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Fine! You ready for a new game you’re all
excited get on with it! Still offline are you? You have to select server I guess click the hot one because you’re hot you’re hot!
Also, hello to our international audience watching our live stream replay! Thank you for watching and using subtitles!! We hope you can understand the subtitle translations in your language. This secret message is just for you: take care of yourself and have a lovely day! alright cue up a little bit of the old
music let us know if the game sounds are too loud. What’s going on there?
That’s all stink pantses responsibilities isn’t it stinky feet?
The bush fires yes they are bad here. At the moment we’ve got fires in three
areas I don’t know what the state is right now but they where fires in three different
states simultaneously which is not good and huge amounts of bushland have been
burned which is unfortunate. Let’s go! An advertisement! Because we now have
advertising monetisation so there’s an ad Let’s skip the epic ad? That means we can’t get any revenue now that you skipped but I guess stink stink pants keeps skipping so we don’t make any
money… And why are you playing clash of clans?
Really cuz I can see your other devices clash of clans is showing. Yes how are
you? How are you? Good to see you both! Here are there fires where we live now?
Because we’re in a major city the bushfires don’t really get to us at least as far as I can remember we have never really been affected. please no but having said that on the
worst days it was very smoky here and you could actually smell bush fires even
though that would have been hundreds of kilometres away. You would have thought
hundreds of kilometres away not even close so hopefully that answers your question.
Now stink pants is set and Cain’s here! We don’t say please like our videos enough. Hello!
how are you nice to see you I think this may be the first time you have joined
the stream say thank you for doing that I’m just gonna disappear it’s not a weapon in your hand my india
by say no we’re from Australia but we can speak a tiny bit Hindi I and I can
say mother mother I can’t say the rest of this is a matter song begin is it
I didn’t think it was well maybe it is you have that’s what we ask ourselves
every day what’s stink pants doing??? and getting there and do your business
like your way stay they said she truly became tutorial Alex is yeah oh jeez a
hallway more people have joined foot off me staying on alright so just bear with
me I’m just rolling back in there see smoking ash in the sky say we did see
smoke did you see ash it’s like the rain that falls from the sky only great I
need to apologize for being late number one you went really late two edges happy
that you joined district minder and I don’t expect anyone to use this but we
now have super chat available with super stickers maybe one day someone would
make your tiny little donation so he can see if it actually works so if you look
at that dollar sign down the bottom there look we’ve been monetized so
please stay connected everyone this is bday so I’m not too sure but maybe it’s
you get to know people in the chat they’re all great we love the dlg how I
said Mr glitzy man’s here am i gaining pluses here as well hello now all I
think he might left or he hey mister glitzy man class
of elux is here oh I’m sorry not to join the last couple
of streams that doesn’t matter we understand people are busy they come
when you clash of Alex it’s been a while yes it has
yeah clashes are a long time he’s been on the scene for quite some time as a
fellow clash of plans person gaming quite odd now gaming Plus is kind of new
to the stream so everyone make him feel welcome welcome he’s actually got a
really good gaming channel as well not so much streaming more just normal
videos saying you know check him out support each other do all of that there
you a free plug for you crow X is here kick all these arc right
now get it kick or crow X oh cool oh my goodness pants doesn’t get anything an
ass think pants your shoes on the spot hey but how do you know ah was he untied
in the game you know is he looking at you smelly feet and shoes my wish I
could send died night I just have no money you look way understand most of
the people that joined the streams on the regular teenages
access to cash unless you do do some tours for the parents that I’m not
saying do some chores for some parents say then you can make a donation to us
that’s not what I’m saying I’m saying do some chores pray why do you want to
scarecrow thinks he says gaming plus no worries we tend to do this in every
stream gaming because we don’t like it when people advertise themselves
during the strings but we’re happy to do it for you so on that night I mean I
probably I have to apologize to some of the regulars I think stinky because I
don’t plug their channels enough because I guess I’m just so used to the main
there but let’s do it now Caine’s got a great channel Cruz got a
great channel game the boy does everyone does yeah you feel like Simon or is it
just me our game is 11 there you guys so we’ve got a younger member of the
audience not the youngest that was that day he said I think Jesse takes that as
a regular that’s pretty young Peter says crying well on that night stink pants
once again fed to herself but neglecting to feed old P dot you’re in the middle
of this stream you put down i ball of faith put down the ball of food and play
the game bro all right safe i heard these being fired miss Frehley right you
guys are safe so we’ll just recap again so the fires have been really bad if you
they certainly are affecting a lot of people that live in the country i should
come up with another expression than within the country that’s what I called
that live in the farming rural areas will say yeah they’ve been impacted
quite badly has been one day I was watching the news there were 13 towns
being evacuated in Victoria alone and that’s only one of the states that’s
under fire so I’ve also got to say thank you for all of the international
assistance that we’ve got and believe the Canadians and
kinnison maybe a few other countries of sent over some helicopters and things to
help combat dump water and the fire retardant if you say maids in the news
thinking where they big red cloud and drops out of a helicopter say thank you
all for asking and being so concerned we’re quite lucky I don’t think we’ll
ever be infected by bushfires where we are it could be pretty bad for it to get
get to us yeah it’s already bad enough but hopefully that kudos distinct pan
she made a donation to the fire that’s the Red Cross nice estimate he killed
the deer apparently in the game says game almost at the hundred sub milestone
congratulations the random II I spoke to him earlier he might not be so he ninety
subs for random he’d a hundred but having said that I spoke to him earlier
he’s not feeling very well he’s got a hit yeah so you might join the stream so
for the rest of you mods not that we probably need it but you know keep an
eye on the stuff cuz I’m too lazy to go a bit too quick thanks what time is it
there in Australia it’s one o’clock actually on that night we need to talk
to you guys about changing the name of streaming cuz what’s going on with your
stinky old feet aside from that oh I don’t know yet oh okay say we might with
two things with the plans one oh is thinking of ramping it up to include one
clash of clans stream away but that would have to be midweek and at a very
special time I guess because most of them are in the school or you know they
can’t stay up late like they can today so let us know what you think in the
live chat as well because we have to start taking it a little bit more
seriously now that we’ve been monetized we’ve got to try and capitalize on that
so give us your thoughts as to what day or what time might be best suited just
bear in mind that it’s Sunday one o’clock for us at the moment so you
might have to calculate backwards what time is it there in Australia ah strays
here hellos three house astray Leah it’s good we’ve been we’ve sort of already
gone over the bush fires that’s all people on it died because yeah I did I
did die see that Lanier’s which was very sadly disappointing a commercial airline
that’s taken down now so that’s that one and three I’ve want to answer this
question now I don’t know why what what you can do three sent me a like a
template message saying that we’ve less lasting comments and unsubscribe from
his channel but Street we haven’t because if you look at our channel we’re
still featuring you as a featured channel I’m still very much subscribed
and I’ve never left a nasty comment on any channel ever you’re also very well
aware that we’ve been impersonated before you were actually in the stream
when we were explaining that so I’d be very curious to know where this comment
comment has come from I would report it if I were you and block the user that’s
not going to have any effect on us because it’s not us so we don’t hate
your street we these one of the most loyal DL G’s so yeah I’d be very curious
to know what that comment said and where it came from if you could have provided
my link so just on that note if anyone else does receive nasty comments that
look like they’re from us they’re not you guys will know that we don’t do that
so hopefully that clarified theme streak is I certainly have no ill will towards
anyone not when I’m so excited today all right so just let me know what you
think of that tree further down random it’s here
well hopefully you’re alright random he said well I just sat on that on the
stream awesome stray sake gamer boy if he can let me know what’s trees been
saying there as well because I know it might not have been appropriate but I
have no idea why he’s been thinking that we’ve been saying or doing bad things on
his channel to be honest I haven’t even been on it for a while feeling like
Jessie’s here am I like this you look all of the regular crowd the dod there
all day all day Heidi’s really thinking my response seemed easy concentrating
counts the future it’s Saturday here for Canada the future’s looking bright
looking so bright we’ve gotta wear shades isn’t it stinky
okay the same Tennyson we all of us think that that one’s led
that guy for 15 minutes strangle listing pants
stinky may wonder thanks for letting us know pain cuz stink pants of his here’s
what slow to the body the impersonation has started again I don’t know this is
all coming from Surrey say and I’m not sure if he’s accounts being hacked or or
whatever because the last time he sent me a message like that he said it wasn’t
him that sentence saying from what I can see on our channel it doesn’t look like
anyone’s harassing us more than normal man we we always get dislikes on videos
now but that’s I know we’ve got one subscriber that does that better having
said that once you get sort of exposure outside of your actual subscribers
you’re gonna get dislikes anyway so I’m not sure to answer that question I hope
not I got to do a vid celebrating 90 subs cut into it you know be right back
well fair enough crappy they say hey credit from us for getting you that 90th
sub although we didn’t really do anything other than start the live
stream alright Gameboy wide your time amount stuff that’s a no-no so yeah I
still don’t know what he said Gameboy but when you out of the timeouts
3 try and be respectful when you say something I’m happy to deal with this
now because I’ll just say it again it’s not me doing it and it’s definitely not
stink pants doing it I can’t see that that impersonation channel is definitely
still there it hasn’t been taken down but anyway we’ll see what 3 says after
that will we does the pants have another channel – tink pants thought were
actually now mister be hang on and I’d still on a normally leave
because the bushfires are getting close to us I’m sorry to hear that
like Jesse age make sure you evacuate if that’s what you’ve been told to do cause
a lot of people don’t and I think it’s just you know is your life with more
than your house you can always replace a house you can’t replace your life so
just you know I hope everything’s okay they’re like jesse is what I’m saying
so there you go there’s someone that is being affected by the bush fires a
distinct pants have another Channel not yet no she will one may know what stink
is dramatic will you guys ever do a face reveal what was the previous agreement
if we ever surpass beauty by would you do it at a million subs if we got a
million subs would you do a face review you probably don’t want to do it when
you have more popular it will probably be an accidental one one day nosies one
day maybe but for right no one wants to see my ugly face and I don’t want
everyone hitting on March nemesis when they see their beautiful one I’ll end up
losing my arch nemesis did you send what the heck i Ronald finchy how are you
welcome to the stream it’s random fake boomer account then why am I saying
welcome it’s just read again uh you said it count before to prank I you
Ronald random boomer I’m gonna share your channel then I’m not too sure what
that one means now how you going there stinky you’re in
the Pine Bush azure something is it I mean you’re editing yeah you’re in there
this takes time to walk to other place like this one is the closest one it
still takes like she’s not this isn’t like clash of clans and Bing Beach is it
do you have two one exactly well if you want to go somewhere else that is not
your children yeah then you have to wait the further
it goes then the longer you have to wait you can you speed up here I’m not sure
it’s gonna take its toll so I haven’t used it yet should I
that’s up to you I’ll leave that up to you yeah the gaming expert Kane says
play identity 5 he’s asked that a couple of times we have played identity 5
already now we’ve still got a lot of new games to get three and then on top of
that we are gonna have to work out because we’re getting asked more and
more now to play games that we’ve already played but you’ve also got a
bear in mind that we have to try and get a catalog of content at this point
saying new games are probably better than reapeat until we’re a bit more
established so thanks for your patience on that one if it does take us a little
bit of time to get there I know how to play because I have it right now little
to you that’s good it says for me to go live I need over a thousand subs I hate
that yeah they there’s I’m not sure if there’s a way around that gamer but my
understanding that that actually applied to mobile phone streaming so I read
about this quite a while ago and they said yes he made a thousand subs if you
want to stream from a mobile phone but you can still do it from a desktop I
don’t think you can do it from iPads or tablets don’t quote me on that they and
you can probably still do it from a Playstation so my understanding is it
really only restricted streaming from mobile phone so hopefully that helped
you anyway just let me know if you did or didn’t it says keep up the good work
thanks Seth Seth sir such a great guy when it comes to promoting and
supporting us he was gonna say was that it and here we go with the food may
Jesus I don’t know that Stinky’s gonna want to
eat after the stream I am thank you very much for not feeding Lu stinking usual
now I’m a topic of the day is quite easy because it’s based on the game if it was
your last day on earth people what would you do it was your last day on earth
stinky what would you do anything you tell me first
ah there are other people around I guess that’s the other thing is it just me or
there’s other people other things you know what I do I try and take advantage
of everything that you normally have to pay for and I’d be like come on that’s
the last like go to the museum it’s the last day on earth guys you don’t have to
charge me what are you gonna do with it can’t even bank it I try and convince
stink you date a Vegemite sandwich hmm which you’d already what are you guys
eating hedging right not yet still haven’t convinced the old yeah I did oh
yeah you didn’t even know is Vegemite don’t even know it that’s why if there’s
only one person who had still food in the market see I came things like I do
what I’d gone ransack supermarkets and stuff and eat all of the stuff I don’t
normally buy yeah gamer would tell his crust that he loved him then got a been
crazy in my room yeah well don’t wait do it now if you’ve got a crush don’t be
afraid of rejection like I was it doesn’t help really who cares if that
person rejects here then they’re not for you in the first place and someone else
is there’s plenty of fish in the sea so don’t be afraid because I had this
conversation with a certain someone else that was also wanting to ask a girl out
look at me although the peanut giving a
relationship advice on how to date but remember her school
first you always remember that even if you in year 12 or whatever make sure
