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Large Grizzly Bear Near Camp Day 22 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

Large Grizzly Bear Near Camp Day 22 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

I just looked over and there’s a grizzly
just sitting there up on the hillside on the it ravine on the other side
I just wanted to verify its a grizzly but you can see the hump you see the
hump on the shoulder oh yeah oh wow oh wow he’s looking right at me
we didn’t build those hammock things high enough but we didn’t build our
platforms high enough for this guy sighing they get to see my grizzly bear I’m Zachary Fowler and I’m Greg ovens
and this is the 30-day survival challenge Canadian Rockies there’s only
one rule if you want to eat you got a catch and cook in the 30-day survival
challenge season two Canadian Rockies has been brought to you in part by
doctor Squatch soap hidden woodsmen gear go prepared survival outdoor vitals
wazoo survival gear simple shot shooting sports and rim workshop check out the
link in the description below for the gear video of the 30 days of bottle
challenge rainy wet I’m dry I’m getting used to it I love thunder
and lightning bet it was all there how long it’s still really early it’s
probably like 4:00 in the morning right now it gets light here pretty quick
maybe five let me go back to bed for a little bit one point rushing out there
good morning it looks like the storm is over I see
some blue skies man there’s a craziest storm last night I’ll tell you about it
after car to get my coffee but Wow I think the rocking and all that stuff
actually helped me sleep better he’s like just rock me to sleep no it’s day 22 and I survived let’s get
out there and enjoy the day hey how’s our trout doing smoked trout
looking good get a fire going whoa there goes our nice day how much for the
blue skies it’s driving rain and yeehaw this is nuts
oh we get a break for like two days now it’s back to storm again give me a break
gimme a break break me off a piece of that good weather give me a break
give me a break about time to break me off a piece of it good weather so much
for that morning not really not a good morning
but you should have just stayed in bed that’s pretty nasty yeah it was all nice
and blue sky isn’t breezy for a minute rim and then so much for that when was
that like like 15 years ago 15 min school was blue sorry yeah there’s blue
sky and they’re all little possible I’ve leaned over to blow on the fire and all
of a sudden they picked my head up and just complete whiteout Wow it’ll pass
over them hope yeah last night’s did yeah yeah that was
quite the storm hold on to that person when I get that
Gopal in there I’m hungry sorry alright I don’t care if it is a little
weak one on the ball some more oh that’s cool the thing that she says
she likes about me today on day 22 is your humility personally I
think I need more of that a try these notes are so special it’s so what
an amazing thing she made me one for every day few guys are just tuning in
I’ve been showing these in most of the days that uh and verse on one side and
something special she says she likes it love’s about me on the other side like
that’s what uh how awesome is that huh that’s so cool thirty notes I keep them
with me all day so I can look at it again later the little verse and think
of that and then switch it out the next one each day actually I shouldn’t say
that like I need more humility it’s not it’s not that I’m not humble a lot of
people make it mistake me for my exuberance and boldness for lack of
humility you know I know that everything I have and everything going on in my
life is due to God and not my own ability and not my own awesomeness or
something like that that it’s god that’s granted me this gift of to be able to do
YouTube to have adventures to be creative with my hands to build things
that are awesome to make videos that are whoop on you know things like that and I
don’t count that as as me but the gift that God gave me but people do sometimes
they get comments like you’re too full of yourself and blah blah blah you had
your five minutes of fame a long time ago get over it stop bugging us and I
think some people just take me wrong because I I’m so excited I’ll at times
and so bold and everything that I push forward on you know that they take it
wrong and I talk too much sometimes after spending 22 days alone with me
here then Greg go be an expert on how much I talk so while late inning last night okay
yeah yeah how did you fare up there in the trees it was windy down where I was
so what was it like up there right yeah I don’t know what time that happened but
I woke up to like that sound that wind coming up the valley like the rain I
know yeah I was thinking like man if these trees blow over and then it
started like you know who is moving and everything yeah and then that’s under
and lightning better way to test out your hammock
helping it free that huh thunder and lightning storm in the wind we’ll get one around a little bit not
much not so bad it’s not even really raining
of course rain isn’t my problem my problem would be if my trees get blown
over uh you can’t buy this kind of fun when
you just sit at home uh but we can bring it to you if you subscribe right now on
Fowler’s make me mischief thanks for watching I hope this is in my last video I don’t mind the the Thunder the
lightning the rain but the wind the wind yeah because when you’re up there in the
trees you just keep thinking what if a talk breaks off or something right yeah
you know or what if the two trees but because I had them tied together I felt
a little more secure but what if the two trees pulling apart just like grips my
hammock yeah that could I just go down or something right exactly you know they
go in opposite ways and break the strings and the platform breaks yeah but
it didn’t and I bobbed around a whole bunch but it it was actually after I got
used to it for a little bit I felt like it kind of lulled me back to sleep cuz
