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Land in Motion: Point Reyes Wilderness

Land in Motion: Point Reyes Wilderness

[birds chirping] [wind] [elk bugle] [elk bugle] [waves] [waves] [Waves. Elephant Seal Pup Grunts.] [Splashing] [birds] [birds chirping] [woodpecker] [wind] [birds] [sea birds] [sea birds] [wind] [waves] [waves crashing] [birds] [waves]

2 thoughts on “Land in Motion: Point Reyes Wilderness”

  1. "All good things are wild and free" – Henry David Thoreau. How dare you use that quote in your video!!?? Takes a serious level of disconnection for the park service to use that quote when they keep elk caged behind fences, baby cows caged in 3×7 foot cages, and kill the few elk that actually do roam freely.

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