that you study hard like Jesse would go to area 51 to see the aliens that’s a
good idea then it would they stop anyone storming
at that point if you go to area 51 with Olie people say come on it’s a last day
on it and hey we might be able to get a free ride from the aliens guy somewhere
else about that that’ll be alright then stinky you come
up with anything though still hasn’t come up with anything these guys got
great ideas for the last day on earth still nothing from the stinky now we
send hearts to each other well that’s good that’s a start you just let her
know that you like it and then you’d be very respectful towards her and you know
maybe I shouldn’t be encouraging that at such a young age why ain’t parents said
to me you know not having any kind of girlfriend till you finish University
not that that worked out now because they’ve all already answered the
question they’d step to to these topic is what happens if you were the pan but
it’s a last day on earth but last person on earth or having another person there
say the last two people on earth maybe say that because if it was stinky and I
if we were the last two people I doubt stinky what would you do you taking too long to respond I don’t
know maybe if that’s the case I guess it’s gonna be kind of sad I don’t know
what I’m gonna do with you – grief but you and I is still here I’d be taking
the opportunity to tell you everything I don’t like a barrier and then then we’d
go around driving the most expensive cars we can find breaking into car shops
and so on well again there’s only two people on earth what are you gonna do no
one’s gonna stop you God are the people who wants to compete me but there is
only you and that other person who you’re gonna compete with if there is
only two people left on earth you are someone else oh you took too long to answer that
everyone else had already answered what they were I don’t know my people knows
already because they’re smart they came up with great ideas so you don’t want to
answer either question stinky nothing oh what’s that
so to shock can I get shocked on land what’s going on man true though he says
game a boy well I’m guessing gamer probably want to hope that the other
last persons he’s actual crush cuz that’d be great wouldn’t it that’d be an
easy way to get a date you’d be like come on cuz I need to prove this now we
have to there’s no one else it’s either me or die on and if you want to get the
human race going again it’s gonna have to be made that’s what I’d be saying to
you stinky so you probably don’t have any choice kane says rama a lady at the
back asked me to check their balance so I pushed tight over and I got arrested
for assault did you get that see a lady at the bank asked me for her
balance to check her balance so I pushed her over and then I got arrested for
assault check it balance thank you
stinky when I have to explain the joke it’s no longer funny I try to understand
give me you know what a bank balance easier I know a tall woman named stink
pants asked me in the bank can you please check my balance mm-hmm so I
pushed her Avon oh you guys could have seen their reaction when she finally
understood that joke how do you not get coordinates something impressive
I like Jessie me that one I agree yeah do you just not get these jokes they
have great shakes every strain like taught with good stuff think he has bad
humor yeah I’d have to agree with that too gamer boy so you’re in you’re ignoring what do you
call it la leering stage oh yeah that one’s funny but I’m not gonna read that
one out just because I don’t know what the YouTube hey I bought a liar YouTube
a I bought thanks for helping you skip monetized and promoting but please state
D monetizes just for saying things that you take out of context which they do
quite regularly if there’s more than one AAA but you know that Peter you’re good
fucking guy to be honest Seth I honestly think that I struggle a little bit with
the commentary I don’t think that I’m particularly exciting run away is he an
enemy or a friend in front of me I don’t know but I kill him did frenemies he’s a
new expression I have one I think friend by force not by choice oh no
she’s off again I had to get a reaction out his think you and she’s
concentrating on the game they’re stinky does not get anything she’s hopeless
came again I got ogre they’re ganging up on you for once stinky it’s great
ganging up on me oh yeah I mean we only talk about stuff
that not about the game so we do occasionally but number one if anyone
does play what is it last day on earth and I know that one of the regulars to
our streams actually does cuz I uploaded on their own channel but they’re not
here at the moment I’m happy to talk about the game and to be honest I think
I have to work on the commentary skills for that a little bit the only downside
is I can’t concentrate on the chat and that at the same time but basically we
love survival games they mean we love all things survival I’ve been working on
building up the survival packages and and bags and
things for the just in case that’s actually like Jessie that’s something
that maybe your family should consider if they haven’t done that already I
would do that if we were living in the country make sure you have a sort of
survival kit that you can just chuck in the the car wherever you need to go
particularly you have to get away from the bush fires it’s just always handy to
have isn’t it stink so there’s tip of the day look at this we got tip of the
day we got theme of the day everything of the day Kane’s having meatloaf for
dinner whoa another stream Adam I’m back well
okay on that night I would like to know from everyone these stray meds are they
just the pop-up ones that appear at the bottom of the screen or does it actually
break and force an actual lad on you because I only ever see them on the
replays and then it doesn’t really matter didn’t know what happened live so
they curious to know and then one day hopefully we get a donation just to see
how it works so I can say look look look I’ll be astounded it was quite a happy
nurse might do that kiss easy yummy adult that joins us really well not the
only one but one of the few the YouTube like a normal YouTube and yeah everyone
most so that’s interesting they actually break the stream though to put an ad in
there didn’t know that stinky booth yeah nothing almost two hundred thousand
views yes so again I actually have to thank mr. a I bought a I bought
but because women aspect of the a I bought yeah well night because they made
it possible the reality is when we were getting close to the the 4000 watch
hours we started getting promoted really heavily like basically doubled or
tripled the previous statistics we had and there is nothing that I was doing
you it must have been YouTube doing it so they got us something like 10 or
12,000 views and eight days something like that it was a
lot of use in a short space of time so there you go
what do you call a fake noodle an impostor I’ve got that as a peanut
comment somewhere still like the Jake they well-done and Cutler hops out if
everyone else yeah game I’ve been posting a number of jokes over time
haven’t I generally I’d get a reply on them saying I don’t get it and usually
that’s from random put on yet I’m saying that if I should put another camera set
up to show you how stink pants is playing clash of clans with their left
hand and nothing with their right hand what are you doing with the look at all
the map oh the goodness that’s a big map Oh stinky Eddie you get back home that’s
trying to make that a tad more interesting they’re stinking my discord
dude but can make them jokes that’s good tonight P don’t how do you edit your
videos we have not edited a video in a very long time it’s all been streaming
the main way we get it they as through iMovie just because all the products are
Apple anyway so that’s the free version you can get a pro version that you pay
for as well but to be to be fair I think my editing skills are probably
non-existent it’s been that long but having said that we’re gonna have to do
something in the next couple of weeks I still don’t know how we’re going to
tackle the the period where it might be very difficult to stream because I still
don’t have backup videos anyway I want to see what happens and hopefully you guys don’t mind that
if we can’t stream during that period that will just be uploading whatever we
can if we can we might not even be uploading at all during that period
we’ll just have to wait and see so hopefully that answers your question
came I move is the basic answer sometimes it makes not very
child-friendly jokes that’s fine as long as it’s in discord I guess well they may
you know that we want to keep that family friendly as well say well trust
your judgement on that one random I was in school and some girls said go to hell
and I said I mean help help I like that one school wasn’t too bad was it it was
that long ago from you I can hardly remember it sometimes it’s good
sometimes not sometimes hell yeah it probably depends which country he go to
as well my god I’m back really you don’t think so I would be afraid to go to
school in America it’s very cliquey they’ve they’ve got just their various
groups and you know you have to be like you got the jock group or the chill any
group or whatever it is we don’t really have that here you might have a popular
crowd per se but it’s not because they do anything in particular they’re just
popular kids you know what I mean like in when I went to school the popular
kids were just popular kids there was no it wasn’t because they were
part of a defined group you know what I mean say me gay and they got a lot of
pressure on them a lot of social pressure then again it might be like
that these days here I don’t know but it wasn’t like that when I grew up
there you go yeah good good moments bad moments then always happens at school
Australia is hell at the moment has burning like crazy isn’t it
hell on earth my brain is how hotties there
can you ban all kinds of stuff parents explain school goes through the whole
world yeah I had to cross the road didn’t understand that at all parents
explain school goes through the whole world yeah I have to cross the road
because you’re a chicken I don’t know I don’t know I’m not I’m trying to figure
out what that actually meant and I play I’ll get a clarification from gamer boy
and disappointing streets not here either because I really wanted to sort
that out with him and he’s still seems to think that something’s going on all I
made actually maybe I would like to yeah he’s there let me see if that he’s
actually his channel because for all I know he might be impersonated at the
moment but I have a feeling it’ll be his channel cuz he’s a regional commenter is
there yeah well there you go it’s still his channel I have no idea what what is
going on there take forever that’s damn tootin well so he died stinking you don’t know
yeah oops I spelled it wrong yeah I’m not teachable what do you is
trap see any spelling mistakes thing so where are you stinky you’re picking up a
motorcycle now Oh assemble you’re progressing or as in
they want you to make a motorbike well that’s survival 101 right there I’m
eating Cool Ranch Doritos GZ the Americans are big on the Cool Ranch I’m
not even sure I’ve ever had that but they put it on everything bit like the
French with mayonnaise they put that on a lot of stuff or they you with the fish
sauce you put that on a lot of stuff isn’t it stinky I’ll have to try some
ranch dressing one day to read as me you have they oh this is making me hungry
I’ve actually got stomach pangs is let’s tell you something about all distinct
pants she’s pretty selfish she feeds herself when she’s hungry with no
concern for anyone else stinky I’m talking about yeah interesting in agree
in agreement with that Archie when I come home and tell my parents saying my
feet hurt they tell me to walk to school in the 1999 in the 1999 was walking
through that whole world I think I get what they’re saying that’s what Gaynor
boys sang that’s a bit like me saying a when I was a kid you wanted a cup of tea
with milk in it you had to walk two miles into the paddock milk the cow with
a bucket go back and then make your cup of tea that’s what I was like in the old
days and before you you had my ball phones you have to use the house phone
to call your friends up would just go over to the house and say you want to
hang out you ain’t do that now with the social media man 8 16 20 fries and passes out me say
the max is 1690 oh man eights 1620 fries and pass out so
the max is 16 my name from ice probably that’s a lot of fries date could you do
that stinky I’m just wondering do we have kids only in the sense that we’ve
got the rat bag cat it was pretty much a kid in any way she babes like a little
adult doesn’t she stink she behaves more like an adult than
stink pants half the time so one day maybe we’ve still got one more year of
study and then who knows after that is it normal for arch-nemesis to have
children together stinky I’m sorry you’re not normal I’m fine are you building something look at you
it’s your little survival shelter that’s not even a survival shelter at that
point it looks like all that a resort how did you get the name peanut stink
pants here getting asked again now when we go on our little trip we will be
speaking to our animators we will find out whether it is economically viable to
create a short cartoon telling the story of food up in the stink pants but that
is going to be wholly dependent on how much we get charged because I have a
feeling it’s going to be hideously expensive although my old sibling last
night said why’d you pay for it when you’re getting your family members to do
it good question stinky why am i doing it out of the love of there up for us
like the DLJ because it takes time and effort it’s not free
yeah but time and effort you know takes time and effort on my part just to speak
to those siblings of yours no response I say hopefully that answers a question
of will we ever tell a story yes if we can get that organized with the
animators in less than a month’s time and I hope one of them given that you
know how busy they’re gonna be they’ll actually have time to talk about this
stuff so we’ll find out with that as well yeah I may not have a human child
how did I I don’t know that I’d make a good parent it can barely make a good
commentator arch-nemesis nothing from the stink we have got to be a bit
careful about reading these comments now it looks like okay say we want a dog but
my mum does not my dad said to me your brother is my dog and I was like
hey fetch me the chips that’s a bit nasty nothing wrong with pets I would
say to the parents if your mom’s not keen on the dog maybe you can get some
other kind of pet pet therapy is a very good thing makes you live longer it’s
already been scientifically proven that’s why they bring the pets into old
people’s homes to take them cheery and happy pair died and stink pants will get
a baby named fart gas or fart bum probably both will have wieners that if
stink pants impaired I’d have had kids that be called fart button fart gas the
twins why did the physics teacher break up
with the biology teacher stinky cuz there was like a mystery to
get that one yeah well I thought it was great I laugh at the jokes yeah he’s
like yeah yeah I did that one already we have birds Oh
what kind of birds to have a poke is the best year how are you how are you
welcome to the stream now for some reason I think your name looks a little
bit familiar you just have to correct me on that I’m
not sure if it’s the first time or not if it is welcome
if not then welcome back about that they have ye bain’t as here oh thank you now
see this is the other problem I go they keep changing their names
Xavier I recognize and then over time it gets harder because you know you start
to forget the old names so there you go thank you for joining 17 year old
discovers a new planet Inside Edition I think there’s going to be more of that
like hang on a 17 year old discovers a new planet inside edition I’m not sure
if that’s a Jake or there’s more to come I didn’t get that one you know my
opinion I think 2018 is not bad you know my I’m not sure if they’re telling jokes
or just telling me stuff that seems all a bit random at the moment Inside
Edition is funny news okay I didn’t know that Inside Edition is funny news
question why do the French like they eat snails so much stinking because they
don’t like fast food escargot you slow snail also you stinky
slow you mean a puppy in the game or poppy in real life get a base to delete
item okay yeah there’s no choice to drop what
it’s just what you plate and then what I use some stuff then rock and the beer
there’s no space I need to create space to make to craft something you’ll work
it out stinky you’re always good at doing that to me
oh yeah hang on baby you said that they were there before but now we’ve got
