make. And you can make it under your own measurements, to fit inside the kit box, for example. An here we have the fishing kit. With all the common fishing components. You should include hooks and other items in different sizes and types. And you can also have some of them already prepared to save time. What you will have in your kit is up to you. Always include what you feel that will be essential. Don’t settle for what you can purchase; you should modify things to your liking. You will have to purchase some components but… The best kits are always those composed of things that you can get or make yourself, like in this case. The only thing that really matters is that you always keep present where is each kit component. Look at these: they have human hair incorporated. You can use any sort of resources. A “fly” fo sorts… Like the fly used to attract fish that capture insects near the surface of water. You can make your own fly in many different ways, but hair is a good and cheap one. This is a small kit providing several ways to star survival fires. Cotton, one of the best combustible materials all-around. This little box provides extra protection against moisture. Make sure that you place always stuff that is very tough and resistant. Some additional, useful stuff, from an old lighter. And its sparking components. See the combination. This dental filament is also useful and very light; try not to carry bulky or heavy stuff. More stuff; remember to make your kit light and unobtrusive. Carry things resistant enough to fix things like your backpack. Some pins. A selection of needles; they are very useful in a myriad of survival situations. And this is of fishing as well as other uses. The best kit items are useful in various ways and not just one. Very resistant, indeed. Well… this is our survival kit. We hope that it will give you ideas to make your own. Have fun!

36 thoughts on “Kit de supervivencia – Survival Kit – Kit de sobrevivência – Supervivencia y emergencias”

  1. por supuesto que cada kit es persona, porqe yo no colocarìa algo qe es muy util en una montaña, si yo me voy al bosque.

  2. yo echo en falta algún elemento más para señalización, como pueda ser un silbato o un espejo (aunque la lata pueda servir), una brujula pequeña, algo para primeros auxilios (más algodón, cinta americana…) y quizás alguna pastilla purificadora. Puede sonar a tontería pero un billete de 10 o 20 euros no ocupa nada, y puede servir de mucho en comarcas civilizadas…Y sobra algo de sedal no?. Es sólo una opinión. Gracias

  3. Muy bueno… Ya esta en proceso el mio y de paso le regalare uno a mi hermano, para cuando su esposa lo deje algunos dias solo y sin comida, jajaja. Saludos y gracias por el ejemplo.

  4. Hola, busco una lata del tipo de la que usas en el video, pero no encuentro por ningún lado, podrías darme alguna referencia de donde encontrarla?? Gracias y un saludo!!

  5. porque tu kit es el mas abanzado que eh visto eh buscado quit de supevivencia por todos lados y no eh encontrado nada y lo encontre y esta recontra completo

  6. yo ya me arme mi kit le agregue una nabaja, un corta pluma, un kit de pesca gasa, etc. ustedes me dieron la idea gracias por todo

  7. Creo que hay muchas cosas inútiles, con perdón. Pero no hace falta tantos tipos diferentes de hilos ni tantas formas de encender fuego. Además faltan detalles como una sierra de hilo, pastillas potabilizadoras, etc.

  8. Okay gracias ya averigue la piedra se llama Piedra DC4 😉 pero me e cansado de buscarlas aqui en republica dominicana y no encuentro las encontre en una pagina de internet pero por ahora no dispongo de tarjeta de credito 🙁 pero seguire buscando muchas gracias me suscribi a tu canal tienes muy buenos videos 😉

  9. Okay te agradesco por tener tan buenos videos ahora seguire viendo un par oye un dia podrias hacer un video de como hacer un pequeno refugio cuando estes perdido?? me contestas cuando puedas ;P


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