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L.T. Wright Trekker Survival and Hunting Fixed Blade Knife Now Available at

L.T. Wright Trekker  Survival and Hunting Fixed Blade Knife Now Available at

hey everyone David C Anderson here
coming at you from the woods behind the KnifeCenter and today we’re looking at
a classic pattern from LT Wright Knives the recently reintroduced Trekker let’s
check it out so for those of you that know the history of LT Wright knives
before that company was formed LT was actually one half of Blind Horse Knives
but this design actually predates those Blind Horse days this is a knife that LT
designed to be his go-to hunting big game knife whether he was heading out
just for an afternoon hunt or heading out on horseback into Wyoming for up to
a week he wanted a larger knife that could get all of his big jobs done if
you just take a quick glance at this knife it does bear a little bit of
resemblance to the LT Wright GNS knife but there are a few differences the
handle shape of course is very similar from the profile but it’s a bit more
streamlined from the top it’s a nice roomy grip my hands fit very well and I
tend to wear a size large work glove but the thing that makes this knife extra
capable is a blade length it’s about four and three-quarters of an inch so
larger than their classic GNS or Genesis models we also get a little bit more
belly here at the tip as well as a full flat grind which is gonna make this a
little more versatile than a Scandi grind which might be good for just
bushcraft stuff whereas this knife could handle anything from hunting and
skinning food prep as well as some wood processing bushcraft and wood craft the
steel on these knives are AEB-L stainless which is a Swedish steel with
a very fine grain structure you do get a very high edge stability thanks to that
grain structure it also allows it to take a wickedly fine edge very easily
and yet it still holds that edge very well you also get a very high degree of
toughness from this blade as well even though it’s only 1/8 of an inch thick
this is extremely durable and can be even used to split wood if you need it
to of course being a stainless steel you’re not gonna have to worry as much
about corrosion but it doesn’t feel like a stainless steel when you’re sharpening
or using it I’ve said a number of times that this really is the stainless steel
you want if you are a carbon steel fanatic and in some testing scenarios
this steel actually compares very favorably to 52100 in terms of its
performance and that tells you all you need to know about
right there going back to the handles a little bit they definitely have the
strength and stability to back up that phenomenal blade you can see it’s
secured here by a couple of fisheye bolts but that’s just the mechanical
attachment they also use a high-strength two ton epoxy which really melds those
scales onto the tang of the knife means they’re not going anywhere and even if
they did the lifetime warranty they’ll be able to take care of that for you
we’ve got a few different handle options available right now this one is the
green micarta with orange liners and we really like micarta as a handle material
for an outdoors knife because not only does it feel good
it also looks nice and natural it doesn’t look like a super synthetic
material and then once it is wet it actually feels a little bit grippier in
use it’s not gonna get slick like some other handle materials might not only do
they grip well but the contours are very nice all these knives are made by hand
and they contour these over perfectly so that there’s no hot spots another handle
option that we’ve got right now if you want a little bit more grip than the
standard smooth micarta is a mountain finish natural canvas version this knife
has a hand scalloped finish which does add some grip but you don’t have to
worry too much about those hot spots it may look a little more aggressive but it
actually feels quite good and it’s not so aggressive that it is gonna pinch or
blister your hand if you want one that’s a little bit more fancy this is my
personal favorite of the batch we’ve got and this is the version with maple paper
richlight handles as a material this richlight is very similar to paper
micarta which allows it to take a very nice matte finish that looks really good
and it’s contrasted very nicely by these thick natural micarta liners of course
no outdoors knife is going to be complete without a good sheath system
and this nice leather sheath is made by JRE Industries for L.T. Wright Knives features
a very thick 8 ounce leather dyed brown with a pouch style friction fit carries
of the knife nice and deep and especially once it’s broken in it’s
gonna fit even better and you’re not gonna have to worry about that falling
out got a fire steel attachment here on the side which will accommodate a 3/8
inch Ferro rod that means you have everything you need to take with you and
start your fires and you don’t even need to carry a scraper with
knives because of the spine of these knives do offer a crisp 90-degree edge
so that you can take that along your Ferro rod and shower sparks with no
problem there’s also two ways to carry this knife it does come with a dangler
attachment which allows you to thread your belt through here and that’s
especially helpful when you’re carrying a pack with a wide hip belt or if you’re
carrying it in cold weather and you’re wearing a longer coat this helps it to
hang lower so you can still access your knife easily but if you prefer your
knife to ride a little bit higher you can remove that dangler or you can
simply fold it underneath because that included loop is large enough to
accommodate very large belt still whether you like a thin canvas belt or a
heavy-duty gun belt you’re gonna be able to fit that no problem so it’s clear
that this trekker from L.T. Wright knives has performance to spare but what really
makes it special is some of the history behind this knife as I said this design
does predate the Blind Horse Knives days and it goes all the way back to the
early years of LT Wright’s knife making career originally these were very rare
he only made about 20 of these back in the day but they’ve always been kicking
around as something that’s very popular and sought-after often commanding really
high prices on the used market last year LT decided to dig this knife out of the
vaults and bring a limited edition run back just for the Pout House members and
if you don’t know the Pout House that’s LT Wright’s private forum that you can
find from their website and originally this could only be gotten if you were a
member of the Pout House but now we’re happy to be able to bring a selection of
these to the wider market because this is a design that we think deserves to
see the light of day and everyone needs to have one so whether you’re looking
for a big-game hunting knife or just an all-around great outdoors and survival
knife these Trekkers are sure to fit the bill
if you like what you see here and want to get your hands on one click the link
in the description below to head over to

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  1. Thanks for the video! At first I thought it looked like a Bradford Guardian 4.5 competitor… But after a closer look, the Bradford is more on the tactical side (Which is what I want). By the way… how come you guys don't carry and Bradford knives, fixed blades?

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