another Xavier say what is going on here I’m Xavier hey guys a dia to me who I
recognized from before say welcome to the stream again good to see you
yes here weakens and week’s been so far for everyone subdue you gave a boy there
yes it’s great at doing that so I really appreciate people that are not
advertising themselves but subscribing to each other because it kind of makes
the our streams more attractive as well and people do that so much appreciated
Seth for doing that and anyone else that’s been doing it as well yeah that’s
what I wanted to know random is a via impersonating Xavier are they two
different people it’s hard for me to to figure all of that out well maybe
they’re just all doing the same as what random did and bolstering our analytics
by getting all of these other accounts to join which could also be true now
stinky can I trust you to do I was supposed to check that device I’m gonna
have to just to make sure it’s actually great where you build away there ah says a bee
has got more than one egg counts it looks like as well awesome thank you for
bringing them by thing I have a feeling they’re doing the same thing as you
random that it’s two separate accounts which we’re welcome which we welcomed
with open arms really don’t we yeah how come randoms had a couple of ads on his
live stream and we only saw one at the start that you skipped because you
didn’t want us to get paid now I’m talking to you skipping ads yeah you do pay keys best me like Jesse there yeh
picking up more subs just by joining this stream isn’t it
we’ve been struggling a tiny bit I reckon with the subs lately they haven’t
been growing as quickly as they did before but that’s probably G to my
slackness maybe who knows yeah and and sorry what kind of work do you do to try
and pick up subs what kind of work do you do to pick up subs I thought sorry
none nothing vacant a vacant nothin from the stinky
how come you’re all glowing now we’re night like you day and night oh we’ve
got maybe a rush in here we’ll find out it’s just everything I’m just gonna
if anyone’s faster than me doing that that’s Russian that’s English I just
caught that just a tiny bit slow had almost done I wish I could do these
say much quicker than then these bits just say Slyke what youtube vids should
I make I have not posted not at all I would say whatever you feel like based
and really that’s what we did to begin with what’s that means say that meant hello
in Russian from before the SCOOTER posters here hello how are
you I think you might be near to the streams say welcome I’m trying to sort
of communicate with our Russian friend if they’re still there as well but I’m
not sure if they’re still there so nice to meet you soccer paste how’s your
weekend oh gee that didn’t translate like I wanted it to that was pretty bad
but I might have gone already it’s kind of hard to tell put that in there like
that all right sorry do you play this game soccer paste by
the way curious to know and also our Russian friend if you’re still there and
you have an English name that I can gayboy well maybe just do that
translation and see if that works demon demon demon demon h there yeah it sounds
like a name all right say soccerbase sub you read
that already gotta go I’ll join next week or later today and I have black tea
in the fridge with extra sugar or stink pants like said what do you call it iced
tea a and one-year-old iced tea there well they not the black version you
prefer something else bright lightnings here hello how are you
thank you for joining another one of the doj oh geez
he’s also been doing some fantastic work in the discord server – no those guys
are very good at running it then wouldn’t wouldn’t be anything without
him really pretty much everyone that’s in this stream at the moment is in there
the discordant and they they’re a lot more communicative than I am sorry to
say haha I played this before yes bright alright we’re gonna get some tips from
bright lightning he’s played it before we love getting tips from bright he
gives great tips this wouldn’t be the first time he’s giving him to you say
let us know what to do yeah yeah give us tips we love it bright that helps a lot
even on the replays his stink pants said that at this stop this game doesn’t have
any instructions say she really had no idea what was going on see if you can
figure out where she’s at and then just let her know she was struggling – what
was it drop items to try and pick up other items say let her know if it is
possible to drop any how to do it so first you have to walk to the edge of
the map stinky and then you can go exploring have you done that already that map was huge because I checked it
out before ok she’s checking something there say how far to the edge of them is
the edge of the map they because I was mucking around before and it seems like
a huge what I’m thirsty I’m thirsty I’m thirsty I’m talking about me seeing ya
mean fed me you’re drunk yet yeah Gabe I’ve been really thin like a horse there’s a neon green point you should
see oh this sounds a tad like arc survival remember there was a bright
green thing that you could walk towards remember Enochs survival you walk
towards a bright green thing oh goodness can’t remember anything I
think I kinda remember but this one is like exit and territory that you
shouldn’t yeah I should say that they like Jessie’s saying why is he picking
up subs and why well because you’re in our stream that’s the way it works
everyone tends to pick up subs when they stay in the streams true or not true now
right saying also hang on nice got a lot hang on there’s a neon green point you
should see walk a little longer and then the game blade the map also if you find
berries they restore hunger and thirst so they collect the berries you can use
the radar in the top right for a few uses such as crates berries loot I just
sort of green thing good night and this my fellow day O’Jays is what
it’s like to live with stink pants he tell her one thing she’s just gonna do
whatever she wants because that’s the way you stink pants
is momentary she does cooking video he’s we’re gonna do that soon one day when I
can get stinky to film our wonderful home cooking
just very simple and not very good Stein all right yours is not very good on
great I mean in my mind that’s not very good you’re great
feed me Stein time limited events are very helpful I think that’s what you
were looking at before stay that’s why I’m here
when I hear when you have looted everywhere on the map
some places won’t regenerate say I guess that’s good you know what I mean like if
you’ve loaded it I won’t pop up again some places where in regenerate
use the radar to find crates and figure out where zombies are stinky white click
on that card in your inventory press the bag
oh yeah oh my I’m trying to help you here stinky the place will stay the loot
the loot won’t stay about you saying that there’s some card in your inventory
that you can click and then press the bag if there’s a bag there yeah you’re
in the right spot I think because he said click on that card in your
inventory you open up the inventory before and then he said press the bag
back where’s the bag what’s that his bag baggage no I don’t know one made some
clarification on that one bright press bag neither planes carried that bright
lols play identity 5 says cane yet again she had she just had the inventory there
it is click on the cob is there a card boom is that a cabaret that one is that
a car click cannot use click on the card there
is a backpack next to the blue hand icon blue icon
I think you gotta get back into the inventory and then there might be a blue
hand icon there something there you can press away and then all of a sudden you
got a backpack that is a key card bright saying that is a key card like
you know bank cards very nice way well I’ll slay the mighty phone you did well
though say I believe that you take going out of it I believe that’s the card that
he’s talking about yeah and then he said that there is the backpack is next to
the blue hand icon which you’ve already gone out again into inventory there’s
many inventory one oh I did not know that uh I thought you were just carrying
all of that stuff hi let’s bear with me I’m actually
concentrating on the game team now to try and figure out what she’s trying to
pick up maybe bright can clarify that now you can use it at a bunker studio
it’s a card you use it to enter a place in this case a bunker yes it is be right
back so you need the card to get into a bunker maybe there’s no bunker at the
plane crash well you can chop down a tree if you want to chop down that tree make me a raft of some sort and Cain I’m
curious to know why you keep wanting us to play identity 5 again that was quite
a while ago and I must admit I enjoyed that game I thought it had fantastic
graphics but the views on it are only average average might change one day in
the future might and it stunk was a nickname stink Punk wonder why random
had so many ads playing on his live stream and I haven’t seen one on yours but he wrecking the stock I shouldn’t
keep changing the nickname it’ll just be confusing Lane it so once again this is
where I need to practice the day gaming commentary skills learning because
unless this computer’s phrasing like it does they’ve gone very quiet and the
chat again alright sorry let me try let’s see how these guys and
we’re off stink pants is the the magical creature that you see in front of you
running around in circles like she does in every game looking for what do you
know what you’re doing yet or you die there’s a corpse then why don’t try and
get stuff off of that okay I can do raving on to the next one oh good all
these stuff say is it oh you didn’t collect my ball fines as well I don’t
know I can’t the kick coming in gowing it looks like and I’m gonna say night
problems and tight credit for all of the subs and gone back and forth
yeah that’s thing green eyes music ball with via B can quench a thirst oh dang
it I need toilet what does it actually tell you you need to go to the toilet
yeah oh you just pee anywhere there is a fuck you find me you could do that in
real life stinky is she gay in real life but I need to go to the toilet that’s it
oh I’d see if I half an hour but here look Jane toilet is instant I’m
impressed that they tell you have to do that does it not give you a like a
description when you last one you’d be able to tell the time from now on random
pee they liked random and pee in the bushes
that’s right see everywhere you can I’m also hungry stink you want something
over we’re gonna say no why didn’t you finish
this off that’s keep eating it’s not illegal for boys to be pay outside yeah should I tell this story or not know
what up Eva because you’ve heard it so many times before does anyone want to
hear a story about me and my crime criminal friends saying if you want to
hear a story yeah well actually it’s not even the story about me it’s just the
story about my criminal friends what we’re eating is leftover fried rice that
I made the other day there’s actually stink pants late the bulk of it I’m just
had a tiny little taste it sounds like no one wants to hear about my criminal
friends okay keep going ah so I got a yes from you
I have count them not one not two three three friends that have been arrested
all for the same thing and they’re the only free three friends that I’ve got
that have ever been arrested all for the same thing you want to have a guess what
it was P public urination so for you to say it’s not illegal came just be wary
of that because I’ve had three friends that have been brought before the the
justice and the courts to pay penance for the dastardly deed peeing in public
they still joke about it to this very day I caught up with him a few weeks ago
and it came up again there I found out by the the third
friend so there are three friends in that group but they’re not the same
three friends of mine that were arrested but two of them were
and then I found out that night that the third friend that was there actually
called over the cops on the other two said hey can you dig a gate police
officer can you see what beasts who are doing over here now can you believe
they’re all bad we’re all best friends but can you believe that one of your
best friends would do that to you because they would that such type of
friends I have did I ever tell you about one of them taking my bank card what and
he put it in an ATM I was with him but he was just randomly
putting in numbers and I’m like don’t do that if you do it three times it’s gonna
chumma card and then he did it the third time that was it I lost my guard thanks
for that I need some new set of friends sake at random said he wanted to hear
this story what’s wrong with it long as you don’t
get caught it’s not this is this is stink pantses philosophy that she taught
me when she was driving overseas if you don’t get caught it’s not illegal that’s
why your philosophy isn’t it when it comes to running red lights tanning when
you’re not space to turn running red lights and going into oncoming traffic
I say yeah yeah I mean that I’d do it but I’m not going to do it somewhere I’m
likely to be caught you know you’re desperate sometimes you gotta go when
you gotta go isn’t it and unlike the the fairer fairer sex the the younger ladies
like stinky she will say to me you need to find a toilet now when any we need
one in the next couple of minutes you ever been a public one since I’ve
known you stinky huh
you ever done a public drop the pants and do your business
oh when we went camping yeah I was about to say that when we go camping I’m
already a criminal fucking bad stink y’all some bugs here welcome back to
this store not back but welcome to the stream again awesome great to see my
still remember and all of the knowledge that he had for the Star Wars stream
because I was speaking to my sibling last night and said awesome pug could
probably compete with you when it comes to to trivia and Star Wars so there you
go it’s so unnecessary yes I totally agree Caymans
I think the I don’t know what it’s like everywhere else in the world but I
honestly believe that our police force spends a lot more time chasing revenue
than dealing with actual crime just because you know they’ll pin you for
minor things the we’ve been the victim of or I’ve been I should say the victim
of crime more than once in my life and nothing ever happened but gee if I gave
10 K’s over the speed limit would decide I need to evacuate my bladder in public
oh yeah they’ll find me anyway that’s enough of rant on that battle battle
lands real two days to Season nine well there you go say do they have fun
someone was telling me that there’s actually a battle lands to you coming
out battle lands Royale to you I don’t know if that’s true or not because I
couldn’t find it let me know if that is true as if you’re in games here all our
comments start spider fighters here how are you how are you it’s good to see you
again though feeling starting to be a dlg regular in the streams as well so
again because randoms are not random bright lightnings disappeared if anyone
else please what is it last day on earth survival feel free to give us some tips
because as per usual we we’re going in blind we stink say how’s he wake bein safe fire spider
we’ve been missing the the day all day every week we look forward to doing
another stream even when we don’t want to stream to say we can see you guys
that’s true I didn’t really feel like streaming today just because I didn’t
have a good night’s sleep and I feel a bit sick but we couldn’t let them down
good we you can let them down I can’t they mean to be much too nice to either
maybe they mean a lot to you too you better say it sorry yeah nothing from
the stinky so what’s everyone been up to during the week yeah holidays over if
you add them you’re back at school he’s still on a holidays what’s the story we
like to know what’s happening in the rest of the world and meanwhile while
I’m waiting for some comments to come through and try and do a bit of stinky
commentary year what happens when you try to go past that green line he’s
saying bright was saying these events pretty good didn’t do them yeah I’m
trained you’re getting there and days got started Oh idea that’s been some non-stop
commentary for an hour or same video making what he’s saying about the green
blue and gray see he said something about a blue your hand but I know if you
said anything about the actual area choice kind of not safe safer hopefully
bright will come back safe in between just like traffic light Dawson has been
VTA making you know he does like a can’t call it a puppet say what do you call it
when you get toys and you do like a storyline and you film the toys
interacting it’s almost like a puppet show ah you know used to be that as a
kid I did you know I yeah we do little toy soldiers and you know action
superhero figurines story what would you with you is a Bobby no Bobby to expensi
