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Kit supervivencia convenciones frikis//Convention survival kit (Eng. subs)

Kit supervivencia convenciones frikis//Convention survival kit (Eng. subs)

Hello once again I’m really sorry for the lack of updates But I’ve been really bussy and to make things worse I was sick and without voice for 2 weeks and I need my voice to work so… Today’s video is…I’m not going to say special, because I always say special but it’s an interesting video with spring comes the season of conventions geek, anime, manga and comic conventions and to me it’s very interesting be able to release the new tag about manga and anime with something very special wich is a convention survival kit the first you will need in your kit is a backpack as you can see my backpack is very discreet to not to lose sight of it if it has several pockets the better here…here…and here if you like my backpack, don’t worry, I already left you a link in the descprition to buy it the next you will need, obviously it is water why? because in those places a lot of people gather, it’s usually quite hot a lot of teenagers with their hormones together and mixed and there comes a time you dehydrate and you ended on the floor begging to leave that’s why water is so important next step in your convention survival kit is… some food as you can see these are some healty options a banana, two tangerines… why food? because nobody, and I say… …nobody… nobody will ensure that you’ll be able to eat in all day and if you eat there, the food will be unhealthy, fast food, fried food… That’s why I always recomend… oh look! a smiley face That’s why I always recomend to bring some food with you next you’ll need, if you want or not,you’ll need it because it’s a precious thing are tissues yes, tissues why? because the toilet paper It is highly prized desapears, and people fight over it “OMG, a piece of toilet paper I need it” and you are like a boss with your tissues next item you’ll need it is a makeup retouch case if you’re going to wear makeup, do cosplay, dressing lolita or just paint yourself you’ll want to retouch because throughout the day with the hot, the amount of people your face and makeup will begins to melt next step!! another set, but this is a special one in this pochette we will have some medicines just in case you’ll have a headache, for some allergies, asthma… this one is to avoid some health issues if you aren’t at home just because conventions usually take place in far away zones from city center so yeah!!!
Prevention is better than cure The following is not required, nothing of all this stuff is it’s a perfume sample and is that… I don’t know you, but when I’m surrounded by a lot of people for a long period of time there’s a moment that I start to feel dirty…well not dirty dirty I feel like I don’t smell like me and I start to feel bad about myself so then I use the perfume sample to refresh me, to feel more confortable next enters in the emergency set,and are bandaids just in case the shoes hurt you, or you have a cut… conventions are full of people and no one knows what can happen the next item we will need in our survival kit it’s a nintendo DS Why? because if you have a ds and you let it switch on at the convetion you will meet a lot of people that will help yo to recue your mii and to gain more points and nintendo items next thing you’ll need definitely you’ll need it yes it’s your wallet and yes… I know that my wallet and backpack matches I’m an holographic fan wallet, with you ID I recommend you, if you have some allergies, to indicate them, write your allergies on your arm, put a sticker on your wallet or a paper inside and obviously have some money, bills and cash I also recommend to have some extra money in a little wallet hidden in a secret pocket in your backpack nobody knows what can happen, maybe you lost your wallet or someone steals it that way you’ll have some extra money for emergencies I love my backpack!!! and last but not least you have to bring your mobile phone this is my mobile phone the case matches my sweater ^^ try to have it full charged and if you owned one, bring with you a power bank try to keep some minutes for calls because if you’re underage your parents will appreciate that I’m old enough so I go without minutes… no phone no cares bring your mobile, and if you have to travel bring you earphones too just to listen to music during the journey and that’s it!! we are ready to go to a convention!! In my case I’ll go to “Expotaku” A Coruña 2016 I hope to see you all there! I hope you liked this video If you did give me a thumbs up! and if you want to see more videos stay tuned and do not forget to subscribe to my chanel thank you so much!! Bye!!!!

4 thoughts on “Kit supervivencia convenciones frikis//Convention survival kit (Eng. subs)”

  1. Añadiría las toallitas refrescantes en monodosis, esenciales para cualquier convención (sobre todo en verano). Y en caso de ir haciendo cosplay o lolita, un pequeño costurero de bolsillo con algo de hilo y aguja <3

  2. Es un kit de supervivencia en general XDDD me parto con lo del papel !! HAce mucho que no voy a ese tipo de convenciones pero lo del bote de colonia era si o si.
    PD- la mochila es super chula XD

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