Lab 360: Shipping Containers Prepped for an Emergency

Berkeley labs emergency management group
has put six zone disaster containers, one for each zone, to help us in the event of
a disaster here at the laboratory. So within these containers we have got
water, food, medical supplies, tents. We’ve got our Community Emergency Response
volunteer backpacks just in case they need to get an additional one, as well as
we’ve got barrels for water purification or if we need to store biological waste.
We’ve also got tents that we can set up if we need to use this as a treatment
and triage area for injured people. One thing to keep in mind the zone disaster
containers this is sort of reserved for our first responders or people who
cannot leave the site immediately. Our goal is to get people off of the hill to
somewhere safer where they will have better infrastructure and access to more
resources then we can provide here. For that we recommend that you have a
personal go bag. You can keep your personal go back with you at all times
to have supplies specific to your own needs. We also recommend that you always
have your keys, identification, and cash with you in the event that you have to
evacuate quickly.

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