no did you have a knock off Bobby yeah how did I do that because that’s what to
do if you can’t afford the real stuff go get yourself a knockoff I don’t
encourage or endorse that at all by the way well it’s just different brand but
we call Bobby okay you can see Matt there yeah well we’ve got lots of
different versions of it these days they make the I was about to say sour patch
kids but no they there’s one there’s one that was very Barbie yeska bit more emo
or more gothic do you remember those not coming yet they’re very popular for a
short period of time but that happen look at Xavier gang is subbing to
everyone that’s awesome I love your sour I love sour patch kids what’s your view
on they you know item keep the sour patch kids from the
supermarket I always pick him up me go out unlock him but you’re like Sally he
said they’re not sour enough for you skip out the snack not the toy oh no
hang on I don’t know what I’m talking about
you’re right Cain might be talking about the toy sour patch kids remember sour
patch kids like cabbage kids that was a big thing in the day
you don’t remember Cabbage Patch Kids really that was huge that you buy this
thing and it’s like a cabbage right nice shit no joy I didn’t I didn’t I save
myself first there is nice way when I came is talking about the candy but I
think they have toys as well on whatever you call it like dolls figurines Sour
Patch Kid figurines don’t quote me on that I might be wrong big Cabbage Patch
Kids that was huge back in the day and you
would buy this I guess like a box but it wasn’t a closed box it was like an open
box and let it have a cabbage sitting in there and then you open up a cabbage and
the kids inside yeah kiddies inside great concept like Kim
Kinder Surprise only there’s no surprise because you know there’s gonna be kid in
there no response from the stinking might have to see if I can find a
Cabbage Patch Kid for you I use to do that with Legos are you going yeah I did
that with Legos – it’s not safe at all I didn’t quite say it they Cana stopped
myself before then sue I meant shoe it’s candy put up guess what’s what’s and yes
South had to keep the candy which is in the supermarket
presented tea on display stinky palms facing up on bended knee here would you
like some sour patch kids and you’re like no BC rhyming awake so can you just
how can they do it huh I’m gonna die I’m gonna die who’s joking and why did they
dislike the video what did I do hello I don’t see any dislikes and I
still don’t know you Joey’s Oh J blow well maybe it’s sloppy joe he’s talking
about that’s something I’d like to try from their account to me it seems just
like spaghetti bolognaise sandwich but until you actually the sloppy joe it’s
like a minced meat sandwich but the minced meat just looks like when you put
on a spaghetti my mind you have to verify that Americans in the audience is
a sloppy J just a you know minced meat burger or sandwich that’s made from the
sauce that you would normally put in a pastime because if that is the case then
we can make sloppy joes here or kane saying they’re so good but you still got
to tell me what they are because that’s what they look like to me you’re doing
well stinky bah where’s all your stuff and also getting worse
oh you made a bit of a boost somewhere we need bright lightning to come back
give you a bit of advice say I need to go take a shower I don’t see are we
talking about the game or what I’ve said to you 10 times today that’s why you got
the nickname stink pants stink pants you don’t take enough showers a sloppy joe
is a sandwich consisting of ground beef or pork onions tomato sauce or ketchup
which is oyster sauce and other seasonings served on a hamburger bun
well that sounds like the basic ingredients of a spaghetti bolognaise to
me you know you got your ground beef or pork it’s got onions and
I may not sauce in it but what would you call that tomato like when you have
diced tomatoes or things it’s not a tomato sauce or ketchup though it’s a
bit different so maybe sloppy Jays don’t taste like
spaghetti it originated in the United States in the 20th century did you I did
see what you said about Jane Jane Jane mama I dream I did you get that
yo mama yo mama’s so fat she’s got her own postcode J mama’s so fat that when
she not walks back when she goes beep beep beep beep beep all right I got
plenty of momma fat jokes only snoop answers mama’s not fat so it doesn’t
really affect her at all now and the other thing I’d like to ask Caine is do
they serve sloppy Jays at school because we see that in the American movies and
TV shows you’ll see them line up and more often than not on the menu sloppy
joes and it looks like that they don’t it’s not something that they want to eat
where as I look at it and think it looks mighty tasty I’d try it you wouldn’t –
wouldn’t you stinky there’s pretty much nothing you wouldn’t try Jamie I must
say fat she can’t fit in the door at all I’ve probably started a trend here and
awesome saying dislikes on the video why I think though there’s one me go well we
get them on every video basically it’s normal it’s a bit odd that it happens in
a stream but for whatever reason I have a polarizing personality and do most of
the talking say some people don’t like me for whatever reason
even if I’ve never met them or spoken to them
that’s it but someone’s going because you don’t say anything say yeah and then
you know to be honest it’s a bit of a mark of success that if you’re not
getting dislikes on your videos then you’re not really doing that well on
YouTube because if you look at any normal sized Channel they’ve got
dislikes I would prefer not to have them but that’s all engagement what are you
doing let him do guess what what I random and what are you gonna have the
opportunity to change your name back zoo dislike to the video I think random
might be Zuzu say mama zoo I’m sure there’s gonna be a punchline after that
J my mother’s say say fat she can’t eat correctly she ate everything cuz your
mama’s so fat my comment stinkies way to be busy
concentrating on the game J mama and zoo I have no idea J mama and zu while AJ
mummeries no a zoo is something for you to pick up an attack with I reckon yeah
things like you select the VDA RJ what are they doing ah stink no I’ll just I
just stop talking about maybe that’s it maybe it was a fat mama but it’s just a
joke it’s like a blonde joke I don’t think blondes are stupid or an artichoke
I don’t think Irish is stupid but you make those blonde jokes because it’s
like a stupid joke you know what I mean one of the few of the smartest people
I’ve met a blonde okay Oh guys like
because blonde women like I didn’t say anything I wasn’t being serious I though
I shouldn’t make Mike job you shouldn’t then I’ll say that hair color is
absolutely no indication of intelligence there’s no correlation there whatsoever
unless you’ve got black hair and maybe a lot of intelligent people that black
hair I think you should tend to talk meeting we’re talking about the
population of China here all right say hey Peter I got a joke says K always
happy to hear the jokes I don’t have too many new ones at the moment
G you’re conquering more of that Matt bye why you kick down back to the same
one ball is kind of here again because I got chased by the zombie but you’re a
bit of a zombie expert by now you’ve played a number of zombie esque type
game 70 I should say I’ve been the one playing them you’re being the one who
did win the plague demo well it’s another yay mama
Jake should I be reading that out or not things you told me don’t do it I’m gonna
have to say fat that when she got on the scale it said I need your weight not
your phone number got on a set of scales exactly with the area code I got a
science joke but nothing I got a science joke but nothing gets in a reaction but
it never gets a reaction I’ll go to science Jake
kind of ideal gasping but it never gets a reaction yes right
is that what my deal gasps has no reaction element you made me guess with
is no one what gasps is there where there’s no reaction yeah only the only
one I can think of comes out of you and that definitely gets a reaction for me
anyone that’s within the vicinity it’s worse than bush fires on occasion fire
makes everyone go running I’ll tell you that
Louisa stink moves you more out okay out maybe
yo others say fed I took a picture of our last Christmas and it’s still
printing I think that’s you have to ask what kind of printer it’s that all you
happy now ink no just any prints up cuz your mama’s a fan all your paper stock and this is how it works wicked jokes
and sting fan she analyzes them breaks them down to their truths well I hope
you feel better again soon random thank you for staying as long as you do I
actually didn’t expect you to even join so I appreciate the fact that you did
maybe take a pen at all or something before you go to bed drink a little bit
of water make sure you’re hydrated nothing that I would don’t know what
else to say maybe it’s like him sleep you know be
pretty late for random now look do you have your dog o9t I’m walking
before I think I saw how many zombies II got chasing you now yeah this is crazy
and crow X is back welcome back cacao I like but you know I crazy
very very intelligent birds extremely intelligent I wouldn’t mind a crow as a
pet good yeah you’re good at running away do they follow you in so they can’t
follow you into the new then kick this campaign you catch cry between cracks
and I kick off I love it you tell me mr. crow expert what’s the
difference between a crow and a raven i still not so sure i know well yeah but
there’s got to be some physiological biological something happens Stan’s
going on there because I did watch one YouTube video where they were adamant
there should have paid more attention that there’s a significant difference
between the two types of a varying creatures but to me they look exactly
the same we’ve got something that’s like a cross
between a crow and a magpie did you know that I’m trying to remember the name of
it I should be able to just peel it off but yeah it’s like black like a crow but
it’s got some white feathers on it like a magpie he doesn’t know about Ravens
cook or my enemies cook off due to Ravens and crows not get along I don’t
know that either then they mortal enemies like you and I
stinky I told you about that documentary I watched on craze didn’t I yeah they’d
figure it out they’d figured out this is how unbelievably smart these animals are
smarter than human beings they figured out that you know they when
they went to collect and not till something that they needed to break like
a bone that they needed to get the marrow off the inside or some kind of
not that they want to deep they would drop these things on the road because
they realize sooner or later a car’s gonna run over it and crack it open for
the me how smart is that that’s using man-made tools for your own purposes and
if you think that’s smart they got even smarter they like where hang on this is
out in the country there aren’t that many cars driving around let’s go do
this in the city so they started dropping stuff in the city and realized
that they could get to the food even more easy more easily but did it stop
there no they took it to the next level they like all right you drop stuff in a
busy street in a city it’s kind of dangerous so what we’ll do now is we’re
gonna drop it at a pedestrian walk or a set of lights because we know that when
people walk past these things all that nasty traffic stops and then I can get
anything cracked open and I can eat it again
and they’re even so smart that they know to wait for the traffic lights to change
can you believe that so they were dropped my little food item
there wait for the traffic lights cars stop people start walking I go and get
my food that’s one smart creature don’t you think there’s macro story and it’s
all true you look up but I think it was a David Attenborough documentary from
memory got a take a basket car would that be a birdbath you get it
there Bob little ball in the garden every time crow needs to take a bath he
says hey mom can you get the hose out put some water in the bathtub for me
aka bed but then he goes out there and flaps around in the little basin that’s
how it should make you shower stinky what do you reckon make you wash
yourself in a birdbath there’s a place through a normal bath bed I wouldn’t mind getting a bed bath
and I mean you got nowhere to put it you do that nice little thing so you
tracked the wildlife maybe one day cracks will come knocking
on the door saying hey I heard you got a bird bath and I need a maid to clean
myself can I come in like for you coax anything going kind of Laurie tonight is
here I am with the J mama Jake he’s popped up doesn’t even say la just
stayed into the old JMO JMO so fat when she walked in front of the TV
I missed five episodes get it it took us so long to get past the TV five episodes
had already finished how – ADA it’s good to see him a man how are things going in
the clash of clans he’s bet the only one from the clan that
actually joins regularly others come and go you know I’ve seen quite a few of
them in the streams I just don’t join that regularly where as a theater we
love him he does he’s in just about every single one do you play this game
at all Ethan I don’t question mark because bright bright was the only one
that we were getting tips from he’s disappeared already dawn had enough the
sting can’t stop listening team there was only that easy for me I think I can
do that he said you’re not listening to me right that’s it I’m off think you’re doing quite well I don’t
think you’ve died yet have you and I think Keynes said a lot of my yo mama
jokes I don’t have too many of those left
I might have to do another theme style jokes something that’s not max1 at the
moment and what are those things above your head that’s because I’ve got the
zombie that can spread a poisonous thing and you still worried yeah I need to
build something look at you guy and what’s that thing lying on the floor in
there you’ve got dead animals all over the place take a shower stinky I’m
surprised we haven’t received one single water yet today now come you got dead
animals everywhere cured but shouldn’t you be utilizing what you kill yeah use
it I use it but the thing is the cop student yeah the corpse is still there
it’s a little bit frightening yeah I need survival shelter there that doesn’t
even look like it’s smarter than shelter it’s like an actual house I don’t say
thought this was meant to be multiplayer like you surprisedly meant to be able to
play with other people I would say oh what one of you your frenemies so you
killed your Amy ally in the game in you’re on your own again is that you
telling me to stinking so hey poo rod is a hot dogger sandwich
I would have to say no technically if you’re gonna go down that path you’d
have to call it a roll wouldn’t you because you put a dog in a roll not a
sandwich although I have had hot dogs in sandwiches that would be what I’d be
saying I don’t know if that’s right or not but I’d be calling it a roll not a
sandwich what would you call it a thornado sandwich or not I think it’s a
good point though it’s stuck between two pieces of bread if the three pieces of
bread a role not sandwich oh and speaking of his sandwich ranting
argument and debate let me ask you this Ethan Aitor
because I had this rather lengthy pointless discussion it’s in offense
this other day that used to be the biggest debated out of school well let’s
see if I can get another big debate happening at your school even ater what
is a sandwich is it two slices of bread with whatever you’ve got you know that
you’re putting in between peanut butter Vegemite doesn’t matter or can it be one
slice of bread but cut in half and then have stuff in the middle now stink
parents argue yes that’s a sandwich I argue no that’s a half a sandwich you
need two pieces of bread to make your sandwich so if you cut it you know in
that triangular fashion cut it diagonally
that’s half a cent you got two halves of the whole sandwich you still disagree
with me Jane is thinking Ethan eight assists has to be two Scott alized has
been very quiet oh you haven’t heard anything from Scott lives but there’s
got in and says it depends because if the buns are together and the bread is
connected than it is a hot dog but if the bread is
separated then it’s a sandwich hmm so bread connection makes a difference
oh dear ding and I think that’s a good point as well if you’ve still got the
two yards of the bun still slightly connected then it’s hot dog and I’d call
it hot dog roll but I still wouldn’t call it a sandwich unless it’s made out
of slices of bread because if it’s made in a role and it’s a role true
I’d call it a bagel if it was put in a bagel it depends so that’s a very good
point Scott lies there’s to be two just got here lmao there you go hate pee
