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[L4D2] How to easily survive the Survival mode

[L4D2] How to easily survive the Survival mode

Hi there. So, how to easily survive the survival mode. It is actually a matter of a simple trick – items carrying, as I like to call it. And, well, I could explain what it is, but better yet I will show it to you. My friend here… will now carry one of those two weapons to a designated spot. Of course this trick is not limited to a single weapon… … and it is possible to carry every single gun on the map. Anyway… … if you had a chance to play Left 4 Dead at least few times… … you probably already know what’s going on here. If you however still want to know more about items carrying… … stay for a bit longer. Ok, first of all… … you want to start by exchanging weapons between two respawn spots… … because if try carrying a gun from the same stash… … it will just reset to its spawning position, when dropped. Now that you have dropped some guns away from the reset range of their respawn spots… … it’s time to carry them. You probably already know that, if you pick one item… … the other one you’ve been holding drops on the ground. Notice however… … if you exchange items while moving… … they will drop ahead of you. Now just spam the ‘use’ key and “carry” those weapons to your favorite spot. Finally, one last tip. I call it “items carrying” for a reason of course… … and that is because you can in fact carry every item in the game that way. So not only guns, but also medkits, grenades, even melee weapons. The whole process will take a while… … so be sure to have a fairly good team with you or your work will just go to waste. But on the other hand you most likely wont have any problems with getting gold that way. Well, ok, that’s it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section, under this video. See you around.

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  1. This trick is famous in Dark Carnival Motel. But the best trick is messin with ur console and putting machine guns to protect you XD

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