it came through for a half an hour it was pretty strong and then I was just
like you know what whatever I’m not giving up I’m not getting down you know
and I thought well I thought about coming down here and starting the fire
and being warm and just waiting it out but yeah and then it the wind slowed
down and the rain started morn and it was pretty yeah yeah I shine my light
around I saw all the trees are swaying and stuff in there I wasn’t really
swinging all that bad you know I felt myself swinging a little helps that you
tie the trees together yeah stabilizes it more than just one tree yeah and I
felt I felt the pack basket I kept swinging against it just like bumping it
a little bit and so at one point I reached out and I grabbed through the
hammock onto the pack basket and I made the pack basket kind of like slide back
and forth a little bit and I was like guys I let go of it and then I just kind
of like sailors right I mean they must have had it ten times worse on the ship
I mean I imagine like a ship bobbing in the waves and your hammocks are swinging
side to side I when I went off for everybody know when I used to build
wooden boats I went on a trip once um I every year I would go on a trip like
once and does it do a boat delivery and if it took like two days I’d get one
night sleep because the rest of the time I just couldn’t handle all that movement
yeah it was so much more and we were in bunks though and it was just it was just
so much movement I just and it wasn’t even choppy or anything I just I didn’t
like it but um that kind of lulled me to sleep and I woke up at 5:00 and it was
blowing again and I was kind of back and forth but I slept good did yours did
yours Bob and bowel yawns moving around even though I’m at the base of the trees
still yep so then that’s what I was was thinking
oh well I wonder what it’s like 15 feet up where he is it must be moving more
yeah I think cuz I tied them together it was really it was a lot less yeah just
the sound that well I know like – humming – yeah you just hear it getting
louder and louder as it comes and then all sudden it just hits little spooky I
guess maybe because it came through the valley that way it sounded more than it
was yeah the the last time I had slept through a giant storm in the hammock was
in Canada with the world in his living challenge and that trees were blowing
over and breaking and falling all around us yeah we woke up the next day and
there’s a big tree Lane like right next to Chris’s hammock my tree broke that I
was tied to it and I had to like winch it back to another tree in the night and
leave it like that so it just looked over and there’s a
grizzly just sitting there up on the hillside on the yogurt ravine on the
other side I’ll zoom in with there we go p.m. up there look at how
biggie right in the middle of the screen just kind of meander around having
himself a snack that’s how big I wish we could get further in in the bigger lens
I know far he is finally get to see my grizzly bear besides that cub that we
saw earlier and quite see that far with anything that we have in the binoculars
maybe Greg’s checking it out right now with the binoculars see if you see how
big he really is you lose him oh no okay no I go oh yeah that’s a big man yeah
that’s a big I’m talking about hiking over there and see if he’s just hanging
out there all day would get a shot but the only thing is we’d never know how
close we are till we got there because we’d be coming up that same draw as he’s
in and we’d just be hiking and hiking and all of a sudden we might be like
face-to-face with him or he’d hear us I’m quarter of a mile where we ever got
to him stumbling and bumbling up the hill trying to get a shot at him good
with it with a shot with a camera Adam just to bring you guys more wildlife I
just wanted to verify it’s a grizzly but you can see the hump when he moves
around if you want to have a look yeah through there oh wow oh wow he’s looking
right at me oh wow oh wow he’s looking right at me oh my goodness that guy he’s huge
we didn’t build those hammock things high enough we didn’t build our
platforms high enough for this guy well I better get moved up in there maybe
this is the night he’s gonna show up here he he could reach right up to the
platforms easily oh wow just keep staring in this direction you
see the hump on the shoulder oh yeah it’s a grizzly dude you gotta check him out again
nowadays looking this way and stuff oh yeah oops I don’t know how you spotted
that bear are we up on a slide like a mile away like that
Eagle on July well I’ve been doing nothing but look it’s like that’s why I
wanted to you brought me all the way out here told me we’re gonna see Grizzlies
and there’s like oh we’ve seen too but yeah
far off and or just a baby you know I want to see mom come tearing out of the
bushes and you know and and then go away obviously not terrorist to pieces but uh
well my Jeremiah Johnson moment yeah I want a good scare it’s hard to stop
looking at him is he’s just so well you can see the power in his shoulders yes
you know where the arms are so thick that’s a big bear man like I’m thinking
seven eight hundred pounds yeah that’s a big grizzly here you look and
all Oh get his attention because he did he looked over here when you listen oh yeah he looked this time he’s looking
and sniffing oh he might show up here you know yeah he’s like who the heck in
their right mind whistle at me can’t calling me
I’ve even got it all planned out what I’m gonna say to the charging bear these
are not the droids you’re looking for that’s a big Bruce Lee it is isn’t it
yeah he’s huge I admit sure that’s probably 800 pounds
if I had seen him before we started these platforms I think I would have
gotten another three feet higher you know they will be just were just out of
reach and he’s probably so big that he wouldn’t want to bother to try and climb
a tree come after ya he just he just come into camping just
trash everything we have take what he wanted and waddle off no he wouldn’t try
climbing the tree you know he’s too big he’d probably man he just push over