don’t you live in Australia yes we do I think it’s the first time you’ve joined
the stream skies say thank you welcome and if you play this game the last day
on earth survival please feel free to give us
tips and I also want to hear your view on what’s a sandwich now Ethan ADA
agrees with me you have to have two slices of bread having one slice of
bread cutting off is not a sandwich cuz when you’re in a picnic and you say
hey can I have a sandwich they don’t give you two halves they give you one
half and then I would say eh I ask for a sandwich not a half a
sandwich how are you considering the fire safety
safe say sorry I repeating myself again for anyone that was here at the start of
the stream because we’ve been asked this a lot
Thank You Ethan a dough for your concerns we’re fine at the moment we’re
not personally affected by any of the bush fires but having said that they are
pretty bad like for us to have three bush fires in three different states all
at the same time is it’s not good and really does stretch the resources a
little bit but so far I think they’ve managed to keep damage to his best of a
minimum that they can but I don’t know hey did
you hear of any of the statistics of how much bush land is burnt it’s a huge like
the size of they mentioned the country I’m just trying to think which country
they said like the size of Germany or something is the amount of land that’s
been burnt I don’t know if it was Germany but yeah they weren’t comparing
it to a small country I can tell you that now
when I’m talking Papua New Guinea or New Zealand here so yeah hopefully the the
government and the Fire Authority and police and everyone else involved in
combating bush fires a voluntary firemen and so I’m hopefully that CFA they
called the country Fire Authority hopefully they’ll have everything
contained but we’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out alright so yeah
I sub to you when you commented on my first video just found you in my
subscription lives so join Oh awesome sky lives I’m sorry I didn’t recognize
the name straight away it does take me a while to get to know people just because
I tend to get to know them either through the comments section on a video
or just in the live chat and also in discord if if you’ve happened to have
joined that so great to see that you’re doing that I’m pretty sure that you
would have had a what am i I’m just rambling at the moment just rambling so
thank you Scott I so appreciate that I use a Rhys sorry I don’t know if
you’re a he or she and I by default tend to say ye so just correct me if I’m
wrong about that but they’ve done some research so yeah there you guys say
Ethernet is said they sent some firefighters from America to help us I
mentioned that earlier in the stream say thank you Americans and also Canadians I
may have sent over some assistance and I know they’re probably not the only
countries there Bo leap but thank you thank you for doing that much
appreciated so Scott Elias said 1.3 million acres
that’s a lot of land you think about the farm that we used to have growing up
that had 240 acres here talking’s What did he say 1.3 million it’s a lot of
land I was about 8 months ago that happened oh gee that was a long time ago
so also the fire is big as Manhattan there you go
but then if it’s Manhattan you might just be talking about one fire is you
got to bear in mind there’s 3 different states all within to bend and bush fires
at the moment they do be bad if they joined up that’d be terrible but
hopefully the fire breaks are in place and are strong enough to prevent
anything from hopping from one area to the next I’m sure they’re from
California because there’s a lot of forest fires saving they’ve got wood
firefighters that’s true too we’ve received the news reports of the
California fires here and I was quite shocked at how close those fires got to
suburbia it’s it does happen here but it’s extremely rare I know I think even
since sting cancers been here there is one bushfire that managed to
reach the most outer skirts of our city didn’t didn’t burn down the suburb but
it certainly made it to this suburb but the one that I saw in California is like
wow that looks like normal suburb area say feel sorry for them they don’t have
a lot of water in California it’s my understanding it’s a very very dry state
and again if I’m not mistaken a lot of its desert don’t quote me on that
thank quote me on anything yeah ma thornado that’s sage
he’s something that you guys may or may not know about bushfires and Australia
it’s unfortunate but it’s absolutely necessary that we have them on occasion
for our environment believe it or not a lot of things grow in Australia as a
result of bush fires so you have a bushfire go through and then certain
trees will actually seed after that they won’t seed before that they need the
activation of a bushfire to get them to promulgate if that’s a correct word or
propagate I don’t know if it’s probable gate or propagate and ask me but
unfortunately as a terrible impact on on animals which is you know they can’t
outrun bush fires there’s there’d be no animal in Australia that get out and run
a bushfire if they’re something like a wombat they can always hide on the
ground but koalas unfortunately have it very bad they’re not fast-moving
creatures to begin with so they’re gonna struggle but yeah it’s very unfortunate
that they have to suffer and it’s even worse that arson is the result of a lot
of bush fires there’s you know some are deliberately lit they believe that dd-na
how many of these ones they think have been deliberately lit but no one was
being investigated I can’t remember which state but they believe that that
one was not by accident but one of them was it was from a lightning strike then
started a bushfire so there you go I had millions of animals have died yeah that
wouldn’t surprise me when you’ve got that amount of land that’s on fire at
the same time there is literally nowhere for those
animals to go they what are they gonna do they’re gonna end up suffering and
dying as a result so it is extremely unfortunate thankfully some of them have
developed coping mechanisms through evolution like I say a wombat can
probably avoid a bushfire by going into its tunnel but then the downside is when
it comes out from the tunnel it’s not going to be able to eat for quite some
time so man many go 25,000 koalas feared dead on a night I say now sorry I forgot
about Kangaroo Island which is different again say that’s an island and that’s
what did they save 3/4 of it is on fire some yeah like a lot of that entire
island has suffered as a result saved not just three four if you count the one
on the island one in each state and one on an island it’s absolutely crazy and
yet Queensland hasn’t had one yet they will they generally have one every year
but they’re going by google year koalas well I don’t think they’ll go extinct
because there’s quite a large population of them but in those areas they’re going
to struggle having said that they we do need to
regenerate there the eucalyptus trees that they eat is
you’ve got to bear in mind koalas they need every kind of eucalyptus since only
particular coins so then they’re a bit like pandas they don’t have a lot of
variety in their food well at night writing gum leaves and that’s it like
panda bears and bamboo bamboo leaves and sheets same sort of thing let me are
they saying that they are going extinct well well then I say Australian
government let us have them as pets not have a koala or two as a pet or breed
them personally my god maybe you did her and go and go forth and make me your
family this week in New South Wales police media released 24 people are
being charged are they going 24 people have been charged David deliberately lit
bush fires this season this season and on that night I don’t know if anyone’s
gonna find this interesting but I was having this conversation with one of my
best friends about how there’s no actual we’ve got awesome laws just like any
country would have some laws but there’s no specific bushfire laws yet and we
think there should be it was something that I was going to write about at
university but didn’t qualify for the course
but they thought I was a good ride here anyway so yeah and he was saying to me
that the the crime committed here is as bad if not worse than any of the worst
crimes that you can commit like murder or the r-word or any of that they’re
terrible crimes but the the amount of devastation that bush fires causes
astronomically larger like you put people’s lives at risk he killed many
many animals destruction to property is huge that you know if they do end up
getting caught yeah throw me in jail for life I have no respect for those people
and I think they should be members of society if they’re going to do that
because it’s it’s extremely dangerous and if you’ve never liked I’ve grown up
with them say I’m very well aware of how bad they can be right yeah there you go
throw all of those 24 people in in jail and throw away the key that’s what I’d
be saying yeah because sky dies when you think about all right so someone let’s
say and I’ve got to be careful with the YouTube algorithm by not saying the
wrong things so let’s say you take someone’s life that’s pretty much
considered the ultimate crime you know I mean like in the eyes of the law in
terms of punishment in terms of severity of crime taking someone’s life is pretty
much at the top you know you’ve got the M word and then you’ve got manslaughter
and then you know involuntary manslaughter and everything below that
well with bushfires even though there’s no guarantee that you’re gonna kill
people bushfires do kill people and you’re not talking one person I thinking
what was the reason you were sitting with me watching the news when they said
to how many people had died from that town there was a few of them it wasn’t
as one person a few people died so there you go is that not worse than committing
a singular taking of a life now let’s extend that say that that’s number one
human life number two there is no doubt you’re taking animal life and as you
guys have pointed out a lot of it we’re not talking one or two animals or even
fifty or a hundred you’re talking thousands tens of thousands if not
millions so now you’re creating huge devastation and to removing the lives of
many many creatures so that’s the second thing then the third one on top of all
of that is destruction to property and land and just area the bush fires are
immensely destructive in our country they’ll destroy crops houses you name it
whole town we have lost whole town’s to bush fires you know
and so that brings to the fourth point the economic cost of everything you’d
think fighting bushfires is free no you think the the californian people that
were sent over from america compensate well actually i don’t know about that
maybe they’re compensated well because we do the same thing will we will send
relief over to other countries and i don’t think we get paid for it so i’m up
your honor on that but you’ve still got you know the after-effects devastation
and recuperation costs you know you have a bushfire go through town and destroy
all EP buildings they’re still going to be repaired farms still have to be
repaired it’s an enormous cost so that’s
basically my long-winded answer to why I think yes the anyone that’s caught
deliberately lighting a bushfire should be punished severely they really should
be you know pretty much not if you’re going to do that you must have no moral
compass in the first place like tonight you’ve got to know that
it’s wrong but to not care to that extent well then I think yeah you really
don’t care about society so you probably shouldn’t be in it that’s the the view
that I have so sorry if it sounds harsh but that’s just me right so very very
long season wish by a law like it’s legal to burn or it’s like you’ll only
get a slap on the wrist no there is no bushfire law so yeah it’s
probably gonna change one day I don’t want to say soon necessarily but there’s
a difference between that and arson say if you grab a canister of petrol go to
someone’s house pour petrol all over it and set it on fire that’s pretty bad
crime and that’s that will be covered under arson more now bushfire is also
awesome but there’s no specific criteria for bushfires so hopefully that
clarifies it say under the law they’re not going to say are you committed a
bushfire no they’re just going to say you’ve committed arson
but there’s a big difference between setting fire to someone’s house and
setting fire to 1.3 million hectares worth and land same hopefully that
answers that one and I don’t know this house Sevilla person slap on the rear
you’re probably not going to get a slap on the wrist I’ve had a cock – you’re
bad to say this again I had a friend that was warned by the police but arson
because he set fire to a bin it was like yeah silly isn’t it but I did it as well
at the end of year 12 we put all our nights in a bigoted alameen iam bin and
set it on fire and we didn’t really think at the time that that was a bad
thing to do is just out school nights celebrating the fact that we’d never
have to go to school again that’s what I’d be saying the top of Australian
bushfires yeah 27 people have passed away already
and more than 2000 homes destroyed so then you tell me that puts you on the
level of a Ted Bundy really or you know any other famous killer the you know if
that’s a lot of lives that have been taken not taking into consideration
property damage or lives taken of animals so yeah I hope that explains
sufficiently my severity in my attitude towards such things then the country has
to rebuild over everything well that’s right I mean the the relief that people
get from the bush fires they’re kind of lucky in the sense that Australia is
very good at pulling together as a community we do it every year when it
comes to bush fires or floods or anything where people need help so
there’s a lot of I don’t know what kind of reports you guys get but we had one
where there is a major town that was surrounded by a lot of little towns that
were being told to evacuate so they all went to the mage down
and there is one fisherman one fishing vessel they were supposed to be out
doing its work just doing our catching fish whatever but they decided no we
have to sacrifice our own income to bring that vessel to shore say that
anyone that’s affected by the bush fires can get on the boat and they did
thousands of people got on the boat Ilana so I shouldn’t say thousands
hundreds of people got on the boat so we’re kind of lucky that they’ll do that
and then you’ll have people donating the the cause or helping you out where they
can too much too much of the one you haven’t even told me what you got King would you have a flood over a fire and I
know this is a dumb question but I don’t know bad how bad your floods can be yes
straight it straight up I’d rather have a flood over a fire any day in the week
particularly if I’m the one being affected floods are dangerous don’t get
me wrong you can certainly die from floods as well but I would think they’re
safer than if you’re off sensible when it’s flooding then I would think that
you’re pretty safe compared to a bushfire you can still be sensible but
you’re at risk as long as you don’t do stupid stuff during a flood you’re
probably okay our floods certainly aren’t as bad as what I’ve seen in other
parts of the world so we don’t get them really really bad
basically because we’ve only got a few rivers that run all over the place and
they’ve all been dammed and weird and you know they they control the flow of
the water for the most part reasonably well but I myself have been in what
three or four five floods in my lifetime even here I’ve been in a flood in the
city couldn’t get to work that day I couldn’t get there easily and
about two hours late so yeah flood any day and what about you always curious to
know what your views are pet otter have you heard about the earthquake in Puerto
Rico yes we were watching that the other night as well the natural disasters a
space it’s a normal part of life like wherever you are in the world you’re
going to face some kind of natural disaster things like earthquakes kind of
scare me though because I’ve never been we get them now I felt one in Australia
it was very very minor very minor but you can feel it but seeing things like
you know the the Californians what is it San Francisco Bridge during the
earthquake there that would have been scary my relatives were telling me about
how they when they rebuilt things to to combat earthquakes in future well what
happens if you’re on the bridge at the time wouldn’t it being good so people at
living maze-like Japanese I have a lot of respect for cuz they leave they leave
in a part of the world where they disdain it it doesn’t even bother them
these natural disasters I get now well it’s just another one we’ll have another
one next week Peter what is your job accept YouTube say I don’t want to go
