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Landing on Omaha Beach | D-Day Narrated by Bryan Cranston

Landing on Omaha Beach | D-Day Narrated by Bryan Cranston

[June 6th, 1944]>>It was 6:30 in the morning,
just about to land. We didn’t have
a chance to fight back.>>Go, go, go! [Letters From D-Day Land] [Narrated by Bryan Cranston] [ARTILLERY]>>My sweet Mildred,
In the faraway distance, one could hear the
rumble of the artillery and the brrp-brrp
of machine gun fire. The elements
were at their worst. Our landing craft
was half-filled with water. We used our helmets
to throw it overboard. I never
thought we would make it. Some of the boats
never reached the shore. It was a horrible sight. The word came: “Let’s go!” And there we were in combat, something new in my life. We didn’t have
a chance to fight back. We were dropped into
the water, over our heads. With a stream of
lead coming at us, we were at the
mercy of the Germans. I floated around in the water
and was more dead than alive. It was
impossible to get ashore. I got to the beach
half frozen and passed out. [ARTILLERY] When I came to,
the fighting was at a climax. I pulled myself together
and sought a rifle, and around I went,
trying to find my outfit. Gracious Lord,
what was left of them. Just 25 out of 160. Our position was desperate, but with sheer will,
fear and luck, we overcame all obstacles and pushed inland
to capture our first town. Our outfit can be
proud of the part that we played in helping to win this war. Today was declared
a holiday by Eisenhower, in memoriam of the boys
who paid the supreme sacrifice. It was a simple requiem, but with plenty of
meaning behind it. Bye, my sweet. Love and kisses, Dom. [After the war,
Domonic “Dom” Bart] [returned to his
home state of New York.] [He and Mildred
had two children.] [“He lived the rest of his life
with shrapnel inside of him.”] [-Christopher Bart,
Dom’s grandson]

24 thoughts on “Landing on Omaha Beach | D-Day Narrated by Bryan Cranston”

  1. All i can say is thankyou for the heroes we had and to teach my children what happened all those years ago and the bravery the men and women showed. We are so grateful and because of our heroes we have our freedom.

  2. If you enjoyed this, witness the invasion from the perspective of the 101st Airborne:

  3. not to diminish the achievement; this sounds like it's been censored into a newspaper editorial. nobody writes to their wife/girlfriend like that.

  4. Don’t forget the men of Easy Company, 2nd battalion,506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division

  5. Thank you all who had to fight in d day and I thank the ones are dead or alive I wouldn’t be here without y’all.

  6. 1:18…can anyone identify this soldier…I have seen him shot dead since I was a boy watching this awful end for a human!

  7. To be shot at under cover. To see bombs and mortars exploding all around you… your comrades fall. And then the company commander says:- “break cover and charge forward!!” And of course they were scared… and of course they did charge forward into the gunfire. We cannot even imagine what they experienced. Such great courage and bravery!! Total admiration and respect. 💜

  8. So he floated in the water then swam ashore and took a wee nap during one of the bloodiest battles of modern warfare? Instant hero. That would be me. Joke aside must have been terrifying.

  9. My grandfather was supposed to go to dday he got pulled from the list for some medical reason, he flew in the next day

  10. Thanks to your war efforts white western civilization gets to enjoy forced ethnic non white replacement. Forced multiculturalism. Way to go fellas great job!

  11. They say the footage of landing lost believe dropped into sea. To be honest who actually would want to watch it I know I wouldn't.

  12. I’m reading the book D-Day by Stephen Ambrose at the moment. I couldn’t really imagine what it’s was like so I decided to look up some videos. Man, great respect for all those brave men. The amount of courage it took to run up that beach is astonishing. “Greatest generation” 100% agree!

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