these trees he’s huge well not what but he’s a big bear I mean
you know like I’ve seen a lot of Grizzlies if he’s ticked off and he
starts pushing on these trees to the wind that was shaking me around last
night would be the least of my concerns you know awesome I love the outdoors oh that far away maybe a kilometer half
a mile across on that slide but it was nice to see them and you can tell from
here he’s a big one so maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll show
up in camp or something so we can get some close-up video would be nice yeah
ooh and that’d be fun that would be great I would that’s my
dream is to like lean out of my hammock with the camera from my platform be like
hey leave my leave my smoking trout alone you little bugger you know and
he’d be like huh then just like eat my trout right there on camera they like
not even a thank you no we’re getting all kinds of beat up by
the wind and just wearing on it so I’m gonna build a debris wall kind of like I
did for building our tool shed a windbreak hopefully protect us a little
bit here we go little debris wall attacked us from the wind a little bit
toasting up one of our smoked fish each our filets each so I’m gonna cook the
rest of mine up the rest of the way and eat it how was yours very salty very
salty you’re coming off you can’t really eat it all at once I’m saving some
because it’s pretty salty pretty healthy sure they had it just in one day one day
of the rain oh well but they don’t have to worry about salt intake the skin was good the skin didn’t seem
salty nailed it on the skin yeah that’s a beautiful crunchy skin thank you Lord
for this wonderful salty treat of trout Wow Wow it’s like a straight-up sardine
night good salty you put sardines on this meat tastes great on pizza you’re
getting little quantities it sounds like a mixed in with the cheese and the sauce
I agree with you but by itself it’s a little too salty
holy salt Batman anyways brought their hey buddy oh you did it
I got her up you’re all set up I’m set up but it was a struggle because I got
barely enough length Oh everything you know what I mean yeah it’s too short
it’s not as long as yours yeah so I tied right to the buckles basically on I was
gonna suggest to that you put your tree on this side your branch that would have
given you late for more I wasn’t thinking that way well I just slapped it
up and in between rainstorms yeah yeah so it’ll do for tonight well that was
quick you dick yeah and well it needs adjustment like you say but we’ll see I
mean I don’t think it’s gonna rain on me so yeah both clearing up the Gophers
shouldn’t be too bad first sign of it we’ve seen today and it’s going down no
moving up the Gopher there’s the backbone and stuff looking the ribs just
fell right off of it oh it’s tender oh that’s good that’s
some good gopher food food nothing quite like it well that was definitely good
buddy mm-hmm thank Annihilator airguns for that one and the crow hunter that he
provided oh wait do I get to count Gophers Gophers oh of course
so if I’ve got where you’re gonna win that one
well we got four and know about can’t count on those dishes
oh because they’re not fishermen I know but like as a total of a total of
promote food provided that’s like a different ranking right there so we got
fish so what do you have for fish 36 no 36 and I got that one yesterday you had
30 I still have 30 so skunk yesterday so then I got I got
what that first day I got three Gophers go well you’re way ahead on them and
then for set seven and then eight nine so nine so I got thirty nine for a total
food score right now what so it’s that you got thirty six seven yeah forty well
with the Gophers with the Gunners you got a forty he’s got a 40 for a total
food score right now what are you good I got 39 oh geez okay if you’re counting
Gophers – yes as a separate food score no more drunken little characters
tipping over they’re all very stable and I kind of need to repair this Queen with
a little bit of pine pitch or something because she’s got a crack in her that
half of her head suppose it’s kind of falling off so maybe if I throw game
delay we lost a piece five minutes whittling look at that they fit in there
so nicely now no wobbling and tipping over all tuned up this is exciting for
playing chess I mean like it got coffee you can’t get much better than that no there we go I am in for the night
almost there I got a little hot rock I tossed up onto my platform it’s too hot
foot at the in my who rag and then stuff at the bottom of my feet you don’t want
to put a hot rock into a shirt or anything if it’s too hot to handle
so as soon as it’s warm enough that you can handle it for five seconds you wrap
it up and you got yourself a happy Rock oh and it makes your feet so nice and
toasty nothing like going to bed warm feet Greg one chess so you’re wondering
it’s two to one on the chest and he’s got me by one on the game for eating and
he’s got me by five right six right now on the fish so gotta work harder
tomorrow see if I can’t pull ahead there’s so much I want to do I’m not
gonna be ready to go home after 30 days oh yeah I am I can’t wait to get back to
my girls but until then there’s still plenty behind I still have we solve over
a week of time out here worth of adventures to have and maybe part of
that be getting a closer look at that grizzly until then I’m gonna get some
sleep I’ll see you guys the next one foul they’re out

12 thoughts on “Large Grizzly Bear Near Camp Day 22 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies”

  1. So much rain there wow!! We get rain maybe once every 9 days. Sometimes 2 or days in a row. That is during our rainy season April showers bring May flowers, but the rain usually don't come until mid May-mid June in Southern Ontario, Canada. I so appreciate all the rain filming. It sounds so wonderful to hear it.

  2. "I'm watching every episode" and now waiting for the next ones to come out, because I've watched all of them in 3 days.

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