into too much details but I’ll just say sales I did used to back in the day
stink pants and I had both you who still degrees for work but not anymore and
then in all reality or not reality but in all hope if I could make a career out
of YouTube I’d do that ladies game for two hours already are you at the two
hour mark nice one stinky I can’t believe I’ve
feel like I’ve actually entertained for two years for once you entertain all be
entertained what I I don’t know I hope they’re being
entertained don’t cut yeah your whiskers when you’re
sitting at the computer this scissors are there I haven’t shaved it’s like
human of law Frank’s my but I did clean your don’t clean the decks either I did
clean you done pretty cat off the floor this morning no matter what you do I’m
entertaining set Ethan ater well that’s a big drop it’s because I’ve mentioned
it before in other streams and it is something that worries me a lot now that
we’re getting promoted a bit more and you know you’ve got a little bit of
revenue coming in that should we get bigger and people are come to the
challenge oh why why are these guys so popular they’re so boring that’s
actually the way I think but I think what makes the streams is the actual
chat the live chat not not me rambling on for a couple of hours but I
appreciate the kind words don’t get me wrong and but often worry I think the
last two streams were not that good and then the boom beach one I can’t believe
that got promoted as heavily as it did then I thought that was one of the the
worst streams not in terms of the game or live chat or anything just my
personal performance was pretty ordinary but there you go so I have to hopefully
ride any sort of success where people just like us and hopefully they’re not
too concerned about the gameplay or what’s being talked about because we’ll
talk about anything that the algorithm will let us talk about that’s for damn
sure so I’m into all have mystery
so I’m entertained I love having good chats with youtubers for read chat and
that’s one of the things that a lot of youtubers don’t do they can’t do it when
it’s you know if they’re a big channel and there’s lots of chat going through
it’s impossible I’ve seen them of bailing livestreams where that’s
happened you can’t even read the chat yourself against that quick so while we
can yes we will interact with everyone this is how we get to know you all this
is how we get the dlg isn’t it stinky they come back they do still no comment
from the steam this is why we can appreciate the crises how hard it is for
me when my little sidekick here I can’t say does nothing she’s good at the
gaming but she won’t interact with me this is this is fair ignoring time this
is the quiet time fisting pants she knows that she doesn’t have to deal with
me all right say I have mad respect for you are that’s very kind of you to to
say that we try to promote and do a bit of good things and positivity really
knowing where we can be odd for gamestream to talk about serious stuff
but we do manage to do it and happy to help wherever we can
I’m not take Jake says can I’m not sure what he was taking about we don’t what
is your no it’s that already no matter what you do just be with me imma do
dishes yes go and help your parents for the chores came good boy streams are
still going well yes you should know that awesomely will go until stink
dances had enough basically I don’t know I’ve not really experienced one because
my lie in the perfect spot where fire can’t get to us and the drainage ditch
behind is where water just goes through no Ethan ADA you wanting to adopt a
prudent and the stink pets to come live where you are it sounds very safe we’ll
do that we’ll do the gardening in the house work and by that way I mean stink no everything in the stream she’ll be
missed yes usually turns up not sure what’s going
on I’m currently playing dying light so it’s really nice just to listen to this
oh I don’t know dying light is that a game on a mobile or a piece senior
console playstation say how often do we stream
say we’re try actually bringing this up again because no one seems to respond to
me what we normally stream months awake on a Sunday may or may not change due to
stink pots pants escapements that’s right stink
what’s commitments but for the moment still on Sundays around this time
however I was thinking of ramping it up a little bit hard try and get two
streams in a week what because we’re monetized now we’ve got to take
advantage of it but not not to the point that I’ve seen so many other channels
through it where they’re uploading every day twice a day three times a day where
it basically becomes spam we won’t do that but what is this thinking like you
know and there you’ve got a lot of clash of clans fans and they might have to
wait a month or two you and possibly even longer just to see one of those
streams that’s my point of view is you got to bear in mind like half the the
audience that we get her and they’re all clash of clans players anyway so I’d
like to know what everyone’s thoughts are on that whether we should look at
ramping up to maybe two streams a week one would be clash of clans you know
maybe midweek and then a new game on the weekend or maybe two new games during
the week just like to know what everyone thinks because the second part of that
is what would be the best time if it’s during the week because this is when a
lot of them are having school and they can’t stay up late or you know it’s a
work night it week work week work night during the week you know what I’m trying
to say so people might not want to stay up late
for that sort of thing so sky do you player do Akane still
going on about the identity 5 sky if you’re in the u.s. he streams on
Saturday yeah thanks for explaining that because it’s Sunday where we are at the
moment sky and he said it’s PC say we would play it if it was on mobile I
haven’t figured out how to stream PC yet we might get there one day I will adopt
app it up the steam pads hey we’ve got a safe haven no fires no floods
Ethan ate his place and he if I’m not mistaken Ethan ate is huge just like six
foot three or something if I’ve got the right person there you’ll be able to
carry us all over the place we’ll carry you then I’ll just walk bond
imagine you imagine him putting you on his shoulders that’ll be a different
view for a dwarf wouldn’t it he’d be a jev I like a baby oh you little ants
down there always let’s I do in the stream always when I can thank you sky
deloused hopefully we will see you in another one because you’ll start seeing
the same faces as well plus new people but we have very good support for our
streams of which is it makes me very they’re very kind to us to take time out
of their days to just sit here and listen to me garbage
oh yes you’re not supposed to agree stinky agrees and truly appreciates it
Ready’s listened to the comics yeah did you don’t have to listen to the
garbage but really appreciate the support alright so join the stream always when I
can that’s good good today we would love for you to join whenever you can
man Jeff has a mania a couple of times as well bein a bit slack but they come
in waves and then you’ve got the the real regulars like Kane and Ethan ater
and random and bright you’ll see them every stream six-foot-three so I was
right there you go my memories not too bad yeah but he’s only like 15 or
something six-foot-three imagine by the time is 22 yeah this is
really testing what I know I think he said previously that you know you got
testing dr. C’s gonna be like six foot nine because I can make these
predictions that used to do it yeah dad used to do it he’d be like you know when
you’re an adult you’re gonna be roughly this height because it’s relatively
predictable I guess you’d be looking at the parents you’d be looking at
I guess diet you’d be looking at projections there would be data sets
they would say you know Generation X average height this Generation Y this
generation Z this so then they could go generation whatever these guys are
called they can get all that previous data and go okay one can expect you to
be about this tall but you know it’s not accurate accurate pretty good if I mean
if I mean I could donate Ethan ate his some of my fat in exchange for some of
his height then I’d be happy with that I don’t think he’s gonna be happy with
that if you need help I just joined the discord you can message me and I can
help you out with streaming on PC awesome sky dies and I will take you up
on both because I am a complete not a Luddite I’m not very tech savvy at all I
rely on stink pants to do that but she doesn’t know how to do any of this
either because he don’t mayera stream say I will have a private
conversation with you paralyze that I hope you don’t mind that sky delays they
should say I don’t know I said idolized but I hope you don’t mind me take me up
on that offer I’d do it with lots of people i randoms done a lot of work
little acts done a lot of work because I know I’m hopeless I can’t do it Brian’s
done a lot of work I’d say thank you for that the most common question my Heidi’s
how’s the weather up there yeah you get that a lot I had a poor woman say that
to me we were known in a bar and she’s very tall she’s taller than Mars well he
was he doesn’t care I asked him already and that’s not his real name so he was
looking up at her like that model and he’s what six foot one mm-hmm
so she was tall and then she came up to me I wasn’t even talking to it but she
had a group of guys that she’s an attractive woman just really really tall
so not good morning yeah like a supermodel II type you know in 6-foot
whatever but really attractive say she is nice short even of attention from men
and you know a lot of them most of them was shorter than it maybe was sorry Moz
was probably about that much shorter they’re not a lot and I kept saying you
know he should go after this guy does see me he’s roughly the same height he’s
a good guy blah blah blah and then she said to me that guy was so rude
not my main saying about some other guy said what he said he just walked up to
me and said how’s the weather like up there no I I said don’t worry about it
the guys got small man complex he’s just jealous of the fact that he’s not as
tall as you mm-hmm and then she said you say sleep and I said no I see that guy
over there he’s like I’m the wingman did she was a nice enough girl but I did
feel sorry for it’s like you just stay out in some public place or you could say do you want me to grab
you by the collar of your shirt pull you up to my face and you can find out for
yourself I don’t recommend that plans if you ever need to learn how to make a new
account on the same device yeah I’m gonna have to do that one day as well a
finito we’ve often talked about doing a clash of clans from scratch series or
from start series but I do I wanted to make that a marathon stream but I
actually question whether it’s possible because of the wait time for things to
build you know I mean it’s been that long since I played at that level that I
can’t even remember whether you had to wait for a long time or you doing what
are you saying yes says nothing Hara say hey you’re getting me he’s still happy
yeah yeah winding up all what’s the guy can still go for a little bit it looks
like looks like you’re addicted is it as good as a man versus waldo night this
one is better the first town halls it’ll go quick channel 6 then it will slow
down so can we do you 10 or 1 to 5 or
possibly 6 in the one stream non-stop because that would be ideal and all
saying I don’t think I’d care that much about the account so I’d be more likely
to spend whatever gems saying why you keep saying these like 21 hours
something something you might not be able to go there for 21 hours well if
you don’t go then you don’t have to wait see the logic in no no because channel
takes a while to upgrade hmm I’m not gonna buy gems for it but I’m
just wondering become the Gups it’s took a long time this time two hours in the
stream before they start that if you were to do a clash of clans stream from
scratch yeah you can a Duke but only if it if I could make it a marathon one
like T yeah in celebration of what Penn celebration
of the hi come away from me so what is a lighting time again is it steam energy
so I have to wait a little bit and I can speak up a little bit I think that stuff
the combination I’m going for sounds like I seen real life it helps with the
later Town Hall’s knowing you had a follower to help fund the higher up
that’s true so I was tempted did what’s not even
cheating but let the second account in the clan which I’m not a fan of I try
and discourage other people from having second accounts in the clan having said
that at least one person has done it if not more I’d do it for myself if I ain’t
that right tell me that stinky if I had the right to say hey in this clam if I
decide I want to do something that’s contradictory to what everyone else is
supposed to do can I get away with it would they would they be like this
leader does is just he’s such a hypocrite
double standards they like him anymore would they be like how he has supported
us all for so long he can do whatever he wants
Nathan I told say I can do whatever I want thing because he said he said that
with the clan war leagues when I said I’ll just have to after and me out so he
gets what just because it was too much infighting yeah
friend or enemy well he’s the one with the even that he came to my territory
let’s say Ron to ask for help Oh to defend the zombie and then
disappeared yeah so yeah help to your friend I came to the friend thing but
the zombies ran out already and I don’t know where is he hey I like your weapon
money or whatever that is that’s pretty big yeah and Ethan eight is asking you
is it past your bedtime you seemed tired stinky she’s alright
she slept in until almost 12 o’clock today I’m the one that needs the nap
then I sting hey Peter what is wrong with people what is wrong with people
giving the wrong thing when asked for because I need certain things for war
then I don’t get anything I asked for say I’m not sure he’s doing that like I
do I know that there are certain people in the clan I think you probably know
who they are play nice stick pants now you see that yeah but how do I say this
they’re loyal they’ve been there for a long time I’m not getting rid of them I
don’t exactly appreciate what they do now when it comes to war you should be
donated what it is that you’re being asked for I know that saying what it is
that you ask for I know that I always do that I know a lot of people in the clan
do do that I’m not sure why you seem to not get the troops you want now there is
a bit of a caveat to that if Nader and that’s that if we’re not in
war sometimes I will donate the the wrong troops because I think well you’re
just gonna waste them on a raid or in defense so it’s not that important
whatever troops again and you know when people ask for certain the stuff they
tend always ask for the really expensive long time to Train stuff which is can be
annoying if you you’re also trying to get your own raids in so that’s probably
a weak explanation as to why it’s happening but it shouldn’t happen for
but sometimes even I might give you the wrong troops if it’s not for war no I’m
just gonna fill your castle be grateful for what you get we used to have that
attitude much more strongly in the older days didn’t mean back I used to fight
with people in they the Klan saying yeah what are you complaining about you’re
getting troops stop complaining but they’re not the ones I asked for who
cares I played this game yeah we didn’t have clan war League but we did have
clan wars but even back then after time that asked for troops that they didn’t
even know how to use and that would annoy me as well it’s like you’re asking
for this stuff that’s really expensive you don’t even know how to use it so
that’s my own pet peeve but then the last one is the fact that I never
received a clan troop until I was a town or mine so it makes me appreciate
anything I get you know still no comment it happens every attack
for clan war League I can’t explain that because I know most of them when I’m
online they’re pretty good they donate what’s asked maybe take don’t don’t
argue or fight with a person per se tonight of it just take a night if you
can know who the the people are that are doing it and then maybe let me know on
this court or you know even leave a comment on a YouTube video if you want
and I’ll try and sort it out but it’s one thing with clash of clans it is very
difficult to organize a clan unless you’re all mates or you all live in the
same area or you all know each other in real life somehow it’s very difficult to
organize everyone what are you doing the extinct weight stemming out here so yeah
very sorry to hear that happens but generally you get the same troops
donated anyway I very rarely get much variation in the troops that I get and I
don’t even ask for anything specific and I’ll try if I’m on line there viii later
I’ll try and give you the right chips I’m not always on line I couldn’t wait
overnight because I get home from school and after attack all war ends yeah
that’s that’s annoying as well but with the wars you you’re under pressure to
have to get it all out of the road and to be honest that was the first time I
missed a clan war League attack just because I was waiting for everyone else
and then ran out of time ended up doing something else came back war is over
same man I’ll try and what troops do you prefer their 8th inator and if it’s what
I normally carried then I definitely don’t know yeah I wouldn’t join this
cord but don’t know he’ll say if you have a look
it’s the read description on any of our more recent videos I’ve still got to fix
the really old ones you’ll see at the top there that there’s a link for
discordant and you can just press the link and join but I know that the guys
did set up a what do you call it like there is a bare minimum requirement I
think it’s just a safety factor thing that you’ve got to have an email address
or something like that but it’s very it’s pretty straightforward that if you
just click on the link certainly you can get into the the discord and then some
of those hanging odds hang on just bear with me alright say I’m just trying to get
someone from the discord but knows what they’re doing back into the streams so
they can help you our sky delights this day are awesome so I can see that
they’ve joined on hiatus until infinity so don’t know why I’m checking on like
this and then hopefully Ethan a doe because I couldn’t see that at least one
of the guys that’s more knowledgeable can help you with that
oh yeah you’ve got to help already yeah it depends on the base either belk our
ice column okay see you that’s the other thing Ethan ADA you’re
actually asking for troops that people generally don’t carry what is that the
first time yeah you did very well come on he stayed alive for two and a
half hours when have you ever done that in a game before
what like from the very start without dying once have you ever done that
before yeah you did quite well to my mind blah blah bosses can just put the
link in your search bar the link is in the description yes so their help it
because both though Scott lies even though they’ve only just joined the
discord certainly sounds like they’re very knowledgeable and can probably help
you a lot more than I can pains probably a little bit more like me yeah all
they’d better I’ll say Cain still better had discord the night but compared to
Saint someone like random a random Daisy stuff but it’s not a yeah I’m sorry I
don’t they’ll get you in there shortly I don’t know why but for some reason I 42
NATO is already in there oh there’s that green thing I just saw
the green thing bright was talking about that’s great yeah but it’s green so what
what is it oh man I can’t remember now he gave you the advice like two hours
ago like Kara me he said go towards the green thing that’s all our goal that’s
the only thing I can remember go towards green thing
no that doesn’t mean your finger up your nose your nose pick up you got any gold
up there stinky what are you talking about you’re picking your nose during
the livestream I’m not doing yeah but they can’t see that’s a my I’m not doing
buy a liar yeah don’t wipe it on me oh I don’t know Kay and I’m pretty bad at
this good but I think he could find anyone much worse than me so I’d say
except for maybe stink pants that’s never used it but she can find their way
around stuff very quickly where his canes bit like me he needs to be taught
how to do stuff like me I can’t is going there intuitively not
sure he likes that comment that he likes you ah canna be feel privileged that I’d
make a comparison things like peed on yeah that’ll make
he’s weak he’s old mug he’ll be the hands up and their fist pump in the air
dabbing everywhere saying I’m just like Pluto oh I will be like I’m crying doing
that bad see look at the cane is that desperate
for me to play identity 5 sorry guys looks like I have to ditch this dream
cuz there is one stream playing identity 5 and I’m gonna join them playing the
game sure because we’re just not good enough for
Kane anymore this is the second time in a row he’s
done it to us now we’re happy for you to do what he like kami love your loyal
support he’s been one of the true do G a G Xia’s and lively do it
identity 5 one day soon what are you doing
when will we do the repay we’ve been asked and play identity 5 again pixel
gun 3d again what’s the PBG mobile they’re the three
main ones you get asked repeatedly to play those games play identity 5 next
stream I’m not gonna repeat again cane you have to understand me that we in a
position number 1 where we have to fulfill a lot of requests and bear in
mind we fulfilled a lot of yours game where we have seriously played a lot of
games that you’ve wanted us to play I’m not sure if you suggest that identity 5
originally but someone did so he ended up playing that and we have to try and
balance between playing new games from scratch games that we’ve played before
so he can do it interactively with people in the livestream and then what
was the third thing clash clans are guess new games games
that we’ve played before and clutch clans it’s very what email is it looking
for on discord I don’t think it matters safe inator
I know someone and created a lot of like an a dummy email just to join the
discord they told me that they did that so and I think I don’t know which one I
used but I think it’s just an email address I don’t think they really care
whose email address well though you’d probably need it to be yours to see
getting click the I approve button or whatever the ke comes in key cups
again oh yeah sky delights I think Ethan 8r
needs a little bit of help with joining the the discordant haha okay next dream
is gonna be a PC I can’t type without putting in an email
yeah that’s right and say Ethan ADA that’s one of the privacy restrictions
that they set up or something that you do you you’re not able to use the the
chat in discord unless you’re a verified member and I think the part of the
reason for that was the whole spamming and what do they call it when you mess
mess come and go to someone said that’s ddossing you know that’s an attack I
don’t know but it’s to prevent certain stuff from happening so I just said to
them do whatever you think but make sure it’s safe for everyone say whoever
random will bright I think set it all up one of the two or maybe both of them I’d
be able to tell you saying yeah you do to be able you can still see everything
that everyone else writes but for you to type yourself you’ve got to have a
verified account so Scott loads just wait 10 minutes then I can tell me I say
thanks Scott Leitz for helping out eight tonight up very much appreciated
love the fact that we attract these good kind-hearted people attract the other
sword as well but they don’t stick around
look I don’t know there’s any point to wait for me to play this game yeah
that’s if you wanted to stop now at the two-and-a-half hour mark mm-hmm well
it’s up to you because I have to oh here go there but then I might died again
so after all waiting I might die again maybe that’s the end of it I guess
that’s our I don’t think they even paying attention to the game at this
point there’s more more about the interactive chat okay which you could be
a part of things you just waiting nothing you can do in that game that not
makes things more interesting not so you literally just have to wait area oh is
that the entire map and it’s not as big as I thought okay oh yeah it’ll get
bigger Bend for some reason I thought it was bigger than that
what’s that fence line a building a fence around your area not that that’s
not my area my area is this one look this one with the home being this is my
home oh say anything he should be capturing the bottom of the server I
know you guys have screamed for an hour now
oh that’s when you joined he joined an era now for Gary as a place to win the
stream actually started a long time it is a long time isn’t it some of the
Austrians only go for an era now oh I’m so tired now to finish so you can get
something to eat we’re gonna get paid you got Turkey yeah
you’re gonna prepare some stuff for me I can put in them away Nathan they said at
least I tried he tried to pull the wool over my eyes
tried to fake it till you make it say oh yeah daddy went for about 20 minutes
Nathan I had to wait another ten twenty years and I’ll be agreeing with you with
my Alzheimer ‘s and Parkinson’s and whatnot I’ll be like yeah I don’t what
is it elves I’m ISM what’s the other one oh you might have dementia it’s the same
dementia is like a broader term and then it’s kind of categorized and like
Alzheimer and other disease you know that’s when the streams are gonna get
really boring cuz every time I look at the screen I’ll be like hey the lady’s
here okay and then the conversation with him and then me write something else um
you know II tonight is here they will start to count how many hello how are
you died you say today and then next time you’re gonna say who doc this is
like you said next to me 20 time last week let’s see how many you got this
time they start keeping tabs on me I reckon well then what about you can I
same thing happen to you just for memory care maybe really have met in that time
well that’s true so hopefully one day I may stink pants wants to go to America I
would go again that you want it to go this ping three like yeah I used yeah
Ethan I you know yeah yeah you’re playing on the sensitivity she a because
I feel like do you know I did I really does that dementia setting Ally it can
sit early who are you huh what yeah I mean thing I know for
certain right now is I’m hungry and tired but yeah I heard that Lee twice
wake up hungry then why don’t you eat something because I was too busy setting
stuff up or you just knows it away like that I checked in on you five six times
and I have seen you taking on me not every time surely at least tweet
really you didn’t see me in my wake are you you pretend to be asleep it’s hard
to tell no just rest in bed then your eyes are like tiny little slits how am I
supposed to tell I’m not that bad they’re not like this thing wide open
what’s going on that’s not pointing to know that when you’re s in bed and you
already kind of sick of playing game you put it here next to you and you just
rest your eyes and then you check on me that’s right
the eighth inator says come to North Dakota in the summer if you come to
America because the Prairie is beautiful and I want to meet you guys
I would love to get North Decatur where you do you may be moving east where
Central I’m gonna say like maybe Acts he remote
and rural that’s what I’m gonna know he test my knowledge of America which I
don’t trust very wrong that you went before Wes or is not a night in America
somewhere in near Mexico that’s all you need to know but north they have you
seen Dances with Wolves no yeah with Kevin Costner
what about have you ever seen any footage of like the Bison running across
the Prairie do you know prairies are like a big open
field like a huge midday but way bigger than a minute because it’s Prairie I
don’t know what if made up a huge bit of wilderness vast land lots of grass on it
you know I mean like big open space stinky I don’t know how much more I can
explain this no need a border of Canada in the very central
strip of America there you go the ether native can tell you she you saying she pretends to sleep
sounds like rain sucking stop past my bedtime when I was younger
yep say Trey I mean she pretend to say she doesn’t have to deal with me isn’t
it nothing about staying up late she doesn’t want to deal with the Stan we’d
the paid off did you know that North Decatur is fifteen hundred miles from
the ocean no I did not but say that explains it about it being home remote
in rural it’s all inland and I would love to I don’t even know if this is
possible Ethan ate up a night of it I would love to go camping on a chuck
wagon I’d love to if you could hire a chuck wagon in Decatur and we could you
know get it some horses and you stink pants and I went out camping somewhere
on the Prairie have a little campfire drinking some hot
chocolate and marshmallows or coffee whatever your heart desires and some
cooking over an open fire or that’d be good that’d be great
I’ve always wondered what it would be like to to ride in a wagon like that is
it even possible like that’s the thing do they have such a thing they should
that’ll be a tourist attraction what with the influence of American
culture elsewhere I know all about your Perry’s in here you actually I don’t
even know if it’s called a chuck wagon but that’s what I’m calling it you know
chuck wagon there pack up all your stuff could live out
there you could my uncle has one of those I think we could borrow that
really say header junk we’ll come across a chuck wagon was a something that has
been passed down through the generations or he bought it at an auction or
something that’d be very curious tonight how you get all of the wagon would you
like to do that stinky you know some of them are even equipped
with pot-bellied stove x’ yeah I’m very gay
a potbelly state you know where that’s it you don’t know what does that say
time for you good grab a weapon why he built it nice but say yeah your uncle
must be very talented dirt to build one of those and he’s a big enough that you
can sleep in the back of it can you treat it like a tent on wheels or
caravan on caravan is on wheels you know and they got all of their cooking stuff
out the back see if you do not know what I’m talking about with this wagon where
they used to this is in the days of the wild frontier where you know they’d be
go exploring into the west where the the lady of American Native Americans were
and you know wild and untamed and that guy out there and they’re big convoys
with wagons and horses so they could get to the gold fields okay what about it
you don’t know these wagons I’m talking about me and you’ve never seen a movie
with him you know they line up and then they get surrounded by Native Americans
and they have a bit of a shootout and you know I don’t or he comes to the
rescue yeah but that doesn’t happen now now
it’s just all about borrowing it tonight his uncle’s wagon and we all go camping
she won’t say you’re not gonna meet something hey this is what a night is
for he’s our guide this is his state I don’t know what’s out there
wolves probably you probably got coyotes coyotes and wolves there might be a
mountain lion or two maybe a grizzly bear actually
aside from bison that’s what I know and you wouldn’t want to be in the middle of
the Bison when they’re running but I don’t want bison or greasy babe
breath that’s in South wolf no but they would they you’re gonna have
to answer these lengthen I think we don’t know what’s on a prairie other
than bison do you have wolves and coyotes there I think they have coyotes
on Prairie yeah be a bad coyote bird rabbits moose whoa you don’t want to be
there with moose three night apparently that’s very very dangerous mercy mates
worse than a bear according to Canadians the bloke hanging out in the bush beacon
and me anyway I don’t know but he’s a gay fan itís a
kind he said that we can sleep in the wagon he’ll sleep on the ground we
couldn’t do that team stink pants is pretty small we could buy teaser as a
pee light the Oregon Trail our argument argument I’ll I’ve heard of the Oregon
Trail before I mean worthwhile checking out wouldn’t you do any of that sort of
stuff moose is a huge yes guy lies you got that right I’ve seen one in my
lifetime and that thing was I’m not talking about your way guns stuff I’m
talking about game I was actually surprised to the a big a moose is
because I thought they’d be like the size of a deer they’re not much much
bigger quite four foot six to six foot nine and altered the shoulder
well there you guys say if Ethan ater stands up to next door wolf what if he
thought a Miss stands up to him moose when he’s fully grown
allegedly he’s gonna come up to the mooses
shoulder ten feet in length that’s I didn’t know they got that beat
that’s big whoa a dog head and body mass mail
fifteen hundred pounds eight forty kilos wow the male’s like twice the size of
the female that’s crazy what’s he been between Randy air and
nose reindeer that I even live in the same country
reindeers from what’s that Siberian esque type country not Siberia
by an alignment Lily Russia there’s one culture in the world where they actually
use reindeer know that there are nomadic tribal type people they just move around
all the time but their main source of income and revenue is their actual
reindeer like for meat yeah mate trade they use them as animals to pull stuff
it’s a very versatile creature and reindeer are quite small compared to it
maybe should use 5 actuals imagine Sandefur its place get me at all moose
in front of him better be all right wouldn’t it Smee sees my grandpa shot a
moose and it was 1,100 pounds reindeer fly him who’s tied that they get red
noses and moose day not only the front one that has the red nose this crisis
reindeer ages dear I believe in Mesa the size of Ukraine say I don’t think I
might be wrong about this as well but I I believe that deer and reindeer are two
different things as well because did they get me yeah same family but
different because I think rindy are very small small not dare be given reindeer what
because Brandi come up oh yeah but dear fully ground he can be quite tall not
not like a moose tall that you know about okay we’ll talk a buck by the way
not not a dose male big male deer I’d say be bigger than yet female one anyway
reindeer it’s wide Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Moussa bigger than that but he
given the size of Ukraine my goodness that is it okay see that’s the key wait yes see I wasn’t wrong what five about
five foot actually no it still might be wrong Scott lies he’s got to find the
dimensions of a reindeer now to prove whether or not I’m correct but that’s
not exactly small to just comparing comparing like there is like almost half
size of the moose yeah but then I thought reindeer is bigger than normal
dr recordings it’s leaving the coal country they’re usually bigger because
according bees that’s four foot nine at the shoulder so that means the deers
shoulders about here on you that’s all it’s almost taller than you at the
shoulder now a reindeer I believe is actually shorter than you I think but
again we have to wait and see if there’s more statistics forthcoming
hey so ed okay you not noticed how good our guys are at research and jokes and
in jokes and how you know how bad I am be the jokes okay well about all the the
research that they do they do it in just about every stream hey we’re we’re about
where is about here P don’t we cancel at all you two are saying am I allowed
to tell them a rough fight for you or not do you care I don’t even know why
dude straight foot nothing all right she’s a little bit toward me are you
over 5 foot yeah just now I think I could be wrong but I think you may be
about 5 foot 2 I could be wrong about that
oh you want to add an extra inch yes well you better wear high heels cuz
that’s the only way that’s happenin you’re acting you’re 5 foot 3 I would
question that you might have to crack open the tape later on find out the
animal is a way bigger than the DS if that’s what you’re thinking of those are
the links say and I’m not sure because you haven’t taught me which I had deer
and moose but what about rain bi so this yourself and they were researching oh
you talking about research he knows why they all go do you know what is school
going go talking to me like I’m all the radical radical oh sorry man reindeer so
that he’s he’s saying the reindeer and the deer heights are exactly the same
because they look like identical stats she can she can stand next to me sting
pants and if you’re a foot shorter than me then you’re 5 foot threatened yeah
you know what’ll happen is gone put your arm on a head like an arm rest on your hand yeah well do you can just
press the can of coke on ahead it’s got a fairly flat top that’s you you just
put that bleep on of course anything will stay you have to put like maybe
this ball so you’re gonna reach that what does the bottom of a can look like
like that right I can get that on there yeah but it halfway say he does that
these shoulder friends yeah like if you imagine yardas school excursion or
something a man hiking everywhere like dang hiking up into the hills or selling
it all right we’ll take a break here we’ll crack open in our picnic lunch and
everything else they look around the gate there’s no chairs here Ethan eight
assists don’t worry about that a Billy Bob come over here I’m good yeah he’s
got his own personalized armchair we’re every
and his friends got a tree to lean on well let’s see I can rub up against you
scratch their backs like a bear that’s funny she can stand no no I just
accidentally said beer instead of reindeer okay there you go
all right where we at stinking well me running around for one more time and
that’s about it I guess yeah so we’ll give it one more quick kill kill one
counting pets then here’s a SMI Larry how are you good to see you I asked him
before I forget because I meant to do ask piecing the live stream can you
please recommend some Hawker centers cuz I’m a little bit easy
I made bet och very well we’ll probably go to bed och Hawker Center I would also
like to know the satay where’s the satay by the the coast there there’s a certain
area where they specialize in it so if you can give me some tips there ASM much
appreciated just because I gotta take stinky turd
it’s gonna be all about the food isn’t it gonna be nothing else except food
there will be some sights the Union whatnot because there’s another I’d like
to take you unless you want to go to theme park yeah we can do that as well
I’m happy to do whatever I’ve been everywhere in Singapore there’s no
mirror I haven’t explored probably say is it can you remember this and ASM I’m
still waiting on a response to bed I’ve got a very well and it’s got a massive
waka sound there’s number one there’s a place where they serve satay and it’s
not like it’s basically outdoors and they’re doing satay you know 20
different sight a menthol all around the place I know I know about better ksn so
you don’t have to worry about that but I’m just wondering if some other places
cuz I remember there’s a very good vegetarian hawker centre
me and one of the MRT stations but I can’t remember which one it was
I can’t remember where the sartet is and then she’s gonna want this not me but I
believe there’s like a place that’s quite famous for seafood Hawker food
don’t quote me on that could be wrong and then there’s also one other one
that’s near the near orchard or maybe not near Orchard Road but near the CBD
that’s also very big and popular so I’m guessing trying to get some advice from
a SM now just because I know that he’ll know more than I will remember a little
bit better so crow X is back yeah hey stinky come here I need an armrest how
long till you get here I have to go to bed in three hours let’s see what that’s
gonna be another new in Jake every time a caffeinated gets online oh hey stinky
I made mom rest you come here no you’ll come here yup
Maxwell Hawkeye in the center is great Gordon Ramsay went there too so we
where’s Maxwell the Hawker is Maxwell the MRT station because I’m probably
gonna be a little bit hazy I can remember some some areas but maybe not
all and maybe not the ones I should mention that again if we st. Gordon
Ramsay went there sake I can’t go to wrong
but I’d like to know where the Maxwell Walker is it might be the one of the
ones I’m thinking of but yeah we’ve got to do a food Odyssey basically the whole
time we’re there he’s gonna think he’s distant CBD I
would suggest to go to La Paz set satay is delicious so but is that an actual
restaurant or is that where they’ve got it set up where there’s five or ten
different satay men because that’s the one I remember that it was outdoor and
open they had maybe 20 or 30 satay men spread out in a circle and you just
walked around and kept ordering satay from these various people that are
selling it which might be a little bit different from what you’re thinking of
we’re gonna eat a lot of surf hey when we get there stinky hey my friends say
something about maximum me to Chinatown okay so I think I know where he’s
talking about oh yes I assume that was the other one that stink pants was
recommended was it crap curry or spicy I thought it was spicy and crab it’s chili
crab should be crap maybe she’ll be crap we had a guy to get a good chili crab
which I’m not that fast about because then we would do it if we wanted seafood
we would go to Malaysia not Singapore just cuz it was cheaper there fresh food do you have a visa you die here wait
well where am I gonna be there for such a short time it’s not gonna matter at
that point because it’s a two-week grace period we’re not even there for two
weeks do you not I mean like if you go if you’re in Singapore he’s a tip
traveling tip guys if you ever decide to go to Singapore and or Malaysia be
careful that’s the tip cuz there’s a restriction that I did not know about
until I was restricted then if you go to Singapore and your honor say a one-month
Fiza the one where you don’t actually have to get a visa then oh good you can
stay there for you 31 days or however long it is no problems if however during
that time you go to Malaysia then when you come back to Singapore they say hey
you’ve got two weeks to get out of the country and I didn’t know that I went to
Malaysia I think the first week I was in Singapore didn’t hear anything no I was
chasing me but then when I got to the airport they’d said to me you’ve
overstayed your welcome what are you talking about I out of
for the strip and then found out yeah if you go to Malaysia and come back then
your visa gets cutting off basically Oh Anderson’s here hello how are you nice
to meet you I think this is the first time for you to join a stream so sorry
to say but we’ll be closing it finishing up the stream fairly soon just because
we’ve been at it for three hours already but let me know if you have been in
before but I just don’t recognize the name so welcome
how’s your week been so far and if you do play last day on earth
survival we’re always happy to get some last minute tips because we don’t know
how we’re doing hey tip stink pants after you hit once back up to not take
damage and go back and hit them again or wait for them to come to you well then I
didn’t even know ether meter played the game hmm so you hit run OD you’re good
at this sticking and moving hit run away hit run away you don’t know about
sticking and moving doesn’t know anything about that
yes so I’ve got a couple of good things from ASM can you remember that
Maxwell near to Chinatown although you didn’t say we had to get the best chili
crab yet and I assumed said correct Malaysia’s seafood is cheap and nice but
you do need to travel there which is we were I don’t know why we would do that
it was the relatives that would say oh well we’ll just go to Malaysia mm-hmm
have some fresh food for lunch and come back okay then but don’t but don’t but
that is how all going off there yeah he doesn’t even play but he said that’s how
they usually all go he’s more of a gaming expert than us we
don’t even know how to play games you got to save yeah that yeah you done
oh great mm-hmm by the way if you haven’t checked
out a sm’s channel yet it probably should
particularly if you’re a classic lands player not that he uploads gaming videos
but my goodness does he upload some good stuff
I love his miniature weapon ring he’s creating a whole arsenal and these
miniature food djembe seafood noise signboards seafood is famous
Jambo seafood yes that might be the one and how interested are you in Hainanese
chicken cuz my relatives say you don’t because they say it’s the best
yeah I’m just telling you they say this one restaurant that I’ve been to
multiple times in Singapore this is where you go fine Andy’s chicken if you
want it anywhere no problem with trying its boiled chicken and rice for the
little bit of sauce that’s what a name chicken is don’t see the attraction
I’ll still hate it don’t get me wrong but yeah if you need help with streaming
on PC just message me on dis good yeah I will laddie that sky delights just bear
with me as well that sometimes it can take me a while to get hold of you
because there is someone that offered to help me with strain labs which I really
wanted to take up that off for his well man I can’t even remember who it was and
I don’t think I’ve spoken to them since but there in the desk Gordon I just
don’t know who they are so I will it probably won’t be today they like
because we tend to get very tired once the streams over you wouldn’t think
it’s a lot of work but it is Anderson’s from Brazil love it we’re happy to get
tips as well Anderson and I know that he obviously speak English there but just
so I can be nice and do the same thing that
tried to do with my Russian friend disappeared you didn’t stay around long
enough for the team to see the translation now what’s the guess is a
Portuguese or is it Spanish I’m going it’s Spanish do you know the fact no
because I think they probably speak biting in Brazil geez the number of
times I’ve said I could be wrong about stuff today say happy to get tips from
you Anderson I’ll Portuguese night then I got that wrong let me try that again
but I’m glad that you can speak English because this is how just say that you’re
aware this is how I am not trying to communicate with people but aren’t
English speakers but you are which is good just makes my job easier what you missing even more so for chilli
crab who don’t come to North Dakota for great chili dogs look we’re getting
chilly offers all over the place stinky I would like yeah I do we got we got a
hot dog when we go to America I mean a full-on hot dog for a chili dog from
North Dakota okay because I don’t think with the one exception of that that
remember that day where they had what was it the food Food Festival and we had
hot dogs that day they were good but they’re very hard to find our dog that’s
not just cheese and tomato sauce maybe with onion if you’re
lucky or bacon sage yeah I get you have no life some ways online it sounds like
me in a way chili dog oh yeah I assume the Americans are all
over hot dogs they depending which state you go to it’s an extravaganza she could
ever be bothered watching good mythical morning to do their hot dog showdown but
that was impressive to see what they do in America when it comes to hot dogs what same English is bad I speak little
okay spare with me which again but please be patient I’m so bad at not being able to talk and
talk at the same time is there any sort of job where you have to do that yes well come to my asked my dad’s homemade
chili and cheap chili cheese omelets Oh see I tell you what the gag and visiting
a youth inator sounds more enticing by the day can i trade my admite ticket a
deceased is a stinking wedding and the stinking visit to the other to go to
Northgate er no you think yes one I would I would try some homemade chili
and I would have those chili dogs and I would sleep in that wagon and go on a
prairie and sing prairie songs Oh home on the range yeah it is I like we both
like gmn we don’t watch it all the time and we sort of have little bits where
we’ll watch a few videos I finally guys quite entertaining I love their
international whatever it is taste test international what’s this that throwing
darts at the board that’s one of my favorites I see is a hotdog yeah that’s
that’s what a chili dog is you tried I did try
well actually I don’t know if you’re talking about making bot that I’ve tried
let’s take a little bit of Portuguese II here and there I like commerce tab when
I status amigos pompeius Cinco de Mayo this is
better all probably unless you’re talking about food stuffs that’s about
the extent of my Portuguese words probably Spanish
they look very similar they sound similar but they are different languages
okay and is there anything exciting happening I’m sorry I keep going back to
ASM but it’s just because we will be we’re gonna be there soon see if there’s
any festivals that are on anything exciting happening that we should know
about before we get there is that it stinky all right so stinkies about done
playing I really we both really appreciate everyone for staying as long
as I did dissipate a bit of a marathon stream thank you for supporting the
channel and brings a tear to my eye joy joy yeah nice nice one go get
something to eat as in like you get cooking for me all right guys say that’s
it we will leave you until we streaming next week still got time still got time say maybe
one or two more streams then we’ll have to figure out what we’re gonna do yep
all right say thank you thank you all have a fantastic weekend
oh yeah hopefully we’ll see you in the next one and Anthony that says make me a
chili dog stinky thank you hey if you want I can message you right
now on the instructions you can message me sky dyes that I just might not be at
the computer and I will respond to as soon as I can so yeah you can start
messaging if you like and I’ll get to it in a moment so don’t forget to support
each other as well have a fantastic week all right turtle lives peoples hey you seem to actually enjoy that game
– I kind of miss this kind of game after so many stupid
so why okay what it’s like damn why wrong why wouldn’t you say the sticking
your nose when you say this paisa stream why don’t it’s a continuing what Skyy
yeah no see


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